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  1. Just seen this piece of chod on the M1, some kind of VW but can anyone identify it?
  2. Oh sorry I thought it was a message to you. They are still a daft fucker though
  3. And the daft fucker asked if you would do 4000 dollars not pounds
  4. I agree with this. Advertising elsewhere as well as an auction is fine in my book but if someone won't let someone come to buy it then it's not really on.
  5. Someone must do otherwise they wouldn't do it
  6. Gave Eccles a wash today as its a while since I had done it, looks much better.
  7. It came up on my Facebook feed today. Wish I was in a position to take it on
  8. @egg are you aware of this K plate Mondy?
  9. From that angle it reminds me of a Morris Ital with a Volvo badge slapped on, yes I know it was a DAF design
  10. 不不不 that would be hard 不不不不
  11. Fred update for anyone interested. She starts her lessons with the new instructor a bit later this month, hopefully this one is better than her previous one. We have also been offered a car for her from the owners of the garage we use, a Suzuki Ignis, though she at first rejected it out of hand and said she didn't like it and won't drive it
  12. The irony was that he had recorded a song in memory of Boddy Holly and the others who of course died in a plane crash the year before
  13. I received a summons for jury service on Saturday to take place at the end of next month, has anyone on here done it?
  14. Mint condition? Do they mean full of holes like a Polo? 不不
  15. No come to think of it they never did get back to me, I'll have to chase it up
  16. Took Eccles down to Oxfordshire today and stopped at Bourton on the Water and Hailes Abbey on the way back. 424 miles covered today.
  17. Welcome sounds like you will fit in well.
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