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  1. My channel isn't anywhere near big enough to monetize anyway, and even if it was I don't want to as then you become a slave to it
  2. I suppose we all are guilty of that, I'm not a particular fan the French or French cars for no particular reason. I haven't made any videos for my own history themed channel for a while for various reasons, I do have some ideas but it's having the time and the inclination to do them
  3. Does anyone have access to the Vauxhall equivalent of Ford Etis? I'm trying to get a full build spec for the Purple Peril. Thanks.
  4. A friend of my grans had a E reg white Sunny in the early to mid 90s, unfortunately it was written off at a roundabout after someone ran into the back of it
  5. Chodtastic, welcome to the mad House. The kettle is in the corner with the biscuits, that is if @Dan302 hasn't scoffed them all 🤣
  6. Eccles has seen a bit of use over the last few days with nearly 700 miles covered, a trip to Bakewell last Sunday then on Tuesday a trip down to a model village in Buckinghamshire. He is nearly at 123k now
  7. When my OH and I met I had Minnie,my 2006 Fiesta, she had a 2005 Corsa which she wrote off under the Humber Bridge a few months later. That was replaced by a 2000 Fiesta, then a 2005 Fiesta, then in 2017 she bought a Suzuki Alto that a certain chain of garages beginning with E H stitched her up on. She didn't get on with that car so it was replaced with the purple Corsa she has now
  8. Must admit I think the face-lift looks better
  9. Never knew they made a van version of the XR to be honest
  10. My understanding is the Climate pack on the Mk2 included the heated front screen
  11. @Six-cylinder are there any makes of car you and @Mrs6C haven't owned at some point?
  12. We have 5 DOEs in service at East Yorkshire, they are nice to drive to be honest. Don't know if ours will get repaints or not given the age of them and the fact they are only really used on school runs
  13. I've never had reason to use them so an in no position to comment as to how good pr otherwise they are, I am though reminded of the time I took my old Fiesta into a Ford dealer for a service and they quoted me for an air conditioning service, which the car didn't have. I don't expect the service receptionist to know the full build spec of every car, though surely to god she could have looked the bugger up on Etis before quoting though
  14. Surprised @dollywobbler hasn't updated this to include the Smart car
  15. Wasn't it about April 1993 it was launched?
  16. Wish I was in a position to take this chodtastic conveyance on
  17. How does £2995 in 1991 compare to wages at the time?
  18. Were many early Mondeos private sales? I'd have thought most of the early ones went to fleets
  19. Chodtastic, Hull Mitsubishi is my local dealer. They now sell Subaru and Isuzu
  20. Paid a insurance indemnity thing which was £29, which to be fair I knew about before. I was only down to drive the Mini but they asked if I wanted to drive anything else, so I thought I might as well drive the Lotus for an extra £20 as I was already there
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