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  1. I hope not, hopefully we will find out within the next week
  2. In a way I'm actually kind of glad it's postponed, hopefully I can now get the 405 through an MOT in time for the rescheduled meeting. And yes @loserone I've got new tyres for it 😂
  3. Not the furthest away I've seen but, saw this tonight and thought it worth a share.
  4. Thanks, I only meant I wouldn't feel right, not enough "mild peril" as the BBFC would say
  5. Oh man, I forgot all about this and the 405 is sat on bald tyres with no MOT and I've my wedding between now and then 😬 Just wouldn't feel right turning up in a 69 plate transporter
  6. Payment sorted, sorry, had to shuffle some slush fund around to do a transfer
  7. Sorry mate!, Just seen this, haven't actually been back on here until now though, confusing? I'll sort payment tonight
  8. My dream car is still a dolomite 1850, think it's because my dad had one and it's the last car I remember him being really happy in, that and they look awesome. Hoping I manage to achieve it before they get too expensive, but sadly I don't think that will happen. Quite lucky really because I have driven and worked on lots of really cool expensive cars, so that itch is scratched. Some things I would also like to own is a 2CV or another classic mini, already out of my price range unfortunately.
  9. Parked next to me last night in Tesco I present a "1298cc Renault unknown" (according to DVLA)
  10. I'm in Bedford(ish) until Friday lunchtime, then traveling back to mid Wales, plenty of space in the van including passenger space if anyone needs an assist
  11. I'm currently in a hotel in pulborough RH20, traveling home to mid Wales on Friday, with a nearly empty VW transporter and a passenger space if someone needs something or themselves transporting? If so PM to make sure I get a notification
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