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  1. Brilliant that the third one turned up for a picture, yes take it to FOTU, I was going to if I won it.
  2. The revised ticket price has worked on me, I'll take another random please
  3. Three random tickets please, shame I can't buy it outright, missed it on it last time too.
  4. Absolutely hated these until I worked on one then took it for a test drive, when I was instantly converted, I'll have one random for now please, which might well increase.
  5. Why doesn't this sell out in minutes? Does it need to be sub £10 to shift tickets? I hope it does roffle, I'd love the chance at it.
  6. I finally won a roffle! But not for me, congrats* Cavcraft, if you are too excited, you can always let it go to cartakeback...
  7. I had two last time, so I better do it again, 39 and a random please
  8. Cat food on toast? Manly breakfast that's for sure!
  9. Oh shit! Thanks though, how many left til we sold it out buying tickets for other people?
  10. Love this! 3 randoms please 1 for Cavcraft 1 for Purplebargeken 1 for Jim Bell Don't know any of them personally, makes it funnier to me though. Would have bought one for gadgetricey for the suggestion but he's in it to win it already
  11. How about this one? Not much into campers but it should be a mk 6 transit age wise
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