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  1. How many are you after mate?, Could do Chester, but not sure when I would fit it in. If non cash deals help you take more, PM me and we will see if we can hash something out.
  2. Sorry, just seen this, I'm away with terrible internet on my phone, if there's still time, count me in please, if not, no worries, sorry again.
  3. If it's on, I'm in, better sort the handbrake on the second best 405 and Chuck it in for an MOT before that, something I'm failing terribly at at the moment.
  4. Anyone need a large quantity of these?, I would have called them a Lin bin but technically they aren't, also they are olive green, not red. I have three hundred and I'm looking for £1 each, they are currently wrapped on two euro pallets. I'm in SY16 postcode, can deliver up to about an hour away, no hassle, maybe further by negotiation.
  5. May have offered these before, but kicking around my shed are two brand new front wishbones for a facelift Freelander 1 if anyone wants them, also a brand new handbrake cable for the same but I can't remember which side it's for or if that even matters. And I've got a wiper motor for a Sierra sapphire, just remembered.
  6. My bets Smart - start Cobra - start Saab 900 'vert (89) - no start Land Rover Disco 1 - start Citroen AX - start Saab 9-5 TiD Estate - no start Renault Modus Tdi - no start
  7. I'm already on the vinegar strokes here, top marks!
  8. I always used to complain at not being able to find decent chod when I was Aberdeenshire, now I'm in Wales, where @dollywobbler is totally correct, it's actually worse here! At least it's not as far to potential chod as it was from Peterhead.
  9. Jesus Tapatalk sound like a good idea to me, least he is somewhat getting with the times, the existing communication methods seemed ineffective at best
  10. I actually got some bits of Jim a while ago for a 626, he's a nice guy, haven't read the practical classics article, I think his collection must have just overwhelmed him, haven't spoken to him in a while, but he is a Facebook friend, I'm sure he would do a good deal if he knew it was helping to save one. The very unusual ones are genuine very unusual ones not replica's. Oh and as far as not being a member on here, he possibly is, he was a member on retro rides, when I used to frequent it and the old Japanese cars proboards site.
  11. This made me grin this morning, sorry for the crap pic from the dashboard pocket before the lights changed, I bring you, a plastic pig with reversing sensors! (And a hand brush painted stripe from front to back)
  12. Antibiotics make me grin!, After literally telling my Mrs to kill me last week as I was in that much pain, I'm now back on full form, what an absolute bloody miracle they are.
  13. Having had a couple of z18xe I second all of the above, cleaning the throttle body might also sort the idle issues.
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