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  1. You can't put that on!, There's no gaffer tape to be seen
  2. Wowser, this could also be posted in the "cars I never knew existed" thread, unbelievably, I have never seen one before. Welcome along David.
  3. Good work!, I remember having to do my old Laguna headlights to get it through an MOT, before it was a common thing and information was around, me and the Mrs using nail buffers on them while sitting watching TV over three horrible nights. Worked but didn't look as pretty as yours do now.
  4. Z19DT = 8V 120PS Z19DTL = 16v 120PS Z19DTH = 16v 150PS Yours is 16v from the pics, I think it's a dth, but if you know your power output that will settle it. Hope that helps! A lot of people run a non total egr blank on these engines, it's an egr blanking plate with a hole drilled in it to let a little bit through, supposedly keeps the light off but limits the door build up. My experience comes from the Vauxhall's with that engine not the Saab's or fiats or Alfa's but that shouldn't matter.
  5. I have finally paid, sorry to all about the delay, my PayPal was arsing around so I had to do it from my other halfs account.
  6. Not that far from me, near knighton, I swapped with him once, car for a van, nice enough guy
  7. Any good? https://www.swapz.co.uk/swapz/6695595/folding_camper_for_swap/
  8. You definitely should have, I didn't know I could have taken the 405 in until sometime mentioned the 90's section or I would have done.
  9. Wow!, Excellent! (That's a Yugoslavian Partisan salute by the way)
  10. It turns out I was wrong about the interior door panel being the same as mine aswell, had to swap it over from my door to the new one, mine had a small red fleck, where the replacement door had a small white fleck. Interior door panels with no red fleck now available if anyone needs them. I'll take the drivers door lock mech. out for you when I get a chance @loserone
  11. Got my "supplies" back here at 23:30 last night Bye bye manky door.. Hello solid door!.. Excuse the oily finger marks I was a bit gutted at the fact it wasn't the same white despite the paint code and year being the same, until I realised it actually is, but the new door still has it's full quota of lacquer. The trims around the window are different, my new one doesn't have the Chrome strips, might try and swap them over to the new door, also the new door has lost me at least 15mph as it didn't have the go faster stripe! I've got the mirror off and in my living room at the minute so I can try and fix it, the one on the new door was even more broken unfortunately.
  12. Sorted now thanks @bangernomics, all arrived
  13. That could be very useful, thanks, my neighbour drives a van all over the place and says he can pick them up "next time he's that way" which maybe be today or maybe next month, nice to have your offer too, thanks, will let you know if he doesn't go in next few days, Nantwich is much more easily achieved for me.
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