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  1. Excellent work again, I've still got that zx9r engine sat here, also got a VF 750 engine and a Z750 engine minus the cams and shims, you know you want to
  2. I think I could send you a map pin to where that car is! 😂 Not for me though, I'm avoiding cars at the minute
  3. 😂 Are you by any chance breaking that monstrosity?
  4. At that point you may as well try and ride it home!
  5. Neither would I!, in this case it was a CBF though, which I'm not anyway. The bulletproofness and easy going nature of the CBF is strangely enough a double edged sword though, it makes me want something sillier, but at the same time it's too good to lose, maybe I'll always keep it and when I've finished something to sell I'll invest in something sillier to add to the stable.
  6. Thanks for the input fellas, already decided to leave it, the CBF is too good a bike to swap for something potentially hiding work, the guy was waay too keen which unnerved me too. Besides I have a queue of things to fettle and it's nice having one in the fleet I can always trust to just nip out on if I want to.
  7. Thanks very much, been offered a swap for my CBF600S so just doing a bit of research
  8. 1993 ZZR600, any thoughts on these from anyone with experience/anecdotes? Thanks in advance..
  9. That sounds utterly brilliant, well done that man
  10. He was heading leominster way when I saw him, maybe to avoid going up!
  11. Saw this or an identical one today by the Sainsbury's at the bottom of Clee hill
  12. There were actually three at one point! One is still going (doing car repairs), one got knocked down and one closed but the pumps and office and that are still there, I'll try and get pics!
  13. Just looked at that "for a friend", I think it's too dire even for me! I'll take a picture of it for you when I drive past next week if it's where I think it is
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