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  1. Amazing!, But then I think about earlier ones, comparatively that looks like a spaceship, it's very nice and still a proper looking motorcycle, not like all these insect looking things with a beer mat at best for a pillion seat they are producing now (with some notable exceptions)
  2. I like the idea of a pan, that looks quite a modern one?!..
  3. It also depends what letters/numbers are in your registration a legally spaced 1 takes up less room than a legally spaced Z, but an overly small plate is one thing that actually draws attention from a grumpy police officer, who will dig deep into their bag for the fine tooth comb to go over the bike with, so it's a trade off against what else you might not want them to see once they've got you stopped at the side of the road IMO. I've got a completely legal plate, even with an obvious reflector, because I might not want them to have a reason to look elsewhere..
  4. They've gone a bit Morgan! Edit: actually I'm not sure if that's wood or what!..
  5. In a completely "not keeping it standard" vibe.. Just managed to obtain a tax exempt Kawasaki Z750 frame, so now I need the rest to make my penniless special, has anyone got anything lying around, available very cheaply that I could graft into it? I'm after at least a 600 lump, preferably on carbs, preferably Kawasaki, I also need yokes, forks, tank, maybe a nicer swingarm?.. You don't ask, you don't get, as they say.. Oh and yeah, yeah, points based system for vehicle identities, radically altered vehicles, nuns and kittens will die etc. I know.
  6. FFS , I'm going to have to drive up there and take that bloody magnet fishing gear off you!
  7. Hopefully you don't find custard in there too
  8. I've just looked them up actually, those things really hold their money, yours seems keenly priced, but unfortunately outside of my budget I'm afraid. I'm sure it won't hang about at that price anyway.
  9. That's the best kind of upgrade!
  10. Depends how much a 2004 R6 costs and if you accept payment in rustled livestock
  11. I know it well! David Jones that is, not your TL1000s
  12. That's a hell of a ride!, you went right past my house too if you went through Newtown
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