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  1. I should post on here more, bit of pampering given to the Skoda today Here it is yesterday at FOTU and today, all over polish and waxed after the pic was taken Also fixed the corrosion on the mirror while I was at it, other than that it’s still going beautifully and is taking me up and down the country when needed
  2. Don’t suppose anyone has a spare ticket for this I could buy? Mate wants to bring his car but didn’t know about it beforehand
  3. Didn't fit unfortunately, I gave it away with a new replacement passenger mirror I hadn't got about to fitting and boot full of spare lights along with the new bottom arms
  4. I found an off the shelf kit made by ACME in the US that comes with the flywheel, plate etc. Their kit allows it to bolt up to a G, L or W series gearbox as long as I have the bellhousing for the 22R engine, they also have adapters for a few Suzukis but the W58 fits my application better. I'll be ordering it along with the other parts parts through a company I've used before called Stackry that repackage the items and send it all in one shipment to reduce costs a little. Interesting about the Volvos, which particular models?
  5. Had some Advan A3As on a turbo Mx5 I bought then broke up to sell the parts, they looked smart but the specs on em were horrendous
  6. New gasket popped on as the old one was gimped, found one of the manifold bolts was already snapped on the left hand side in the head, will be fun getting that out... All that's left to do as it sits is sand back some top layer corrosion on the roof and coat to prevent any futher deterioration, along with ordering all the bits I need from the US and elsewhere. Found a reasonably straightforward way to beef up the front brakes on the hubs I'll be getting, so it'll hopefully have some D21 V6 front brakes on in time to deal with the more powerful setup it's getting.
  7. Updates! During the time it sat it's acted as a home for some birds who've since grown up and flown off: After a long time searching for replacement brake/suspension bits, I popped round one day to find that another bloke had brought in a Datsun truck with disk brake hubs, a reasonable master cyl and some other bits I can pilfer - that he's getting rid of entirely! He's going with S15 running gear and suspension on his so I now have a reasonable option after thinking I'd be out of luck. Carb wise we stole some bits from the old Samara carb and adapted them to sort the linkage for the new 32/34 that allowed it to be fitted well enough - along with the previous adapter plate. Set up all the kit and after some fiddling about, it now runs and drives!! First ever drive after being sat for many years below: Next will be brakes and aluminium tank, then onto bodywork and the engine etc in time. After more reading on my options and ratios, I've settled on going with a PD130 mated with a Toyota W58 box using an adapter, into a Chevy C10/Blazer rear axle (same PCD) This will be something that takes a little to get going through through the next few months, given I'm moving about and such but it won't be a particularly long time till it's driving about on the road!
  8. Was just reminded of the moment we were gathering for a pic of the fellas who attended last year (think @MKT is the only one with an account on here) when Jon Bentley arrived for a chat, lovely bloke and a staple from childhood for me with The Gadget Show & Fith Gear
  9. Will be attending with a group of mates in this If you see me come say hello!
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