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  1. Small joy and small progress later the Cabstar is on a new set of tyres and wheels. Not the first choice I would have gone with but the original wheels are totally fucked and it was a pain finding someone to replace the barrels, these came off a blokes Chevy C10. Apparently steels in this pcd and size are more expensive because of freight delays, or something. Distributor is also finished and refurbed, that's been put back on now. I'm taking it to have the brakes overhauled soon, and after that the Weber will be put on! I'm no longer in a mad rush for this at the moment as the worsened covid situation has made it prohibitively expensive to get over to Morocco until later in the year, the plan still is and will remain to drive down for full restoration in Africa. It'll be returned to mechanical tidiness here of course.
  2. It is mine yeah, I have too much on my plate at the moment and needs must.
  3. Will be along for this if I'm in the country at the time
  4. Progress is coming along, a bit... I went to have some new tyres fitted only to find the other ones are shagged and very rusty inside, and a PO drilled them out to fit inner tubes with a fat valve stem so it's a pain getting new ones in. I'm going to be buying new wheels to replace these, any suggestions on suitable 6x5.5 steels? I picked up some replacement rear lights and a battery that I now realize may be too large... Doesn't fit in my battery tray Distributor is also out of the engine for a full refurb + electronic ignition fitment. On the carb front the big solex is coming off and being replaced with the 32/34 Weber DMTL that I had on my Samara - rejetting and setup will be done by Dennis Vessey once I've made an adapter.
  5. LHD Reliant Kitten spotted by a friend in Belgium
  6. Properly looking forward to seeing the EG get finished. Any chance you're planning on attending FOTU?
  7. FakeTAXI stickers Matte paint Bonnet bras Replica wheels Rear wiper deletes "BROKE KREW" or some other variant of back window sticker Sun strips Tacky stickers in general NRG steering wheels All of these triple in cringe when they're on a financed hatchback This is how my old Civic looked before I got it and changed everything, victim of someone still stuck in early 2000s Max Power mindset. The rimz were unbelievably heavy
  8. I've removed the bed, chassis is pretty good underneath all things considered Realistically the frame for the bed itself is toast, I'll likely be remaking it. The best route is to restore to standard and put a camper box on top of the bed so I can swap between pickup/camper easily, all the saved space at the bottom and sides can be used for storage boxes. Cheers, that would be immensely handy 😁 It's a bit of a ballache finding information at the moment, and I seem to be met with opposing opinions as to whether an SD would fit. Very interesting to see the other options they came out with, the crew cab looks a bit hefty
  9. I've thought it over after comments, it'll likely stay blue.. The plan for the numberplate is to get a bit of reflective vinyl for the back, remake the missing character and put them back together, it should cost me about a fiver to have them looking better. Also considering engine work - it seems that these came factory with an SD22 that presumably used the same box - I'm considering the possibility of dropping in one of these diesels, potentially an SD25 assuming it does all bolt up. Once again, if anyone has background info on the bits Nissan were using back then let me know!! I would of course be getting the H20 back in shape for another use over time, but it's a bit of a dog. The cab and bed will be taken off soon as work begins. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
  10. I'm either going to find a new matching number or make another one to go back on 😁
  11. I'm now the proud* owner of this absolute heap. It's got a 2L petrol H20 engine in, the cab is mostly holes and the bed is knackered. I'm going to be fixing it over the next few months and getting it restored back to a decent standard, then building it into a proper motorhome. This one has been on Salvage Hunters once and handed about between buyers for the past few years. The current plan is to sort out the running gear and electrics. The bodywork, reupholstry etc will mostly be done in Morocco (I'm driving there to see my partners family in this...) once it's structurally sound enough. Everything that gets done with it will be documented in this thread. So far I've managed to find an engine manual and some info about parts cross compatability with the industrial H20 they put in forklifts, if anyone knows much about these do let me know... (Wheel distorted due to fisheye lens) I reckon the hardest part is picking a colour to respray it.
  12. I swapped my Rover for this back in February from @colc and picked it up as I was coming back into the country from a services. Hauling everything we had in the Rovers boot and rear seats... It's since had new tyres and I've collected a stack of spares to put on It's also been used to live out of while being in Belgium for a stretch, it's suprisingly comfortable once you get the bed set up and windows blanked out, I stuck a fold out mattress I bought for a tenner in. Useable as a kitchen, vehicle, bedroom, living room, and it's hauled a good amount of bricks to the skip after I knocked my shed down.
  13. I'm now the proud* owner of this 45 Club TD. The main plan being to have a useable car to drive while the weather is tits to hopefully save my Samara from disintegrating like a wet tissue... Bought from @bigmancaff, formerly owned by @wuvvum and @bramz7 I believe. Cleans up nice after a bit of effort and wax, changed a few bulbs, the oil and the very scuffed accessory belt. Also, this was turd was scrapped as nobody wanted a shit Lada 110 shell with an 8v engine, who would have thought. Note the crash damage to the front that we found hidden under the front bumper. 16v swap on the Samara is also about done, just need a bit of time free for the last stretch.
  14. Selection of parts from Russia have turned up, can crack on with the 16v conversion Soon
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