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  1. Finally scrapped the Punto yesterday I'll be getting a few bits together and hopefully before long the Samara will be in a state ready for daily use. I think so, I'm about to order some bits from a tuning shop in Moscow that I've used before because they have a far larger selection so I'll buy everything there, I'm set on getting the Samara set up with fuel injection, 16v etc.
  2. Unfortunately it's destined to eventually become the donor car to give my Samara a spicier 16v and fuel injection to make it reliable enough for daily use. I was planning on buying an engine in Russia and bringing it back on a trip in the future, but couldn't pass up on this for the price. I'm suprised it didn't sell months ago when its ad was being shared!
  3. Basically the same as my Samara, a bit wafty with a little more power I'm taking it back to Carlisle today and the seats are killing my back, practically no support whatsoever
  4. Newest chod acquisition, a 2004 Lada 110 Bought it from a Russian fella around Thamesmead
  5. That's fantastic, massively looking forward to updates on the Sana
  6. Wired an aux cable into the head unit that came with the car, had to connect it to the left and right channels + a ground coming from the CD reader. I used a CD-RW with an 80 minute long silent track to trick it into playing, and the sound it picks up comes from my phone. Works well, I'll get a small grommet or something for the hole at some point. Also put "new" seats in, the only car with a decent interior at the scrapyard was all blue so I took the rear and passenger seats to match, was all v cheap and I don't have to sit on a non breathable cover now, they do need a bit of a wash though
  7. Gave it a wash and bit of a wax, had to go over it a few times to get all the grime clean. Looks presentable now! Before and after pics for the interior are below, the passenger footwell was more than half clean by the time I got around to taking a pic but there was a lot to get through Feels like a fresh car now, I'll be looking in the scrapyard for a replacement drivers seat and doing the timing belt etc soon Cheers 😁 took me a while on the way home to figure out what the city button was for. Looks to be a good car and it's nice to give it a new lease of life
  8. I'm 50/50 on what to do with it really, it's safe and being stored at the moment
  9. Just picked up this fine* automobile from @puntopaul Be a good daily runabout for a while, fingers crossed it makes the drive home 
  10. howe

    Kade's Volvo 940

    Based 💞
  11. Photos from the "Lomakov Museum of Antique Cars and Motorcycles" in Moscow taken early last year, essentially a big unheated shed with cars crammed in next to eachother 😁 Hopefully these will all upload correctly and not make the post a mess:
  12. Disappointing but unsurprising news this morning:
  13. I'm currently 20... I've got a Samara and a Zhiguli
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