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  1. Finally got rid of this today, many, many months after it was "sold"
  2. Small world! I'm glad it didn't go before I had the chance to rescue it. Both dates fixed, I was knackered when I made the post. I'll hopefully be getting bits from an Andrew on the Datsun UK FB group. The utility? The badly painted two tone? The horrendous multifit wheels? The fact it's a butchered Mitsubishi? All of the above?
  3. I've been driving for about 4 years now and within that time I've owned a ridiculous amount of cars, I keep making threads for them individually which seems a complete waste of time because they're swapped or gone before I've filled it out to any large degree. Below will be an overview of the cars I currently own and what's happening with them, an overview of a section of car history and I'll post anything generally automotive in this thread. Individual threads seperate to this one for important projects like the Cabstar will be updated, and eventually the FSO. It's a nice way to keep track of progression, if anything. The fleet as it currently stands: 2006 Proton Jumbuck This is the daily driver that I'm intending to use for the coming months while I'm sorting my life out career wise, it's just had a full overhaul with a new clutch and a stack of other bits, and it's waiting on some nicer wheels, other than that it's a load hauler that gets me about, ideally trouble free. 1989 Civic Shuttle I bought this from a good friend who needed the space for £notmuch with a D16Z2 and a manual conversion, it immediately split a fuel line and every rubber component on the car decided it wouldn't like to stay in one piece anymore, it's now got a D16A9 swapped in. It was purchased mostly because I missed my old 4g hatch. 1979 Zhiguli/Lada 2101 The one car I'll never sell on, I bought this car in December of 2019 in Moscow with the help of my girlfriend at the time and her family, before driving it back through -20c winter into Latvia, through Lithuania and across Europe with no hiccups at all. It was revealed not too long into the trip the heater had almost fully packed in (full of limescale and scud from being sat) resulting in freezing my tits off and wearing the entire contents of my suitcase to stay warm, I stopped to pack cardboard into any vents in an effort to slow the airflow and have the minimal amount of heat I could salvage trickle into the cabin. I then got stuck for over 24 hours at the Latvian border while they cocked up my transit declaration... As soon as covid packs in a bit I'm planning on going back for a Lada Oka/VAZ-1111. It has a 2cl version of the engine that was in my Samara. 1982 FSO 125p Pickup This was a dream car for me for a long time. I'd been on the lookout for one for a couple of years when I got to scouring Flickr for pictures of ones laid up. I found a picture of this one outside of a house, with the post stating it'd been sat there for decades without moving. I send the poster a message asking where it was located, got a rough answer referencing two London bouroughs, before spending the earlier part of an evening combing over the two places he mentioned on google maps attempting to find anywhere that looked similar to the setting where the pic was taken. Eventually I managed to find some tower blocks that matched those in the original image, circled around them a while in street view, and found it! Queue a very nicely worded letter to the home it was parked at, and about a month later I got a call back from a nice older woman telling me it was her brother's and he wasn't willing to sell, though she'd keep my letter "just in case" he changed his mind in the future. I'd written off all hope of owning one, until in June this year I got a call from an unrecognized number who turned out to be the same woman letting me know he'd changed his mind! I was invited to take it away for free with the only stipulation being that they'd like to see it when it's driving again. I've never seen as many snails in my life while removing it from the drive, it took me a short while to free off everything and get it rolling. The current plan is to buy a selection of parts from Poland when it's possible to travel, and it will in time be running something along the lines of a PD130 mated to an Rx8 gearbox, sat on mx5 suspension. For use as a daily! It's suprisingly well underneath, most of the panels, doors etc can be replaced, and I've also found a bloke over there making lightweight fibreglass panels and bonnets for them, so it'll be having those. 1980 Datsun Cabstar I bought this with the intention of driving it down to Morocco out of curiosity to see what a full restoration over there looks like while visiting a partners family (I was quoted £1500 for all the work including reupholstry) but covid as with all things has scuffed it. It's now at a workshop outside of Carlisle, and it's about to be set up on a dyno with a Weber 32/36, electronic ignition, etc. I believe most of the suspension and brake components are similar to those on 720 trucks, and I'm long overdue a trip down south to visit a bloke with many of them lying about. I'll be repairing this one myself with some panelbeating/welding lessons from the bloke putting a carb on, I've set a goal to see it out to the finish. I'll also be setting a demountable camper back on it! 2002 Nissan Vanette I also own this. How exciting. It's being used as a storage room for a friend who was struggling in Belgium, it's parked there until further notice and I'll be using it to collect all the parts for the FSO from Poland. Drives nice, plenty space, definitely a van. 2000 Vauxhall Frontera This is the newest addition and probably won't stay long, though a family member has taken a liking to it so who knows. It's sole purpose is to shift the non driving project about to get them into more convenient locations. I'll do a write up about cars I've previously owned at some point I reckon, it'll take forever.
  4. howe

    Jumbuck Shiting

    Fresh clutch, brake pads and discs, oil and filter, air filter, fuel filter and a few other bits including a new head unit and some bulbs fitted over the weekend, having a four poster was a dream compared to the usual driveway, lovely car to work on and definitely the easiest clutch change I've done on a FWD. It's about sorted as a long term driver. Found a balljoint that needs replaced and some small bits but it's in remarkable nick otherwise, used by a landscaper for most of it's life it seems. The paint you can see rusting is where the PO hasn't prepped the surface well and it's coming away - I'll be painting over it again soon with Ivory colour Montana cans and sanding back the surface rust.
  5. howe

    Jumbuck Shiting

    It'll probably have kayaks strapped to it when the weather picks up I attempted the work on Tuesday in -1c, the jack kept sinking into the ground on the rough drive and my fingers were freezing off, did the plugs + air filter then left it. Managed to negotiate full use of a workshop with a 4 post over the weekend in exchange for a bottle of whisky instead.
  6. howe

    Jumbuck Shiting

    Recently purchased this 2006 Proton Jumbuck on the cheap. I found it for sale in Girvan on a day when I needed to be in Ayr, took the train up, and got a lift over from @bigmancaff Queue concern when speaking to the seller on the phone telling me he'll meet me in the town to follow his car out to the Jumbuck, being extremely vague about locations and where it's kept while also being aware there's a sizeable traveller camp round the area. Turns out it was a mutual friend with a touch of paranoia, had no issue otherwise. I wanted something a bit rough around the edges while being mechanically sound to use heavily so this ticks all the boxes. I don't have to wory about bodywork etc and I can haul anything I need to around while I'm sorting garages/selling off tat. Obviously the biggest change it needs is nicer wheels, the grim multifitment alloys will be coming off shortly. It's had new plugs (old ones seem to have been gapped for a carbed 4G15 rather than the fuel injected) which has made it smooooth, and a new air filter. On the weekend I'll be fitting a new clutch, fuel filter, brake discs and pads, oil & filter, head unit and possibly tyres along with some other bits and pieces in prep for being in long term(ish) use. I really love it so far. The mad sik yo exhaust creates a bit of drone but it's quite pleasant otherwise. Aready earning it's keep:
  7. They are 6x5.5 yeah, I'm very happy with the choice of wheels I've now put on the truck - I'll be keeping hold of the original steels with the intention to refurb them with new barrels further down the line. Very excited for this project coming together 😁
  8. Back at it again with this. I've been out the country for a while so it sat about, as of today it's in the process of being set up with a Weber 32/34 and a new EI dizzy by a bloke just outside Carlisle, tuned on a rolling road. Also looking to swap out for discs all round, likely need to get ordering from the US soon for Shiny New Bits.
  9. Small joy and small progress later the Cabstar is on a new set of tyres and wheels. Not the first choice I would have gone with but the original wheels are totally fucked and it was a pain finding someone to replace the barrels, these came off a blokes Chevy C10. Apparently steels in this pcd and size are more expensive because of freight delays, or something. Distributor is also finished and refurbed, that's been put back on now. I'm taking it to have the brakes overhauled soon, and after that the Weber will be put on! I'm no longer in a mad rush for this at the moment as the worsened covid situation has made it prohibitively expensive to get over to Morocco until later in the year, the plan still is and will remain to drive down for full restoration in Africa. It'll be returned to mechanical tidiness here of course.
  10. It is mine yeah, I have too much on my plate at the moment and needs must.
  11. Will be along for this if I'm in the country at the time
  12. Progress is coming along, a bit... I went to have some new tyres fitted only to find the other ones are shagged and very rusty inside, and a PO drilled them out to fit inner tubes with a fat valve stem so it's a pain getting new ones in. I'm going to be buying new wheels to replace these, any suggestions on suitable 6x5.5 steels? I picked up some replacement rear lights and a battery that I now realize may be too large... Doesn't fit in my battery tray Distributor is also out of the engine for a full refurb + electronic ignition fitment. On the carb front the big solex is coming off and being replaced with the 32/34 Weber DMTL that I had on my Samara - rejetting and setup will be done by Dennis Vessey once I've made an adapter.
  13. LHD Reliant Kitten spotted by a friend in Belgium
  14. Properly looking forward to seeing the EG get finished. Any chance you're planning on attending FOTU?
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