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  1. I fucking hate Top Gear and the three wankers who presented it (with possible exception of JM), but that Africa episode where the white Beetle followed them about as a threat of 'this is the only sensible alternative'; a Dacia Sandero Access on PCP should be the Autoshite version of the Beetle. Sensible Affordable Dependable
  2. I can probably lend some tools. Engine support bar may come in handy (no it's not full of drinks).
  3. Oh fuck I think i've just sold myself a Dacia Sandero access.
  4. What New shite could you buy today with £5995 and is it actually better?
  5. You legend! Right gang nobody else bid on this - we need it in the fold. Just like the Aston Cygnet we can claim our fleet average CO2 emissions have been reduced by expanding our range.
  6. They're great, is it the juan seven dizzle? Eleventy million MPG for you then! Bombed about in a bright orange arosa 1.0L when I was 17 and it was such a solid thing for something so smoll. Bit wobbly though. Great purchase!
  7. Please tell me that's the 20v Lupo in the for sale thread on super sleeper steels and she's dailying that? Is it the clio?
  8. Does this count as entrance to the 6-Cylinder club? Just picked up this Ami-6 engine. It turns over but is quite possibly scrap otherwise. The idea is to teach my kids a little about engines while we strip it down & possibly rebuild. if it's any good it can be a spare for my Mum & Dad's 2CV. Can't wait to get 5 mins and some space in the shit tip garage to get cracking.
  9. Many questions. Is that cold coffee in a glass, or hot coffee in a glass? Were there no clean mugs? Is it some kind of posh glass mug? If so where's the handle? Are you drinking it on the floor or have you a rustic table made of floor boards? if so did you make it or buy it? Asking for the wife see. Anyway paracetamol for breakfast is what I had today too! Keep up the good work!
  10. Thanks for this link, it really made me smile. We all know that even ancient crap can't be kept on the road with baler twine and pop rivets. I'd really like to see what happens to our salvage cast offs which are 'ideal for export'. I can imagine stick welding up some old merc vitos is probably doable but as highlighted above there must be some old school engine rebuilders out there re-grinding cranks and cast iron stitching blocks back together. I'm sure this takes more ingenuity and technical prowess than your local kwik-fit. I think we need a man on the ground to give us an in depth report. Perhaps we could collectively post DW there??
  11. One to watch, Gravity defying Insight future classic with two shagged batteries: Linky
  12. Thanks for the info! I spotted this one next to my car in March. Just checked the reg EX58EZE to see if it was a diesel. it's untaxed as of 1st of Sept. Don't you just love finding these anomalies. I understand the 1.2 is a good match for the Panda but I would really like to try the 1.3 multijet. Still good find. Future classic and all that!
  13. Noice. Is it a diseasle mister? I looked at these for WBOD too but the prices were silly.
  14. I once tried changing a diesel fuel filter in my lunch break on a 1.8 lynx focus... No lift pump or priming bulb on them. Took literally days to get it started.
  15. Just sold the Golf to a dealer who contacted via Gumtree. It went for £275 in the end with no haggling. I should think so too - the guy turned up in an Aston Martin DB7 of all things! Frankly I don't give a damn, I was sick of the sight of the bloody thing.
  16. This should really be in the mistery watizit thread but today I saw this: The front end is a Piaggio Typhoon and obvs back end is a wheelchair ramp. Guessing it's an air cooled 125cc.
  17. SNAP! Children wondering why Dad is so weird...
  18. In 2002 I crashed my 1985 Mini City into a telegraph pole in the snow. I put an ad in the local paper to find a project suitable to re-shell the mini. Had three leads, one of which was a 1983 van, running and needing a bit of fettling to finish. £200. In the end I went with a 1979 shell which had eleventy million patches for £100. Cobbled the mess together and got it to the local MOT place. It ran out of fuel the day of the MOT so the tester used the starter in gear to get it into the building. He left the choke out and the car started up and shot off into a raising ramp. Pretty much wrote it off. Many regrets from my Mini saga but I really shouldn't have let that van get away for £200.... sigh.
  19. Had the Multipla for 1 year today. In that time I've: Cleaned 6 seats - washing all the covers. Washed the front carpet and replaced the rear. Cleaned off all the interior sticky plastics. Thermostat and Renault5 t-stat in top hose. New clutch and gearbag oil. Fiat Coupe wheels 20mm rear spacers 30mm lowering springs Top mounts Drop links ARB poly bushes Front shocks Aux belt Timing belt, idler, tensioner and water pump. Front bumper Drivers wing. And tried to do a little cut/polish/wax/touch up here and there. Phew!
  20. So many questions... Jesus? https://www.gumtree.com/p/vans/love-machine-/1348224514
  21. Booo, due to be an ice cream van in the Essex area. What a waste.
  22. Just seen this beauty at a yard next door to my Sister's. Have inquired how many eleventy million they would sell it for.
  23. Spent a couple of days in Bath for 10 Year Anniversary. Jammed packed with tourists. Managed to snap this fella. Does anyone know how far it's come?
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