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  1. What's the release bearing like? My worn one was only slightly gritty but made it impossible to change gear.

    Also clutch alignment tools are for the prosperous. 1/2 inch extension with a bit of electrical tape wrapped around to take up the slack.

    Check how much the flywheel can rotate - should be 1 oclock either direction max and with a little spring force.


    Great progress though. Ive now got Multipla search alerts on all the selling sites!

  2. When I cunningly smashed the sump on the Multipla, and a replacement was tiger sealed on and new oil & filter changed, the oil stayed clean for 1000s of miles (I do 500 a week).  I think the key point is that my MAF was unplugged so no EGR flowing.  For the most part a common rail, boosted diesel is very clean - it's just EGR which makes it sooty again.

    If you have a DPF fitted and no vaporiser then you have Diesel in the oil as well as soot.

  3. 12 hours ago, Craig the Princess said:

    Hi man, do you have a desire to beat your time? ???

    It does seem a waste to scrap it for a clutch, but I fear that is beyond my ability.

    I can't stop thinking about this, seriously if it comes to it and nobody want's it other than car take back i'll give you the same dollar and you can do what you want with tyres etc.  I won't keep it but will do my best to fix and put it back up for sale non-profit.

  4. Hi Dude,

    Your clutch problem sounds exactly like my second multipla - dragging which was caused by a worn release bearing.  When you press the clutch the friction disc carries on spinning and will stop you engaging the next gear which is at the wrong speed.  Sometimes I found it easier to 'match the engine speed' for the next gear so when changing up try a lowish rpm (1250rpm) and when changing down choose a highish rpm (2500rpm).   You can only engage 1st & reverse with the engine off. Only solution is to do the clutch & bearing.  You can get a kit for as low as £50 but it's not a fun DIY job (i've done two).  All the front subframe bolts need to be slackened off and the nearside need to be removed entirely.  You then pull the box out betwixed the subframe and chassis leg.  

    here it is mid-exciting stage;


    Took me 12 hrs odd - no exaggeration.

    dont bother with the dual mass until you're there and can have a 'feel' of it.

    The timing belt  / water pump was a relative doddle after that.


    Oh and the stuck open thermostat just needs a Renault Espace 2.0 thermostat jamming in the top hose.


    Here's my trials and tribulations.  I scrapped mine last week and i'm already regretting it.


    That's quite an early one you have there.  My 1st one was the same colour.  

  5. 51 minutes ago, brownnova said:

    We’re up to 11 mice so far. So I’m guessing they’ve got another entrance then... ??

    It's not the same mouse is it?  Where are you releasing them?  Perhaps identify the next one with some nail varnish (Other Greenpeace friendly ideas are available).

  6. ^ great question!

    Also, how does range equate to time?  if wind resistance wasn't invented, could you travel for 2hrs at 30mph or 1 hr at 60mph given a 60mile range?  Or do you find longer slower journeys more taxing on the battery?  Do these have any regenerative doo hicky?

  7. 19 minutes ago, NorfolkNWeigh said:

    Can we address the elephant , erm err I mean ironing board in the room? 


    He was welding up the frame for a friend. Proper legend this guy. I asked him if he could take some tyres of some spare wheels i had once. "Erm, £3 or 4" he said for a pair. He said they charge him £2 each to scrap them. That's why I keep coming back.

  8. So the Multipla needed two tries at getting the MOT this week but we got there in the end.


    With my cars it's a story of attrition. Check out how much mileage I've added in 12months. Bear in mind I drove the Jag about for a month or so, and I bought the Alfa 147 in sportyshites hands for 3 to 4 weeks while I fitted the lowering springs and timing belt to the Multi.


    This cracking mk2 is the MOT man's. He says he did it once in his teens/twenties and is doing it up again properly in his 30s.


    Gave the guy a box of celebrations on my way out (bribe for next year).

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