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  1. Back on! 3-day listing starting at one single pound. Who wouldn't melt at the knees?!
  2. Matt black thing is Samara based. The Multipla lookalike is closer than you think - it's based on a Zaporojhetz (sp?!), which originally started out making a model very heavily based on the Fiat 600. This is a later model (968 I think) which normally looks very much like a Prinz, and is still rear-engined. The green hybrid was once an IZH. IZH made hatchback, van and pick-up versions of the Moskvich 408/412/1500 series. I also thought the back was a Mk 3 Escort, but it could also be an early Astra/Kadett van. Looks a bit more angular if you see what I mean. How many points do I get?!
  3. Very arousing. Not Skoda-based actually, but a ZAZ on a LuAZ chassis and with a LuAZ front end. The Lada pickups there, with the welded-up rear doors, are actually factory models, produced (and unpopular) for a couple of years in the 90s. I think the Samara cabrio might be a factory limited series model too. Ingenious...
  4. Thanks very much for this! I'll talk to the 'rents today, see what they say, I reckon even on a 3day listing starting this evening it will end by Sunday night - although of course 10 day would be better. Will keep you posted!
  5. I'd go Eastern European - army green ARO M461, black Chaika, and a '36 Tatra T87 in black. Although some coach-built Wartburgs are also very nice.Also a DS...Also an old heap of a Roller, preferably in something earth-coloured and two-tone. Possibly an Adler Autobahnwagen......and, to top it off, the ultimate shite car. Dacia 500 Lastun. Built 1987-92, 67mph, 85mph, an absolute filthy pile of cack but I love it:http://www.igu.ro/latrecut/?p=955
  6. It was up on the Saab forum, but that shut down in December...Am quite tempted by the idea of £1 on a short listing. Would 1 day be enough do people reckon? Haven;t sold a car before, much less on ebay!Well done on the Landy btw!
  7. That's an early 90s ARO 10. They were sold as the Dacia Duster over here, mainly becasue we were already familiar with the Denem. At any rate, they shared a few parts. Quite a good concept for the year of launch, 1979 - great off-road too, just a shame about the build quality. France got them till at least '97.They were making the things till 2006, when the factory went belly up. Last versions had a nice new grille and the options of a five doors or a "Spartana" version with just gaps for the front doors and a windscreen which folded down. There was also a bigger ARO 24, some of which were sold with 4.0 Cossie engine... mmm.Weirdly, on the W German market dacias were briefly known as Aro Familia. When there was an aborted 1976 effrt to sell the ARO 24 (bigger brother) in the UK, the accompanying Tudor Vladimirescu van was sold as an ARO. This despte the factories of the Aro, Tudor Vladimirescu and Dacia being in completely different places. You can only imagine how corrupt and inefficient it must all have been...If somebody tells me how and where to put piccies up, I can show you some pretty sexy Romanian shite!
  8. Right chaps, placed this on eBay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... :IT&ih=018but nobody seemed to love it enough to adopt it. I thought a hundred quid was pretty reasonable given that there's people out there bidding one and a half grand on a Mini estate with more holes in it than a Parisian brothel. Apparently not though... perhaps, in future, I should be a a bit more economical with the truth Anyway, the garage where it's stored is being very tedious to my parents about keeping it any longer, so if nothing happens within the next few days it's getting chucked out. My parents's plan is to invite the local classic Saab specialist to have a look round and see what parts he can take off it. (He's got a splandid collection of Swede-shite!) Before he does that, though, does anyone want the whole thing to coax back into life? If so make me a nominal offer (anything!), I'll put you in touch with my parents, and please take it away. The car's in the north-west tip of Wales, my parents are on the Wirral. Hopefully this won't die just now!Cheers, and apologies for looking like I'm trying to flog my old stuff - but it's not flogging, it's saving....Adrian
  9. This review of "Tipping the Velvet" ... wow. I keep thinking there's something there which is the key to all human knowledge, and it's eluding me...Once I met a girl c14 who looked like a boy. Parted hair her twinkling blue velvet in each brushed eyelashed eye was before or after the parting of her mother? Hard deceased. Her name??-Louise. Her face clear day. "Is Kitty?". Be was her brother's "post-burial" meeting with me was more.deliberated, damn it, this her 'protection' than of bland any use. Laced frontespiece of this DVD itself TIPPING THE VELVET shows Kitty facial cheek curve boy as girl. In same same frontal caption sitting next to her I think to her left is Nan. It's not your nanny, your mother's mother or the hoar downstairs. Verility exoecting this wom& Diana Rigg to the avengement of male-dominated fifties society, bowler hat and umbrella by "The Avengers" Diana. If Nan's actress skills just always avoid life as we know it, she wants that. Nineteenth century England in which this is cast, acting innocence was grey liberalism. These women WILL happen. The face on Kitty atunes early on stage suave placid womanly voice "a rose in my heart for you"she man Oscar Wilde once said (or I wonder, someone else, O man-of-life about the fact we do something to each other. If merely love, turned to hate? Was it that we kill something in the one we love somehow? For: A Picture of Dorian Gray (or Grey? (Wilde) - curious love has grey). Some do it with a kiss, some with the sword. Dunkirk saw the sword after Whitstables music hall days. 1940, Man or woman a life later given a country. Perhaps for woman June 6th 2006 - D Day 1944. I bought the TIPPING THE VELVET and I sit on velvet, grey velvet when I drive for the decision rather to find hope as love which bears no other name. Tender lambent thighs of fire of none other than this two capture to reap what sows, chasten anticipation they hold back perhaps for the camera?- never. Even though this age before photography they hold back for something else we haven't got. A few directors truly call Brits I wonder what slums anymore. Of the homeless, but the sexually lonely. They are in the picture TIPPING THE VELVET as the home in Whitstable to which Nan - the innocent - returns born more as then the accomplished actress to Kitty's side with whome she'd against all odds managed in London to express a love, yet she was her valet, her dresser, and she was something seen today stalks walks all woman girl and better boy a holy trinity let's call her Amanda. That this young woman yes my life what the hell girl and boy may know my wave though she certainly sees it brings more blessing than the church on sinday morning, more fruit than the vine in summer for which 2 REMEMBER - a line remembered to me by Ralph Reader, a man of whom I once heard a known studio impresario say: "I do love that man". These are two women. So they say.but do(?)nothing on eBay's sleeve?? Alfred Hitchcock was once asked why that he could not ask the writer of the screeplay to make bolder the facts of the story. He commented it would be like a painter who, told to paint real life - she can not. When a Mr Kellner once saw on a cinema wall just before the First World War: "Sursam Corda" ("Lift Up Your Hearts"), his low ebbing tide was far from the Whitstable sands, London in which the film is set TIPPING THE VELVET. And he chose a name for himself: Alexander Korda. No-one cares what I choose, they do you when you eat. In your work you are but measure for themselves - a commodity. I chose the DVD for the picture to make a threesome. Sex and lover: fiction never facts TOPS
  10. These guys sell pianos and knackered cars, and I fear they've been smoking some very interesting substances ... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Chrysler-Le-Baron ... dZViewItemand view their other items too; you'll either laugh yourselves senseless or cry.
  11. Those two 12s are superb! I love slightly eccentric old dears who have ridiculous motors. Round where my parents love there's two sisters in their 90s who live in a massive dilapidated house and drive ther white '71 Mini - but only in first, second, and reverse. Saw one of them nearly do a U-turn into the path of a bus once. There's still a tax disc from '74 on the window... Spoke to one of them once, it's got 21 k on the clock apparently, but looks like it's just come from Iraq or something.Seriously though, good luck on saving them. BIG fan of 12s.
  12. Adrian_pt

    Ebay tat

    Shameless plug I know, but my 90 is also on eBay... Lovely cars and pretty thin on the gound but I have no room.... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1985-Saab-90-not- ... dZViewItem I promise from now on I will stick to describing other people's tat...
  13. I don't think cheap cars have to come in the categories of either shite or things like the Tata Nano. If all you want is cheap, disposable transport form A to B, get something like an early Clio or 306 or Saxo or Mk IV Fiesta or something - cheapo hatch from 8-12 years back - perfect. Not rare enough to be impractical, and not new enough to be a waste of money. There IS a middle ground...I think that buying incredibly cheap cars when new is fine for developing countries - everyone needs a Model T equivalent at some stage - but here, when you get an economical and reliable motor for peanuts, there's just no point. There's also resale value to think about. I get a Logan or a Nano (although you really canoot compare them), and don't spend very much on either buying them or keeping them running. But when I come to sell them on, I get sweet f a. Older cars, meanwhile, have already fallen down the depreciation ladder, so you don't lose as much although you might spend a bit more on petrol and insurance. But you also drive something far, far better...I have a rant prepared on super super low value food, but I'll save that for another day...BTW I know the Logan reasonably well. The only one which is with coming to these shores is the van version and possibly the pick-up, becasue they're large unpretentious workhorses which are better value than pretty much any other similar commercial - and for van drivers, buying new makes a lot of sense given the mileages they cover. There's just no point, though, in spending 5 to 7 k on a new one when you could do SO much better for the money.(phew)
  14. I learnt to drive in a Saab 900, the (in my opinion) best-looking version, the 4-door saloon; took my test in it as well. Examiner couldn't believe his eyes when he saw that it was a 2-litre, 17 year old car about twice the size of anything else in the car park... Hit 90 k when I was learning...There must be some correlation between what you learnt to drive in and your passion for shite....
  15. That's a Dacia 1310 estate, and this particular style (4 headlamps, thick rubber round them) dates from 83 to 92 - I have some very sad knowledge of Dacias, so will hazard 1986 or possibly 87 as the year...They're pretty rare over in England. I know of only 4 existing...
  16. Newest car possibly the 3-series convertible or the MK II Golf. Most exciting? Barkas, or the yellow 124 estate... or could it be a Lada? That Taunus is pretty sweet as well, and I'm intrigued by the L-plate on the Volvo estate - not an ideal learner's car... The first Sciroccos have all but gone now, haven't they?
  17. Adrian_pt

    Ebay tat

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1970-Volvo-144-S- ... dZViewItemLovely car, good plate, and the colour is pure shite. I just love 94-year-olds' cars!
  18. First post here, might as well inaugurate this by saying that Dacias are definitely NOT disgusting - I have romanian blood somewhere and most of that branch owns the things - but absolute pure 42-carat shite. As soon as i know how to upload photos (being crap at anything computer-like), I will post evidence, as well as other things like Tagoras which will probably kae you go all weak at the knees. You have been warned!
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