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  1. Suffolk, UK collector. Yeah it's a shame to see them leave the UK - I think the problem is that RHD cars are a bit of a holy grail for collectors over there, so they are prepared to seek them out and be top bidder.
  2. Yes - one in as-new condition, unregistered since new, Suffolk IIRC, and another in the Highlands in dire nick. Another minibus recently died a death. They were actually imported (like the AROs) in two goes - one in around 1975 and the other from 1979 till around 1981. Not popular! Interestingly* the UAZ was being imported at roughly the same time, known as the Trekmaster.
  3. Looks to be an original UK car. For some reason (am sure others can enlighten) lots of Euro and US cars imported from the 30s onwards had much shorter plates - ABC11, NUC9E etc. They crop up a bit in period photos and the odd survivor.
  4. That's gone straight into the replacement steed (a JRG 2003 X-type)
  5. Shiter family owned! Was in two minds about whether to post it on these pages - but glad to see the love for it.
  6. Can't speak for the other countries but in Romania Audis, VWs and Beemers rule the roost. If you're skint you have an older one, or a Dacia Logan. Communist-era cars (including the Dacia 13xx series, made up to 2004) are very thin on the ground - they tend to be owned by eccentric pensioners in town, and poor people in the countryside, plus a growing number of collectors. Their status kind of depends where you are. When I'm over there, I live in a relatively poor county, so tend to get pitied for driving a 1984 Dacia - lots of comments along the lines of "Well, if it gets you from A to B
  7. Yep - the further away from Western markets you went, the rarer they would be - but they existed. Romanian still has the old fashioned phrase "to stare [at something] as if at a foreign car". The below were all privately owned cars in Communism. Other interesting vehicles were owned by the state (as official or rental cars) and by foreigners resident in the country. The Ceausescus had a few cars too, though the luxury ones tended to be for official use: in private, Elena Ceausescu had a Renault 16, her daughter Zoe a Mercedes 350SL, her son Valentin a Triumph Spitfire (which still
  8. In Romania a Dacia 1300 was 77000 lei and a normal monthly wage was 2000-2500 (admittedly after tax). Pricey but there wasn't much else you could spend it on. In the late 60s you could get Western cars new - Fiats and Renaults plus a tiny handful of VWs and Fords. The state lottery memorably offered a Volvo Amazon as the top prize one year. If you had the cash, a Western vehicle was not unusual till about 1978 ,when import duties were considerably increased - that, plus the difficulty of getting spare parts, meant that most were swiftly taken off the road. Those who could, not just senior Part
  9. The flip side is seeing raised-letter white plates on anything pre about 1965 - a true sign of a giffer mobile in the 80s and 90s. I remember seeing quite a few on utterly shagged Morris Minors and the odd Ford Consul.
  10. Looks suspiciously like Sid James and Charles Hawtrey advertising the Suzuki Mighty Boy - which, to be fair, does have a bit of a Carry On ring to it.
  11. Fascinating, in the older ads, how expensive the prewar stuff is compared to relatively recent exotica. Not the best investment to have made at the time.
  12. There is one very giffertastic house near it - net curtains, flowerpots everywhere, a little picket fence and a 70s front door. But it's immaculate! Very strange.
  13. The Cortina owner is clearly a hero of our time - I imagine a sort of Mr Trebus character... A few more London sights. The blue Mini is absolutely hanging and I think lives in Chelsea driven by an old girl. Plus another French trip and a Savile tastic Y-reg.
  14. Yes - I think the owner used to be a racing driver. I briefly lived a few doors down from it. Sadly EN888 has both tax and MoT expired... A few more - including a brief interlude in rural France. The Mk1 Twingo was the hire car! The white Cortina remains one of my favourite London cars - straight out of 1992. Subaru was the only remotely interesting seen in Israel. The guys with Rovers is in Birkenhead - clearly a man of taste and discernment.
  15. Only just got round to sorting out my phone pictures, to find that there is some proper gold on there. Update one of many, including a Gamma that got me overly excited.
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