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    Fumbler reacted to D.E in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    Fumbler reacted to Shite Ron in eBay tat volume 3.   
    It is the right colour, right spec.  and right engine. No excuses, someone on here should buy this.
    I must admit I am not a fan of low spec. underpowered cars but I really do like beige cars and this looks great. My excuse is that I have too many cars so I’m out.
    It is a fine looking car:

    Power to the people!

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    Fumbler reacted to HMC in The new news 24 thread   
    another spot of this locally used wolseley. Really characterful.
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    Fumbler reacted to Cavcraft in eBay tat volume 3.   
    vauxhall chevette estate 1979 tax and mot exempt BARN FIND | eBay
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    Fumbler reacted to wesacosa in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    Fumbler reacted to rob88h in eBay tat volume 3.   
    (Soz if this has come up on this thread already).
    I love it when you get something so delightfully basic that even the standard headlights are considered too ostentatiously decadent.

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    Fumbler reacted to Lord Sterling in Lord Sterling's motors   
    Kin 'ell. Another update in less than a few days? 
    Today, I 'woke' (lol) up to a day of doong stuff down the unit. Initially I was going to do nowt more than remove the parts from my Mums old Micra to put the interior back up normally as it had been used as parts storage for around a couple of years. 
    @fraser.innes.3 and myself agreed to give the KV6 Sterling's bonnet another tackle as it refused to open before
    Somehow it had freed itself off before I could tackle it with a crowbar, and with the bonnet open we had access to try and start the thing.

    We tried a jump pack but that didn't really work so a MASSIVE caravan battery was used as a jumped pack.
    Initially the Rover tried to start and had a lot of cranking but wouldn't fire. I remembered that I had actually run out of fuel when I last drove it up to the yard it was last stored at and had to have pushed up the hill with my Peugeot.
    So half a gallon of fuel later and some more cranking and the Sterling fired up from a long slumber.  It wasn't as steady as it would have been before but it was enough to keep it moving.

    I popped it down the our mate Dave's unit as the jetwash was there, I gave the car a long overdue bath, enough to get most of the crud off it but not to my usual shiny polished standards.

    it looks cleaner than it actually eventually dried off to be.
    The car has got considerably rustier than when it was last in use. Outside storage hasn't been kind, so its a case of weighing up the options. The engine has had little work since I got it and has kept on going for me despite a holed radiator and cambelt roulette. 
    The Micra will be getting some attention innthe form of a service. I'm looking at having the back of jigged out because of the damage, Dave is quite enamored by the Micra as he used to service many of them way back when.

    The interior has been cleared of the bonnet and bumper that lived in there for the best part of a couple of years.

    The KV6 has its battery on charge, more petrol will be got to at least get it regularly running and moving.

    Some work on a Rover finally. Bet you never thought that would happen.
    As a side note, on the way back home, the Peugeot 407 decided to make use of the new screen to chuck up a warning with "depollution system faulty" error message leaving the engine light on. Meh, I rarely use the car so it probably needs a good run up and down the motorway. 
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    Fumbler reacted to Lord Sterling in Lord Sterling's motors   
    Did some small bits recently to the 407. Enjoy.
    The car always had a mixture of tyres on it. I hated this and as the front tyres were beggining to harden and wear more, I got a couple of Michelin tyres shod up at the front now, the rears are to be done at the end of this month with some Michelins so all tyres match. 
    Been the bain of my life since I got this car. All screens were £silly money, the ones I did purchase, despite being the same part number did not have Bluetooth connectivity or were the wrong ones which were sent back. Thankfully @iainrcz came to the rescue recently with a free screen so now I have a working screem with Bluetooth connectivity!
    Passenger side windows couldn't always be arsed to work,  my passengers seem to be unable to get the window down. Given that the window always worked well from the drivers side, I made a wild guess that the switch wasn't all that good, despite taking the switch apart and cleaning the contacts (they were very clean anyway) it made no difference. A couple of quid on a second-hand switch, arrived and now the window works exactly when it's asked to.
    Centre console lid:
    Some, few or even none of you may remember that I dashed a screw into my centre console lid when it refused to shut when I got the car. It did well for a while but then got quite loose. The lid stayed shut no bother but I decided to try and sort this once for all. I found a small piece of rubber which I fitted into the console lid hole where the screw had been. It shut and closed very nicely and was no longer loose its not pretty but does the job and does it well. Result.

    Gear gaiter:
    Yeah, so after the KNOB (yeah yeah) debacle. The gear gaiter was still a tad tatty. I could feel it ay the top where the fake leather had ripped and dug into my finger when changing gear.
    So a cheap eBay special (I really must learn) later and much difficulty of fitting, it finally got fitted and looks a bit better.
    Old gaiter:

    New gaiter:

    My drivers door squeaks from inside whenever I close the door or go over an bumpy road. This is annoying. I have some foamy-type packaging material that I've had for some years.
    The squeaks come from the window rail mechanism that is bolted to the door, but because of its location, it is very difficult to track down the the source of the noise exactly so I can pack it out with foam material. Another job maybe for next year when I can be bothered with it again.

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    Fumbler reacted to Dave_Q in Dave's shonkers - the only guarantees in life, are (black) death, and taxes   
    It's fixed. 
    Doesn't look like I took many pictures. I did take the other 2 injectors out, thought I'd see if they would come out easily and they did. 
    I used the injector seat cutting tool to clean up the holes a bit, combined with lots of waving my phone about under there to see down the holes as I had no chance with my actual head. The grease/oil/etc was further cleaned out of the holes with a rag on a stick before it all went together. 

    I also made this precision injector face cleaning rig from a bit of scotchbrite and a bit of wood.

    I'm not afraid to admit I was shitting it when doing the bolts back up. I had to have several attempts to tap out the holes, I thought I had done it alright but when I put number 1 bolt in it clicked for 7Nm when it was several mm above the clamp. I was especially shitting it when putting the 17Nm on number 2 the M8, but maths turned out to be right this time and it was all fine.

    I further clenched as the bastard did not want to start after reassembly. Flattened the battery attempting but a charged battery, a squizz of brake cleaner and a foot on the floor got it going with a big cloud of smoke. Seems to be running fine and I might be imagining it but it seems slightly smoother/quieter on idle and may even start a bit faster.
    This evening I started giving it an electronic talking to. @strangeangel who is similarly afflicted with a Vito brought round his diagnostic multiplexer job. There are assorted lights on the dash and I couldn't get much sense out of the Wurth WOW software. 
    The main issue was something to do with Variant coding on the ESP leading to ABS and traction control lights permanently on.

    Ah of course, the old wheelbase implausibility fault. For reasons known only to Mercedes, almost every module needs to be coded with relevant information about the vehicle and it throws a wobbler if they don't all agree. 
    This fault was telling me the ignition switch was not coded to the right van length or wheelbase. Its a replacement for some reason, there is another in the glovebox. All this shite lives in developer settings, in German only.

    Telling the ignition switch it is fitted to an XLWB version made the ESP happy.
    I still have an SRS/airbag fault for similar reasons, which I'll look at another time. Going through the coding is painful as all the words are in German so I have to google translate them all to find out what to change.
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    Fumbler reacted to Saabnut in How much shite is too much shite? Sonic but no hedgehog   
    The friend referred to works as a plumber in Perth  but a gentleman from Practical Classics did pop in by a few days later to buy a car off me. He may* have taken a few photos whilst here and he found the transit amusing so fully expected it to appear at sometime!
    Before I left for offshore I did attempt to get the Fergie running. The old oil/petrol mix was drained from the sump and fresh oil installed. The spark plugs were a mix of 3 makes (including a Volvo branded one) but a quick search on the shelf produced a new set of the correct champions but still no spark. Cleaned the points brought a spark but no life. The grey fergie has a provision for locking it at 10 degrees BTDC so this was set but stll no life. Chucked some petrol in the bores and it fired once or twice but that was all. Gave up.
    Next morning went to check the timing again and locked the flywheel to find the distributor rotor arm in a completely different place. Removed the distributor to find the dog had not been seated right on the drive (the tractor had some engine work before laying up including new pistons) and I think the distributor not being seated properly is what made the PO give up. All reset, more fuel in the cylinders and it fired and ran briefly. Encouraged, I filled the radiator with water, a considerable amount of which made a bid for freedom via the completely knackered top hose. Deciding what remained would do for a brief run, I tried again. Nothing. Gave it a sniff of brake cleaner and away it went, but stop the sniff and the engine stopped, obviously no petrol getting through.
    Removed the carb, stripped it and cleaned everything. Of course I could not find my stock of carb gaskets so a cornflake packet was sacrifices and a new one made. Refitted the carb, and absolutely no difference, so again I gave up and went offshore. Got back last night, and whilst I was away I had ordered an ultrasonic cleaner (as per my ask a shiter thread) which arrived yesterday along with some expensive solutions to use. A very good friend had recommended the fluids, but at £20 delivered for 1l of carb cleaner and 1l of deruster I was unsure. My friend was adamant so thought I would give it a try (they dilute at 10:1 so not so bad.
    Today I set up the cleaner (I bought a 6l one) but stuck a 2l ice cream tub in for the additive mixture so only used about 0.2l. After a 30 minute blast, I was amazed at how black the fluid had become as I thought the carb and bits were clean before putting them in. Re assembled the carb, sacrificed a bit more cornflake packet for another new gasket and refitted the carb. Of course, near my carb gasket stock must be where I put my split pins, so the throttle and choke lever connections were just assembled loosely until I find mine or buy some more. Connected  the battery, turned on the ignition and it started first time and continued to run fine*.
    The engine is very smokey, but hoping that is the pistons still bedding in, the top hose reminded me that I have not bought a replacement and then the throttle linkage fell out so turned it off. Tomorrow I will find/beg/steal/buy some split pins, do a proper* repair on the hose with some duct tape and see if it will drive. The ultrasonic cleaner with the solution worked well so happy with that purchase.

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    Fumbler reacted to 320touring in 320touring's major Morris manoeuvrings   
    Time for an update on this:
    The rebuilt fuel pump from @blackboilersuit was attached the other day, and the bloody thing now fires up sweetly and promptly. Many thanks again to him for his efforts!
    Bouyed by this success, I decided to splash out..

    Behold, a plethora of Oxford parts.
    A plan was formed. Many thanks to @jaypee and @Supernaut for their help today.
    GSA into the corner of the unit, Oxford into the centre.
    We decided to start at the back
    First up - tighten the rearmost exhaust mount - a blasphemous 10mm fitting..
    Next. Try to see if we could get the spring shackle bushes out. That would be a no.  First one we tried unbolted fine, but the threaded pin would not come out. Discretion being the better part of valour, we put it back together.
    Then onto brakes.
    I'd ordered cylinders and adjusters plus fitting springs, expecting the worst.
    On pulling the first drum off, I was pleasantly surprised:

    Plenty of meat on the shoes, wheel cylinder was dry and the adjuster was free.
    Everything was cleaned down, the drum sanded on the inside (no noticeable lip) then reassembled.
    Footbrake pressed to centre the shoes and the adjuster set so the drum was locked at 3 clicks.
    The other side was exactly the same - so nice to work on well designed drum brakes.
    Then it was time to look at the rear hydraulics:
    The rear hard lines and the "T-piece" are all in good condition - no major rust and the unions themselves are clean.
    This flexi, however, was not. Luckily a new one had been procured and was duly fitted

    We topped up the master cylinder in the drivers footwell and hit the bleed nipples with remonstrating fluid.
    Both responded positively to the application of a spanner, and the rear brakes bled up easily.
    Having spent some time crawling about under the car, it was obvious the rear end would benefit greatly from some cleaning, rust treatment and underseal.
    @Supernaut deployed the wire brush of truth and did an excellent job getting the loose underseal off.
    I then became enamored with the idea of removing the dampers to clean and paint them.
    @jaypee's patience was key here as the top nuts were quite difficult to access.
    Once off, it was obvious they were in need of some love

    The lump at the right are actually fins.. so much gear oil and grease had filled them in.

    You can see them clearly here
    Once cleaned and wire brushed, they were treated with Vactan, then primed.

    I don't know what colour they will be once painted🤣
    The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning the rear end. The task was mountainous in its size..

    Still more to do!
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    Fumbler reacted to cms206 in The SVM are at it again...   
    Train three achieved and our collective first visits to Wigan.

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    Fumbler reacted to PhilA in 1951 Pontiac Chieftain   
    Been driving about a whole bunch.

    Went continue tidy up at mother in law's lot. Takes forever, glad I had spare belts for the mower. That's genuine mower-shite too, it's British Leyland levels of rusty.

    Headed home. Warm air, window down radio on, engine humming away up the highway.
    Got bugs all spattered up the glass. Can't say it's a trailer queen.
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    Fumbler reacted to cobblers in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    by the sounds of it, they don't even expect to have to sue anyone - they're just quite sure that because "they didn't buy a cheap banger" (it was £700) that someone else is on the hook and happy to cough up to refund them or repair the car.
    EDIT: Now they are suggesting the garage that MOTd it in September could have missed something or done a dodgy test.
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    Fumbler got a reaction from RoverFolkUs in I've done a silly......CITROEN XM   
    It's on a return to the reservoir and the inlet pipework is all filtered so it's no biggie.
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    Fumbler reacted to anonymous user in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    I'm just amazed that they can be so specific that it happened on that paving slab
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    Fumbler reacted to cobblers in Cobblers's VW T25 Syncro Doka and other 4WD VW transporters - MEDIC   
    With the outer sill cut off, you can see the rusty hole on the top left which is all that it originally got booked in for

    You can also see how fat the top seam is, so Dan decided to cut the lot off up to the full length of the rear sill section we had,

    There was also a dodgy repair inside above the chassis rail - I had seen this and presumed it was covering up a drilled hole for the block heaters that this had.

    Nope! Rust!

    New inner sill in:

    Rear reinforcement


    And the internal bit repaired properly:

    I also got him to sort out the front step - there was just some thin metal here and a few pinholes, but he cut the lot out and used a spare part of the sill section that had a perfect matching ridge on to fill the hole



    Off to collect it tomorrow. Still shocked that it needed all that work despite looking so solid externally, but very happy with the work Dans done, and for a reasonable price all things considered.
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    Fumbler reacted to maxxo in Shitefest 22 North Wales - 15-17th July!!   
    got time off so yes will defo be there, both nights most likely, however maybe 1 if the tent is that bad
    and i will be in the XM
    i'll be making damn sure of it
    well no doubt it'll break down, but the thought is nice
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    Fumbler reacted to 11001010 in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    Fumbler reacted to richbraith in Someone left a Cavalier outside my house...   
    You know when you go on a bit of a wild one and then wake up the next morning and you've got married to an alpaca?  No?  Just me then, well it's not legally binding anyway I'm sure.  Well, the other day I went on a bit of a wild one and bought another Vauxhall Cavalier.  And this morning I was awoken to the sound of it being dropped off a trailer outside my house.  

    92J 2.0 CDi saloon on its original Camden plates.  Luton registration.
    Platinum Silver (I think).
    ABS light on (so much for that being cleared then).
    OSR door moulding missing in action (think I've sourced one).
    Dead SC303 radio/cassette.
    Needs a very good clean.
    Broken clocks. 
    It has a year's ticket. 

    It's EXACTLY what I've been looking for since I sold my other mk3 a whole week ago.
    That didn't take long then. 

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    Fumbler reacted to BorniteIdentity in Bornite's Ford Sierra Daily.   
    Ah - how nice to see it from the 'good' side.  Almost looks acceptable from this angle.  At a glance.  Through squinted eyes.  On a cloudy day.  When drunk.  And partially sighted.  From a distance.

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    Fumbler reacted to DodgyBastard in FOAD's fleet - Honda C90...   
    Went and took some "advert" pics earlier, not really sure if I want to sell or not. I might fire it onto car and classic at an inflated price and see if there's any interest... Looks good.
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    Fumbler reacted to DodgyBastard in FOAD's fleet - Honda C90...   
    Some more bits done on the LDV.


    This outer sills was full of filler. I'm not entirely sure why they welded a patch next to it but decided to fill and fiberglass the section next to it.

    Inner sill welded in.

    Outer sills.


    The welding and fabrication could be better but overall I'm just happy to be making progress.
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    Fumbler reacted to Dyslexic Viking in Dyslexic Viking's vehicle fleet.   
    Have been quiet with my old Audi for a while so may give a little update. Will be getting it out of winter hibernation soon but am unsure if the engine is running properly and if it is running  too hot. The Vivaro is prioritized this year so this may be parked for the season this year if it has too many problems.
    But one thing that happened recently with this one. My uncle (my father's brother) was visiting here for the first time in a long time and told him that I was looking for a hat to have on the parcel shelf on the Audi as it would fit with the car's old man appearance. And then my uncle gave me my great-grandfather's hat (he was my dad's grandfather) something that I find special and wonderful. He died early so my father dont remember him. So then some of my great-grandfather is with me in the Audi something that is a bit special.

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