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    Fumbler got a reaction from LightBulbFun in Autoshite chat over Zoom - 8.00pm Tuesdays. PM brownnova for the link if you don’t have it!   
    My, my. The Day has come around again.
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    Fumbler reacted to BeEP in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    Fumbler reacted to cort16 in eBay tat volume 3.   
    This thing has a Perana 5.0v8

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    Fumbler reacted to Isopon in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Giffer glory

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    Fumbler reacted to Agila in The grumpy thread   
    Sadly there have been a few over 200.
    The woman that killed my work colleague was "only" double over. 
    Head on in a bmw 530 against a matiz. They got 4 years 8 months.
    R.I.P Ian.
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    Fumbler reacted to Talbot in Dollywobbler's Consolidated Tat Thread   
    Labeling it as "the worst car in history" seems exceptionally harsh.  I'd drive a Yugo in preference to several other vehicles.
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    Fumbler reacted to R1152 in Dollywobbler's Consolidated Tat Thread   
    And I always thought the worst car in history was the KdF-Wagen... 
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    Fumbler reacted to dollywobbler in Dollywobbler's Consolidated Tat Thread   
    I think it's a year since I decided to buy my Yugo. That hasn't gone particularly well...
    In happier news, the Matiz is back!

    Rear sills repaired, one rear wheel arch repaired, fresh paint on the sills, buffed up so the old paint matches the new paint. Seems rather effective! I fear a mechanical overhaul is going to be needed at some point, but she's under 7000 miles from the big 100k, so hopefully she'll last that long at least. Chap doing the welding said she's remarkably solid apart from the bits needing work, so that's always good.
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    Fumbler reacted to HarmonicCheeseburger in The new news 24 thread   
    Google image for reference, but i think so, will have a word with them tomorrow,  I believe from the number plate shape it would be a JDM import. 
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    Fumbler reacted to inconsistant in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Came across this band on Spotify. They sound a right laugh.

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    Fumbler reacted to Ghosty in Ghostly Goings On - *shiny* red decker   
    Well, the exhaust box came today. 

    The old fartcan was the  standard1.75" flange with a 2" mild steel pipe bodged on, then another adapter on the backbox up to 2.5" or something. 
    As you can see from the difference in the positioning of the rear hangers, the new box is too long. A quick run out to ECP yielded a 1.75" sleeve and two exhaust clamps for £9 and change, after cutting about a 7" section out of the pipe on the backbox, it was a perfect fit. It's now on the car, and sounds pleasingly sporting, but isn't offensive, and the back pressure is a little better too. 

    That's genuine 1960s carpet that was dragged out from under the stairs as we're redecorating. Under it were some completely intact 1965 copies of the Daily Express! They've been there most of the house's life as it was built in roughly 1962. We've been here since 1998. 
    The carbs aren't set up well and it runs slightly lumpy, thankfully they're pleasingly simple and my dad is keen to work on them so that'll get sorted soon. 
    It's an absolute hoot to drive, and pleasingly practical (took it to IKEA for some big mirrors earlier) - I need to run about in it a bit but it might be a good keeper, especially as I might have access to a tame welder - the catch is he's in Bristol... think he'll travel though as he's mates with a few people I know up here. 
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    Fumbler got a reaction from LightBulbFun in The new news 24 thread   
    I'm rather surprised it's lasted so long its shat its throttle body as opposed to its gearbox. My HBOL showed what light combos on the LED strip meant what. The MAF suggestion was from my dad's experience with the family K11 which went all kangaroo when the MAF went on one journey. Reading into it a bit, the fact your car sounds fine when revved suggests something else though.
    Don't give up on the wee thing just yet. There aren't many really early K11s bimbling about anymore. Besides, yours has just been welded so has a much better chance of surviving the weather.
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    Fumbler reacted to HarmonicCheeseburger in The new news 24 thread   
    Micra ran great for 24hours, then back to all over the place on the idle.  
    I give up, it's in the local mechanics tomorrow if they cannot sort it, they can squash the ungrateful little shit box.  
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    Fumbler got a reaction from rainagain in The grumpy thread   
    They do just fine, as it happens. You can try pulse dialling without a rotary phone by rapidly pressing the hang up switch on a landline phone to dial a number veeeeeery slowly.
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    Fumbler reacted to dean36014 in Dean's French follies.   
    Made a start on the stripes on the van. Made a shit job of the nearside, offside much better. Another pair of hands would have made life so much easier. Ordered the sign writing for the doors, just hope I've got the sizes right!

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    Fumbler reacted to Talbot in The new news 24 thread   
    Regarding going into a dealer to ask for parts for a >15 year old car, it seems to depend on the actual dealer rather than the marque. I've been into Merc dealers to ask for £7 worth of seals before now and been offered a cuppa, had a nice little chat about "That's a great old bus, they don't make 'em like that any more" etc. etc. and left very happy.
    I've also been to Merc dealers that have a properly nasty attitude who look down their nose like you're shit on their shoe.  I usually take the opportunity to get my own back, especially with the snotty sales staff by saying "actually, that's only one of a few Mercs I own.  I was considering changing one of them for something like this *points at horrifically expensive car in showroom* but with an attitude like that, I think I'll go elsewhere"
    The look of "ah fuck, lost a decent sale there" as you walk out is absolutely priceless.
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    Fumbler reacted to barrett in 35th time lucky: Sod's law   
    Facebook has just told me that it's SEVEN YEARS today since I travelled to Chester and picked up my first BX!

    And also the new owner of Grey Haggie has just got it back from the bodyshop looking amazing

    Two cars I miss, but at least one of them lives on in good hands
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    Fumbler reacted to Leyland Worldmaster in Woollarding   

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    Fumbler reacted to Ghosty in Ghostly Goings On - *shiny* red decker   
    Well I found and ordered the carb seals after a call to danST Engineering who knew exactly what the deal with the carbs was - and confirmed my suspicions, they're Mikuni CV, off a Suzuki GSX-R 600 SRAD. 
    They also sell a custom intake manifold for the A-series/SRAD combo that I might invest in if the car's a keeper.
    I asked my dad if he could pull the carbs off while I was working so I could fit the seals, well he did the whole job and reassembled it, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
    No pics of that obv, but it wouldn't be anything I've not already seen/done/taken pics of. 

    I also noticed that the backbox for sale on eBay marked 'sedan' is actually the right part for the Aerodeck as well, and there were a few different listings for it varying in price by a few quid, the only difference being the engine codes. Just chose the cheapest one (which eBay's checker says fits), and of course they did that stupid 'send us your reg, oh this doesn't fit your car' thing so I just said 'send it anyway'. I'm not paying more money just to use the listing with the right engine code... I had the same thing with the Concerto backbox last year, where I ordered the part for a 216GTI (same engine and shell), that they also tried to tell me wouldn't fit.... 
    All the mountings and flanges on the original exhaust are intact so it should be a direct fit, and if it isn't I have weldy grindy things. Just waiting for that to arrive now and it'll be ready to go. 
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    Fumbler got a reaction from Sunny Jim in Fumbler's Crocks- Bimble (plus more paint choices)   
    OK so not much has happened. Instead, I bimbled back to Somerset for the final stint of college this year. Have some vehicle statuses:
    BX: Working
    Micra: Japanese
    Yes indeed, all is currently going well. The Micra has acted as as very good commuter car and the front brakes have been fixed. I've yet to do the welding on the sill but I'm waiting until I get a proper MIG welder before doing repairs. I'd like to make sure that the repair structurally sound. I also need to buy a can of cavity wax and drill a hole in the patches I made for the crossmember. I forgot to do it last year an it's gone through one winter(!) without me actually protecting the reverse side of the patch. Oops. It's likely that I'll take the front off at some point anyway to have some more fun welding on the front when I get a proper MIG. I don't really want to buy a replacement crossmember just yet, but I'll re-evaluate once I can see what's inside. My silencer bodge needs another bodge. Fortunately I can weld onto at least one part of it, however, It'd probably be better if I just slapped on the replacement I got and just swapped over the exhaust tips. I've also been naughty and now am overdue an oil change by 2 months. Not particularly concerned, however, because I've only put a few thousand miles on at best. In summery, the things to do on it are still:
    Repaint wheels and trims Re-repair my paint repair on the passenger door Do that one final bit of welding Fix silencer Change oil Replace water pump belt. It would also appear that I've now owned this car for two years. TOOT TOOT.
    The BX is also doing well. It's very civilised and is very fun to drive at any speed. The petrol station was out of fuel when I arrived, so I filled up on Friday and met a very pristine looking C15 in the forecourt. MPG calculates to a rounded-up 39MPG- what I was hoping for and that makes me very pleased. I have had no problems starting it up apart from some false starts as I'm still trying to retrain myself for using a car with a fully-functioning carburettor. I'm getting better though!
    That's not to say everything is a bed of roses, because it isn't. Besides, most roses are thorny so a bed of them wouldn't be very nice. Anyway, there are still things to do mechanically. Firstly, I need to replace the rocker cover gasket, as this is where my oil leak woes are coming from. It's split on the two front corners and completely along its length at the back. Tracing the wetness from the head explains why there was fresh golden engine oil dripping from the gearbox and the accumulator. I also had to top up the oil because it was 2/3 full. While I'm in there, I'll clean up and possibly repaint the rocker cover and check and adjust the valve clearances. I also have a refurbished head to go it at some point. so that'll be a nice exercise one day. So, here are the things I've yet to do on this car:
    Repaint wheels and trims Refurbish wheel nuts Have spare wheel assembly collected and get it refurbished Clean up and restore the spare wheel, stick a new tyre on it Fix the exhaust clearance issue with the bumper Replace rocker cover gasket Replace auxiliary belts Repaint exhaust cowel in VHT silver Weld stud onto exhaust header Change oil Inspect+adjust valve clearances Paint boot floor and protect the seam Detail the interior + install giffer rug for protection purposes Replace starter motor (easy job this one) Fix the bloody radio again Maybe install a hidden temperature readout somewhere. It isn't hard to do Properly repaint NSF wing Take off OSF wing and have a little look Revisit welded repair once I have a good and proper MIG Replace the ciggie lighter and make it ignition controlled Install lighting harness Sell spares that aren't for my car Fill, flat and repaint the spolier holes. Quite a lot of these things are little tiny jobs. Some aren't even necessary, such as the lighting harness, but would be good for the long-term ownership of the car. In short, everything is going good, for the time being.
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    Fumbler got a reaction from Skizzer in The new news 24 thread   
    The BX found a friend in the forecourt. Very enthusiastic and appreciative owner!

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    Fumbler reacted to Split_Pin in The new news 24 thread   
    And home. Drive back up A167/A68 was uneventful.  Drives great, @Jim Bellgave me a full tank of fuel and washed it before collection too. Cheers man!

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    Fumbler reacted to Lankytim in The new news 24 thread   
    Well this thing failed on two out of three points. 
    It’s far too rotten to move
    Its falling to bits,
    It did provide some parts though, I needed things like steering arms as mine has a mix of metric and imperial parts which don’t fit together properly. I bought cutting gear but forgot my 110v transformer which meant I couldn’t use any of them! Fortunately the 145 was so rotten I was able to remove the front and by hand by just cutting the radiator hose and with a little force pull the front suspension out and away. The bodywork in this area was non existent, the front axle had rotted away and the engine was sitting on the ground. 
    The parts removed are remarkably in pretty good shape, including the steering box and idler. I tried to remove the remaining chassis sections clinging onto them this morning but the bolts are seized into the steering box and will need some persuasion. 
    Im going back to this wreck next month to remove the engine and axle! It’s shiting and archaeology all in one! 

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    Fumbler reacted to sickboy in Sickboy's stuff: 182 out, 940 in, Saab 900 now MOT'ed   
    I knew it needed welding on the rear chassis section in the wheel arches and the rear shock mounts too. This was always going to be a sod to repair, and a job I was dreading. I stripped the interior, fuel tank and axle in readiness for what lay ahead.  
    And again, got prodding

    Decided to just cut the whole sodding section out and make another one. Thought it would be easier than spending my Spring under the wheel arch patching.

    Had to also replace the inner tub behind it too!!! Makes you wonder how rusty other 900’s are under the carpets….
    Can't argue with “Nearside Rear Suspension component mounting prescribed area excessively corroded significantly reducing structural strength inner arch / chassis area corroded and holed (5.3.6 (a) (i))” 🤣

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    Fumbler reacted to Kiltox in Hot and Steamy: Kiltox’s 1998 Rover 216 Cabriolet!   
    This sexy bastard has been clogging up my unit for a while now. Here’s how we left things:

    It’s sat in that stripped down state for FUCKING AGES now. 
    Today I collected all of the parts and fasteners together and cleaned up the puddle of oil and coolant under the car.  Assembled all of the new parts (head set, thermostat, timing kit etc). 
    Over a fairly long period of time I’ll be putting this bastard back together! 
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