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  1. @Dyslexic Vikingjogged my memory and I dug out a sample tin of Owatrol plastic oil stuff to see if it would un-fade the super washed out rear bumper on the BX As it turns out, yes it can, and now I need to do the rest of it as it at some point.
  2. Yeah, that took me a while to figure out that it was wrong! The access still doesn't seem so bad, though.
  3. That's a tad rotten. Still, it looks like a nice enough place.
  4. Sounds like much better value. It looks like it's got better access than I originally thought, too.
  5. You've just reminded me that I have a tin of that stuff somewhere- I might even use it now!
  6. I still wouldn't mind having one of those but boy have the prices gone silly. There's this and a black 2105 that's for sale at more or less 2 grand.
  7. I've decided to go again. It was a fun day out. I think this time I'll try and stay as close to the A1 as possible, mind.
  8. Ahh Avis, we had a big Peugeot saloon when our V70 crammed with holiday stuff shat its PAS pump. I'm pretty sure the man on the forecourt was rolling on the floor laughing as we tried to shove everything into the boot.
  9. I hope you get used to frequently turning the tuning knob while on long journeys. The Panasonic in the BX was a pain in the arse, especially as the frequency indicator got stuck so retuning was a lucky dip.
  10. Oh God, not this again Anyway, that was the end result, this was what I was actually doing I, for some strange reason, had come to me senses and decided that the 1cm pulley misalignment, between the (supposedly OEM) alternator and the crank pulley, was probably* going to make the belt shred itself at the worst possible time. Using Man Logic I then went about smashing yet more parts from the deceased original alternator, with the Lucas alternator, to make some form of franken-alternator Mk. 1.5. I probably put too much effort into it- trying different shims, fitting the alternator, eyeballing alignment, seeing if the belt was shifting to the left or right, running the engine, realising I had shorted the alternator charge wire to the engine mounts causing fire, helpfully dropping the 'OEM' alt while carrying it from the bin lid workbench etc. I noticed that all my woes would be sorted if I could remove a spacer on the 'OEM' unit, as its pulley was dished, and that would effectively get rid of the misalignment. Well that would've worked but, of course, Valeo had to put Loktite on the threads. It's as if they didn't want me taking it apart... So out the window that went. I couldn't keep that misaligned belt situation unless I wanted to get used to replacing lunched belts and patching LHM lines that'd be eventually shredded by the belts. I started off by sanding the spacer and thrust washer I already had installed. This went well until the cast washer shattered while being clamped by the molegrips. Oops. Faced with Problems Ahead, I raided the toolbox for the washers I'd saved from when I started out on this whole saga and got to work trying different ones out until I got the alignment as good as I could get it. I took the centre picture above to remind me that the washer in focus was conical and could only go on one way, as the spacing between outer and inner circles was 1mm, which was just enough to make me think "FUCK I've got it wrong AGAIN" and pull the thing out for another round of fannying about. I've got it as good as I think I possible can do without getting a lathe to make something that'll work just right. I wanted to give the alternator's body a bit of a paint along with the but that can wait for never another day. So instead I compromised and just painted the bits on the shaft. Sure, the ali casting willbloom up and turn into candyfloss but I just can't be fucked anymore. I must have gotten good at fitting and tensioning these things because final assembly only took a few minutes. I remember when it took me an hour alone to get the thing out, let alone in. Still, all done. Am I happy? Yeahhhhhhhhhh it'll be reet. I think I've finally killed this one dead. Maybe I do like the misery...
  11. I certainly think paths will be crossed at some stage. It's a rather free-flowing industry which helps.
  12. It's serving us very well. We had to rebuild the motor a few years ago when the commutator flew apart while running but that's all the trouble it's ever given us.
  13. Granny's Rav-4 was sold today. Feller came from IoW, looked at the car, started it, nodded, filled out the V5 and handed over the cash. Literally took 10 minutes. Father still can't believe how painless it was, especially when we discovered this😅 Snapchat-1336961918.mp4 wasn't phased one bit. Says he'll use it for 'towing'.
  14. I hope the extra dosh actually makes an improvement like they promise. I'd be down for some bacon rolls at Colsterworth again before heading in. EDIT- it seems the extra dosh hasn't been allocated to proofreading.
  15. Probably more thrilling* at your place, mind.
  16. Yeah it's a 4 year one. It's called the Maintenance Operations Engineering Technician apprenticeship scheme. It's definitely general enough to be used by other industries but it's probably called something different by other people.
  17. Got 2 years left, but I'm now on-site permanently. I have a L3 extended NVQ and then the apprenticeship endpoint assessment to now get sorted. Fortunately, it's nearly all coursework.
  18. Has the ignition amp been replaced at all? Also check the HT lead boots and insulation just to be on the safe side. Considering the issue I'd also be looking at the ignition amp wiring and the king lead. It sounds to me like either the sensor in the dizzy or the amplifier is cooked, or there's deteriorated wiring.
  19. Ah shit, I've been out gobbled. These cars are gr9 removal vans.
  20. With the BX dutifully swallowing my entire college room, it was home time. Bye bye accommodation block. Your asymmetry will never cease to annoy me. Somehow spent 1.75 years here... still wondering where all that time went! It kind of was a sad moment having to say goodbye to all my friends. I'm sure we'll meet again sometime soon. Anyway, car. The car did well, really well, I think, with the extra load in the back. It impressed me some more when it also decided to keep all its oil. So at least it's keeping its oil for the time being. This also means the drip I've been seeing for ages on the reg sphere is LHM, so I proved it with the Tissue Test and, indeed, the tissue turned green. Oof. The source of the leak looks to be a simple one, however- It looks to me like the reg sphere's seal is blown or the return spigot has cracked. Though, if it was the spigot, I'd expect the majority of the oily mess to be on the pipe. The first picture seems to suggest it's leaking from the sphere seal and then down. I think some brake cleaner action is needed here.
  21. Did the long journey home super early in the morning. No issues at all and comfortable as ever. It even lost zero oil. Well pleased.
  22. I'd be well down for a Welsh Shitefest. The Internal Fire museum is such a great place to visit.
  23. It's true- I'm still astounded at how much stuff this car can take.
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