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  1. To all interested personages, I present to you the culmination of a month of fevered activity: an MOT pass for the Leganza! She is back on the road!
  2. @Chris2cv - mine is a smidgeon shy of 50k and also, by rights, should have died this year. Any "normal" car owner would have sent it for scrap at this MOT. They're old motors now, but the average Daewoo owner never went very far - village shop 4 times a week and once a week to the nearest supermarket is about the sum total of it I think!
  3. She is a beauty for sure - I actually prefer the Daewoo front compared to the very Octavia-esque look of the headlamps and grille on the Jag. Good grief. This car is changing me.
  4. @Wingz123 - shocking excuse! Haha! What is it the kids say?? Y.O.L.O (for an Espero)??
  5. Thank you for that @bigfella2 - I'm on it!
  6. Since the Leganza came in to my life, I've become a lot more knowledgeable* about the Daewoo line-up! Yes, there was an Espero, and that was the wedge-shaped saloon that preceded the Leganza: actually a much better looker it was too, but shhh, don't tell the Leganza I said that. The last thing I want is for it to revolt further! As an aside, there's a £595 Daewoo Nexia auto (you know, the facelifted Astra MK2) in red with 12 months MOT on AutoTrader if anyone else wants to join the Daewoo Owners Club!?!?
  7. Nice one, looks a real beaut! Enjoy the waftability squire
  8. @Fumbler Thank you for that too! I am new to this rustproofing thing, as you can tell. Rather surprising, considering I'm a recovering Mercaholic. It was stored in a dry workshop while I did the work, so hopefully will be OK. In a years time, I'll crack the sill covers off again and have a check.
  9. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I see what you did there, I was just getting in to this and you may well be right! Good luck with the collection Jazoli!
  10. Thank you Fumbler for the excellent and thorough recommdation. Unfortunately, in the meantime, the deed has been done: there's a hefty three coats of stonechip on there now, after cleaning up any other crusty looking bits. Fortunately, no colour match is required because all my sins will be covered when the original sill covers are refitted post-test. Sill covers, because That'll be the Daewoo!
  11. I have an update for y'all! So, the Daewoo has been receiving some much needed attention over the last few days, getting those MOT failure boxes ticked off slowly. I started with the most important* bit... polishing the headlamps back to life after it failed on a lack of beam pattern. Parked up to a wall after and quite a clear pattern now visible. My boss arranged for a local reputable mobile welder the company uses to come out and see to the sill. Unfortunately I wasn't there at the time, but more clean-up and protection is needed to keep his work good for years to come. He's used chassis silver by the look of it, but I'd rather clean up and protect the whole sill, front to back. Can anyone recommend a good product? The car is surrounded by high value buses and coaches, so something I can brush on rather than spray would be ideal. Tomorrow we see to the brakes! New discs and pads all round!
  12. I thank you, kind sir! I've always run auto Mercs, and driving a manual coach for a living always made me want a more relaxing drive in my own time. When my good* lady needed to get a license with serious time pressure, she went auto only. I don't see the point in the expense of upgrading her to manual now: there's no shortage of decent autos out there. So, when I needed a spare car, it had to be auto just incase the missus ever needed it. Since she also drives a Merc, she has needed the Daewoo on numerous occasions, although she's not as keen on it as me! Then again, she doesn't get the bill from our local Mercedes specialist either! 😂😉 I'm taking this as a win. It's the first time I've been in any position to brag about having anything bigger!! Great news about your Carina though! Hopefully my next family purchase will prove to be as rust resistant as that!
  13. You certainly can. This one was my favourite from Tuesday... In all seriousness, if you wang yourself across to here, when I tried to sell the old girl, you should find a whole host of photos!
  14. It certainly is sir! OK, much of it shouldn't need doing again for 100k+ miles: turbo, torque converter, brake pipes over the rear axle, one air strut etc etc. But when I earn £23k a year and commit 50% of that to paying the rent on my flat, then it's a considerable proportion of my income. But yes, you are right. Motoring finances are the subject of much "man maths" and tenuous justification in all households! Haha
  15. Firstly, I need to apologise for being PeopleShite. I've barely contributed a thing here since acquiring my beautiful Leganza around a year ago. Possibly the shittiest AutoShiter ever...? Anyway, desperately hoping to make up for my significant shortcomings (a process I've learned a lot about over the course of my marriage), I come with motoring news and hopefully good news for every avid Daewoo enthusiast. I have had an epiphany, but I need to elaborate first. I first acquired the Daewoo when my 2003 Mercedes W220 S320CDI decided to cost me a fortune, and financial pressures at the time meant it needed to be laid up pending a property sale and it was cheaper to buy a temporary motor from the sub-£500 world of cars that probably won't see another MOT. In that year, the 2003 S320CDI was bodged and sold quickly, and a 2008 W221 S320CDI came along to replace it. When the Daewoo tax ran out, it was simply laid up and has stayed that way for 9 months. That was until last week, when I finally snapped. The W221 has cost me £8k in maintenance alone since January. My other Merc, a 2003 W211 E320CDI estate has also managed to chew through front bushes in less than 18 months, and quite frankly I'm sick with Mercs. No sooner is one job done, another shockingly expensive one will come and bite me in the ass. Meanwhile, my other bus-driving colleagues with their very average flotilla of Peugeots, Skodas, Fords and Vauxhalls have a much easier time of it. Even the company Vauxhall Zafira has managed 3 years of heavy-handed abuse with not so much as a single bush or arm needing replacement. It was in this moment of contemplation that I realised the Mercs have to go if I am really going to be a responsible, mature 32 year old and put my family and future financial security ahead of running the big Benzes. So, I have decided the S and E classes can be sold, leaving enough in the pot for a nice boring little family car for the missus to potter around in. Meanwhile, I'll simply go back to the Daewoo, right? Well... almost. The Daewoo has other ideas. I threw it in for an MOT without so much as a look under the wheelarches after 9 months idle to find a significant "to do" list. It was probably upon removing the offside sill cover that cleverer, logical men would walk away from the 12 inch cavern that greeted them, as opposed to the sill that really should be there. Never mind the 4 shitty discs, the corroded brake pipes, worn wheel bearing, damaged ABS sensor, cloudy headlamps blah blah. Well, in some frankly ridiculous wave of sentimentality and a quick look at howmanyleft.co.uk, I decided I have some absurd duty of care to this remarkable* survivor - now one of only around 60 left, and as an auto, one of only 35. So, I have some remarkable deals on parts through work: very cheap discs and pads thanks to Euro Car Parts looking to clear stock. All the bits I need sourced from either ECP or FleaBay for £135 in total, a very friendly boss offering to do most of the work in exchange for me taking some shit Xmas party work over the next month or so, and a friendly welder only a phone call away means this piece of automotive history should live to tell the tale for another few years yet. I'm almost wondering if I can have the last Leganza standing in 5 years time. So, that's where we are. Everyone bored yet....? Check back for more ramblings in the next few weeks as the Leganza comes back to life!
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