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  1. Thanks again for all the Nubira praise guys! Being a wholly responsible owner, I didn't spend the first day servicing it. Or checking for underside corrosion. That can all wait until next week! The immediate task in hand was to give her a well-deserved wash and amateur valet. It looked as if it had been some time since the last one... Finally, both Daewoo's united at home:
  2. If you go somewhere, you have to come back... I managed to jump on this because it worked in with some fleet movements for a local bus firm I am helping out. I figured it was actually probably safer for me to buy some chod and drive it home rather than infect everyone on a train (or be infected myself). I wouldn't have bought it if I wasn't making a trip that way anyway. Or, I'd have found somewhere else for it to stay in the meantime. Around the whole Corona thing, I think we just have to be responsible and sensible. When I was out and about I didn't touch anything, stayed around 20m from anyone and everyone. It's actually quite easy at the moment, even in London I found.
  3. No, I believe this was a new platform, designated J100. I think it was only ever the Nexia that was a rehashed Vauxhall in the UK? The Nubira and the Leganza are both powered by a GM engine though and, in the case of my pair, mated to a ZF 4-speed auto.
  4. Firstly, I am overwhelmed for the *love of the Nubira. Thank you all for your kind comments. It's remarkable to see what would normally be a car purchase failure be applauded by like-minded loons, errr, folk. OK, so here's what I learned on the way home. This 1999 Daewoo Nubira CDX Auto has had just two owners from new. Registered in Reading (according to the plate at least) and last residing in our *beautiful capital city. It's remarkably "tighter" than my Leganza, which incidentally has 10k fewer miles. This Nubira has a solid feel: no rattles, bangs, knocks or squeaks. @Talbot - not that awful! OK, the auto doesn't do it huge favours. You put your foot down, she kicks down and you get a lot more noise and very little in the way of extra forward motion! But from a standstill - probably more thanks to a sensitive throttle rather than anything else - she is very spritely. That's the same engine and box as my Leganza. There's some lovely "period" features, all in good order: On the buses, we call it moquette. Goodness knows what it's called in cars! Velour?? Either way, it's comfortable, and preferable to leather in my thwarted opinion! Loving this sticker in the windscreen: Anyway. The paint is in terrible shape. Looks like it's been parked under a tree for a bit, and not washed for some time! So, that'll keep me busy over the coming days. I think the interior will come up mint. Outside, a T-cut and wax will see to the most of it, but the bumpers and the offside rear door need some more serious work, in time. So, there we have it? Bored yet? I hope so: it's what it's built for!
  5. Progress report for now (more detail to come later!) Back in the right county at least, about another hour to go! So far, so good!
  6. Gentlemen. The time has come to put you out of your misery as I bask in mine. Behold:
  7. Typical Volvo - not that quick off the mark, but plodded it's way without a single hiccup all the way there. Unlike a Trident, which would have thrashed itself, shot a con rod through the block, pierced the fuel filter and sent a fireball down the bus!
  8. Underground successfully negotiated... It's confirmed. I'm the last man on earth! Now sat on a South Western train to Fleet. Usual story... I'm the only one here!
  9. OK, so it's eerie out here.... I have a carriage all to myself. I watched the train come in and didn't see anyone in the previous 6 carriages either.
  10. Well, I've dropped the bus here... Now I'm waiting here... To use this: Thanks for all the good wishes guys! I'm making like Bon Jovi because I've now only got the homeward section to go!!
  11. Location: Truro. 30 mins late as this baby needed easy start and I couldn't find the air intake!
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