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  1. Have we had this lovely Tagora SX yet? RHD, and advertised as beige, not gold. Almost like someone was reading AS. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1083266
  2. Was reading the story on the BBC News national website where it is now in the Top 10 Most Read, and thought, sure I've seen that early base model Sierra on AS recently... Great story and hope all goes/is going well.
  3. Sorry I missed this thread first time around. I would have said that a friend of mine in Northern Ireland had an early 325tds from new, with a manual 'box. It managed 16 years and 270,000 miles or thereabouts before the fuel injection finally let go and it got swapped in for an E91. At that point it was still on its original clutch. I don't recall hearing about anything on that car ever going wrong or needing to be replaced apart from the usual perishables. Good steer as well, I drove it myself on several occasions.
  4. I had two 9-5 Aeros over twelve years, an early one and a late Dame Edna. I reckon the middle-era ones are the best of the lot. Here you've got the better gearbox and a bit more power but it's pre-2006 for sensible road tax and avoiding the dodgy facelift. Seats are great. Urban MPG is very not great. Mid-range shove never fails to amuse. Well bought!
  5. Was just about to post that very same advert. Always liked these with the PRV, bit of a Tagora SX vibe. Also, refreshingly honest approach to advertising.
  6. Toledo71


    I guess so because that's when they launched the 2300 and 2600, according to Wiki.
  7. Toledo71


    Have we had this yet? The man himself introduces the latest Rover SD1 range to the BL sales force. Props to the friend who sent me the link direct, I know he reads this forum sometimes but not under what userID.
  8. I normally hate stretch conversions but this is so bad it's brilliant. Note the white plastic (or is it beige??) intercom phone handset, presumably so the chauffeur can receive instructions from the aristocracy and nobility enjoying the stately appointments of the rear cabin. Collection thread from Barcelona anyone? Driving right the way across France, preferably? Sorry for being so far behind with postings, btw...
  9. Carburettor straight 6, manual box, misery spec interior, not many kms for a W116.
  10. I like to think this is the car Vyvyan from The Young Ones would have driven in later life, after developing wisdom and maturity.
  11. Sorry to hear. I'd love an XM but have nowhere to keep or work on one. I did see a video of someone collecting a very dead SM and the way they dealt with the no power/no suspension lift problem was interesting. They disconnected the prop shaft from the main hydraulic pump and attached it to an electric drill via a flexible link. After quite a lengthy session with the drill, the body lifted enough for the car to be winched. But I don't know whether the XM is configured that way. On an SM the pump is directly in front of the engine block and relatively easy to get to. Anyway best of luck with it.
  12. Have we had the Ledbury Maestro?
  13. ... and faster still than the same car with an auto box. Someone in the family had one.
  14. The E21 was never developed to have electric windows even as an option. You had to order a 5 series to be allowed to pay extra for electric windows. I think the electric mirrors must have been easier to engineer for some reason. If you wanted an optional extra sunroof that was keep-fit as well. I knew someone at school whose father had an E23 728 with wind-up windows converted to electric in the front with an after market kit. And some delightful* gold-painted BBS alloys.
  15. Books have arrived and all in order, thanks for that. Pleasure doing business, etc.
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