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  1. whoah that's almost reason enough for me to want one
  2. i nearly fell offal my chair laughing at the one ............. Guys - I said I nearly fell...ah bloody sod yer then
  3. Great. My mother in law had one and I used to drive it regularly - ace but bloody hell, annoying because the petrol gauge didn't work.
  4. Fwiw my faves from those are the merc (4th row, 3rd from right) - gold. A great '70s superfast casting imo. I also like the corgi juniors volvo, at least I think that's what it is - second row, second from left. What's the black one, fourth row, fifth from left?
  5. nerd alert but i wish these manufacturers wouldn't bother with opening doors, boots, bonnets etc. - i appreciate kids might prefer 'em, but for the sake of the casting's precision, they make the toy look crap and just in case you think i'm being a grumpy old man i even thought this when I was a kid so nerrr
  6. mki focus saloons I appreciate they were always a bit lesser-spotted, but they seem to have vanished
  7. what's going on on that door? looks like mould
  8. I had the 650 of it - w/ carbs and a kick start. iirc it was on an '04 plate. The only reason it didn't sell more in the UK is because it didn't have a triumph badge on the tank. Pitiful. It was a better bike in every way than the triumph bonnies of the same years. But the reason I got rid of it was because erm I was never riding it. I was out on my '90s cb500 way more often. So that gives you some idea of how dull a lot of these retro parallel twins are - regardless of where they're made and who by.
  9. I need to try and suss out if I can get the sign in my mki focus. I'm down from york and in the north west midlands on saturday so chester's within striking distance, assuming you can be around on that day. So this could work. But 173cm is pretty big, as you said. Other possibility is that I drive the mrs's mkii focus estate - which would do it with ease. Need to speak her but she's not in - gone off somewhere at 6 this morning. Will ring her later this morning.
  10. It's weird. That photo looks like it was taken in 1972 on a Kodak Instamatic.
  11. Eh up guys - my daughter (just 11) is into her autoshite now, and knows modern makes and models by sight. She doesn't know much about spec (engine sizes and the like), but is getting there. I get all into carbs vs. EFI and FWD vs. RWD etc. transverse mounted blah blah blah and she even listens to that! What I want is a decent book for an xmas present but amazon isn't that helpful - the "Look inside" function often covers the first five pages of credits, acknowledgements and bumf, and very few of the actual meat and veg of the book itself. Morons. So I need some decent recommendations please. Ideally, I'd like a book that has a decent focus on British stuff, from the '70s onwards - but also European models. Into the 1980s and 1990s too. It's quite hard to find a good publication with that kind of sweep. Perhaps it would be better for me to think of buying several books because no one tome can cover quite what I want it to. I'm a bit stumped. The book(s) should obviously have great colour photos, probably not much text, and feel like decent quality - so hardback and be of relatively generous size. Thanks in advance. ; - )
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