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  1. And worse if you overfill it. I went to a petrol station where they fill the tank for you. The guy was constantly clicking the trigger to get the last penny worth in. When I got in the car, the fuel gauge read empty for days afterwards. When I fill up, I reset the trip gauge so that I have a second way to see how much fuel I have left.
  2. My fuel lies depending on if I've parked on a slope or not... Apparently the fuel gauge monitors the level when the engine is switched on and then deducts how much has passed through the injectors to show how much fuel is left? If that's true that sounds like a hellishly complicated way of doing it,
  3. My drive slopes more than it shows here and so when the handbrake is on it sort of crouches down. I'll try to take another pic on the road for comparison. I believe there is a measurement from top of wheel arch to centre of the wheel. Can't remember where I saw it online.
  4. Just to end the day on something that made me smile today. My Sh*troen shining in the shun!
  5. That's annoying!! Might be worth dropping Pirelli a line to mention it. At least then you've tried to make them aware of it.
  6. For no reason other than boredom and/or avoiding doing some work on my company laptop...a picture of my engine - 1.6 8v.
  7. Tis really annoying and tyres aren't cheap. I've had decent brand tyres crack and wear prematurely. I'm sure the quality for any tyre isn't as consistent as we'd like to think. Someone here has issue with Pirellis cracking early: https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=23&t=172130
  8. I had 4 x Firestone Multiseasons fitted on 2001 Xsara Picasso in late October 2019 and they've been surprisingly good on the 7k miles on them so far. I drive to max where I can (as much as Picasso will let you!), A-roads, dual carriageways, motorways, flooded lanes in torrential rain with muddy passing places, and they've behaved fine with plenty of grip. Never had a slippy moment when cornering hard in the rain. I had an Mitsubishi L200 with Bridgestone Duelers that did unexpected broadsides on roundabouts and sharp bends at low speeds and an old VW Beetle, so I'm not a stranger to iffy handling. Back when I was a petrolhead with disposable income, I had a Subary Legacy Estate wearing Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 and they were great but the steering felt a bit floaty. The same tyre had the same effect on a Suzuki Ignis 4Grip I owned - grip was fantastic in the snow but you couldn't really get any feedback from the road, ever. I know Firestones have their fans and haters but these been fine for me - cheap enough and they're snow rated. Got them from Halfrauds: https://www.halfords.com/tyres/firestone/multiseason-multiseason.html Best time to buy is a Black Friday sale, I once got a set of 4 x Goodyears for a fraction of the full retail price through Kwik Fit - already offering an online discount and then a Black Friday deal on top. Here's a real one:
  9. How's yours running now? Mine's making a funny low vibrating noise that disappears at when you raise the revs slightly. Sounds like the undertray - 'cept there isnt one. Must be a plasticky bit somewhere vibrating on tickover. It's definitely N/S front... Waiting for weather to improve so I can get under there and poke around.
  10. The bloke I went has gone now, perhaps he headed north east....😳
  11. Nice work - it's as good as a local body shop I went to once. Think Stevie Wonder was doing Saturdays there at the time... Even I when I pointed out how bad the repair was, the bloke couldn't see it. He was another of failed recommendations from neighbours: "E's a nice ol' geezer, honest as the day's long, knows 'is onions, been spraying cars man 'n' boy..' , yeah, and should have retired 20 years ago before the cataracts got so bad. Were your original sills galvanised or something? Mine has a sort of textured finish on the lower edges - no it's not rust - bit like a hammered finish with pain over it.
  12. Hahaha. I was in that area and took a detour along there this afternoon. No Sierra there anymore It's a dead-end street (no comments...) and I checked out the whole road. Also toddled up Burnt Oak Terrace and a few neighbouring roads, but no sign of it. It's mostly permit parking around there so not viable to keep non-runners on the street. Be nice to think it's still in a lock-up somewhere awaiting a new shiter to love it.
  13. Insurance: to claim or not to claim? A driver rear-ended my car while we (me and Mrs Prote) were stationary waiting to pull onto a roundabout - it was a steady queue and I'd reached the roundabout. Driver behind admitted she'd stalled and it lurched forward and we took pics, swapped contact details, etc. I told her she was driving too close which she agreed. She indicated we could settle cash. So, I got a smart repair quote for knocking out dent, filler, paint and new badges as the old badges would have to come off for spraying. The repair is £249 as she bent the swage line below the numberplate so isn't a simple pop out. She's now saying she didn't think she damaged my car and it was already damaged, AND claims I deliberately stopped sharply (I didn't!) to make her hit me. She's also invented two witnesses who weren't there, (e.g. nobody stopped and the traffic whizzed past continually) saying they saw me brake check her! And also saying 'that's what bumpers are for' and that her car couldn't hit me above my bumper. My car was heavily laden and I assume my old car has a much lower ride height anyway than her 2017 Kuga. We have all this on WhatsApp messages. WTF!!? My car is low value (2001 Xsara Pigasshole with 76k) so I don't where claiming will get me financially, but I feel like punting in a claim just to see if I she'll lie on paper. I have had protected no claims for donkey's years so premiums might not be too badly affected next year, and I only buy old cars anyway. Wondered whether I should let it go, or notify my insurer, and see where it gets me? Wondered what y'all think? Just push it through to see what happens? Hmmmmm.....?
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