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  1. That's a very specific scenario, personal experience perchance? 🤣
  2. Another update: Mondeo: what I thought was rear wheel bearing grumble I'm now thinking is just the brake calipers needing easing. What was, I thought, going to be a long snag list is turning out to be mere trifles. That leaves oil service, plugs maybe, easing rear calipers, fitting window regulator, using/applying time to driver's door. Parcel shelf is on the wonk but not too much, needs a little touch up on a paint chip on the rear nearside arch. In general, I'm very pleased with this car. Even though it's only intended to be a temp. E46: again ongoing rear brake scraping. Oil leak around sump gasket I think. Water very slowly disappears but topping up and then bleeding properly works; there is no significant leak. Rust is coming back on all four arches... Need to fit the Boris I ordered for it. Mine is splitting. (I think it's actually called a guibo) 924: let's not go there just now.
  3. It's the 2.0 pez. It's a bit clattery, but otherwise behaves fine. It's got a bit of a drinking habit. I can only imagine it's been doing lots of urban driving. Now that Mika Hakkenwife has it I dare say it won't improve much. In fact, the only real thing that lets it down is the sound from the driver's seat, but I'm comparing it to my BMW straight six, so maybe it's not the best comparison 😂🤣
  4. Stop the press! I did a job that was successful, in that it was mostly an investigation and temporary fix, but it went well, no stress, no swearing, no feeling like it's all impossible, no seized anything. Go me! It was removing the door card and looking at the lock and window. Propping up the window, working out how to fix regulator, looking at why the door catch is, well, catchy.
  5. Ok, I'll be keeping an eye on it. I'll know for tomorrow for sure, I'll be carrying some bottles with me just in case!
  6. In other news, it turns out that my trusty E46 may not have a coolant leak, I might have simply topped up the water any failed to bleed the system. It does loose coolant water over time, but as a mechanic friend said to me (in reference to the E46's oil leak), "we all leak as we get older". I guess I'll find out tomorrow if bleeding the system has actually helped the situation.
  7. So, I've noticed that the door catch works fine, it's just that the door seems to not close enough such that the bar that the door catch locks onto is being forced to rest against the catch. This means that you have to either push to door into the car (against the door seals) then operate the door handle, or snatch the door handle. I wonder if there is a known fix, either compress the seals somehow, move the catch on the door or move the bar on the body part of the door catch? Anyway, it opens if you know the proper technique. I will be fitting a window regulator in the future so I'll have another play.
  8. Door handle seems to work, a bit of oil applied. Window regulator is broken, motor is fine though, so arround £20 will buy a new regulator without motor, for now I have inserted an ash sick to keep the window up. I think I'm getting to think it was a good buy.
  9. I'm impressed with the relatively new Bridgestone Touranza all round. Not impressed with Metallic black. Who chooses metallic black? It makes touching up the scratches a nightmare, when solid black hides everything! I know, I owned a Saab with a large scrape and dint along the whole passenger side but no-one noticed it because the car was solid black.
  10. It's not bad at all. I took it for a hoon on the twisties, it hoons quite well for a lump of a family car. It's comfy, eats up the miles. It's easy to push naughty speeds on terrible and winding hill roads. I think it will do for the month or two we plan to keep it! Not bad for the price of a mid range strimmer.
  11. In the cold light of day, it's actually not bad. I guess I feel dirty for buying unknown non-AS shite, but it was local and available. I was annoyed I didn't get to go on a rail trip and meet another Shitter, I didn't get a classic and desirable piece of motoring debris. I could have got the Fenlander, or my lovely Volvo back, or... But needs must. And I've potentially brought a lovely* Mondeo into the pool. Today's job: fiddle with the door handle, investigate the window, give it a once round. And then wonder why the flibbot my trusty E46 is losing its coolant in ten minutes flat 😫
  12. Tim_E


    I've seen a few over the years, but they are quite rare. Do you know of the yellow 900 floppy in Llangollen on the horseshoe pass? That always catches my eye!
  13. Ok so calling this Mondeo a shit heap might be a bit unfair. It's a bit rough, needs a couple of jobs doing but it seems competent. Maybe it's not that bad. Can you guess I'm not enthusiastic about Fords?
  14. Tim_E


    Went to pick up a car today. I don't normally write spots with no photo to back up the sighting, but I have to mention these two, though there were more: On the Mold - Ruthin road, an A reg Polo in maroon, I'm sure I've seen it near Bala. A silver Saab 9000 @brownnova was that you? And on the way home...
  15. It's Derbyshire oatcake with tomato sauce, cheese and bacon.
  16. So, I bought a cheap shit heap of a Mondeo. It's only for the short term, it works in its basic capacity. It will need rear wheel bearings I think. It didn't have much oil in, I had to top it up but it runs ok at least. Will need oil change etc etc The drivers door handle is not easy to open and the electric window doesn't work, hence the crap shoved down it. Wifey thinks it drives ok, and hopes that we can at least sort the door handle out and maybe the window. In other news, the BMW might have sprung a coolant leak.
  17. Bought a shit heap, let's see if it gets home...
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