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  1. Likewise I'll contact the Sportsmans to make sure they are open and serving food etc.
  2. Details on the trip: There is a triangle of major public roads known informally as the Evo Shiteangle, with fantastic views across Snowdonia, Berwyn and the Clwydian hills. It often attracts car enthusiasts as well as idiotic nutters who want to drive too fast. On the Denbigh side of the triangle there is a nice remote pub at a high altitude, The Sportsman's Arms. Details of the route, the Evo Shiteangle, can be found here https://www.drivingroads.co.uk/evo-triangle/ I would personally recommend going both ways round, it's not too far and the views are some of my favourite. The roads are minutes out of Denbigh, the location of the museum. I would suggest a 10:00 meet in Denbigh. What does everyone think? Too early/late?
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    Also, previously, this is seems to be a permanent sight at Erddig, the ubiquitous Citroen food wagon. This particular one sports National Trust insignia.
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    Currently in at Bryn SM
  5. The ordeal was just to much for these poor gentlemen who were found in Hollywell in the back of muck spreader having travelled from Outer Scunthorpe's disputed territory, after having escaped a revolt(ing) situation. They were forced to form a Men's group to help the menfolk of Flintshire, poor boys. They all cracked under the pressure.
  6. These poor boys were caught sneeking over the border on a coach at Radnor and were made to sing for the camera as punishment, then given half an hour community service each.
  7. I can vouch for Macc, at least when I used to hang out there years ago. It was pretty dire. I'm still not sure if The Macc Lads fans realised that the band were being satirical...?
  8. Now we all know. Let's all get Iveco Dailys and go for a picnic in the town centre 😜
  9. I think there is even another, but I think it is also Tywyn, Towyn is the English way of spelling Tywyn. There are other places called Towyn - then something like beach or something. Welsh place names are not imaginative, they are just either geographical features or saints and bibley stuff so lots of place names are repeated over and over.
  10. Presumably the one near Abergele
  11. Have you been in my village? There's a big black cloud here blowing gusts and squalls
  12. Have you ever been to Kimmel Bay? Pretty miserable.
  13. Maybe so, but I got knocked off my bike and basically jeered at in Crook. This was after staying in the tranquil and assertively friendly village of Stanhope...
  14. I reckon either Stoke-on-Trent or Crook, Co. Durham. Apologies if you live in either...
  15. Our lovely 1 ½ year old cat who loved the kids, was as soft as a ball of cotton wool, who we had for two months (and had visited every night) collapsed and died just before Christmas. We miss her. This is just six months after our previous cuddly predator for got hit by a car and died.
  16. That sounds like a good idea. I've heard about the 50s museum in Denbigh but had totally forgotten. I even meet the owner at a gig once! So yes I think it's well worth a visit, and I'm free that weekend so far. Everyone else?
  17. Ok so a bit before then. Only problems are my kids birthdays. I'll have to look carefully at the calendar again
  18. OK folks, how about the weekend of the 23rd May? We ought to have lovely* weather by then, it's not the bank holiday so getting to North Wales will be possible without having to camp on the A5 or A494/M56 Any takers for this date?
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