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  1. Crikey, I won't miss you on family days out in North Wales now, will I?
  2. It's probably the text message version of '(stands back, shakes head slowly and tuts) ooh that's a big job, that is'.
  3. Enough about the local priest, what about the garage man?
  4. I had forgotten that I ordered headlight wiper fittings, they turned up today! Next problem is that I only have one wiper blade and the rubber in it is shit. I can live with shit rubber, but I will need another wiper blade. But for now, improvement!
  5. More news: I have the fittings for the headlight wipers! Got one blade, just need the other now.
  6. News: car body repair shop not interested in reparing headlining or sun roof of the Volvo 740!
  7. Yes, good idea! Any amount of warble is good.
  8. Yes, good idea! Any amount of warble is good.
  9. The Subaru sounds good! Shame it won't pass an mot like that!
  10. I think there is a conversation available from HRH Prince of Wales, but you only get about 18 miles per Leek. I think he also has homeopathic daffodil windscreen wash too. Clinically proven* to deflect arrows fired at your windscreen by @Cavcraftfrom Chester Castle.
  11. Different, but both begin with Ch and are traditional US brands therefore my poor brain gets them mixed up 🤦‍♂️
  12. Yes. Chevrolet lancetti. I always get them mixed up.
  13. There's a lot to like about old 8v engines!
  14. Sil and a neighbour had a Chrysler something, possibly Lancetti, possibly Neon. Basically Astra in different clothes. SiL had timing belt failure on a motorway and got away with repairs in the low £100s, certainly less than buying another car. Maybe fluke, but it seemed to go ok. Neighbour's ran ok as well, nothing special but ok. Which is what you want if you just need An Car.
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