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  1. Tim_E


    Old Polo saloon daily, I see this car everywhere!
  2. What Dell do you have? I am interested if it post 2011 or better speced, (the age of mine, it;s a latitude (numbers))
  3. Tim_E


    Maybe it's still counted if its a residents car. Haha I bet he was!
  4. Tim_E


    Yes, bingo! Also the main venue for the Face Crack group Parking Like A Twat in Ruthin.
  5. Tim_E


    Nice. I like the AS sticker Is that the Red MG in the blue cover?
  6. Tim_E


    Love this! Ideal for a windy winter's day in North Wales...
  7. Tim_E


    Haha ok, if I catch it for sale yes. There was a nice well-looked after Volvo 240 near me, I was tempted to knock on Matey's door and ask if he ever wants to sell it to let me know. However, before I had decided if knocking was a good idea or not it went away forever
  8. Tim_E


    Also on a K plate this well-loved Polo
  9. I don't think it affects us, it's only new cars, then in 2055 we'll be driving electric shite.
  10. Tim_E


    Nice and very shiny Citroen
  11. I think I have to admit I'm going to have to do this
  12. Tim_E

    Youtube moments

    Sick barn find...
  13. If you are not already, use the blue light filter an hour before you go to bed if you are on your phone. It's not magic but it helps with your natural response to fading daylight and helps the sleep juice to start flowing.
  14. Not sure, how do I find out? 😜
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