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  1. Let's hope that by October the lockdown has been relaxed a bit, and nearer the time we can pick a date. If there is a relaxation over summer maybe some local shitters or those eager and willing could have a day out in the mean time? But yes fingers crossed for Mis Hydref/Oktober
  2. After a new sensor £80 fitted (it had to be put on a ramp and ripped out) and some drive way repairs of the intake hose my BMW is running sweeter than ever. I have a code that's teasing me though: p1690. It apparently means that my check engine light has failed! My oil warning light has failed previously. Also it leaks oil and looses a bit of coolant water. The boot hinges are still very broken. But it's driving lovely and (as long as I don't decide to get the boot hinges repaired properly) is actually still costing me very little to keep it running. I'm going to call it a win.
  3. Last year I spent a year sorning and taxing my car, not on purpose: I taxed the 924 for summer then it had to spend the summer having bits and bobs of work done to it which meant it wasn't work taxing it. Anyway it turned out more expensive. I've taxed it and it's staying taxed, it's in good enough fettle to run for 6 months then I can do some more work to it I think.
  4. Tim_E

    Shitely music

    This is the stuff of current road trips, though I usually don't have music on these days, I quite the engine noise. But If I'm really bored or stressed out I do
  5. Tim_E

    Shitely music

    Some good choices there! I've done some Primus-fuelled trips in my time, notably in my Escort mk5 M reg back in early to mid 2000s. Also, good shout on the Cardiacs, a band I've only recently discovered!
  6. Indeed fools. Though I used to love all the supercars, now I think they are all silly! Even in 89 (Iwas 8 then) wasn't £395 was a bargain for a runner? I remember my best mate had a plastic model kit of one of the transaxle Porsches. It was so cool, we painted it black. I'm amazed that both on here and in local life how many people have said they had them or just loved them.
  7. Today I carried on a bit... Started doing the fancy should stitches of the back of the seat. Easy really, the faff will be getting the whole friggin lot back on the seat when it's all done. But the joy of not doing that yet is still on me as I merrily cut, mark, glue and sew. Not the Aquillim 315, it's a must for this kind of stitch. You glue the leather together, sew the two pieces together then peel back to the stiching then sew the hems flat with some cotton or linen over the back. The glue is a water based non-toxic finger applied contact adhesive that remains tacky for about a day so you can join the pieces then peel back and rub off the gluey bits easily.
  8. Ooh lovely. Well after the whole outbreak lockdown isolation thing there is actually a danger you will see mine (and be able to tell me that mine is tatty and tired!) Is that bottom shot at Ponderosa?
  9. I've got my BMW running! I suffered lots of mall things coming to a head at once. Crankshaft position sensor was on its way out, the plugs and one ignition coil pack, there was a massive hole in the intake rubber hose behind the MAF and the crank case breather hose was goosed, Pink gaffer tape dealt with the latter. I ordered the intake hose which came today. The sensor was seized in place and had to be ripped out by an actual real mechanic and then presumably re-tapped. No wonder I had a few symptoms for a while! Oh and both of my key fob batteries have died. But we are running smooth and driving. I had a little drive as far as I dare, probably about 3 miles to test it today. I think that was a necessary journey?
  10. I've been quoted £50 for welding the wings from a mate, though when I actually get around to it that might have changed! But that's a useful link, thanks. My experiences of the 924oc is like yours, a wealth of humble and generous knowledge. The needle work was an attempt to take over the world making bags and shoes, which is very much fun but very hard to do as a living, and I'm not very good at working indoors when the sun is shining, it seems. But it did pay for itself at least, but now I go out and garden for people for cash, so the leather is a hobby, i think? Or a shelved profession for a better time to rely upon it full time. Don't know. But if I end up doing my own interior then I get orders for more interiors, and offered enough cash to make it worth spending the time doing it I think that would be quite nice... I doubt many people will in the market for new interiors any time soon though!
  11. Mine has paid for itself a hundred times over I think!
  12. Where in the country are you? Could you use a car for a while?
  13. Yes I'm a member, rather the annoying 'I'm stuck, help me!' poster. And I've not posted there over winter, but I'm back there a bit now. It's a valuable and friendly resource indeed. I'd be really stuck without it.
  14. It was the colour that sold me really, and that it was close to me and in budget, and a runner. But the colour! The it's been re-painted, it's faded a shade and the new paint is starting to de-laminate but, you know, character. I was going to rush into re-painting it but apart from time, lack thereof, I'm clumsy and keep putting more scratches on it!
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