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  1. Ooh! Responsible adult... I need to responsible adult... I prolly can't afford it anyway 😂
  2. Unusually I had all four cars out together, and unusually they all run well right now!
  3. A rare moment when the entire fleet fits onto one picture. Almost everything works, but I have too many cars that require too much time and money, I have to reduce! For now here they all are, each nice and well loved in its own right.
  4. Ouch, I hope she recovers well. And, separately, good number.
  5. Exactly the plan. Leave until arsed.
  6. Painting, drying, inspecting next day... Not pretty, but it blends with the rain and road silt at least. Job done 👍
  7. Predictably it's dried Matt grey rather than gloss black. Which is fine, it matches the wet road silt spray. And the metal is protected, objective #1 there sorted. Maybe, if I'm bored on a sunny day or I get too annoyed when cleaning it I'll flat it and polish. It won't ever be perfect, but it might get better. But for now I'm happy 👍
  8. Good enough, I think. A bit of flatting and polishing wouldn't go amiss, but I think it'll do for now.
  9. Probably about time I addressed one of the few remaining things on the snag list... Surface rust along a scratch, coupled with bubbling de-lamination of paint from a previous repair. First step: roughly clean area, sand back (with 80 grit only, can't find anything else). Then paint on some rust converting primer to suppress any rust that's still there. This is not going to be a beautiful repair, I'm using the fact it's black to hide the scratches from the 80s and the thick brush strokes.
  10. I'm not fussed about switching sides of driving, that would be a massive world-wide pain in the arse. But we could start using meters and kilometres here, and watts and newton force. I mean we do already, we arbitrarily re-convert to get back to these peppercorn units. Worm can open.
  11. Firstly, it makes no sense to drink cider from a lemon, I would agree with that. Secondly, and I think I'm going to pendant you back here, I don't think you actually meant 'pendant' 😂
  12. Is it just my example, but this is the petrol cap on my MK3 Mondeo... Its curve is perpendicular to the curve of the body. So I had a look and it's a single piece moulded plastic part. Hmmmm...
  13. I can read Japanese... They have a lot of characters that mostly spell 'translation error'. I thought their language was much more ideomatic than that...🤔
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