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  1. My E46 always likes like it's sagging at the rear wheel you look at the arches only. In fact it's not, it's as well as a 15 year old can sit on original (presumably) springs. From a distance it looks right. I think the front arches are set higher for greater suspension travel for hitting bumps with the heavy end, then designers make a huge fuss about drawing up-sloping lines to hide the wheel arch effect.
  2. People often use coil-overs, though I expect that solution would be more than the car is worth!
  3. The Ibiza is back from the garage. Either the problem will be intermittent and elusive or by changing number 2 injector, which was causing the fault code, with number one (to see if it is injector or wire - and now the car is behaving perfectly) and the contact cleaning and pin-bending that they did during the process they inadvertently fixed it. Anyway I have my trusty £20 fault code reader ready incase it happens again. Otherwise the Ibiza is s lovely little car. With half of the BMWs engine, wrong wheel drive, less sophisticated suspension etc it really does drive well, turn
  4. It does look right now. How is the ride? Will it soothe your back or will you get every bump? I wonder if the appearance of arse dragging had something to do with the standard rake having been reduced. I guess the rake will have been pronounced on the taller springs.
  5. It's a nice colour, that Rover! As I get older, being comfortable and having a smooth ride matters more, as does having a nice dash environment. I think the Rover's aspirations to luxury achieve that to some degree. Until the next change, happy cruising.
  6. A bit of excitement! Wifey drive the Seat to work, fresh with V5, tax and insurance, knowing there is an unresolved firing issue. It almost made it before limp mode and mis-firing occurred. She got there but finished early to get the RAC out and get the car to a local garage. I always assumed it was the plugs or distributor at fault based on what I was told by the previous owner, but the injectors have been identified by the RAC and the garage. They are testing to see if it's the injector itself or the lead, either way hopefully not too big a job.
  7. Tim_E


    Soggy Mini. I see this car a lot, I've been hoping to get a pic. I seen quite a few that I have ambitions of papping. So here's one ticked off.
  8. I've always wondered if Corsa was an excellent and reliable car, or there were so many that there are loads of old ones now just because there were loads of Corsas in the first place?
  9. Tim_E


    Parked up at Aldi in Mold
  10. News! We phoned Abertawe (Swansea) and managed, after no time at all, to get tax on the Seat. Woop. Now, it remains to sell the Mondeo. And insure the Seat, which Wifeykins might do at some point. Perhaps. So someone needs to buy it so she'll insure her new* car.
  11. I thought that the 6 is in private dwelling? Anyway packup is always a good idea.
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