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  1. Tim_E

    Youtube moments

    My family and work car gets it's moment of glory! @Twin-Cam thanks for coming all the way to Paradise-in-the-Rain to do this.
  2. Those fins are indeed about airflow; As far as I know they are little spoilers to detatch the airflow rather than clean air being sucked into the rear re-circulation bubbles. This reduces drag by a tiny precent. Most cars have straight lines up the sides that detach the airflow or the designers are not bothered about that tiny drag saving.
  3. Another modern design thing, sharp straight lines, faceted geodesic shapes. Audi Q2 just reminds me of the Kryton.
  4. Bonnet closed or not? This is a new (well was until last year) Fiesta, and I've been noticing this. The bonnet line across the front is huge, looks like it's not fitted properly.
  5. I got a lovely visit from @Twin-Cam and Melvin today. It was a dull and slightly damp day but lots of fun was had non-the-less. Future car videos coming from @Twin-Cam's you tube channel hopefully! Bloody Leaky Metro left an oily autograph on the road.
  6. Experiencing legendary customer service at BMW, specifically Halliwell Jones in Llandudno Junction. Mine is a recall but I heard the advisor next to mine volunteer information that a suspension component has worn out, unbeknownst to the customer and offering to fix it under warranty! Why is it shocking when large companies act in an appropriate way?
  7. Did you take this? Because if not for what ever reason I could also use it, but no worries if it's taken @Bfg
  8. Tim_E


    Some recent spots. Some misses, saw a pug 505 estate, occasionally seen driving round. And a couple of nice Lancia rally things, amongst others.
  9. Cool. All the best you tubers
  10. Is Steph on Autoshite too?
  11. Could be a new hobby... 'hmm I'm bored. I think I'll go to BMW and get a new airbag, cup of tea and a free valet again!'
  12. Mine's an 04 E46 and I'm going next monday to get a new airbag after a very easy convo with my local BMW dealer who confirmed mine is needing it done and a positive result on the search. The thing is, I suppose a different airbag could have been used on different cars in the same factory at the same time, if yours is not coming up as needing it done. Confusing.
  13. The BMW tech is getting paid by BMW who are surprisingly good, for a car manufacturer, at understanding the concept of 'Goodwill' as a financial asset. It's worth being sure of the state of the recall as the (very unlikely) failure has potentially grim effects should it occur upon the deployment of your airbag.
  14. Indeed, in Llandudno Junction they told me 2 hours. I booked in sharp after I found out this morning mine is under recall.
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