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  1. Tim_E


    Yes, sorry. I meant rally. Funny phone auto correct. Mashing keypad with fist now.
  2. Tim_E


    @TheDoctor I saw this and though of you
  3. Out for a walk again. I think we are looking good!
  4. Thanks to @paulplomi has done another mod:
  5. Do diesels suffer from having vacuum leaks? I'm fairly sure that's a thing in diesel land?
  6. Looks bland and functional to me... All good really then!
  7. Still doing sterling work, my wife even drives it! Not willingly, she's used to her Deutsch more modern cars, but she will drive it without too much fuss!
  8. I think they look cool and have the 'not something you see everywhere' cool factor. I've never been in one though so can't comment there, but I'd have one out of curiosity. I'm glad you are keeping it.
  9. Oh and some torn intake boot and crank breather but a combination of gaffer tape for the breather and a new eBay boot sorted that.
  10. The only problems I've had with the BM are the boot, fixed now using eBay spares and a pesky crank pos sensor failure. That was annoying and required getting the car to a ramp to rip out but it was just a sensor and even though the car was unusable for a few weeks while I faffed arround trying to get it sorted out cost only £85 for the work and the sensor. So no complaints really 👍
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