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  1. The Mondeo is in a local garage for a service and investigation: it's smoky and boost feels not-normal. Plus it seems to be blowing oil out somewhere so I'm guessing maybe a boost leak, maybe the standard leaky injector or (hopefully not) a turbo seal. Anyway I'm too busy at the moment even to even partake here fully so it's in a garage... I know its lame but as Wifey's commuter it needs doing and it does earn its keep.
  2. Its highlighted some oil issues apparently. There are rainbows coming from the Mondeo. But then I knew that, you forget when you can't see it!
  3. What on earth are all these wet blobs falling from the sky?
  4. Turns out my Passat a/c is toast and can't be regassed. Nevermind.
  5. Fkmee I've been busy. So busy I don't even get much chance to scroll the beige recently. But, holidays and work and life etc etc so it's all good. Mondeo got an aircon regas. Now it's like winter in the Antarctic inside. On that basis the Passat is also under the surgeon's knife. Mondeo also, as well a MiL light telling us it needs a service, stop light warning, has started showing traction light and cutting power. Upon reading on the Internet, therefore true, I find out this can be caused by incorrect tyre pressure so first job this morning was a trip to the tyre machine and sure enough each tyre was different. Apparently different tyre pressure can, occasionally, give a wheel speed error and make the computer throw a fit. Anyway all is well generally, but I'm busy, is it time for a snooze? I hope so.
  6. What an appropriate fleet! Saab with saab aircon and a camper!
  7. When you go away for a week and your Volvo starts growing poppies.
  8. Right, back off holiday on Kintyre. Twas lovely apart from the clegs and midges, but you have to accept those wee critters. Sea mamals, dive-bombing birds, crystal clear water, green mountains, no light or sound pollution, no signal, nae bother. And a whole lot of shite on the roads, my Passat looked positively de-rigour. 7 hour journey home, it actually took us about 12 hours with stops. Right, bedways is bestways.
  9. There's something familiar about those colours...
  10. Scotland achieved for me and family for a week. Bugger all signal, piece and quiet, even with the kids! Only sounds are the occasional boat sailing out of Loch Fyne and the even more occasional float plane. And nature and wildlife. Aah lovely. See you all next week!
  11. So I got the chance to look at the chirping coming from the Mondeo aux belt pulley. I had bought a replacement tensioner and it was waiting to go in so today was the day to try to get it fitted. Getting the old tensioner out was a challenge. It sits right where the structure of the car is and is a complete pain. However I prevailed. That's it, the furthest one in this shot, taken lying on my back under the car. Anyway, out it came after much swearing, head scratching and looking things up on the Internet. Clever me; there's the new one fitted. The other pulleys fell good to me, not that I'm an expert. But they all feel smooth and greasy. But, was the tensioner the cause of the chirping? Yes. It's now sorted. 20210706_152854.mp4
  12. That's the Mondeo aux belt tensioner replaced. 100% Improvement. 20210706_152854.mp4
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