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  1. Surely that only proves which is the heaviest?
  2. My response: why don't you make me an offer. What I want to say: like I'm going to do your haggling for you, you intellectually lazy arsehole.
  3. What's he going on about??? Guy makes no sense, after a bawbag opening.
  4. You only have 2 Stollys? Well, you'll need to fix that...
  5. Seat Ibiza is practically sold. New car is bought and just awaiting collecting... Coming Sunday. It's not a Volvo. But I'm so tempted by the green 850 so maybe it will be in the future... But it's not a Volvo. I've got train tickets booked, I'm looking forwards to a day out and meeting a Shitter.
  6. That's good! Damn now I'll have to buy another Volvo to put this on!
  7. I've just sealed a deal on a new car from a shitter and a sale of a car (the Wife's) to a relative of a shitter. Feels good. Come Sunday I'll be sat on a train for a very long time updating a collection thread 😄
  8. Stolen/set on fire/driving like brand new. Delete as appropriate.
  9. Awesome! Top buy, looks great, glad it drives great. Like a hatchback but more interesting 👍
  10. Looks like broken cloud and wind over Englandshire which is over those hills. Photo taken from North Wales.
  11. Chod speed, I've not seen a collection thread in a while, maybe I've just missed them. Wonder what hatchback you're getting...?
  12. That's quite a good gash, but I suppose if its holding air its ok?
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