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  1. Any update on the Poo count? Time is pressing on....
  2. I had my own business valeting and detailing a good few years ago, this shape of Picasso were IMO the best they did, lot more robust internally than a Scenic and a lot better to drive than the awful Zafira. Had a 90bhp HDI as a runabout for 6 months and found it surprisingly supple and refined, if not especially fast. Lots about here nowadays with bodged plates on sills, rare to see a real tidy one but they must still exist??
  3. Has the aluminium tape across the large gash (titter...) fixed the high idle Ian?
  4. I can see Villiers Services unit from the back of my house - the garden backs onto their back wall! If you need any help with stuff from there collecting etc, shout up. Happy to help if I can Matt
  5. Can't believe you've not had a poo yet - it's nearly lunchtime man!!!!
  6. I love these, something that was so different to the mainstream, the grown up relative of the Strada 130TC! Good luck with the work, the interior looks to be tidy - how have the Recaro's held up?
  7. Anything that has a fithly interior i'd not bother to look any further. The sneaky angle of pics of big mileage cars to hide the ruined drivers bolster, just general sloppy and badly worded adds piss me off. Plus photos taken on a potato. It's not difficult to take half decent pics these days.
  8. There are many varied cars i'd love to have under my wing but these are a few of the most tempting Mk1 Fiesta 1100s Early MG Metro Sierra Mk1 1600L Mercedes 124 300d Mercedes 190 2.5d Povvo spec Vauxhall Nova 1.3SR VW Golf Mk1 Driver with 1.9 PD 130 transplant Skoda Felicia 1.9 GLD Rover 623 GSi
  9. You try selling the buggers when the Skoda jokes were all the rage! Used to do my head in at first but thankfully the jokes soon died down when the VW influence took over. At one time the typical Skoda customer was one of the most loyal out there, these days the target audience is much different. Still glad that I did a good number of years for the brand and saw the Favorit/Felicia/Fabia line unfold in the showrooms. As for a machine polisher, a good day with a DA machine and the right sort of compounds will see a marked improvement, drop me a PM if you need some more detailed advice (don't want to clutter the thread up)
  10. This thread is oozing like a boil with WIN! I love the fact that a couple of weekends fettling, some rust proofing and a good hit with the machine polisher will see a huge turnaround. It'll certainly get more "Not seen one of those for a while" conversations going than the Rover ever would. I sold these when they were new, had a loyal following of aging ex Estelle owners who used to get all excited about the Flairline trimmings, they were most put off by the Felicia even though that was not much more than a reskinned Favorit but by god they hated the Fabia! We were retailing nice used ones off the main agent used pitch as late as 2004 and they'd always sell fast
  11. Slowest but far from the worst car i've driven was an old company car, a MK3 Cavalier 1.7 N/A Diesel, 4 up and a boot full of luggage used to really blunt it's already glacial acceleration. Friendly old hector to drive though, never went wrong. I thought i was something special when it was replaced with an Izusu engined Turbo Diesel, felt like a rocket ship after the N/A plodder
  12. It does look like Pete's tbh, can't be many 2 dr Mk3's being dipped i'd have thought. I'm sure he can work wonders with it as usual.
  13. I'm currently doing 40k pa and using my own car for work - decent car allowance means it was a no brainer compared to a non expensed company car. My weapon of choice has been a 1.9 PD Engined Fabia vRS. Week in week out gets 53MPG, simple enough to maintain myself and punchy enough for the odd bit of briskness. I've done nearly 60k since March 17 and it just keeps going. Not flash, not fancy but does the job. I'll confess to looking recently at Volvo's, especially the S80 D5's of a 2004 vintage (Euro 4 engine - 163bhp), these are pre DPF era and i think would return high 40's mpg while allowing for some more waft on the commute. If I could find an insurer that would cover a classic for business mileage cover i'd be looking for a Mercedes W124 300d Auto as I think that would be the ultimate compromise for me, waft, image and a stately way to commute, but alas all the classic insurers I've spoke to so far can't help.
  14. I'd love to meet the sadistic bastard who designed the window regulator "carriers" on Mk4 Golfs/Skoda Fabias etc, why the need to have some person in a factory who i'm conviced sits there and sharpens all the edges to razor sharpness before selling them in huge numbers. The jobs tricky enough without blood pouring down your forearms.....
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