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  1. I commented on your twitter pic about the Primera water pump job - i had a p10 eGT moons back which siezed the water pump and snapped the PAS belt, doing that job on the drive was a right chew on, engine was up down, in out, backwards forwards, knuckles were skinned and lots of new obscene words uttered and that was with two of us. My mate who's a time served old school mechanic described it as a Shitc**t of a job. Wait till you have to change a knock sensor on the 2.0 de engine, i reckon its the first thing fitted to the bare block before the rest of the car is built round it and its dr
  2. Seen this before , always worth another watch though. Can help but be amazed how easily everything fell over in the 1970's and how much paperwork people used to carry loose in the cabin!
  3. "Custom porno headliner" is a phrase i have never seen in a classified advert before. Might catch on?
  4. Indeed, Specialised Engines in Essex used to use them as the basis for many of their 1.9CVH engines. I had one in a S2 RS Turbo back in the late 1990's Bit of a parts bin special from memory, the engine was originally an 1848cc and with a slight overbore and new pistons (from a 2.3 Cologne engine I recall) the capacity went up to 1905cc. Was still as rough and ready as a normal 1.6CVH even with extra paid for lightening and balancing etc. They used a 1.6CVH sump and oil pump to make sure they fitted into the Mk2 XR2's, XR3i's and RS Turbos. The only thing was as the block was a smidge tal
  5. I've met Matt and Alex on trackdays in the past, they're both very capable drivers who really know how to peddle a car. Watch some of their in car footage where they have a gopro over the pedals, very good to watch
  6. Erm, thanks for that, I've just emerged from an internet worm hole looking at the Opel Kadett 200T S..... could be my new favorite obscure car!!! 😄
  7. I've seen more than my fair share of things being done stupidly obviously and wrong working for main dealers over the years. Starting engines in the workshop with no oil in is quite common, one was a Yaris 1.4 D4D that wrecked not only the engine but turbo etc. Customer was over the moon.... Salesmen putting jump leads on the wrong way has happened loads, cue a number of expensive ECU's and red faces... One of my old demonstrator Octavia TDI's went in for a check over prior to sale, car was recovered by the AA next day with a gearbox fault, turns out they'd left the oil cap off,
  8. My worst car - or the one I least enjoyed owning was a Mk6 Ford Escort RS2000. Bought it after a number of tidy Mk4 Escort RS Turbos thinking it was a nicer shape, more modern, etc etc. Hated it, felt asthmatic at high revs, handled not at all well, visibly corroded in front of my eyes underneath and every job I tried to do was faced with seized bolts, rusty fixings and general hatefulness. Never owned an RS model since.
  9. Four thousand English pounds? How very dare they! Weighed in more of this shape Escort than any other for good reason.
  10. True though! It's daft that when you see a car without two death stars on display during the day time that THEY are the ones that stand out nowadays
  11. I thought mine had silver arches as well but my memory let me down, they were body colour in blue. And mud. Paintwork was unbelievably tough on it, got loads of bush / tree scratches on it yet a thorough machine polish a few times a year saw it gleaming My mate had to go one better than me through that mud/water hole though. One of the better pictures I've ever taken, even if I did get showered in muddy water and chunks of ice...
  12. Lovely that was, look at the volume of "normal" company cars pounding the motorway, Ford Sierras, Escorts, Granada's and Orions, also Vauxhall's Cavaliers and Astras. All you'd see nowadays is Euro Executive mobiles such as BMW, Audis & Mercs, all with DRL's glaring away with a whiff of Hugo Boss inside and big watches galore
  13. I had an R plate one a few years back, 2.8 TDX 7 seater, was a lovely dependable thing, not fast but solid and charming. It had been touched with a sparkly stick on the sills both sides at some point but was really tidy. Did two years worth of green laning in it and then sold it on. Miss it nowadays as it was cheap fun.
  14. Seems like it's found it's perfect home now, little bit of love here and there and she's going to be lovely. I have an irrational desire to own a Maestro at some point, I have no need for one, but feel like it'd be a nice thing to have
  15. I worked for Skoda when Favorit became Felicia then subsequently the new Fabia, and even as late as 2004/5 if we had a nice low mile Favorit in it would go up for sale and be sold within days. The following of them from the older Estelle/Rapid customers was tremendous. Much nicer seats in the Favorit compared to Felicia I always thought.
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