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  1. This looks well good. https://www.gumtree.com/p/austin/austin-allegro-1300-sdl/1477544945 Can't seem to get the pics up via the link...
  2. Lanciaman

    More tax

    It did occur to me not to tax the fucker as at 735 a year, would the fine be any worse?
  3. Lanciaman

    More tax

    Looks like that's £735 for the outback then. Joy. I can live with the 65 a month or whatever it'll be as the thing costs nothing in repairs, so far. But adding it up over the years is bloody sobering. Still, there'll be no more 6 cylinder daily drivers after this one. I look at that 406 v6 in the for sale section...gone are the days eh? Proper car that.
  4. Had estates floating about since 2006. First was a 6 year old xantia td. 600 quid eBay buy. Followed by a fiat marea weekend. Various Subaru Legacy and Outbacks, with a saab 9-5 in between. Current Outback now 17 years old... Passed the mot yesterday. 3rd year on the trot with no advisories. Brill car, tax and mpg aside.
  5. Correct. 2.5 was a bog standard v6. The Miller was a 2.3....
  6. I had one of these back in the day, a 1.8 elx. Bought at 8 years old, for £750. Something like 60k miles on it. Was a great car.
  7. Its not so much me... As buying something which has supposedly been serviced... And may have been but with oil changes as per manufacturers 18000 miles or 2 years. No no no. Daughter has a kadjar 1.6 dci with 18k oil changes but she is forced by me to get it done every 8k. I do like the outback, it's in brill condition, undersealed annually. It's not bankrupting me but just going through an even more than usual miserable bastard phase.
  8. Been mulling that over but doesn't get away from taxing the fucker....
  9. Thing is, out of principal, and being a miserable bastard, I refuse to spunk 5 figures on a modern. Albeit when you take 700 quid road tax over 5 years, that would buy a minimal tax Megane 1.6 dci for instance. That's the sobering part.... I also refuse to get a loan or do finance. Thus can't afford new enough to be under warranty and anything not is just a damn liability. So might as well go older. Or quit moaning and just cough up. I guess it's 54 quid a month tax. It ain't 500 quid a month pcp....
  10. I have a late 2007 Subaru Outback 3.0. The thing costs £700 to tax and is averaging 27 mpg on the trip computer, primarily cos of driving like Miss Daisy... Its beginning to piss me off. Love the car but... I've justified 3.0 Subarus over the years as they don't go wrong as a general rule and are reliable as it gets. So the tax and fuel is offset by not having to throw parts at it every 2 weeks. However, I'm waivering.... I see £35 a year road tax and 50mpgeees. I also see diesel injector faults, turbo faults, dpf faults, dual mass flywheels, £1200 clutch jobs... In fact part of my head says a diesel of 10 years old is just bad news and will be in the garage every month for something or other so suck up the inescapable outback costs. But I'm still waivering. It's the tax that pisses me off the most. I do 8k miles a year in it. Mr bluemotion golf can do 50k a year and pay hee haw tax. Some reassurance to stay away from diesels would be good. You can lie, I just need the man maths argument reinforced! I also have a 3.0 Toyota alphard so sense is lacking.
  11. I had. C plate in moonstone blue, was it called? This was 1990. Base efi with windy windows, no power steering. Has great fun in it. Boiled the brakes on back roads in kintyre. Rusted to buggery, wheelbearing failed for fun. It got nicked and i sadly got it back. Replaced it with my first of many of Lancia Themas in 92. That Thema didn't come over all Italian. 40k miles in 18 months. Brill car. Happy days. Unlike the laptops on wheels of today.
  12. Having just gone through that very code with my Toyota alphard, first thing I'd do is clean the maf sensor. Did that and now all good and fuel trims behaving.
  13. Lanciaman


    Super unleaded as well I'll have you know!
  14. Posh Pug 406. 82k miles. https://www.gumtree.com/p/peugeot/peugeot-406-hdi-executive-/1456038162
  15. No, only the s1 came to the UK in v6 auto flavour. I believe the s2 prv v6 engine had a fair few differences to s1 but can't recall what. Need to go hunt now. There were some base ones back in the day. My first was an 8v ie lx so fogs, alcantara, auto heating etc. I don't think we got a true base in the uk, with steel wheels and bin lid trims. Yeah that s2 turbo from the tdc was, supposed to be scrapped but the guy before you took it on with best intentions....
  16. Interesting indeed. I've had a few Themas in my time Inc 3.0 v6 and 8.32. There's a same colour s2 v6 auto in the uk, previously owned by a couple of the Thema & dedra consortium members. They both really rate the prv Thema. @lanciamatton here being one of them. Best of luck with it and join the tdc for much tech advice and access to parts.
  17. I'd be surprised if any get close to this lot. https://www.gumtree.com/sellerads/1430901889?page=1 They're all crazy money. 11 grand for a saab drop top. 88k miles 8 grand for a laguna estate. 10 grand for a 100k miler Ford galaxy. 10 years old. Its too mental....
  18. Recently discovered Grand Thrift Auto. Well into it. Helped by the recent Beta and Appia content for me but will be working my way through them all. Great entertainment and subtle humour. Keep it up chap. 👍
  19. Who knew... https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1507436
  20. Lancia HPE volumex. This was in 1990, looking to replace my first car, Fiat 131 1600TC. Bottled it as the fiat had taught me all about rust. So bought an MG Maestro 2.0 instead. Which rusted worse than the hpe would've....
  21. Nigh on 160k miles Panda. Weirdly tempting....
  22. Mid 2000s subaru legacy or outback 3.0. Keep the underside protected and it'll be all the car you'll need for years.
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