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  1. Only one I recall from around 1982 was a physics teacher by the name of Mr Hunter. He had a Peugeot 604...this stood out as was utterly lush compared to anything else teachers had.....
  2. The need for reliability outweighs the need to be cool!
  3. Good theory but poked under the arches. Seems to be double skinned and the inner skin lifted. It's not the end of the world. Not like its going to crumble to dust in 6 months. Just not a fan of rust bubbles! What surprises me most is my own attitude to it now. Past days it would've been a disaster. Now it's just oh well, live with it and get use out the car.
  4. I firmly believe the French stuff is best for rust resistance.
  5. Was aware of the gearbox thing but its OK at the mo. Not sure if it applies to the 2009 model year on. But honestly, every damn car has some failing. You'd thing some company would have it sussed by now.
  6. Yeah I dropped the ball on it and didn't check it enough. Really should have known better but Japanese never the best fur rust resistance. Mechanicals and electrics yes, rust no. But no point crying about it. It's a nice car for what it is. Perhaps a bit of work to keep the rust at bay and it not looking 100% is a better bet than reliability nonsense.
  7. Recently bought a 2008 Honda Jazz. Face-lift car. Nice top spec and full honda history. £2k. Bought mostly for in laws being here but a standby a good idea. However being a blind bastard missed that it's had the rear arches blown over so no doubt the old rust will come through in the next few weeks. My first car decades ago was a fiat 131 supermirafiori. This has left me with a lifetime rust paranoia. Now the jazz is spot on mechanically. And is great to jump in and do short trips. In a way I don't care if the arches rust and I just treat them and do some stevie wonder paint every
  8. Its taken them 30 years to pick up on that???!!!!
  9. Worth it if you can live with the what if....... And between posting this and now, the mate i bought it from has just sold it to another pal of his. £1100 profit so not so be sneezed at. But I liked it!!!!
  10. Well 4 weeks in with the Jag and Stella Artois says I should let you lot know some thoughts. Its a 2003 car. Popular plus version with the 3.0 V6. Had it for even less than 4 weeks around 4 years ago. But now getting to use it regularly. And it is such a nice car. Nice is the word. A real feel good factor with it. Smooth, quiet, just sit back and relax. 151k miles but for once you would really not think it. What not to like? Typical Jag headlining letting gravity win, and the heater/air con is well dodgy. Possible heater matrix blockage, possible one of the heater flap mo
  11. Listen to the man who knows. There is no money to be made on a Flavia sedan. If it were free you'd still make no money. If its about the car then fair enough, most of us here get that. But as something to run, fettle and not lose on. It just won't happen. Spares difficult. Costs huge. For a car that even the tiny amount of lancia folks in the uk don't want. It may have an element of fun and would be a challenge but it will also be financial misery. I've had 2 Flavia coupes so have some idea....
  12. Underneath the outback today with new to me vatcan. Survived despite melting eyes warnings all over the bottle. Vatcan as highlighted on here. Never used before so interested to see results.
  13. Cheap. Nice being a Spur but who knows how much wallet pain awaits... https://www.gumtree.com/p/rolls-royce/rolls-royce-silver-spur/1252748035 Won't let me copy the pic or I'm too thick to figure it out
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