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  1. My Lancia Thema 3.0 V6 LX. I've had umpteen Themas and although this had little performance advantage over the n.a. 2.0 16v it was just fabulous all round. Super smooth, quiet and brilliantly put together (yes they could do it). I flew from Glasgow to Paris to get it. Did 30k miles in it in 3 years (and it was off road for winters). Sold to a chap in Japan who sent someone over to check it out!
  2. From stuff I've owned. Mercedes. Hate the things. Probably as I've only ever had old ones and they go wrong like every other car (or in mercs case more often). R129 sl500. Most expensive thing ever had to keep going. Biodegradable loom anyone? C124. 300 ce 24v. That was a good un actually. More by the fact it cost £250 or so. Weirdly ran fine if used every day. Leave it 2 and ran like a bag of bolts. A124. 220 convertible. Lovely to look at. Dull as anything and a big blancmange. C215. Cl55 amg. Not the supercharged one but still quick. Amazing abc suspension (genuinely impressive) as it worked. Although live in fear. But rams home how utterly pointless these things are. Like one of the guys above, I had a ropey mgb gt for about 6 weeks in the 90s. Slow, noisy, uncomfortable. But bloody great fun. Hoon the tail out at 20mph. Modern performance stuff is pointless. And as an aside, anything Audi/vw sucks. Not driven them. No interest in them. The aspirational image shit makes me throw up!
  3. Black Alfa 75 twin spark. Nice car. Reg was H26 NOB. Couldn't do it...
  4. I'll be waiting for the relief of anything but 26 coming up.. ..
  5. Happy for said gent to take on number 26 if he wishes. It's the Lancia logo wot done it....
  6. Advertised at £895. 114 k miles. No horrors on the mot history.....been on for nearly 4 weeks so either it's not all it's cracked up to be or folk just aren't interested in an old vectra.
  7. Not really looking at it for the outright performance of the engine. Just it looks clean, isn't a diesel and the turbo has to be better than the na 1.8 at getting up to speed. Excitement is not part of the criteria! Not going wrong every week and needing £££s spent all the time is top of the list.
  8. I need another car. Kind of back up and the in laws coming for a month and they aint getting my Outback. I know vectras get rubbished. I know they are dull. But not a lot of choice of reasonable looking solid cheap cars up here (Aberdeenshire). Anyone care to offer any positives to make me feel it's not quite so bad? Or rubbish the idea totally....open to that. On the plus side this one is apparently a Saab engine . 2.0 turbo petrol.
  9. Mine high tax as well. But then no dmf clutch at £££s, no cambelt crap, no dpf crap, no crap bosch electric components that go fizz 2 mins out of warranty. High tax, which lets face it is 20 quid a month more than anything you'd want to drive anyway , is well worth it.
  10. Ahh. Wasn't sure if pro outfit or one man band. Not KinkerSaab car emporium then...
  11. KinkerSaab got a website or something to take a look at what's available?
  12. If anyone can grenade the 3.0 Subaru they shouldn't be allowed near any car...
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