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  1. Too late. Badges were hunted down over a couple of years. Germany, Italy and Slovenia.... Replicas are available and I did get a couple. Will put those on as losing the 'new' originals would be too depressing
  2. It is. Had bits on it to jack up front and rear....
  3. And next move it to get the badges on it. All £400 worth of second hand ones!! And for anyone thinking I am showing off, no I can't afford it
  4. Mojo may have returned..... New mot yesterday with no advisories. I suspect the 400 quid a corner strut refurb might destroy current enthusiasm but will be taxing it and using for the daily 15 mile commute from August. Then the troubles will really start..... M
  5. You sir, are a legend. Fabulous work.
  6. Cant find a pic of the utterly miserable Lancia Delta 2 trims I saw once, so this will do. Exec car with these things...
  7. There comes a time in life where the best car in the world is one that causes you the least grief. And for little money, an avensis will see you regain some sanity.
  8. The LPG swap had sprung to mind - and yes, got the valve saver..... essential on these. No doubt only delays the inevitable all the same!
  9. Evening people. I've had my current Subaru Outback for over 3 years now - the longest I've ever had a daily driver - I'm 53 this year. Brilliant car, love it. 3.0 flat 6, with a quality LPG conversion. 56 plate, now sitting at 132k miles. Picking up a mates facelight 2007 version of same car next weekend. 90k miles. However, the new one has no LPG so the realism of 25mpg on a good day will hit home, rathre than LPG one which does realistic petrol cost of around 38mpg. The 56 plate has started on the old underbody corrosion, although looks near mint on top. I'm under it every year with the gloop but scottish salt and mud has started to take it's toll. The dilemma is this - I would quite happily keep both, as in the sticks of Aberdeenshire, so having a standby is not a bad idea as zero options if the car goes down. Not happened with the Outback but getting on now. But both are in the high road tax bracket, so to keep both is going to be a £1200 hit annually. Man maths with having the 1 has been justified by a lack of repair bills as bugger all goes wrong with the 3.0 Subarus. Just maintenance and consumables. No pissing about with DPFs, dual mass clutches, shitty Bosch components going fizz and all the rest of it with "senisble" cars. Annual mileage is circa 8000, so obviously it makes zero sense to pay 1200 quid road tax. But the 3.0 OBs and Legacies so hard to get hold of now, is there any semblance of justification? I am guessing this is going to be the last 3.0 pez hurrah.
  10. That'll be a short video then. Is it a still photo?
  11. Don't get disheartened. I have £16k into a car that I've had for 4 years and driven 250 metres. I hate the thing now but it is what it is. Accept it. Enjoy it or move it on fir a loss and regain your sanity. Its done. Life is too short.
  12. There's a chap near crudie you might want to speak to about doing the welding if you go that route. Had a couple of mates use him of late and very pleased. Reasonable rates as well I believe.
  13. Only one I recall from around 1982 was a physics teacher by the name of Mr Hunter. He had a Peugeot 604...this stood out as was utterly lush compared to anything else teachers had.....
  14. The need for reliability outweighs the need to be cool!
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