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  1. Now that's a chap you'd buy a used car from...great job
  2. I've had it. I'm in Aberdeenshire - not born and bred here - but the used cars for here - the selection is just utter shit. Maybe cos interesting stuff rots away cos of the Council dumping tons of salt on the roads and the farmer fuckers add to it with a billlion tons of mud from their bastarding oversized tonkas. Honestly,, take out 4x4 carp and german rubbish, it leaves 5% of stuff on gumtree. I look with envy at you lot down south with lovely pickings of old shite. Zero old citroen, peugeot, fiat, alfa. Nothing. Have a VW, Audi or some such white good. Ugh. Stella and red wine not helping with this post, but anyone else rival up here for lack of interesting cars for sale???
  3. Best of luck! Cracking car
  4. So today was a momentous day. The bastarding thing gained it's first UK MOT - well, not quite. The replacement RHD lamps I pu t in it turned out to be very nice condition LHD lamps as well. So it did fail, but the MOT chaps going to put stickies on and it should pass tomorrow. So, by any definition, a result! Not all a bed of roses as the clutch appears to be slipping - although it has plenty of meat on it. I did ask when the egnine out whether to replace the clutch - should have done anyway. Twat. Anyway, I think it is a cable clutch so maybe can be adjusted. But the MOT is a huge step - can now get it UK registered and actually use it. And I will. It is a high miles car so no need to be paranoid about running up the miles.
  5. SGT. One of the uber rare reflex green cars. My fave
  6. defo original - but a swiss car so perhaps explains it..........
  7. Thanks Matty. I won't but the fucker has cost me about £60,000 a mile so far!!!!
  8. YRJ - Phil Day. TDC grand poo bah,.....
  9. Not many but here are a couple....
  10. Got an oil leak afer engine out belts job....needs erratic wipers sorted (got new motor as relay in there so may be that, and new switchgear if that). But the oil leak the thing.
  11. Just spunked £550 on the 8.32 for new HT leads, dizzy caps and rotor arms.......the bank is coming for me
  12. Money spunked....... 8.32 needs someone with talent which isn't me.
  13. Plumped for the Z3 - although given I'm 400 miles from it who knows when it might happen........ A lot of hate for the Z3 all round. Can't say I've lusted after one but this is a known quantity, the price is good so why not. Bit of cheapish fun. And if it doesn't handle like a Boxter or outdrag a GTi, who gives a toss
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