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  1. Glad that you guys are keeping track of Annie's youtube adventures lol Annie is Back, officially returned to be after her engine rebuild in November 2021. After a little tinkerage, she sailed through the MOT & I've been using her as daily transport for the last couple of months, allowing Judith the Jag to have a bit of a rest. As stated in Annie's return video, I was perhaps naive to think she'd be absolutely A1 after her engine rebuild. I reckoned I had the carb tuned about right when she was last on the road. How wrong I was. The jets were blocked & the whole carb was in need of a bit of an overhaul. Once that was sorted & a new fuel filter, she's running more consistently & reliably. Even when her jets would clog on the road, she wouldn't leave me stranded. All in all, I'm very happy to have the old girl back & she seems to grab more attention than the Jag, surprising given Talbots are supposed to be as desirable as dog eggs in the laundry. She still needs a bit of tinkering though, one of the calipers is binding on the sliders, the gearshift is a little awkward when going into first, second & fifth, better than it was but not perfect. I have a new clock to go into the dash so hopefully that'll work & of course, my rattlecan paint job is starting to bubble under the surface in places, namely around the rear arches & front N/S wing but for the moment, I'm happy to have the beige dream machine back in use
  2. I completely forgot to link my videos on the car!
  3. The bulkhead's perfect & there's a tiny bit of bubbleage at the bottom of the rear screen, repairable area though
  4. pretty sure you're not supposed to drag them on their rear wheels. I'm guessing Lucas electrics are what's letting you down?
  5. I should clarify, the Talbot is having the engine rebuild at the mo, the jag doesn't need any engine work Thanks very much, I'm very much chuffed with this car
  6. I also got this nice shot at my pal's house, I did own the 306 for a short while (for £200, it was good value) but we intend to do a comparison video on Judith &, his X350 Sport, Jeremy
  7. Thanks Dick! Unfortunately Annie needed a new block but I found one from a chap in Hinckley who's a member of the Simca Owner's club (& used to drive people around in XJ40s incidentally) so I paid up the £100 for that on Sunday & dropped it off at the engine builders on Monday, admittedly getting a little giddy when they asked "what colour do you want us to paint your engine?"
  8. A little back story, a couple of weeks after I sent my Talbot Alpine (Annie) away for engine rebuild in November 2019, I was working the delivery vans for my job at Euro Car Parts when I was sent to do a drop at a unit in St Georges, Telford. When I walked in, I saw a car shape under a load of blankets in the corner of the workshop, I saw the tailpipes & asked "Is that an old Jag?". He confirmed my suspicions & pulled off the blankets, telling me "Indeed it is, it's an XJ40 4.0 Sovereign. I bought it after converting it to LPG & it's been the run-a-round for my wife & I until 2016. It's yours for £600 if you want it". To say I was tempted is an understatement. The XJ40 is my favourite Jaguar & when I first saw the Morocco red paintwork & heard that the car had LPG, I pretty much bit his hand off. So a deal was made & I gradually paid off the £600 over several months while he made sure that the car was in fine fettle, servicing the whole LPG system for me at no extra cost. All I needed was a new alternator (for £92) & I bought a battery from work with my delicious staff discount. In May, I found that some local garages were still doing MOTs during lockdown so I got her booked & bought a set of part-worn dunlops (£80 in all). Imagine my delight when she passed with only one advisory, a number plate bulb which fixed itself in a week! So now Judith's a little more polished up & I'm super happy with her. She's the cheapest car I've ever had to insure & she's so capable, very comfortable & surprisingly agile in the bends though the low-speed ride is nowhere as good as the Alpine. With the LPG too, she's super cheap to run & £20 of petrol (she still has her petrol tank as you need it to warm the car up & keep her going when the gas runs out) can last her about three weeks. The previous owner also rebuilt the top of the engine with new timing chains & sprockets when she was at 120,000 miles (now on 173400), as the LPG was installed at 80,000, he was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn't need much decoking, one benefit of LPG A good car all round but there are a few issues. A tailpipe fell off while enroute for the MOT, there's a small blow on the O/S exhaust, the headlining is just starting to sag, the auto-dipping rear view mirror doesn't work, the paint has reacted on the roof, bonnet & boot & the aircon pump is seized. Otherwise a great car with a tidy interior with an even tidier underbelly. So, that's Judith, my £600 Jaguar Sovereign 4.0, what do you guys reckon or is the shite not strong with this one?
  9. Talbots do have a habit of getting under your skin. It's a weird one indeed, maybe it's a combination of rarity with a sensational drive. That's why mine is currently having an engine rebuild
  10. @wuvvum I'm glad i am making you happy, but the car itself makes me super happy. I love her to bits
  11. I also must add a great thanks to the Simca Owners' Club as they've been a massive help (& I'm not even a paid up member yet!). Everything from sourcing a new Electronic dipstick, to a colour/trim matched Tailgate! Even these impossibly rare Minx wing badges were kindly sent to me for the grand sum of nil. So the Simca club is definitely one I'll have to join. They are practically begging me to attend some of their events so I think I'd better lol
  12. @Noel Tidybeard It's amazing what a few rattle cans can accomplish
  13. @Noel Tidybeard Thanks, just a little artwork (of which I do a lot) & simple animation through Movie maker, now I have Vegas, I need to think about making it even more eighties
  14. @Zelandeth I was, this was back in February if memory serves & I still remark about the Xantia & going down to Burger King in the Lada, was fantastic fun. Really hope to get down that way at some point, but with work not giving me much shifts, I'm struggling to raise the cash to get the car Taxed & Insured, but Holden & I do plan to come back & see you again
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