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  1. @wuvvum I'm glad i am making you happy, but the car itself makes me super happy. I love her to bits
  2. I also must add a great thanks to the Simca Owners' Club as they've been a massive help (& I'm not even a paid up member yet!). Everything from sourcing a new Electronic dipstick, to a colour/trim matched Tailgate! Even these impossibly rare Minx wing badges were kindly sent to me for the grand sum of nil. So the Simca club is definitely one I'll have to join. They are practically begging me to attend some of their events so I think I'd better lol
  3. @Noel Tidybeard It's amazing what a few rattle cans can accomplish
  4. @Noel Tidybeard Thanks, just a little artwork (of which I do a lot) & simple animation through Movie maker, now I have Vegas, I need to think about making it even more eighties
  5. @Zelandeth I was, this was back in February if memory serves & I still remark about the Xantia & going down to Burger King in the Lada, was fantastic fun. Really hope to get down that way at some point, but with work not giving me much shifts, I'm struggling to raise the cash to get the car Taxed & Insured, but Holden & I do plan to come back & see you again
  6. @Noel Tidybeard @Dan302 thank you both for subscribing to the channel & for your kind feedback, means a lot when people enjoy what I do & create. As for the story about the Alpine with an Alpine caravan, that's just pure ace. If only you taken your Ticky Talbot Alpine with Alpine caravan over the Alps then I'd be thoroughly amused
  7. @dozeydustman well the head's been skimmed out of pure precaution but the heads on these engines are fairly sturdy (or so I'm told) & the crack I found was in a not-so-difficult-to-fix but also rare place for them to crack, but that's sorted too
  8. @dozeydustman Before editing the footage, I didn't think the gasket failed at all, but given the water in cylinder 1 (remember, French engines are generally backwards in labelling) I think that I've got more fuel starvation that coincided with a head gasket failure
  9. Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates, life got very hectic after I got Annie MOTed, thankfully, due to my video making habits, I've got three videos that should fill you guys in
  10. could be an act of bodgery from that bloke in Lincolnshire I'd guess as the guy who owned the car from 2015 to 2017 replaced the shifter mechanism just to get to the gears
  11. it feels more like 1st occupies the space very next to 3rd actually
  12. Thank you very much. I think the rods are requiring adjustment so I'll see about whipping them off & having a jolly good look. Apparently, the gearbox in the car is a BE1, the same type as fitted in the 305 according to the Simca club (a club I very much want to join) but the previous owner says he replaced the selector to achieve gears
  13. Episode 5 is now live, a little short I know but I want to start 2019 updates with fresh footage
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