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  1. Probably can't make both nights now. Stay tuned to find out which night I'm staying
  2. My old 309's up for grabs on Facebook. I bought it off here, so it would be good to see it back on the forum. 110,000 miles or so iirc, and ran well when I had it. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/317823743747986/
  3. 1. davidfowler2000 - both nights trailer2. Brownnova - both nights tent or car3. Beko - both nights tent4. Supernaut - both nights tent5. Juular - both nights car6. catsinthewelder +kids both nights tent7. Fumbler- both nights car8. chaseracer - both nights tent or car9. EightMegs - Both nights, tent10. batterypowered - Both nights, tent11. Twosmoke300 plus 2 or 3 guests (awaiting confirmation) - both nights van and tent12. cms206 - both nights, camper13. ghosty - both nights, car14. Captain_70s - (Maybe) both nights, car or tent.15. Fatharris - both nights - tent16. 3VOM - both nights - car, tent, something17. 320touring - both nights tent or car (TBC)18. horriblemercedes both nights, tent19. Hillmanimp - both night, tent or camper.20. Kirton - Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights camper21. LiteAce Owner (EightMegs) - both nights, van22. Dave_Q - Saturday only, maybe van, maybe moped + smol tent23. Cord Fourteener - (possibly) both nights + (possibly) some family24. taxi paul - Saturday day visitor + (possibly) some family25. dozeydustman - (if can get cover) Saturday - car26. reb- (if the time-off gods allow) both nights - car27 - Anthony G, Friday & Saturday night, staying off site.28. Six-cylinder - b&b booked locally Friday & Saturday nights 29. maxxo - both nights ten30. Jaypee - both nights, car #galaxy31. LightBulbFun - both nights, staying off site32. BL Bloke - both nights, staying off site 33. MondeoBlues - both nights, tent
  4. My first car was a 620SLi in Nightfire on an M reg. Lovely thing previously owned by a now deceased old boy who flew boat planes during the war. Scruffy as all hell, but I loved it.
  5. Porsche passed its MOT by a gnat's pube. Some corrosion near the jacking points that'll want welding in the near future; nothing too bad, apparently. Other hit advisories include: Play in the Offside Outer Track Rod Ball Joint, and A Bit of Play in the Nearside Rear Wheel Bearing.
  6. 5 years to the day since my first car, a Rover 620 SLi, went to live its new life as toasters and carpet underlay. RIP in piece mighty Shitmobile
  7. Yep. I used to own the blue 309 Auto there as well.
  8. You're right, but I was having to leave it at the tester's place outdoors overnight because of work commitments and the 924 lets enough weather in as it is. More convenient to reschedule for next week.
  9. On pulling into the MOT tester's place, the driver's side window decided to fall off its runner and shatter inside the door. MOT cancelled. New window ordered. Sighhhhhh
  10. The 924's going in for its penultimate legally required MOT today. I pray to the chod gods the outcome is not expensive or terminal. Amen.
  11. Just catching up on this thread, but I briefly attempted to name the Volvo 'Gunhilda' but didn't commit to it because I just felt a bit stupid nicknaming a car that everyone else referred to as 'The Volvo'. The 924 formally known as Florian's name didn't stick around longer than the drive back from Oswestry. I just find saying 'The Porsche' far more satisfying.
  12. I had a GL auto on a K reg until recently. Great little car. Check that sunroof for leaks, mine was about as weatherproof as a fishnet umbrella.
  13. Wicksteed at War this weekend. Lots of armoured vehicles from various historic conflicts WWII, Vietnam, Falklands, etc. It was warm.
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