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  1. The CDs and HBOL have been received, thanks. If you're getting into folk metal I recommend giving Eluveitie and Finntroll a listen as a good starting point
  2. I found that you'll always have more fuel than you think, and as a result I never spent more than 50 quid brimming the tank, which should do you a month or so if you're not driving it very often. BTW, I've posted your garage key, so it's on its way back
  3. I've never seen it without its roof rack. Kind of looks bald. Much better fuel economy though I imagine, what with the weight loss and better aerodynamics.
  4. The damp in the boot may be because I accidentally poured in a bit of snow off the bootlid when I cleared it out last week. Sorry. I did have a look at the oil leak last time I took it for a service, and me and my tame mechanic deduced that it's either the rocker cover gasket, the oil filler cap seal, or possibly from an o ring around the distributor. Not big jobs but a bit fiddly.
  5. I've got a walkaround video that contains gratuitous engine bay footage.
  6. Just thought I'd weigh in and let everyone know that Tim's new Volvo is called Gunhilda. She's like driving around in a big Swedish armchair.
  7. Florian in his new home. Cheers Tim!
  8. You could buy a new Austin Maestro in China as recently as 2007, the Rover Streetwise was being sold as the MG 3SW until 2011, the Rover 75 was knocking about until 2016, and you can still buy a new Austin Montego estate if you ask for a YEMA F12.
  9. Terrible picture, but spotted this on the way to get my first haircut of the Covid era in Kings Heath, Birmingham.
  10. Took the Volvo for a wash this afternoon, only for it to show its gratitude by seizing its front brakes and boiling its brake fluid. It must know I'm trying to save up for a Jag, the cheeky fucker.
  11. A borked ABS module is what killed mine last year after it failed its MOT. You can still find new-old stock units on Ebay in the US but they're fucking expensive and you have to get them shipped over. I couldn't afford one so I had to have my N reg 1.8 GLX hatch turned into washing machines and carpet underlay. I'd love to see this one sorted, because it's a lovely example.
  12. Always been intrigued by these. Now I'm normally an estate and saloon kind of guy, so raised SUV 4x4 kind of vehicles have never really caught my attention (except for Land Rovers and other very basic utilitarian Land Rover-type things). This, however, has a sort of off-road people carrier sort of charm to it, which I rather like. It's also got the best sounding diesel I've ever heard, and I don't normally like diesels. Do they come in petrol flavour?
  13. Cars with non-reflective plates that are meant to have reflective plates look utter wank and I will fight anyone who disagrees.
  14. That's a Ranger 2500. A car made by GM for the South African market from 1968 - 1973, hence the Vauxhall Victor FD/Opel Rekord looks. They sold them in Belgium from 1970 - 1978 as well. It was just badged as a Ranger, in the same way the US market Rover 800 was known only as the Sterling. Engines were 2.1 or 2.5 four cylinder jobs with about 80-100bhp. You've probably found the only one in the UK.
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