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  1. Took the Porsche on a jolly
  2. Looks like a fun weekend chaps. Sorry I couldn't make this one, it clashed with the beginning of a holiday in Edinburgh/Fife with my mum and brothers. Deffo coming to the next one so I can see them Voxhorls
  3. I couldn't be arsed to take any more pictures, so that's your lot.
  4. Holidaying in Edinburgh this year, my uncle suggested a visit the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum which has an open weekend once a month. Much Vintage Bus shite was seen, and there were even some being driven around.
  5. There are parts of Birmingham where if you park a Saxo, they can strip it to a bare shell in 90 seconds flat.
  6. I was a very lucky boy and saw these two in the same 10 minute walk to the shops. The Lancia was spectacularly clean.
  7. No motor on my one, it's got four latch points that you can undo and the whole thing lifts out and goes on the boot or across the back seats if the owner has forgotten/can't be arsed to open the rear hatch.
  8. I slept in the front seat of the Porsche in a 24hr car park on Knight Street in Liverpool just last week. Not the least comfortable night's sleep I've had tbh. Although I did have to open the door at 6am because by then I'd replaced all the breathable oxygen with arse gas.
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