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  1. All cars stuck at home this year due to family get together this weekend,hope you all have fun, meet you soon.
  2. 989cc ,ilI haven’t checked if it is ej -ve engine variable.cam timing yet.it drives as well as my older one when that was new.I was a bit nervous driving it at speed on motorway at first, it has spent all its life driving in town .my older one still lives on At 130000 miles
  3. Been looking for a good one for awhile.Bought this earlier ,turned 14000 miles on clock on the way home to West Wales.lived in Worcester all its life less than 700 miles a year. Underneath and sills great. Slight corrosion on front edge of inner arch.it drives like new, Will it last twenty years as per my abused original.? some of the panels have been badly rattle canned to cover a few parking scuffs,let’s hope I can tcut this off
  4. Very interesting site, pity there isn’t a Toyota equivalent to the Cuore, but the Toyota Duet is the early Sirion here. Also there is an Aygo listing, handy for Citroen C1. And Peugeot 107s ta
  5. No structural problems according to MOT history, rare for these. Messaged the owner who has had it for about seven years, he says that it has never been welded. Pity about sunroof robbing head room for me,too far with this Covid to have a look.
  6. Back in the early 80.s I was a Service Receptionist at the local Ford main dealer,Towy Garage ,my brother,s mate bought in his 1501 estate exactly like this one.he had driven it in from his house a good 10 miles away.I wrote on the job card brakes need attention.one of the young apprentices was told to have a look at it within a minute the car Was at the end of the workshop ,smashed into a workbench. Bonnet ,headlamps grille no longer the right shape. We realised after that the customer had driven it to us on the handbrake, from memory It was a umbrella type one! I towed it home with the garage,s V4 Transit recovery and over the weekend managed to fit replacement parts from the breakers .fixed the brakes and return the now two tone Simca back to its owner.
  7. Support the Launderettes ,we are getting rarer by the day.
  8. It would look nice with 13 inch steelies with chrome hubcaps, picture of my Cuore with Golf mk1 alloys,165/65 13inch., Kelisa is the same car, but with different front end,rear suspension is not the same.
  9. Fueling up with bubbles for the trip,looking foreword to meeting you all at about 6pm.on Saturday 61726844-8817-488F-817F-F1F1FAC9E0D9.mp4
  10. While riding my bike today I spotted this,H reg mk1 estate, is this the earliest example still left,? no MOT though.
  11. Pretty rare in West Wales,a 0307D according to the DVLA
  12. The remote control for Sat Nav is always lost in our Renault Scenic fallen out of its place in one of the cup holders , rendering it useless,it is more often than not being crushed by the seat runners. Why put the diagnostic socket under the centre console?difficult to get to, it needs to come permanently fitted with reader/eraser on the dash , as it one of the most used features on the car.
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