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  1. Don't worry about the plugs removal. It's not the actual cam cover,just an extra cover on top of it that hides the coil packs and subsequently the plugs underneath. Two bolts and a good tug will remove the coil packs.
  2. Me again. The OEM plug is normally on a 'sticker' on one of the inner wings in the engine bay. Saying that, there was a spark plug update from Jaguar which indicated that the updated spec would be EBC 8143, which when you look it up in most cases refers to Champion but not always as some companies will use an alternative under the Jaguar part number. From memory,which again may be faulty, the Champion RC9YC were the plug of choice over the NGK equivalent BCPR6ES. The link below helps with cross referencing: http://www.sparkplug-crossreference.com/convert/CHAMP_PN/RC9YCC/ You'll notice a number
  3. Just had a read though on your update thread,awesome to see someone else getting stuck in. I've left a note which I hope you'll find useful.As for the exhaust though,if the boxes are good then getting it welded might be the cheaper option, although the 'over the axle' section does manoeuvre out without to much of an issue (when it's the right length at least). I've only just managed to post pictures on here and at the same time realise fellow 'Autoshiters' are up for write-ups/pictures or work done etc....here to stay I'd say.
  4. Just a quick note Richard as I'm running out of awake time. I tried to source a rear o/s abs sensor and came up with the same as you price wise until I remembered a really helpful guy on one of the Jaguar Forums. His name is 'Naki.k' and he runs 'Black Cherry Jaguar' If you message him: info@blackcherryjaguar.com hopefully he will still have some used ones,they were £50 delivered. .He was on holiday when I messaged him so never got round to ordering one.Also,the sensor wiring connector is under the back seat,under the sound deadening matting. Now don't hold me to this but if memory serves me w
  5. Guilty as charged Richard. I came on here after speaking to the guy who picked it up had explained how you two had sorted the collection and so on. I liked that. No airs and graces,everyone enjoying their cars and happy to help out if they can. I bought this one as a friend needed a good looking car for a wedding and I'd literally just said goodbye to the turquoise one at the time so I thought I'd look for another one I could do a little work to and do a friend a favour at the same time.
  6. For your pleasure...saved. Straight through exhaust with 'cut-out' empty back boxes,lowered front end,banded steel wheels,Pipercross cold air-induction,95% interior now black rather than beige,boot revamped ready for sub. Not one for the purists...
  7. Thanks to all above and apologies for not acknowledging earlier. The Jag is still waiting for his day in the sun,which is the weekend of the 22nd September. My son used it for a 24 hour stint to celebrate his 21st and being able to finally insure one of his Dad's Jags. I've replaced the headlining (took the old one out,cleaned the dead foam stuff off,removed the fabric and replaced with 'Smoke' coloured, self adhesive lining fabric...£30 and enough to do another) Put a new cam cover breather on,cleaned the engine bay and had a proper old school 'DentMan' come and remove four raised 'dents' on
  8. Bought it and drove it 80 ish miles home. Total pleasure to drive and Youngteam was the perfect vendor,even picked me up from the train station. Took it round to a friend who wanted to borrow a good looking car for his mates wedding and I think it made his day as well. Doesn't get much better than this.Thanks.
  9. Nor sure if it counts but a friend had to do some welding on a Grand Voyagers' outer sills...only to find when he cut out some of the rot the insides were filled with expanding foam....
  10. Relatively new to the site but very interested in this,how do we get in touch.Thanks.Jon.
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