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  1. That hasn't strayed far from home, Bournemouth reg and still in Christchurch...............
  2. My god I had forgotten about that episode, I know the feeling of being a senior citizen and dropping a few bikes along the way, the worst was my lovely few months old Suzuki GT 250 RAMAIR in 1974 I had to hide the damaged bike from my mum till I got it fixed, because my mum had signed the HP agreement as I wasn't old enough . She would have had a fit if she had seen it !Ask your grandad about HP (hire purchase) and flairs and loon pants and Elton John moon boots ha ha ha.
  3. Managed to get the assembled beastie out into the sunshine today, haven't cleaned it, just got it starting and running, for the first time in 40 years, sadly I will probably move it on as I have others that need my urgent attention.... next up should be a 250 twin that's been hiding in my garage for the last couple of years.
  4. Great little bikes widely used by the plod in my neck of the woods.
  5. That's a shame, they are probably the most sought after model, aside from the 175 Trail. Apparently they did a 350 custom, but I have never seen one.
  6. One of my favourites too and not only that but I have one in that very colour, its a very coarse silver metal flake , it def does not wheelie like the pic though. I will try and dig out a pic.
  7. Very nice bikes I have a 2014 reg new retro model, with oil pump injection , electric start and disc brake wohooo.......I will try and get a pic, meantime here's one I sold recently
  8. I thought thats how everyone cleaned their baffles......I have a couple of 250 twins, they make a lovely sound, did you know that CZ fitted restrictors inside the air box on 175 singles as they were reputedly quicker than the more expensive 250 twins, removing it requires splitting the airbox which is easy as it's cast in two halves and bolted together........oh god I sound like a right anorak. Cool pic .
  9. Yes they still turn up, most will have 4 km on the clock as that was the length of the assembled test ride, saw one for sale the other day still in it's delivery crate ! Many came to the uk long after the factory closed as they mostly sat in containers all over europe after Cagiva , who by then owned CZ gave up on them, you will find some later models with Cagiva vin plates and engines stamped the same.
  10. Yes you def right about prices I used get given CZ bikes or evenpaid to take them away, but I have been amazed by the interest shown in some the bikes that I sold recently, I think that most people don't have deep enough pockets for the Japanese stuff anymore and although the eastern bloc stuff is not in the same league it's an affordable way to get that nice two stroke noise and smell.
  11. What ho chaps, I suspect like many of you, I have spent the last few weeks, mowing the lawn to within an inch of it's life, painted everything that keeps still long enough and fixed all the stupid stuff on the car. So in true AS fashion and having competed every job that "er indoors " could find I have now retired to the garage, to indulge my lifelong passion for resurrecting two wheeled shite........ I have managed to get a couple of easy fix bikes running again and now I have started on a third bike, all my bikes are CZ, Jawas or other eastern bloc shite (beauties). Anyway I thought tha
  12. I used to drive one of these everyday, it was my gas board company car, same colour reg number GTR 9 X they had a large consecutively numbered fleet all the same dark blue and if you rose to the rank of supervisor, you were given a morris marina coupe or mk 1 ford ecsort......ah happy days.
  13. The bezels are def not right, they should be concave not convex................god that sounds geeky......sorry
  14. Wowser, my mum used to have one of these in 1966 and she used to take me to school on it, I was allowed to start it and warm it up ,it would be parked up in our side alley with my dads Sunbeam scooter. Happy days
  15. Evening gents, went on a little road trip to collect some bikeshite on Sunday, being a self confessed CZ nut I just couldn't resist when four of the things turned up for sale less than 30 mins my place. I had already been to see them earlier in the week and sealed the deal, so went back to collect them as arranged. Took my son and grandson for the muscle , on the promise of breakfast at their choice of venue. Fleet services M3 south bound to be precise. Cheap labour as I had neglected to tell them that one of said bikes was in pieces in the loft of the sellers house! Should taken some pi
  16. Must resist, already done a two hundred mile round trip today to pick up 1982 Cagiva SST 250 2 stroke. Still got room on the drive though hmmm.........
  17. Started off about six weeks ago at £650, it's had a lot of brake work and I'm sorely tempted too!
  18. Not ebay and it's on the Isle of Wight, but not a bad price? Porsche 924 with a nice plate, seller doesn't say if the plate goes with it. (Sorry guys looks like it's been sold) https://www.wightbay.com/sandown/cars/porsche-924-1983-5805837/
  19. What's your best price M8? errrr the one I'm asking?
  20. Yeah I like the rat look.......well hamster look maybe?
  21. Took the seat off today, found this.....I think that there may have been a furry lodger?
  22. Hey fellow bike shiters, picked this up today. 1980 CZ 250 been stored since 1983, story is that the 80 plus year old owner put it to the back of his integral garage, many years ago, subsequent house alterations mean't that it became entombed, the ceiling was resting on the handle bars! Tyres had to be fully deflated in order to get it out and with the assistance of a short person it was finally freed.It is age seized but I have no doubt that it can be made to run. Just goes to show what is still out there waiting to be found.
  23. Is the laughing policeman Ewan McGregor?
  24. Ooooh , oooh I spent many hours as a school boy going backwards and forwards to school in the early seventies always on a Southdown bus just like this one, maybe even on this particular bus
  25. I see that a little assistance is in order, 350 single has a nice standard gear lever but the 350 twin has a heel and toe type shifter they look awful but they do work ok, my twin is the same as the one in the pic and has the somewhat curly gear change. Sorry if I sound like an anorak but I just like the old eastern bloc/russian two smokes.
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