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  1. Wowser, my mum used to have one of these in 1966 and she used to take me to school on it, I was allowed to start it and warm it up ,it would be parked up in our side alley with my dads Sunbeam scooter. Happy days
  2. Evening gents, went on a little road trip to collect some bikeshite on Sunday, being a self confessed CZ nut I just couldn't resist when four of the things turned up for sale less than 30 mins my place. I had already been to see them earlier in the week and sealed the deal, so went back to collect them as arranged. Took my son and grandson for the muscle , on the promise of breakfast at their choice of venue. Fleet services M3 south bound to be precise. Cheap labour as I had neglected to tell them that one of said bikes was in pieces in the loft of the sellers house! Should taken some pics of the extraction, but we were a bit pressed for time as I thought that we would need two trips in my trusty van, but as you can see from the pics that I did take we managed to get all four (two complete bikes) and two in bits all in one go...... So 3 X 175 bikes 1977,1977 & 1975 vintage and 1 X 125 1988 year plus a lot of spares, they are all still in the van because the garage is full, currently negotiating with the wife for extra storage in her potting shed. The bikes could be in the van for some time I think.
  3. Must resist, already done a two hundred mile round trip today to pick up 1982 Cagiva SST 250 2 stroke. Still got room on the drive though hmmm.........
  4. Started off about six weeks ago at £650, it's had a lot of brake work and I'm sorely tempted too!
  5. Not ebay and it's on the Isle of Wight, but not a bad price? Porsche 924 with a nice plate, seller doesn't say if the plate goes with it. (Sorry guys looks like it's been sold) https://www.wightbay.com/sandown/cars/porsche-924-1983-5805837/
  6. What's your best price M8? errrr the one I'm asking?
  7. Yeah I like the rat look.......well hamster look maybe?
  8. Took the seat off today, found this.....I think that there may have been a furry lodger?
  9. Hey fellow bike shiters, picked this up today. 1980 CZ 250 been stored since 1983, story is that the 80 plus year old owner put it to the back of his integral garage, many years ago, subsequent house alterations mean't that it became entombed, the ceiling was resting on the handle bars! Tyres had to be fully deflated in order to get it out and with the assistance of a short person it was finally freed.It is age seized but I have no doubt that it can be made to run. Just goes to show what is still out there waiting to be found.
  10. Is the laughing policeman Ewan McGregor?
  11. Ooooh , oooh I spent many hours as a school boy going backwards and forwards to school in the early seventies always on a Southdown bus just like this one, maybe even on this particular bus
  12. I see that a little assistance is in order, 350 single has a nice standard gear lever but the 350 twin has a heel and toe type shifter they look awful but they do work ok, my twin is the same as the one in the pic and has the somewhat curly gear change. Sorry if I sound like an anorak but I just like the old eastern bloc/russian two smokes.
  13. Yes it is the 350 two stroke single, the wiring has been hacked about over the years, I have just found the original sales invoice from F2 motorcycles in 2001 for the sum of £1200 on the road. Trying to track down the original registered owner in the hope getting a bit more info.
  14. IZH 350 single ? Picked this up locally yesterday, it was marketed as the SPRINGBOK ,allegedly this is the only one road registered in the UK, needs some work but I think it's great, happy to post some more pics if you want . It has the same 350 single cylinder and I have to jump on the kickstart to even turn it over.
  15. Amazing motor in 1972 I worked after school at a local garage as a petrol pump attendant, down sarf and a guy used to come in from "up north lad" he had a primrose yellow one of these , with if I remember tinted glass, as a gobsmacked 16 year old I my lasting memory is of being able to see my reflection in the bottom of the fuel tank as I stuck my nozzel in......
  16. Ah I've seen that bike too, it's a bit of a heinz 57 really , but sound enough, probably all the money really. I'm not an expert, but yes you are right martc the tank should be a square shape with knee pad rubbers, indicators are not CZ , headlight is off a later bike, exhaust and rear foot pegs are not CZ, but it depends what you are looking for really, it's not perfect but if you want a cheapish two stroke it's fair. If you are on the lookout, there's another similar bike on gumtree at the mo in Christchurch, it need reassembly but it's def more original, guy wants £450 probably better value at £300 or so, hope this helps mate.
  17. Ah nice oil tight bikes, I had a couple of MZ's myself, 125 Saxon X 2 and nice ETZ 250, much better engineering than the CZ, but if you want agricultural I have a nice IZH 350 twin, makes a Honda cub look fast! But you can't beat the smell of semi burn't two stroke oil and wafting along in a cloud of smoke, it's great view in the mirror, watching unsuspecting motorists burst through the fog looking for the fire, happy days.
  18. What a fantastic sight, I travelled on these many times as a 7 or 8 year old, they made an eerie noise a kind of whining and I think that there was some kind of turntable type thing near to queen victoria's statue, near the guildhall,I think the conductor or may be the driver used to pull the connection poles down, while the bus spun round and then pushed them back up onto the lines and off they went, but hey that was along time ago.
  19. Had a few diesels, just as they started to become popular in the mid to late eighties, 85 cavalier, 88 Pug 405 GLD with no power steering, 91 Sierra 1.8td , best little oil burner was 86 Citroen Visa, it went quite well and was a laugh to chuck into corners flat out, worst diesel for snail like progress was my mates 81 reg passat estate , you could walk faster...... most reliable was a 406 that did 250000 miles and still started first time, every time. Oooh nearly forgot early 106 with the 1.4 engine also nice n slow.
  20. Ah yes all of my CZ 's do that and some piss it out of the down pipe to silencer and also the silencer to tailpipe I only have one bike that doesn't it must be broken I reckon. Twins are best as you get the benefit of dual leakage (sounds like a nasty medical condition). I'm guessing that you were/are the owner of some CZ shite?
  21. Yep I think that's probably what I'll do , there is a lot of that been done already, I checked the id plate on the head stock when I bought it and it was already covered in the stuff, had to scrape it off with my thumbnail just to see it. The great thing is that it starts, runs and rides fine. Already been for a short run and it's areal blast to ride, as it's an early bike I had to remember one up three down, later bikes after about 1981 are one down and three up, it caught me out the first time I rode it, as it kept stalling because I was trying to pull away in second gear on a 175.
  22. Some more CZ shite for your approval, Help needed........what shall I do with it? Here is another one of my beauties, bought new in 1977 used until 1986 until the old boy went to live in France. Removed from it's resting place of 33 years by his son in law and used on the road twice, now registered as an historic vehicle.Bought by myself a couple of months ago I even have the original bill of sale and guarantee card. It runs and rides fine, the question is, do I clean it or leave it exactly as it is with 42 years of oil soaked patina? What do you think?
  23. Oh yes size matters, 21" . Its a 175 trail and boasts the correct 482 prefix to the engine and frame. Sorry to be so such a geek but they are a bit of a passion with me, just love the shite ness of them, not much love for them in the 80's and 90's but got a bit of a following now.
  24. Hi fellow bike shiters, thought I'd let you have a look at the latest 1970 's CZ shite added to my little collection, I'm supposed to be reducing the two wheel tat but I couldn't resist it. Wifey person is bliss fully unaware at the moment, it's hiding in the back of my van, will have to wait for cover of darkness to transfer to already choc a block garage.....
  25. Hi fellow bikeshiters, posted a few pics of my Jawa 350 TS that I had for sale recently , just thought I'd share another one of my bikes that I recently got back on the road, 1986 CZ 350 twin, a lot harder to find than the Jawa 350, anyway dry stored for 17 years. New battery, flush the tank, clean the carb, set the points and by jingo she goes....... I have left her exactly as found apart from the addition of a daytime running light, not restored just as found, only done 9900 miles passed the mot last week with a couple of advisories, going to tax the beauty in the next couple of days.
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