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  1. Its a Munga it has a2 stroke engine.
  2. Back in the mid eighties wifey person had the estate version in a fetching shade of bright blue, it was used as the school run bus and started on many freezing mornings with the starting handle which it still had, I seem to remember it being stored under the bonnet somewhere? Must say it never once failed to start or even thought about breaking down, it even carried on after being smacked in arse by an inattentive driver at a pelican crossing. Only got rid of for a rather smart? FSO estate in an equally fetching shade of orange.
  3. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to try and fire up with a side car in the way, I also have a Planeta and a Jupiter 91 and 92 vintage respectively, I will see if I can drag them out and let you listen to the 2 stroke symphony. As you will know they aren't exactly lightweights and if they start to fall over it's best to let them go rather than being catapulted 10 feet into the air as you try and stop them.
  4. Hello chaps , thought I would share the rebirth of an amazing piece of soviet two stroke bike shite with you, spent a fair bit of lockdown time, fitting a new loom, left and right switchgear, coil, voltage rectifier, indicator relay and repro rusky indicators. It is a rare old beast in the UK, IZH Springbok 350 single cylinder, ankle breaker to start and so tall that I have to stand on a milk crate to get on it........ VID-20210122-WA0000.mp4
  5. Had one in the late seventies, I used to buy 10 "crossply remoulds for £2.50 a piece and wear them out in a fortnight ragging it round the local roundabouts...........
  6. Sorry bud I meant to but just not clever enough!
  7. RED2stroke

    1972 Daf

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/748808312396403/ Hopefully this hasn't been posted already, apologies if it has , rare little beast anyway
  8. Yes and Blue mink did the same....
  9. Eerm yes, sorry to say that it was grade one shite, bad earths everywhere, water everywhere, put me off fibreglass cars for ever ,the only good thing about it was the XR2 engine, sold the car after 2 weeks of misery. Although I imagine that they were pretty quick if they had the nissan turbo engine fitted?
  10. That hasn't strayed far from home, Bournemouth reg and still in Christchurch...............
  11. My god I had forgotten about that episode, I know the feeling of being a senior citizen and dropping a few bikes along the way, the worst was my lovely few months old Suzuki GT 250 RAMAIR in 1974 I had to hide the damaged bike from my mum till I got it fixed, because my mum had signed the HP agreement as I wasn't old enough . She would have had a fit if she had seen it !Ask your grandad about HP (hire purchase) and flairs and loon pants and Elton John moon boots ha ha ha.
  12. Managed to get the assembled beastie out into the sunshine today, haven't cleaned it, just got it starting and running, for the first time in 40 years, sadly I will probably move it on as I have others that need my urgent attention.... next up should be a 250 twin that's been hiding in my garage for the last couple of years.
  13. Great little bikes widely used by the plod in my neck of the woods.
  14. That's a shame, they are probably the most sought after model, aside from the 175 Trail. Apparently they did a 350 custom, but I have never seen one.
  15. One of my favourites too and not only that but I have one in that very colour, its a very coarse silver metal flake , it def does not wheelie like the pic though. I will try and dig out a pic.
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