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  1. will16

    Home made pick ups.

    Couple Maesto van's converted to pickups. The blue one was made at Cowley I believe and the green one is alot more refined, made by a conversion company. I've had to push the thought of converting mine away
  2. will16

    Snow shite?

    You have to go through the dash menu to turn it off, go left arrow as far back, down to settings, then driver assists, then traction control (from memory) On mine it still feels like it cuts the brakes if you go too hard in it!
  3. Thanks! Bit of lanes-ing this afternoon, just testing it and getting a feel for it, its a lot of fun Definitely needs an alignment and the height resetting on the coilovers
  4. Love these, especially 2 stroke! Bumper looks right at home
  5. I wondered if you had seen this and what its become I messaged you about it, but it had already sold. I'll admit, I miss the smell and economy of the diesel, I did 1500 miles and it barely cost anything! I owe you thanks, without your work it definitely wouldnt of gone through this mot Yes I think you did! I've just clicked, I saw a couple retro Peugeot estates there liberating it, I was going to have a wonder over but went shy Glad that the BX has been rescued, been sat for as long as I can remember 10+ year?! Thanks! I've sorted the issue but I'm sure that will be helpful to know for future projects So, after test drive 1 I had some issues to sort. First the brakes, I checked that the servo was fully against the bulkhead, it was and rebleed them. Got it feeling like it did before, I dont think it helps having one side of pads almost to the metal and the other side a good 10mm of pad! New pads on order.. Another issue was driveshaft binding. In a rush when measuring and making the shafts, they both ended up being about 15mm too long. Handily, I had rushed the engine position too so the engine sits 15mm off centre. I swapped the shorter shaft onto the longer side, which sorted that out and took 30mm off the other one so it was the right length, now both are spot on! The drivers side still binds for some reason, only at full droop of the suspension, but at the height I'm running it, it shouldnt be an issue. Before they were bottoming out in the inner cv. I also added high level brake lights, always liked them idk why
  6. Thank you for the kind words chaps ! Cheers man! The autoshite sticker came from a member on here called Jim Bell, there is a thread here http://autoshite.com/topic/16714-autoshite-decals-restock-not-arnold-clark-content/page-10 Right, I've not done a update as progress has been slow (not all due to me btw). First the cooling system needed plumbing, I tilted the rad forward to give more clearance and got £4 worth of hoses from the scrappy and some spare ally tube and put it all together, not very neat but it works and still uses the maestro rad. Also got the right size alternator belt so that went on no issues. Then it was the front suspension. MK2 Golf coilovers fit with minimal mods, I wanted ones with preload spring and height adjustment, not just like the cheap ones that use the spring preload adjustment to adjust height. Ordered a set that was meant to have the 2 types of adjustment, they turned up and guess what, they only had spring adjustment Returned those and bought some more which are actually what I wanted. Then it was on to the clutch. What a bloody nightmare Bought a civic master, wouldnt fit for shit. Bought another girling type, got a custom line made, cut a bloody great hole in the bulkhead and welded a tab onto the pedal. It is very stiff, probably something to do with where I've welded the tab and angle that the master is on I'd imagine, but I can live with it. The brake booster on this is pretty big and this was the smallest master I could find, but its still squashed between the booster and bulge in the bulkhead, its not an ideal situation, thought about trying to get a smaller booster? This does mean that this evening I too it for a spin round the block! IT DRIVES!!! Very pleased, though have remembered that I havent torqued hub of lug nuts yet . Few issues though. One is a hunting idle between 1.5-2k, seems to be a common thing with these civics after being sat, the iacv can bugger up. I took it out and cleaned it and hasnt done anything, either italian tune up or new sensor required. Another is the brakes. Its got none! Pedal basically goes to the floor, I think where I've loosened the booster and master it might of affected something? I've tightened the booster down as much as I can and dont think the clutch master is stopping it from mounting properly. Going to bleed them tomorrow and see if that does anything and check that the vacuum port from the civic engine is working for it.
  7. Haha I am in need of a new grille too FN/K gear lever is a good shout, not sure if its a straight swap onto a EP3, I know that the DC5 intergra has a normal floor mounted style and uses the same box as EP3, I'll see how this one feels while driving Its still a 2.0 diesel on the V5, I'll do the same as I did with the mini, send the V5 in with receipt for the new engine with no., cc and fuel type, I dont know if there are any penalties for not doing it but I wouldnt want to find out, it doesnt cost anything to get the V5 changed anyway! Insurance should be ok, I've got a quote which isnt too bad, again same as my mini was, it goes down as a non standard engine change I may well take you up on that offer! Last time I sent a 'receipt' for the engine and they were ok with that, though it seems to vary, as I know people have got away with not sending anything Not done much, hope to have it driving over the weekend Radiator is plumbed in, annoyingly alternator belt is too long, even though its meant to be the correct one for non ac
  8. Appreciate the props guys, thanks ! Don’t worry, outside is staying as is, as said it’s perfect, still means the van is usable and very unassuming! It’s subtlety lowered and I’ll be swapping the back box for a less obvious one This was never going to please everyone, I knew that! Ive done it for a few reasons, I’m a petrol head and I like to engineer things, this is a bit of fun for me, it was an idea I had and I’ve not seen anything like it before, I also like to go fast, making shitey old motors quick is my bag, sure I could of bought a whole civic and drive that, but it would be more expensive, higher insurance and wouldn’t be as enjoyable. Also, I use the van for various little jobs, it’s a practical bit of kit! know it’s not the coolest thing being a maestro van, but I’d say it’s a lot cooler than an ep3, and it’s going to make an interesting van on track. Gearstick just mimicked standard civic position Thank you sir! I’m very much looking forward to showing up some “high profile” motors
  9. Cheers everyone I'm glad that the project has gone down well! I know diesel is the choice for vans around here Haha I'd love to say it was as simple as that, theres been a fair amount of head scratching! It was definitely well used! It was only a couple hundred miles of 235k, which might have had something to do with it lol. It has gone to someone who is going to put it back in a montego though. Turbo diesel lump is a good choice, especially for a work van, that must have been at least nippy back then with the torque Fortunately Honda did good and made a stationary shaft bolted to the block, so the driveshafts are equal length, I'm yet to dive it to give a proper review Ahh yep, I know the thread, thats Alex's van! He has done a damn good job at making one of these look cool. Appreciate the offer too, I will take you up on that, always good to meet local enthusiasts, I'll keep an eye out for your 505 as well I'll put a few more pics up just to show engine mounts, gear shifter, fuel tank mods, for those that are interested.. I cut a bloody great hole in it!
  10. Looks like a good little meet, is this a regular occurrence? Not far from me and I stop at Reg's regularly as Banbury is in my work area
  11. Could the damp patch be screenwash? Not familiar with at all, but my mini melted a washer jet hose in France on the way to Lemans, I almost fainted seeing water pouring from underneath a K Series Very cool car btw
  12. I thought I should update this, alot has happened! MOT was passed first time, I couldnt believe it, almost fainted. Few minor advisories, front tyre worn, small hole in sump and load sensing valve stiff, I've sorted 2 of them already.. I was just driving it about apart from that, enjoying it, butttt I'll admit I was getting bored I'll admit, I'm a bit of a yob, and the 50hp of the mighty perkins wasnt cutting it, so I have put the Type R engine I've had sat around in. I grossly underestimated how much work it was going to be and it isnt actually finished yet, need to sort the front suspension and make up the cooling system but its going to be very fun motor when done. Bit of badge buggery and nice exhaust
  13. Quite possibly the best sticker I've seen in a while, Cheers Jim!
  14. Sorry to bump this back up, but I'd love an Arnold Clark type AS sticker, if they are still available?
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