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  1. Opel Ascona - 1.6 S - Base model? 1985 Location Netherlands Price only 500€. There is some rust, naturally, and some damage to the paint on the boot. Wonder how did that happen? Overall not so bad. The Dutch MOT (APK) run out in June 2021 https://www.autowereld.nl/opel/ascona/1-6-s-standaard-4-ve-35696220/details.html?
  2. Just managed to watch it. That is a change from your last (estate) cars.
  3. The Aurus, a Bentley/Rolls copy from Russia. At the point they talk about the infighting between designers and engineers and ending up with a ugly hippo. I thought about the Allegro.πŸ™„.
  4. Watch how you tread when you say things like that 😁
  5. Market day. Renault Master. Registered 1993, still working for a living.
  6. Dutch trains. A video of Prorail (the Dutch train infrastructure comapny) attending two incidences. I was surprised to see that Prorail have blue lights and sirens on their vehicles. Cant imagine that happening in a lot of other countries.
  7. I don't think we have had this here before.
  8. Best way to get rid of shit liquid.😁
  9. They are not taking orders yet. At the moment it is all about flooding social media to publicise the car and brand.
  10. Found another version of the same body. This one is an EV. Year 1959 Henney Kilowatt
  11. Too late I had posted bout this before you. πŸ˜„
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