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  1. That was a grave mistake then. Many could not wait wake to go to the show. I will get be pallbearers coat.......
  2. There is really a lot going on in that photo. The Hillman V Ford. The "soldier" in front of the gully cleaning lorry.πŸ˜‰ The lorry in the distance which seems to have a huge crane jib and a load of poles overhanging the rear. The road layout is abysmal, where the bus is approaching. Two policemen stand over to the left in front of the shop. The direction sign, at the bottom right, does not match the road layout.
  3. Oh my Bog. A skull shaped WC. A toilet that is smart phone connected, with LED lights, sounds, Voice control through Siri and Google thus it is hands free. https://waterthrone.fr
  4. I know the area very well It used to be part of my "patch". I loved working in The Levels area. But hated a number of towns that way.
  5. The first Volvo made in the USA. It did not go well.
  6. It used to be worse when the Cellophane factory was operating. The smell was awful. That has now been demolished. I believe the town is a host to the builders* of Hinkley Point power station.
  7. Cant be many left theses days....Maestro owners that is.
  8. That was here a short while ago. Someone also suggested it would make dollywobbler purchase a new car.
  9. I expect the wife is a secret AirBnB owner, with a fake ID πŸ˜‰ https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/50396590?source_impression_id=p3_1636835582_qzWi1WvY0CMhSZrz And welcome to the forum
  10. Further down that rabbit hole I found the Fiat Toro, some markets called the Ram 1000. Made in Brazil.
  11. Published under several names the AZLK S-1 Other names Moskvich S-series, Meridian-1700TS Later version
  12. Will someone please purchase this as it has appeared a number of time here in the past week. It is obviously something you WANT😁
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