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  1. I do not think I ever used caps. I had them for my cowboy/western pistols. I also had rockets that you throw up into the air and being nose heavy landed on the percussion cap and off they went. Something like these. https://www.samstoybox.com/toys/CapBombs.html
  2. I am just going to show my age again as I remember this when there was talk of ending the MG brand. I had a MG Maestro at the time and the two MG clubs were positive about the news that perhaps AM would continue making a MG B. Over the years that car has changed hands a number of times. I did not know it was now in Germany. Some aspects of this car are not so clean as it should have been, the windscreen, hood and rear lights. Awful. still at least it has the period factory built tied line.
  3. Me one Christmas. Army vehicles was that years theamed presents. Honest John Missile, Quad and 25 ponder, another gun. There was the tank and transporter too. Plus some dispatch riders. I think the dispatch riders were made by Britons and the rest by Dinky. Here is what I still have. The Quad but some eyes and hooks for towing are broken. The single 25 pounder gun. That too may have been made by Britain. There is a mechanism which would allow the firing of broken matchsticks from the barrel. The tank with now knackered tracks. and last of all the Thornycroft Antar tank transporter.
  4. Triumph outside M&S is J reg. Viva HC on the other side of the road, introduced in late 1970
  5. As far as I am concerned @Metal Guru has got the location correct. Hence the name of the image is Brighton.jpg.
  6. I never like Dug so i never watch his videos. However, this has made an exception. It starts a min or so in so you do not have to watch his advert for his own website. Warning he uses the word weird too many time.
  7. I am glad I don't like in the UK all those goodies that have been up for sale...I could have spent a fortune. Postage and import duties have made them all impossible for me Today's offering from me is a step back in time. Two front engined F1 cars. BRM is about to "Box Box Box" as it has a flat. The Cooper Maserati is obviously from a later age This is the Cooper's companion.
  8. Ford Transit (wrecker) Mercedes 2.3 I think that is it of my newer stuff.
  9. Marconilaan junction with Anthony van Leeuwenhoeklaan, Eindhoven. Accident Google maps now Street-view now.
  10. Thanks for the explanation. I am still a little confused on this. I know the story of castings is confusing. I have been trying to look at the hobbybaseDB site But these small red and blue boxed vehicles do not often show up. Maybe I am not using the right filters.
  11. Not car related. An hour long story about The background of the Planet of the Apes film. It is long but it is, for me, an intriguing story. If you liked then then there is a follow up. A look at the Planet of the Apes, made by the same YouTuber.
  12. Another scene from (not) Van der Valk.
  13. The link to the one in Ireland is not correct. Still if you miss out on that one here is another in the same colour form here in Spain. They were only made for the Spanish market. https://www.milanuncios.com/renault-de-segunda-mano/renault-r6-422050840.htm Annoyingly the milanucios website cannot list R7s So they pop up in under all sorts of other Renault models. This one is in dark red. https://www.milanuncios.com/renault-de-segunda-mano/renault-r6-r6-1-1-gtl-437379876.htm https://www.milanuncios.com/venta-de-coches-clasicos/?s=r7&demanda=n&orden=relevance&fromSearch=1
  14. What did the "sorry card" say? Your parcel can be found on the tracks?
  15. This is this another version of the Ford Sierra. I posted earlier about he differing details on the bas of these small Corgis. Here we have The Ford Sierra and Jag XJ40. One as bold as a badgers ass whilst the other is very detailed.
  16. Shite cars and Shite Laptop. Bonus prize right there. At least it was not all caps-locked.
  17. They did without the armour, but were not that successful.
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