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  1. No please stop this right now. No more conversions for selling food. Trust the Yanks to go one bigger! https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C847065
  2. The van hiding in the background could also be an illegal too.
  3. Yep and the owner too. How does one find out about up and coming live broadcasts?
  4. Spares? I have an Austin Westminster and use to purchase spares that maybe impossible to get elsewhere at Earlpart. I have found out they went bust earlier this year. Via a forum for other BMC products I found out the business has been purchased by a guy who runs https://longbridgemotorspares.co.uk/ The posters speak highly of this chap. The links to his catalogues are with the Earlpart logo on them. Give him a bell and see if he has what you are looking for. I need spares after Christmas so until then I can only repeat the info I have read.
  5. For sale Golf 1.9 tdi, with some small damage. Photo of where the accident occurred. Wants a whopping 1200€ https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1103543813127825
  6. Now selling Criminals. Rober 2000 Diesel. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/316871449102126
  7. Not a whisper. So I will have to find the document I wrote. Had a PC crash so although most things were saved nothing has been saved with the original name. I will get too it soon.
  8. Citroën Visa, with lacquer peel.
  9. SEAT Panda. With RR sticker. Spanish advert.
  10. Nissan Trade. Sorry about reflections taken via dash cam. Spanish advert
  11. I really wish second hand cars are that cheap here in Spain. I would have to pay around 3000€ or more for that. Even with a tar burning engine
  12. Thanks now I have this stuck in my head.
  13. At the moment I am reliving TV history with is. The rest can be found on the same channel. Except ep8 of series one.
  14. Maybe we should find teh way for this lady to join us. Well done tinker BELL https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-england-hereford-worcester-46045054/redditch-woman-s-dream-to-restore-1959-ambulance
  15. No in Dutch they use another word. I do not know why this has cock badge on it. Old video with English commentary. Witkar now operates Smart Forfour and have locations all over the NL.
  16. Just been on a visit to Venice?
  17. Found this whist searching Air beg and bugger. What am I staying in a church or a stable?
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