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  1. https://www.renault.co.uk/cars/arkana-ljl-ph1-reveal.html
  2. Don`t worry, the way things are going Belgium will be closed under lockdown.
  3. Commonly called by East London bus drivers U-boat. All the buses based at Upton Park garage.
  4. There is car salesman on YT High-peaks (or som et like hat) from somewhere near the Peak District who would seem to have adverts like this. I have not watched him for some time I do remember him but his waffling about his stock this would be right up his ally.
  5. Eufy doorbell. Easy to install they say. Like hell. Connecting to the Bluetooth and using the bells QR code for setting it up on the phone. That does not go well. Reading the forums it has been like that for around 2 years. Nothing has been done to fix it. I could add the number in manually, however, the spaces for this in the app are less than the number printed. Cannot ascertain which part of number to input. Sometimes I manage to get as far as for the bell to connect to the WIFI then the app freezes. Customer services via the app and email are good as rust proofing on a 1960's car.
  6. Hobnobs they look like they have rusted badly. They taste much better...I expect.
  7. I was about to say the same. This story could go go any confrontation on the roads. You do not know who is in the other car. Thankfully very violent confrontations are not so common, yet.
  8. When reading any subject in wiki it is best to look at the page in the native language which the subject is situated. In this case read the Polish language about the van(s) https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/FS_Lublin Then use an on line translator.
  9. YouTube's video voting system is now broken. First they took away down votes for comments. Now it is for videos too. What is the point of voting?
  10. As far as I know, nothing has changed. You will not get points but you will receive a fine.
  11. Plus the Spanish use these now. No warning signs either
  12. Was in Lidl today. The Spanish shops are stocking these Hotwheels. Not my thing. cost here is 6.99€ per pack. https://www.lidl.es/es/hot-wheels-vehiculos-pack-5/p34241
  13. They came in blue too. The add says this is a rare colour. Here is maybe the same one. The image below was taken in South Wales. The advert says the car is located in SW too.
  14. https://www.dumpert.nl/item/100015308_0fae6bb8 CCTV working well. The video will not embed on the forum.
  15. Remspoor

    Car chases

    I have done a search on this thread and could not find if this has been posted before. Film: The Longest Yard featuring a Citroen SM and Burt Reynolds.
  16. I have no idea if this works with the devices you are using. This is how I added my signature. Go to your Profile Page. At the top right click open your forum name and this drop down will appear. Click open account settings and the the following page. I have only given a small screen shot as it is here you can see other pesonal deatils like email It is here you can change your signature.
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