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  1. I had this very issue earlier this year with my grandson and the absolute winnah was............... a K11 micra 1.0 S. Its base spec in the extreme, over £250 less than anything else we tried and we did try a LOT And the big bonus is his mates think its well cool so all is well insured with RAC and of course with a complimentary black box plenty of them around and cheap enough to pick up a decent one He loves it and the bits and pieces for servicing are cheap as chips and easy to get so no nasty surprises due anytime soon
  2. Would anyone by chance have a wheel with legal tyre that would fit a 1993 R8 416 somewhere near Sunny Donny muchas ta fanx just realised today after 5 months of owning said car I have been playing puncture roulette
  3. 24,17,18, 9 I do believe that makes an average of 17 years old Total financial value of not a lot but I still feel like a winnah funny how shite works, suppose I could flog em all and buy a "nice" sensible car as recommended by the mother in law
  4. passes the insurance test but not the collecshun distance test . Thanks for info though
  5. this has got to be tested. I shall away and find a registration to quote. sounds like madness worth a try even if just for the giggles
  6. For some reason unknown to me the insurance quote for that particular vehicle is twice what he is paying on a 09 fiesta dizzle ????. So this one is defo out of the consider list . Guess I will just have to win the roffle and keep it to myself
  7. Forgot abart that just purchased a couple of tickets as well
  8. This may just fit a requirement I have at this moment in time.... few piccies would be of interest
  9. Due to youthful exuberance and love of "testing" his skillz in Morrisons car park my 18 Y/O tame yet annoying grandson requires another motah would anyone have anything that could fit the bill? Insurance is the killer must be cheap to insure for a 18 yo trainee HOONIGAN and ready to go, work life dependeth on the motah Owt will be considered within the above paramiters Thank you kind folk
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