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  1. The facelift Freelander 1 was offered with a Sprot spec in the early 2000s at the start of this weird obsession with having 'sporty' 4x4s . Lowered and stiffened suspension mated with the BMW lump or the V6 slush stirrer. The irony couldn't be more stark.
  2. Same (or worse) with boat trailers. I've had a few over the years and sadly there's exactly zero attention paid to hubs which get a far harder time that other trailers. A regular dunking in fresh or salt water means running gear is inevitably a service item. On each and every one I've had to replace hubs, bearings and wheels. Perished tyres, rusted rims and shagged bearings running in a mix of brown mayonnaise and grit each and every time.
  3. The old neighbour was still regularly using his home made trailer up until a few years ago till he sold it. Made by him in the 70's, with a single axle, it was still on its original cracked to feck Dunlop cross plies. The brakes had long since stopped working. The hitch was so loose and worn and you could hear it banging away coming down the street. No break away cable/chain at all, not that anything would have stopped that when loaded anyway. The last time he used it was to haul gravel for his yard behind his Freelander from a quarry 10 miles away. He reckoned 2.5tonnes as a level load. He literally did not give the tiniest shit about safety. I don't think his freelander could get up to any sort of speed thank God but the stopping distance must have been ridiculous eben at 20mph.
  4. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/21096681.tributes-paid-coltishall-man-knocked-runaway-trailer/ The worst happened down the road a few years back. It clearly can happen.
  5. As everyone is saying, leaving a nicked car to cool off somewhere out of the way for a few days is the norm. Watch a few of these videos and see which ones get their premises turned over by the polis and which get away to nick again http://www.youtube.com/@AutomatricsMtrack
  6. The pot hole pointer. Local rag regular, perma-compo-faced misery. Portly, gammon complexion, filthy beard. Kneeling beside or pointing at pothole with walking stick in front of his shagged out metallic porridge coloured Skoda Roomster/Honda Jizz holding a genuine* bill for '£2000' for damage caused by driving over a pothole'
  7. The school run is great place to find some miserable rubber. This morning's stand out spot was an 'ilink Thunder' from all the lads at the Shandong Longyue Rubber Group. https://www.protyre.co.uk/tyres/car-tyres/ilink/thunder-u09 This was on a Nissan Crapcow amongst a roulette of other utterly shocking value 'rubber' mounted on Nismo branded alloys. The best was the front offside with a sidewall bulge the size of a baby's head. Assuming, as you would, that no one would be that stupid enough to knowingly drive on something so obviously dangerous I did my civic duty and told the owner about it as they were getting their grandchildren out who they'd just ferried to school. "Oh yeah, that. My husband did it yesterday. Its alright, its booked in tomorrow". FFS I assume that because massive alloys on 7 seater brat carrier equals a can of puncture repair snot instead of a spare wheel, people in such a situation just keep driving because they see no alternative. Madness.
  8. R O A D K ING? Yo must be F K ING J O K ING
  9. The absolute worst thing about mine was the headlights and it's pretty common to find broken adjusters where previous owners have cranked them to the max and beyond to try and raise the beam and stripped the gears. Mine were. They illuminate about 25 feet infront of the car and the cut off is so harsh that everywhere else is in complete darkness. I hated driving mine in winter on unlit roads and one of the reasons I sold it.
  10. Say it loud. Say it proud.
  11. Vw E-Up! Ignorance of regional clichés is bliss.
  12. Indeed. You could even invest in shares in one recently https://www.getchip.uk//investing/invest-in-cars/ferrari-testarossa
  13. 'Preminum' car with Death Ring pick and mix roulette. CatchPowah!! Lanvigator!!
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