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  1. I recall one hot Sunday morning adopting a similar position in my Gt6 (for reasons long forgotten) when the then Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, walked past to get the Sunday papers from the Shell garage opposite us (he lived round the corner). He was wearing a particularly 'period' pair of short shorts and my inverted position gave me a view even the strongest of all eye bleaches has failed to remove.
  2. They state its a 2 1/4 'turbo' diesel, (not turbo obviously) and it has the hand throttle quadrant on the bulkhead as late series 3 diesels should plus the extra switch panel set in the middle of the dash. That's correct for the 1981 date. Certainly an odd one. Maybe they've stuck the rear tub and bumper off an old one and just not bothered to remove the plates?
  3. Alfa Romeo Gt Junior 1600 FOR £3000 Like that moment when as a youth that really really attractive girl once held your gaze just long enough for you to think "maybe she does fancy me" but then YOU DID NOTHING ABOUT IT AND WILL STILL BE REGRETTING THAT FACT ON YOUR DEATH BED! Well, something like that. So I'm told.
  4. Rickman Ranger (?) Camper. This was in a private scrapyard at a boatyard with other CF fragments and entrails, Rover P4 and Jags various.
  5. My Golf mk4 was comfy and mainly reliable but had endless electrial issues and the interior creaked constantly. The current pre-dpf Volvo XC70 shows no signs of giving up. 145000 and going strong. It's comfortable, quick and far more economical than a car of that size has any right to be (diesel obviously). Spares are plentiful and maintenance is a piece of piss. The autobox of doom thing is over-hyped if well maintained and not abused. Its 18 years old and the only thing with rust is the exhaust.
  6. Awesome. Didn't Practical Classics do a resto series on one a few years back? 2005/2006 ish?
  7. This feller is always worth a watch. Shows the value of proper trackers for expensive gear and how quickly the 'baaandits' strip cars down.
  8. HiCaps had a heavy duty chassis made with actual decent steel. Mine was a D plate but even ex-farm fresh was immaculate underneath, just a tiny bit of grot on the X member in the usual mudtrap which didn't warrant a welding session.
  9. Same here. I stopped with the Night breakers as they've never lasted longer than a couple of months in my Volvos (DRL's obvs) and were too expensive to keep replacing. They made no difference at all to illumination in the old V50 which I think was more to do with the optics of the lights than the bulbs. The current XC70 still chews through most bulbs in about 12 months still so tend to opt for the long life varieties.
  10. The spit of my first car/van and as much as I'd like it, HFM?! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/195275693053?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=Lr7Lz52FQvS&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=31yn6j0frz2&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  11. Memories of a college mate's absolutely identical one (minus a drink induced the roof dent). Four up being thrashed through the Milton Keynes roundabout maze after a fellow back seat passenger gave the internationally recognised hand gesture for 'wanker' to the tail gating truck driver. Cue a very British and therefore utterly shit re-enactment of Duel as a loaded Astra 1.3 was found to be wholly ill-suited to a drag race with a lightly loaded 7.5 tonner.
  12. Echoing everything that everyone else has said so far really, they are fun to drive but not so much on faster roads. The standard seats aren't the most supportive, maybe better if restored perhaps, and the fug stirrer wasn't up to the job of heating and screen clearing in winter. Address those three and I reckon they're hard to beat. The main annoyance I found wasn't really a fault of the car but the attitude of other drivers. The assumption that old car equals slow moving target to be beaten still prevails, and I'm sure is common to other marques too. Almost without fail there was some prick overtaking for no reason, pulling out, cutting up or desperately trying to get past at the lights. It just became tediously predictable. The appeal of an utterly bog standard looking sleeper with 150+ bhp became quite strong.
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