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  1. Loving this thread, some cool stuff mentioned and pictured. That XC70 with roof tent excited my particulars a bit 😍 Very cool beans. Of course what you really need to do if you want a motorhome/camper/whatever is this: Get pissed off that there are no houses you want to buy within your budget Look at camper base vehicles on ebay whilst a bit pissed Show OH a cool* one you've found Fall off chair when they suggest buying it to "live the dream" etc Buy it blind Drive fecking miles, hungover, to literally the other end of the country to get it Drive
  2. Bloody love Vice Grip Garage, the guy is hilarious and does some really cool projects. It genuinely astounds me that a car that has been stood for 10 years plus and is quite fucked (no brakes, chassis integrity issues etc) can be got runming and driven several hundred miles home?! Both as an achievement and as a legitimate exercise, i suppose rules are just different over the pond Would recommend the youtube channel anyway, especially for shiters as it fits well with the ethos!
  3. Nice relays! I've got to look into a new set of relays for my BX GT air con swap, i like the idea of labels and LED indicators. I know not much about electrics and less about relays so i have some research to do. Stellar looking, well, stellar ?
  4. So i complety failed to do anything remotely shite with this collection, the AX landed last Tuesday and is remarkably not shit. Sorry shiters, no woolard, pez shot or poo count (was 1 just incase you're interested). Transport device = Lexus RX 400h, whacked cruise on at 70 and just chilled all the way up there, munching scotch eggs, pasta salad and pork pies, jelly beans and grapes for sugary sustainance. Fantastically capable machine. Did it in 1 tank too, 37.4 mpgees (3.3 V6 hybrid ) AX Thoughts? Mildy disappointed. It isn't that slow and it isn't that rattly or clattery, it
  5. I've just caught up on this here thread and am sad to say i can't make it (sad for me at least!). A shame as i met the charming Mr6C at shitefest last year and we spoke about some of his interesting chod. Would have been great to perv over. I have a kitchen to dissasemble so that will be fun*
  6. Well folks, Tuesday next is the day of the dizzler. Purchase confirmed, beer tokens obtained and picnic planned. I bet you lot just can't wait for it, I know I can't! Now i'm not studying every evening and day off i'm doing a lot more mooching around hhere and there, the Hearse as our 2nd car has been indispensible in its lugging capabilities for what now must be several tons of timber/logs/garden mulch etc, BUT i'm spending north of a tenner a week and i've not travelled outside of town much! Yeovil is not a big town by any means. It does 24mpg on a run, I would be truly horrified to wor
  7. Progress has been made! The poor TRS has been raped of most of it's engine bay a/c stuff with the a/c specific engine sump pan left to swap over, I am slightly anxious about this as some have reported that it fouls some flywheels, one way to find out! Some components have been refurbed but there is more work yet to be done. I have written it up on the BXClub with pictures and everything so if you fancy a perv, go and have a gander. https://bxclub.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=16175&start=615 Further developments have revealed that the 'french' TRS is actually a Swiss car, this is w
  8. Not sure if this is right for the thread? Nice AX alloys, look like Chicago types. Any use for AX lickers on here? Not mine, just spotted on FB AX page. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274359160528?fbclid=IwAR1qF_FhMQvAmYNPtxF6Lpezv-Q0ofPRyFP17yQGP_NXP98XyUZVuI0JJBo
  9. Ooof, those seats! Hnnngg etc. I like the fact its a 4 seater, not a 5, also extra points for digital dashboard that appears to work! Very, very nice that.
  10. *takes notes from chodweaver's very justifiable arguments Top suggestion Mrs CW! Hadn't thought of that, will discuss this evening.
  11. Harsh words man! We'll keep the Lexus for as long as we can, it is a superbly capable machine, GLF when you boot it, sounds great inna growly V6 kind of way and you can get 40mpegees if you try. It will take some pretty serious shit for me to sell the Citroen (it's a bit special for a BX, and always surprises me what good nick it's in too), i'm not sure the OH would let me sell the Volvo Hearse! Cadillac wet dreams, yes. I'd also do a MK2 Astra or Saab 900 convertibble if one presented itself. Sounds like a missed opportunity man, but got to keep TWMBO happy. It's all about a balance e
  12. Top shiting there Eddy! I have thought about using the street, but parking is very limited here, and many of the houses are housing association types for retired persons. We've already had 'comments' about the nose of the hearse poking out into the road slightly (we're talking a couple of inches here...), whilst there is still plenty of space, picture a single file country cul de sac road with one side dedicated to parking only. Just imagine if we started parking out the front of their houses! That's 'their' space don't you know! bs. Hmm, interesting points Talbot! No-one has been seen
  13. Yes, i paid my £2.50 to the land registry and have on file who owns it. Tbh if someones forgotten they have it, however unlikely, im happy for it to stay that way until we can put an offer down! There is caravanshite in the garden too for extra points. Cheers Ron I also had parking space as a big priority for house purchases, but with high expectations and a low budget, its all a damn compromise. Also the OH couldnt give two shiny shits about cars.
  14. Afternoon folks, I am putting something off so thought i'd do one of my favourite things, absolutely no cream coloured ponies but maybe a crisp apple strudel (with custard, of course), wait, where was I? Oh yeah, shitely prevarication. So I have -1 spaces for cars, our house has 1 drive spot for the phat Lexus BUT I wants lots - not helped by this wonderful fucking terrible place! I have 2 cars stored in a barn (paid storage) and the Gearse in a little communal car park down the road (probs shouldn;t be there tbf). My question is, and well done if you have read through all of that twoddle
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