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  1. Yea, they're not the best alloys... But they are ORGINAL that has to add at least* £500 onto the price, right? Banded steels look ace on these K11's, yes oui si's alloys look good too.
  2. Yes oui si, that looks very very much fun! Especially a convertible with what looks like an intercooler! (bonus points for cable ties holding it on) 😎 Cheers Etchy, I love it, if I didn't have fees to pay i'd tuck it away until I needed it as it seems to be a good one. A set of replacement door cards (or if your handy with spray glue, re-stick the current ones) and a good used wing would sort it cosmetically.
  3. Nippy nubbin indeed, standstill to 30 is impressive* when in sport mode 🤣 Trafficlight race-assassin 😈
  4. Although it owes me a grand, the tuition fees I need to pay are not quite £800, so if you're thinking of an offer that's what it'll need to be around. I know it's not really a shite price, but the fees gotta be paid... 😬 I'd rather avoid ebay etc if I can, as i've been messed around enough in the past.
  5. Loving home sought, must sell through no fault of its own etc. I have a 54000 miles (ish) 2002 K11 Micra 1.0 CVT 'S' for sale, it has factory alloy wheels and an aftermarket stereo/CD player (not too bad actually). For the uninitiated, the CVT gearbox is like a twist and go jobby, put your foot down and you whisk off surprisingly quickly for a 1.0! There are no gears as such, but there is a sport button - and it actually makes a difference! A surprising one. It being a 2002 facelift K11, you get a better ignition system (no dizzy, individual coils etc), a sleeker look, doorcards that the fabric peels off of and a CVT gearbox that is not made out of cardboard like the earlier N-CVT types. The engine is chain driven, so no belts to worry about. I bought this in April for mum to mooch around in as she's having a difficult time just now, a few mobility and financial issues (not a great combo!) and so I bought this for her, but also for me to mooch about in when I don't want to use the Hearse. It's no longer required as mum's situation has improved, and she's now bought herself something. So I have Nubbins back, but need the funds back from it which is sad because I really quite like it. A big surprise to me, IS NOT SHIT! My sister had these for her first few cars back when they really weren't worth anything, hers were all totally shit and she accidentally did quite well with the bangernomics philosophy, binning them when they were about to fall apart into small rusty pieces, needed a clutch etc. So, it has almost full-service history, it was MOT'd and serviced in March this year, it had a new full exhaust system in 04/2017 (even though only the rear box was blowing) and a full set of tyres in 08/2017, a new LHS caliper in 2016. It seems to have been very well looked after by the PO and previous owners, the PO had it since 2015 (the invoice for £2245 is in with the SH) but their dog got too big to fit in it! So, the logical thing to do was get a Skoda Roomster, cos they're roomy right? It's in the name and everything. My gain, I won the ebay auction for a smidgen over a grand, and when I picked it up the PO was very apologetic that it had an empty petrol tank, so gave me £50 for fuel - lovely people they were. The lady's husband (yes, a careful lady owner - not ragged or anything) had a collection of stuff, a Disco 3 (Shit rather than shite methinks), Volvo P1800 (gorgeous), S-Type and Merc C250d estate that had been to the moon and back. That's not mentioning the farm shite, many pieces or machinery, tractors, agricultural items I didn't know what they were etc. Apologies for the dirty, shit pictures - I haven’t had time to clean it yet and it still has a load of mum’s crap in there! Will clean, tidy and post better pictures when time allows - possibly Monday. The drivers front wing has a dent, the door card fabric has come unstuck from the card itself and there is a small crack in the front bumper RHS lower corner (wasn't there when I bought it!). Otherwise it is a very smart little thing, with low miles, no rust that I have found (or been reported at MOT time) and so should keep motoring on for some time. Mum has been all over the south west in it, I have been up to Bristol and back once a week for the last month (160 mile round trip) so have total confidence in it - it will sit at 70+ on the motorway quite nicely, although steep hills make it a bit revvy and noisy. It's a 1L though bruv, innit. It owes me £1K, I need to sell it to pay for university tuition fees and need the funds back for this purpose. Any shiters want a punt? Offers accepted. Is located in East Coker, Somerset and isn’t taxed or insured atm.
  6. This looks the tits! And I don't even particularly like tits! Extra points for juxtaposition with smart car. Anyone know what it is?
  7. Some good ideas, perhaps i'm being overly cautious then? There are plenty of lanes to use, to avoid the main roads. It has no reg plates though, the french ones it used to have were removed by the seller (not sure why) so I thought if spotted I'd get royally fucked as a definite. Will think on it...
  8. Tomtation

    BX Transport

    Hi folks, transport required for the TRS 'SE' to it's winter storage location. It's 5.3 miles, but the TRS is not even registered so I would not be confident booking an MOT and driving it up the duel carriagway! From: Somerset To: Somerset Beer tokens supplied, hopefully to be done this coming week (not Friday) or Tues/Weds next week. I'd rather pay a shiter, if there is someone local enough for convenience. Otherwise will organise the local guy I used last time, think it was £40 for the same trip.
  9. Thanks folks, will ask around. Regarding the TRS, tinkering has occurred. It is idling waaaaay better now, and starts alot easier although it still misfires under load. I haven;t checked the cambelt for a slipped belt, also the distributor isn't in the middle of it's adjustment so may tweak that - the distributor on my similarly XU engined GT also almost dead central in it's adjustment range. I also had a reccy at the lights, I swapped over the RHD headlights and put in some old headlamps I had lying around, all lights worked except for the front indicators! A clean of the contacts saw that right, so now all exterior lights work. New bits! I replaced the fuel filter, they are very cheap and i'd hope it at least would help it's running. The old one didn't look too bad, but it is at least 10 years old and soaked with old fuel. I put a new fuel pump to filter hose section in too, as it was splitting. I also replaced the thermostat as the radiator coolant wasn;'t getting hot after a reasonable amoun tof idling, I wasn't confident the stat was opening and was worried it was stuck closed. When I took it out, it could be pushed open, but that doesn;t necessarily mean it opened at temperature, new ones are cheap so replaced anyway. Coolant is a very satisfying bright green! Old stat is tarnished but both are stamped 82 degrees so I managed to find the right one after all, there was quite a lot of choice, my thoughts were an automatic would need the lowest opening temperature. The new stat was very very slightly too big and wouldn't sit recessed in the housing, so I used the chunkiest O-ring so a good seal could be made, no leaks so far! Quite a lot of coolant escaped during the replacement, so I ran the engine until the coolant level dropped (=stat opening) and topped it up and once the temperature rose, the low speed fan came on! So the fans do work, this is good news. On closer inspection, the radiator seems quite good too - which means I hopefully don't have to buy a new one when it gst swapped to the GT, they're fecking expensive, these twin-fan radiators as used in the 16v and TD BX's. NExt I looked at fixing the LHM leak, it was a return line from the FDV to the LHM reservoir, a new pipe section is over £100! So as it was a low pressure return line, I made one up out of 8mm fuel hose, a couple of connectors and some pipe clips. The old pipe was broken at the T piece. There aare three connections, the existing sound pipe to the reservoir, the FDV return line and possibly an accumulator or power steering return? The home made Y piece, couldn't find a T piece locally. I hope the plastic inline and Y piece connectors stand upto the task, I would have gone with metal/brass etc if there was an option so these will hav e to do for now. I will keep an eye out for leaks, but there are none so far. All done! So I now have confidence in the cooling system, there are no current LHM leaks (risky statement on an ancient BX!), the ignition system is mostly new (all except coil and ignition module) and the fuel system is liekwise sorted (not carb, this may yet be the running issue under load). So it is ready to be moved over to the barn where it's bigger sibling, the GT is, they can snuggle up together then until I finish my studying next June-ish. There should be room for the two of them in my end of the barn, the owner is my husbands Aunt and so far took no money from me for storage, but I have insisted now that I will have two in there, the other end is also used for car storage by someone else - but mine are way more interesting compared to a new Mini and smart fortwo!
  10. Update in-writing. 😀 Anyone in somerset, close enough to Yeovil to transport this BX to snuggle with it's friend, my GT? Its only a couple of miles, to a farm between Yeovil and Sherborne. Beer tokens provided of course. Would rather pay a shiter, instead of the guy in Yeovil i used last time i moved a car. This coming week preferable.
  11. Hi folks, sorry i've been super busy recently. So for an update. the first transporter that didn't actually do anything but take my money never even responded to the court documents! The next step is a request for a CCJ (County Court Judgement, if like me you didn't know what that was), which I have done. The courts are deciding whether to issue the CCJ or not, I should know by the 20th. It's all a bit silly really, a simple refund could have avoided the whole situation, or even better - doing the job in the 1st place! This is the negative feedback I left, and their response. I laughed initially, but was then cross. I mean, firstly spelling, then also punctuation. "Failed to collect the car on three agreed dates, with no communication to notify me, apologise or explain - so the seller was hanging around for hours each time waiting for a pick-up that never materialised. Refund requested, which was ignored and now I cannot get in contact with them, so I had to resort to legal action in the hope I get my money back, which is still in progress. DO NOT USE. Reply From Vehicle-logistics247 (51) On 16/07/2019: how dare you leave a review like that as you have had a full refund issued driver had an issue once collections your vehicle so we refunded full amount to youse disgrace" This response cannot be removed, but Shiply have permanently suspended him from their site due to 8 negative feedbvack in the last month! He'll probably just rejoin with a different name, but will need to use a different address and email too, so should be effort for him. In other news, life has taken a downward turn. I am starting a new role next week, and thought i'd compelted all the educational and other requirements to become state registered (as a Biomedical Scientist) and jump straight in - BUT NO! Apparently not, I have another year of distance studying/e-learning to do. Not quite sure how it happenned, seems to be a series of unfortunate events but I was livid last week when I found out. This means the TRS will have to be tucked away somewhere and ignored for a year, I can't get my other BX (my lovely GT) sorted, the Hearse will have to just plod on with no TLC and all house renovation will have to cease in 3 weeks time. Basically, i'll be coming home from work, having dinner and studying till bedtime and at the weekend locking myself in the study all day to, well, study. I've already done a year of this, and it was hard - everytime I had a social or family thing that I didn;t bail on, I got behind and then had to study twice as hard. Bring on next June! So i've got a couple of weeks to fix the LHM leak, clean the carb and get the TRS some storage off of the drive - as the OH is getting pissed off at parking way down the road and hobbling to the house with shopping/work shit etc. Possibly a weekend update? I'd hoped to have some time last weekend, but I did the soffits and fascia's on the back of the house instead - i've still got the front to do, but I know what i'm doing now so should be quicker!
  12. Known, good spark plugs fitted to the TRS. Brand new shiny ones in the GT, also stole the GT's battery cos although it needs charging the BFO ambulance one in the TRS doesn't let the bonnet shut properly, and it being plastic will likely warp! Didn't start it cos it's getting late and the neighbours were having their dinner, their dining roon window opens out onto the drive and if I was eating my dinner and some plonker started running a manky old piece of french tat just outside my dining room window i'd be cross, well i'd be cross if I couldn't go and have a poke about after dinner anyway. Will get some carb cleaner this week and update with current running situation. Really must look at getting that LHM leak fixed, it is getting worse each time the engine runs. *overly dramatic sigh* miss my lovely GT, it is such a nice car.
  13. Sir Lacquer Peel, check out my blog on the BXClub forum on this link for all the challenges and awesomeness we've had together! I've not had a car longer than this one, I love it to bits and want to be as good and as nice a place to be as I can 😎
  14. Reply from Francois (PO) , it was laid up to restore - no particular known problems when it was put out of use. He recommended I replace the 'candles' and clean the carb - the two planned things I have not yet done!
  15. It's a belt driven cam, not sure if I have the funds to get the belt done before the MOT, maybe i'll have time after, when it's relocated to sit next to it's bigger and better sibling - my GT. I did the belt on the GT, so this should be about the same. Not sure why it was laid up initially, I didn't check when I bought it as I assumed it was borked. i'll text the seller. I've been putting off texting him because of my phone bill! He doesn't do emails, so text is the ony option I think (not sure I want to suggest whatsapp, if emails are a no-go). Could well have been HGF given the condition of the rest of it.
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