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  1. Bloody love Vice Grip Garage, the guy is hilarious and does some really cool projects. It genuinely astounds me that a car that has been stood for 10 years plus and is quite fucked (no brakes, chassis integrity issues etc) can be got runming and driven several hundred miles home?! Both as an achievement and as a legitimate exercise, i suppose rules are just different over the pond Would recommend the youtube channel anyway, especially for shiters as it fits well with the ethos!
  2. Nice relays! I've got to look into a new set of relays for my BX GT air con swap, i like the idea of labels and LED indicators. I know not much about electrics and less about relays so i have some research to do. Stellar looking, well, stellar ๐Ÿ™„
  3. So i complety failed to do anything remotely shite with this collection, the AX landed last Tuesday and is remarkably not shit. Sorry shiters, no woolard, pez shot or poo count (was 1 just incase you're interested). Transport device = Lexus RX 400h, whacked cruise on at 70 and just chilled all the way up there, munching scotch eggs, pasta salad and pork pies, jelly beans and grapes for sugary sustainance. Fantastically capable machine. Did it in 1 tank too, 37.4 mpgees (3.3 V6 hybrid ) AX Thoughts? Mildy disappointed. It isn't that slow and it isn't that rattly or clattery, it doesn't even smoke! For a 202000 mile AX? C'mon! It handled the 4hr trip home with aplomb, +1 for 5th gear. Bonus points for smoll (what i wanted) economonomical (indicated* 1/4 tank of dizzle for 235 miles!) and arm day workout steering. Paint? Awful, i likes a shiny motor and for the 1st time evva i MIGHT PAINT! I mean how hard can it be? ๐Ÿ˜… Interior? Bloody lovely, Philip has treated it to GT seats and carpets which are luvverly, the dash and plastics are nice too. Has NEW GEAR KNOB, I likes me a knob so all is well and good there, i can merrily fondle in the knowledge of new-knobbness. Has the standard AX oil leak, plus perhaps another or two - to investigate. Tyres are cracking in places, GT alloys under investigation. Bumpers pale and interesting, GT bumpers also under investigation. Has Saxo rear beam = stiffer rear but not rot and has many other important maintenance and upgrades performed. Would recommend Philip aka AXplug as seller, top feller and top service provided. Tea, kitkats, facilities and tour of enviable shite included, awesome biege thing tucked away that looks lile a Triumph Stag but isn't, can't remember what it was with all the excitement. Only foto i have of it yet, a flattering pose whilst dripping oil onto Toyota's nice tarmac hehe. Dog 1 approves, baby dog 2 yet to experience. Keeeeeep shiting!
  4. I've just caught up on this here thread and am sad to say i can't make it (sad for me at least!). A shame as i met the charming Mr6C at shitefest last year and we spoke about some of his interesting chod. Would have been great to perv over. I have a kitchen to dissasemble so that will be fun*
  5. Well folks, Tuesday next is the day of the dizzler. Purchase confirmed, beer tokens obtained and picnic planned. I bet you lot just can't wait for it, I know I can't! Now i'm not studying every evening and day off i'm doing a lot more mooching around hhere and there, the Hearse as our 2nd car has been indispensible in its lugging capabilities for what now must be several tons of timber/logs/garden mulch etc, BUT i'm spending north of a tenner a week and i've not travelled outside of town much! Yeovil is not a big town by any means. It does 24mpg on a run, I would be truly horrified to work out what it does around town though (i'm thinking mid teens...), especially as 4th which is an overdrive on these Volvo AW70 autoboxes is now non-evident. A 60mpg+ ecobox that I can tart up into a GTD will be a very welcome addition to the fleet! Collection action coming soon!
  6. Progress has been made! The poor TRS has been raped of most of it's engine bay a/c stuff with the a/c specific engine sump pan left to swap over, I am slightly anxious about this as some have reported that it fouls some flywheels, one way to find out! Some components have been refurbed but there is more work yet to be done. I have written it up on the BXClub with pictures and everything so if you fancy a perv, go and have a gander. https://bxclub.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=16175&start=615 Further developments have revealed that the 'french' TRS is actually a Swiss car, this is what the 'SE' is all about, there are 6 of these in Switzerland, TRS with 'SE' extras. Being Swiss it has the dreaded anti-pollution system that apparently killed so many carburetted Swiss cars over the years. A chap on the BXClub FB group said that garage forecourts were littered with MK1 BX's in GT or TRS flavour with the 16 and 19 XU engines and anti-pollution systems, as they couldn't be made to run properly and pass the Swiss emissions limits, so couldn;t be driven on the roads. There seems to be only 15 MK1 BX's left ion Switzerland... Very sad ๐Ÿ˜” This could well be the cause of the running issues i'm having with it, the guy has some manuals he might see if he can send me, but I'm feeling like taking the carb and as much of the anti-pollution system off as I can, and putting a replacement 'standard' weber DRTC on so it still mates up with the manual choke mechanism. The Swiss anti-pollution cars only made 75bhp! Which is the same as the 14, and in this case with an autobox will make for suitably depressing progress making! Glad to see this project is actually progressing! The GT will get its A/C after all, but I haven't tackled the dash yet so don't hold me to that.
  7. Not sure if this is right for the thread? Nice AX alloys, look like Chicago types. Any use for AX lickers on here? Not mine, just spotted on FB AX page. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274359160528?fbclid=IwAR1qF_FhMQvAmYNPtxF6Lpezv-Q0ofPRyFP17yQGP_NXP98XyUZVuI0JJBo
  8. Ooof, those seats! Hnnngg etc. I like the fact its a 4 seater, not a 5, also extra points for digital dashboard that appears to work! Very, very nice that.
  9. *takes notes from chodweaver's very justifiable arguments Top suggestion Mrs CW! Hadn't thought of that, will discuss this evening.
  10. Harsh words man! We'll keep the Lexus for as long as we can, it is a superbly capable machine, GLF when you boot it, sounds great inna growly V6 kind of way and you can get 40mpegees if you try. It will take some pretty serious shit for me to sell the Citroen (it's a bit special for a BX, and always surprises me what good nick it's in too), i'm not sure the OH would let me sell the Volvo Hearse! Cadillac wet dreams, yes. I'd also do a MK2 Astra or Saab 900 convertibble if one presented itself. Sounds like a missed opportunity man, but got to keep TWMBO happy. It's all about a balance eh. Had a quick rootle about, not sure adverse possesison is worth waiting for in this case tbh. 12 years is a long damn time! Im youngish and hope to achieved stuff in the next 12 years, within the next year or two or five it'll probably come down to can we afford next door or not, if not lets fuck off somewhere else better. We're not in a financial position to stretch for next door yet, mostly because this house needs loads of stuff doing to it, like a new boiler and complete heating system, new kitchen, new bathroom, flooring everywhere (kitchen is bare concrete!), re-wiring and some serious decoration. I've not had time to do anything for the last year due to e-learning degree modules but at least the OH has done some serious work in the garden, helped* by the dog of course. The only work i've done to the house is sort out the guttering, new fascias and soffits, repoint the chimney and had a woodburner installed. We share a chimney with no.1, so I repointed that too, it's an 8 outlet unit - took fecking ages! But proper needed doing. Another financial tie, we didn't sell our previous house - we kept it and have rented it out. Back then it wasn't worth selling (market and little equity built up = not much point) but this could be sold to help purchase next door, saying that we did plan to keep it as a pension income, it was a newbuild when we bought it in 2011 and still has some gauranteed/warrantied stuff (just!). Whilst it's costing us nothing just now nor is it giving us any money back, it is sitting there building up equity though with someone else paying for it ๐Ÿ˜. A few of you have mentioned it and I kinda feel you, perhaps it would be wise sending a letter of interest to next doors regostered owner. What I wouldn't want to happen is that they say sure, give us X money and then when we say "err can't afford it yet" it gets sold to someone else. It;d be a bit shit if someone else moved in there tbh, shattered dreams etc and also waay less privacy and peace. Our neighbours in No.3 are lovely, quiet but friendly too. Just looked the houses up on Zoopla,a jolly useful website! You can often see the advert the last time a house was sold, No.1 was sold in Jan 2013 for ยฃ122,500 it needed a lot of updating and was subsequently totally stripped out (aacording to locals), all the cleared shit got dumped in the garden - then apparently abandoned. If you want to be nosy (I would) this is the link to the advert of our place NO.2 LINKY. We'd want to get rid of the useless porch (built to put the boiler in i spect) and brick shed in the drive, this is shared with no.1 so would free up a load of space, it has a massive oil tank in just now which is really useful*, especially as the ancient oil boiler no longer does heating, just hot water ...eventually! It's fundamentally fucked too. You can tell the era of it by its name 'Slave Master' ๐Ÿ˜จ and the fact it's about as big as the Lexus. Back to cars! I'm sure some of you have seen these elsewhere on the internet and on here maybe too apologies for boredom/repetition etc. This seems to have turned into a general chit-chat thread about my life and cars so you may aswell see what I has. 1. Lexus family everyday job. Took fecking ages to clean and buff off, she's a big girl! I thought my wrsist and arms were quite fit from other exercises (fnar fnar) but apparently not. 2. Next aquisisition (hopefully AX dizzle flavoured) 3. Wafting device รก la Citroen BX GT, as mentioned before, longest held car, least used! Poor thing keeps taking a backseat not that much needs doing, but I have this urge to get it nice AF. 3b. The french TRS air con donor 4. (X300 XJR?) 5. (MK2 Astra? Pug 304? Saab 900? Yank tank flop top?) 6. Volvo 740 Hearse, this attended SF19 and was a lovely place to sleep. Much love for this. Jesus fucking christ I waffle on.
  11. Top shiting there Eddy! I have thought about using the street, but parking is very limited here, and many of the houses are housing association types for retired persons. We've already had 'comments' about the nose of the hearse poking out into the road slightly (we're talking a couple of inches here...), whilst there is still plenty of space, picture a single file country cul de sac road with one side dedicated to parking only. Just imagine if we started parking out the front of their houses! That's 'their' space don't you know! bs. Hmm, interesting points Talbot! No-one has been seen in there for the 6 yearsish, tbh I think the locals would be happy if we had it, as it is a bit of a mess. One upstairs window is boarded up and looking through the windows, it is completely stripped out inside and newly plastered upstairs, there are paintbrushes left on half empty paint tins and wellies by the lounge door etc. Literally looks like downed tools one day and never returned. We've only been here 18 months sadly, but have succumbed to some gardening as the brambles, nettles and bindweed keep crossing the borders and invading! There is no fence, and there is also a permissive path around the sides of the terrace ends (1 and 4) and backs of the middle houses (2 and 3) so we do have a right of way around the back and side. I'm not sure a car would be legally 'allowed' up this path, nor would it fit, there is a drystone wall restricting the width that could easily be removed for a lovely carport The wind blew a bait beehive of ours over the boundary into no.1's garden a couple of weeks ago, sadly a swarm moved in. It's very stressful to the bees to be moved btw, so we are forced to leave them bee (๐Ÿคฃ) for now and just use that piece of garden. The rest of our bees are at the in-laws. The only way someone else could use it is to go up the side path that we have use of, there's no back gate and on the road side there is a fence and bank that drops 12ft to the road. Will defo look up adverse possession, ta.
  12. Yes, i paid my ยฃ2.50 to the land registry and have on file who owns it. Tbh if someones forgotten they have it, however unlikely, im happy for it to stay that way until we can put an offer down! There is caravanshite in the garden too for extra points. Cheers Ron I also had parking space as a big priority for house purchases, but with high expectations and a low budget, its all a damn compromise. Also the OH couldnt give two shiny shits about cars.
  13. Afternoon folks, I am putting something off so thought i'd do one of my favourite things, absolutely no cream coloured ponies but maybe a crisp apple strudel (with custard, of course), wait, where was I? Oh yeah, shitely prevarication. So I have -1 spaces for cars, our house has 1 drive spot for the phat Lexus BUT I wants lots - not helped by this wonderful fucking terrible place! I have 2 cars stored in a barn (paid storage) and the Gearse in a little communal car park down the road (probs shouldn;t be there tbf). My question is, and well done if you have read through all of that twoddle to get this far: Do you lot plan your shite, or like a bear in the woods, do you shite indiscriminantly and all over the place? Alternative analogies include shite-sprinkling hippo's, y'know just incase you didn't like the bear one. I have had a 'plan' for the last 10 years but haven't actually ever gotten it started, or if I have then circumstances change and it all goes to shit... It goes roughly thus: Everyday family vee-hickle Ecobox (for small trips/where empegees count) Wafting device (MAX comfort) Posh one (dinner out, city breaks and just generally "i'm better than you" superiority kinda thing) Floppy top (summer fun) Motorhomey campervan type thingy (for hols away) So here is where I am at: HAVE Lexus RX 400h, finally a decent everyday car. I mean, it really is quite nice but is in dambger atm due to the OH not having a company fuel card during this covid economic crisis. If he gets it back, hopefully all is well and the Lexus stays. WANT. Citroen AX 1.5d plans are afoot, later this year i'll need a commuting vehicle as i'll be based at 2 different work sites rather than the 1 site I currently walk to. Dizzler AX would be ace at this, especially when it is dragged up as an AX GT-ish doppleganger. HAVE Citroen BX19 GT, i've had this car the longest out of any others but driven it the least! It is very nice, but was stood for decades before I got my mits on it, much has been doen and there is yet more to do. I plan to have it as comfortable a place to be as possible, including noise/heat insulation, A/C, additional lighting and more. NEED. My wants change here with my manstrual cycle, sometimes I feel brave and want a Roller/Bentley from the 80/90's but mostly I am too chicken (not to mention too poor) and get repeatedly aroused by Jaaaaag X300 XJRs. Had a 'base' XJ6 X300 a couple of years ago and really loved it, even though it was on LPG it had big miles so flogged it before bad shit hapenned. REQUIRE. Several things could pleasure me here, i've even fiddled with the idea of a big floppy and a small'un. In an ideal world i'd have a massive yank tank, like a carburetted caddy 500ci convertible (1969-1970 IIRC) and something small and awesome like a Peugeot 304 convertible. I missed on of the latter a couple of weeks ago to my utter disbelief and shame... I could also have a 504 convertible, I wouldn't even be fussy about the engine with this one! But like the caddy I doubt i'll ever be able to afford one. I could settle for a 1st gen Ovlov C70 convertible, although i'll always hanker after something cooler... HAVISH. The Hearse, our Volvo 740 is currently stripped out and needs an engine upgrade (wheezy B200E auto, sloooow and thirsty) buit is the prime candidate for this slot. The actual likelihood of actually ever getting my collection together is about as likely as, er, not. I have the usual life hurdles to a shiters paradise - the daily burden of being an 'adult', like work, family, domestic shit etc, for me add academic shit too as in my job this is something I am 'supposed' to do all the time (CPD). However, looking on the "bright si-ide of life..." I could acquire a NO.2 once lockdown is over cos it will be needed, and once the a/c has been pillaged from my french BX TRS and this moved on, I could technically get away with adding another to the fold and still adhere to the "1 in 1 out" policy that I don't remember agreeing to but have the preservation instincts to abide by. This would have to be the same size or smaller than a BX because that only just fitted in the barn, this is the only storage space I have just now. All shite plans aside, we live in no.2 of a terrace (with 1 car parking space) and no.1 next door has been empty and stripped out inside for >6 years according to the local curtain twitchers, it's amystery as no-one knows the story. Imma thinking critical illness or prison, someone must be paying somethign for it! Even if it's just council tax. A life aim is to purchase no.1 and knock through, not only does it have a bigger garden than us in no.2 but it has a driveway up the side in which I'm pretty sure I could fit 3 cars without negotiating garden space, it'd be perfect carport territory too. Although it's not for sale, if it was I reckon an offer of <100k would get it, maybe even 80k. We bought ours, which was liveable but fucking awful for 135000 (after some serious negotating) and no.3 the other side of us went for 155,000 which was substantially less shit but still a little overpriced IMO. Well there you have it, I rambled on a lot about stuff that you probably didn't want to know and care even less about. But i'd be interested to hear of your responses to the shite planning question, also your shite storage 'solutions' because I just feel BAD about paying for storage, I donlt know, it just feels wrong. I get pissed off sometimes on my walk into work when I see houses (some really nice, some fucking awful) with MASSIVE front driveways that could hold a flotilla of shite, and what is parked up in there? A lonely honda Jazz, and not even a nice or even shite one, just fucking dull. I mean, I could totally use that spare space, right now. Blimey that took an irksome turn, I didn't even know I was angry about it!
  14. As many have said before me, you sir, are a winnar! Much enviousness, i really fucking WANT a yank tank but would only let myself settle for a 1965-1970 caddy floppy top. They are, of course, one of the more expensive models... Bonus points for having the 500ci motor too (carb obvs, none of that 180bhp emission bullshit, i mean that little power from an 8.2 V8? Just wrong.). +1 noise/acceleration video but bet it's disappointingly quiet?
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