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  1. Some good beige wonder progress The paint is remarkable really, I totally agree with the gear shift sticker, my B reg GT has 60,000 miles and no longer has hers. I can't remember if the boot lip spoiler thingy is bolted on or bonded, I do know all the other BX spoilers are bolted on so perhaps that answers that for you. From memory there are two bolts - hopefully removing some of the inner boot plastics will reveal the truth! Good luck.
  2. Phwoar, top content! That beige paintwork will come up an absolute treat with a bit of polish, you lucky man you 😎 Just in case you've never tickled the rear spheres on a BX (i expect you have, but, you know...) go careful and make sure there is load on the rear wheels, if you try and unscrew them without, you'll probably break the return pipes if not the rear cylinder judging by the look of them spheres! Crusty.
  3. leboncoin.com is a good place to look too, i've found several bits for my MK1 BX GT over there, including a MK1 air con system for it (absolute bargain, it came with a whole BX!).
  4. Always good to see some beige BX action! A reg rarity etc too! 😎 Well done that man. I gotta say though, that rear bumper is really bothering me, although in fairly decent nick it is a MK2 jobbie. Sacrilege!
  5. Cor! Some really awesome shite delivered! I will have to sort myself out and get involved next year, spotted it too late this year.
  6. Starter motor replacement success! Electrical connections all nice Primer bulb replacement, i assume the old rubber leaked air and so the PO replaced it with a nice length of copper pipe. I was worried it wouldn't run properly on reassembly due to lack of fuel primage, but had nothing to worry about in the end. Not sure what the yellow connector is for, there are a couple of unused electrical connectors but the car has been converted from a Lucas (satanspawn) to Bosch pump by Phil, Axplug, thank bloody goodness too as I bet the Lucas wouldn't have fired up so nicely. Y
  7. New starter arrived today which is brill as I ordered it Tues morning ~2am. It is wet AF here though so im not going to be getting under there and fiddling, fingers crossed the weekend will bring better AX fettling weather! *checks weather forecast Sat afternoon and Sunday look much less wet, maybe even some sunshine! That'd be a nice change. Still no make-your-own-gasket stuff yet, might have to check on that as everything else I ordered arrived days ago.
  8. Batt fully charged, tester results to follow. Starter fucked. Not a click or anything at all! Probably needs a whack but i can't be doing with that this morning. I'll get a new one ordered up today anyway.
  9. I've just had a good ol' read thorugh this thread. Wow, I don't think there are words! Proper fabrication and professionalisticalism on that Ford, were there any panels that you didn't have to repair? What's the engine deets? Awesome AXness, with a bonus tape measure too! Although hoping for anything more than a 50p item from an AX owner is probably too much optimism tbh. I mean, I keep all my £1.99 tape emasure in the Lexus 🤣 That's not bad value though, steel with a little spirit level too -nifty. I had thought the AX speedo wobble was a bit of french TADTS, both my BX and AX do it
  10. Hey Kit, i'm not sure any other the other vehicles has such a meaty battery tbh, the hearse has a tiny thing, the Lexus about the same (cos hybrid) - the BX's might have similr - i'll check it out. The AX battery has taken some good charge over the last 6 hours, there isn;t much more juice going in it so i'd guess it is a good'un. 6:45 tomorrow morning will tell! Will the dizzler start?!
  11. Hey Phil, i'm very glad you did the D's rear axle, that's one quite large thing to not worry about! I find I either pootle around town at 30 or less (!) or end up pushing it quite hard, even if you drive around with your foot on the floor all the time it's difficult to get into trouble 🤣 Did you ever replace any of the front suspension Phil? There is something off about the ride height and I think the front drinkers side is a good inch or two higher than the drivers. I thought it an issue with the rear axle, but as you say that is sorted, so I think perhaps it must be a shock/spring thing? It'
  12. Cor, that MK1 is a bit tasty! Unusual but lovely colour too. Well bought Sir 6cyl!
  13. Nice to hear from you Phil! I hope your getting on ok with your shite, did you get anywhere with your 1.0 AX? I did read about the HG TADTS and hoped the rocker hasket at least in part wasn;t helping. I;ve ordereed one, so may aswell go ahead and fit it/clean etc. I think I saw an oil leak from the mystery item where the distributor would be in a petrol, so I might have that off too for a clean and replacing of gaskets. I remember our conversation about the starter and battery, i'll waity for my snazzy tester to arrive to OK the battery then look into changing the starter - might have to
  14. So I am at home today and thought i'd just tinker with the AX. Turned the key and the bloody thing turned over! Very very slowly though, maybe a revolution every second, but enough for the little beaut to fire - it is a keen starter this. Perhaps the battery is a dud, ordered an Ancel BA101 battery load tester to find out - should be a useful piece of kit for the other vehicles too and fun to play with. I've done some shopping, apart from top-up oil and tax etc it'll be the first money i've spent on the AX ever! Ordered rocker gasket, sheets of cork make-your-own gasket and some engine cl
  15. There is also dribblage fron the coolant level sensor that sits next to the reservoir cap. Should this have a gasket cos its just sat there plastic to plastic. Trying and failing to upload photos via phone, grr.
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