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  1. Lol, lets hope then that the BX system is better! If anything, the a/c system has 2 blowers (the normal and an additional one in series), so that in itself should improve the air moving power of the system.
  2. It is otherwise unobtainable tbf, and I want to use this car for a reasonable portion of our french travels, so mooching around the south of france avec bubbly/white/rosé dans le voiture, a cool car is required (this is my justification) and interestingly I am fully supported by the OH for this venture - usually I get a flat NO, so i'm goign with it. Also, if the car is rotten it'll mean there are some good MK1 BX spares available to help keep the UK contingent going, which are really quite hard to find now.
  3. That would be ideal, but I'm not confident enough to do that in front of the seller on a limited time basis and ideally i'd like to do the job side by side with my BX, as the whole dash needs to come out and hole made in the bulkhead etc. This will be a new foray into working on cars for me, i've not played with a/c systems or dashboard removal etc before - there's only one way to learn though!
  4. It's is absolutely an SM*. Unfortunately only in my dreams, it's a quite busted, sat outside for many many years MK1 BX with AIR CON muthafuckers. I've been looking for a MK1 with a/c for 18 months now, so I can install said a/c in my MK1 BX GT. The system is, of course, completely different to the BX MK2 a/c system. Getting this car home is going to cost me though.... Thankfully MK1 parts seem to be sought after, and who knows, the car may be worth keeping whole, registering over here and selling on.
  5. Contact has been made, a price has been agreed! (I think) Now collection needs to be organised. It's always difficult over the phone when neither of you speaks the others language, apart from a few words!
  6. My thought precisely, just a copy and paste from google translate and it's a goodun. Didn't get a chance to ring the seller last night, firends dropped in and had to be social. I'll call in a bit, it'll be interesting as my Frech isn;t that good... This is also on Leboncoin, great but dangerous website that.
  7. I've used a couple of planks before to good effect, not thought of winding one up with a drill though - a video would be great of that!
  8. Hi all, i'm after some advice. I know there are at least a couple of us on here that reside over the channel and that the general wisdom level for collectioneering is pretty damn impressive. So what would your advice be in my situation? How do I go about getting a hydraulic Citroen in unknown condition (only that it is certainly not roadworthy atm) from France, near the swiss border in Héricort to me in Somerset? I REALLY REALLY WANT IT, and am quite happy to pay. In an ideal world i'd just hire/purchase a trailer and rock on into France - but I cannot drive a trailer on my licence (to young...). I've used shiply before but i've been fucked around once and had success once. Are there alternatives? I need to call the seller, but won't be able to until after work this evening - the ad says no emails (fucking irritating)
  9. I've developed a proper horn for the MK4 Prelude, this may get me in trouble... Thanks for letting me have a go in yours though chatsharris, it was quite fun for 2.0 auto i'm currently very not* looking at a 2.3 model fairly close to me. Must..... Resist.....
  10. Some fab pictures there fatharris, including a cracking one of the Hearse!
  11. I had a close encounter with that pug on the way home, both of us were absolutely not* going too fast for a smoll country lane...
  12. That's a particularly unflattering side on of me! Had a great time, nice to meet you lot and test some fine vehicles. Just got home and had lunch, back to work for me...
  13. Tiverton achieved, is wet as fuck! Beer stop, 1 wee.
  14. BTW am bringing espresso making kit for tomorrow morning, because I needs me a proper coffee in the morning. Bringing the big mocha pot so will be plenty to share for other coffee addicts
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