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  1. Honda Beat looks cool, didn't even know they existed - now I want one! Just had a little search, they're not cheap either!
  2. Mk1 Laguna and a BX? U R winning at life! Lush BX trims too. BM looks menacing, what's in the garage?
  3. Just had a good old catch up on this thread, and like many have said - wow, such impressive skillz! I wish i had the patience to give such in depth consideration and attention to the details you have done with this car. Also, much want for one of these, such a cool vehicle.
  4. Ok then, vehicle purchased, ferry booked and itinerary planning in-session. It's looking like we'll be down late Friday evening, mooching about Saturday (drinking involved), Le Mans for lunch Sunday and then off to Saumur for a couple of days to top up on bubbly. The Hearse isn't/won't be ready and the Venga has been replaced this weekend with our steed of choice, the Lexus RX 400h. Not shite but damn fecking capable wafting. Looking forward to this!
  5. Been a while since I last posted on here, or anywhere really! Round 1 of exams week after next so bricking it a bit. I repeatedly fail to get a photo of the two MK1 BX's next to each other... Although they have been farm-mates since late August, I didn't actually get it into the Barn pictured above until October. It was just sitting in the corner of the yard. Actually, getting it into the barn was OK (although it did stall a few times in the 20ft drive from yard to barn), but then getting it over to my half of said barn, shifting the GT up to the LHS and putting the TRS next to it was a medium sized challenge. However! They are both snug in there under their tailored covers, keeping their heir dry etc. I can’t remember where I left it on here, so "In other news, TRANSPORT COURT ACTION STILL BLOODY ONGOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Phew, as expected there was absolutely no response whatsoever from the accused regarding anything that was sent to him, so the court ordered in my favour, win! But that was literally all that happened. So I got further irritated, and further out of pocket by speaking with a High Court Enforcement Group, these folks are like bailiffs but have a writ from the High Court that gives them slightly more powers. The poor folks visited the address 4 TIMES only to pretty much be told to bugger off and that nobody knows nothing. The 'unidentified male' wouldn't speak to the officer and made his 'unidentified female partner' speak to them, showing a council tax bill with a single occupancy discount (under investigation), she did confirm on a subsequent visit that the bloke who I now think is called Faisal Rashid (rather than Muhammad Faisal as registered with Shiply) does live there, and he has 2 trucks registered to him with that name. The 3rd visit my enforcement officer was in a queue behind another, who had already clamped the car... The last visit turned abusive and aggressive, and I have been asked for guidance from the enforcement agency, I’m not sure how much more they can do. The writ they have is in the name of Vehicle-logoistics247 which seems to not exist outside of Shiply, so on their suggestion I’ve enquired about changing the writ to have the name Faisal Rashid and/or the others given and asked if they have any other suggestions in proceeding with it. It really is getting tiresome and i'm being super polite because who knows what can be used for evidence? *gritting teeth* Anyone on here know legal stuff? I've thankfully never had to do this before. I do have his bank details so could apply for a Third Party Debt Order, but this costs another £110 and will only, potentially, give me some of the contents of the bank account I have details for on the date the Order is given - a gamble! What is wrong with people, eh?
  6. I had a BRG one of these, fairly base spec with the same 1.4HDI and it was my first non-shite car that I saved up for, cost me £2000 which was a LOT for me back then. It had full SH, 60000 miles and ran perfectly etc. Needless to say 2 weeks after buying it, halfway down France the turbo seized. DPF and turbo fucked, couldn't afford to fix it and didn't have the know-how or time to do myslef at the time, so had to sell it for a quarter of what I paid for it... Afterwards my mechanic did the TADTS routine, apparerntly the turbo's oil feed passes too close to the exhaust manifold, so on the péage at 130kph where the little 1.4 was working hard it killed itself. Otherwise was a great little car, achieveing 64 odd mpg over the 2 weeks I had it without really trying.
  7. I most humbly apologise, First Prize goes to Jazoli, hurrah! (fanfare etc) 2nd prize therefore to Jim bell. Sorted 😉 EDIT: forgot to mention, poo count 1 each (dog not included) and wee count 1-2 (coffee, innit)
  8. So cheap £1750 Lexus refused, we will now look at proper, normal priced examples! That means we'll have to sell the Venga first, so hold your collective breath and keep your socks up for the surely scintillating advert that will appear at a time sometime maybe tomorrow. Opinion of the car generally though was quite nice, it shifted very well for a car of its size, by the time you've floored it, grinned like a child and lifted off I was doing 45! Made a good noise too when floored, otherwise was very very quiet, even the shit example test driven today. The SE model had plenty of toys, although this one didn't have cruise control (unless I missed it) so will look out for that in the future. Quite excited about getting one now, shame most of them seem to be fecking miles away! Avoiding the SE-L with air suspension, biege leather and silver colour really reduces the choice. but these four are local enough and look good: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LEXUS-RX400H-3-3-SE-CVT-HYBRID-FULL-SERVICE-HISTORY-RECENT-SERVICE-MOT/163944535954?hash=item262bdb1792:g:gYUAAOSwKz5dyAUc https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lexus-RX-400H-SE-F-S-H-Just-Serviced-Clean-Example/254427661387?hash=item3b3d12044b:g:xakAAOSw~MZd1PGG https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2006-56-LEXUS-RX-3-3-400H-SE-CVT-5D-AUTO-208-BHP/323941189553?hash=item4b6c6647b1:g:R~cAAOSwovFdm8~U https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lexus-RX-400h-3-3-SE-CVT/193098023030?hash=item2cf58a0076:g:aPsAAOSw6S9dejYB
  9. Ah, good to know! I'll keep that in mind for another time - cheers James. If i'm looking for a specific car I often see if this seller has one, they're often quite cheap but a bit of a gamble, as I thought they probably came on a transporter and just moved 20 feet to the collection area. I had a 1996 XJ6 on LPG from him a while back, £900 and it was almost perfect, loved that car but sold cos insurance was a killer back then for my 23 year old self! It was very busy in the yard, lots of people coming in and out so I can well imagine the descriptions are basic, still though - EML and obvious misfire... We've sensibly decided to sell the Venga before buying the next car, so will get that cleaned and listed tomorrow as weather is mank and I've spent enough time in it already today! The Hearse for the uninitiated, @SF19. Fixed exhaust means it actually runs nicely now too! Way quieter.
  10. Was from Sterling cars, or carswithnoreservereading, the way they operate means you don't have to have the car when you win the auction. Which is bloody good! Car description is very minimal but im sure they coukd have put 'EML on' on the damn listing... Ive used them before with great results.
  11. The Venga is capable of pretty dam good economy if you concentrate on hypermiling etc. Indicated 78.5 though, normal driving is usually low 50's post remap.
  12. Didn't feel like 230000 miles, so testament to Lexus. There was also suspicious amounts of white smoke, could have been condensation but... On the other hand, OH has approved of the vehicle, so we'll find a 'normal' priced one. Lunch stop on way home, then back to studying. Thanks for the input folks!
  13. Smell of dogs no, looks like it should smell of dogs? Yes. Prize goes to Sir Jim bell for correct guestimation! Lexus was luscious, if very dirty. Quite quick BUT EML on, no coolant in it, missing at low revs and overheating big time. Could just be a thermostat, but could be utterly fucked. None of this on ebay ad. Walked away, I R DEFLATED. Don't like driving home empty, er, lexus handed?
  14. Step 3 breakfast achieved! Mnay french pastries and a HOG ROAST sausage roll, oh such meaty yumminess, good job too as that pretty lot came to a pretty £7.40 Venga of boredom has blown a headlamp bulb... Vengaboys have absolutely* never* been played in this car, ever.
  15. Step 2 - Dog walked, rubbed down and put in bed. Choose steed of collection, disregard Hearse cos 20mpg gives me wallet pain. Choose Venga of boredom for its boring reliability and OMGMPEEGEES, best i've had out of it is 78.5. So why are we selling it for a 35 mpg at best, high mileage, 4x4? There's your clue as to the collection specimen! Is dirty, will be more dirty. Pip pip! Off we go!
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