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    Matty got a reaction from Braddon81 in Dilemma: Metro Turbo   
    Load of miserable buggers on here like @twosmoke300 and @sierraman pointing out the obvious like "how much?" And "metros are shit".  I concur.
    Get it fucking bought lad 👍😁
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    Matty got a reaction from 155V6 in Dilemma: Metro Turbo   
    If you spend too much time worrying about what other people think you'd never do anything.
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    Matty reacted to puddlethumper in I bought a big.   
    It's been a quiet day for me in circusland. Had to change a couple of non working cisterns in the toilet unit so it was down to Screwfix and a couple of hours work. Because there are no isolator valves I have to shut off the water and electric pump, stick a stop end on and turn everything back on because everyone here uses them. There were no stop ends on site so that was one trip into grinock .  Then another trip to get the bits, which you would think I would have got the first trip but needed an example as this unit was done at a bargain cost, nudge nudge, in Ireland and had quite a few odd bits incorporated for economic reasons and I'll be honest I don't mind bimbling about to get stuff.                                                                  As I am now senior manager in water management I have been studying the next site in Edinburgh. Looks like the hydrant is in the middle of a small parking area junction which will make things interesting and the site is 2/3 hundred metres away so I'm off to get another 50 metres of pipe tomorrow. Tomorrow is looking easy as well. Basically it's a bit full on and longish hours for four days then 3 easy ones.  As you can imagine it is its own small world/community and it's really nice because everybody says hello and sort of pass the day stuff. Learning everybody's name is bloody challenging as I've never been great at that. So far I know of seven different nationalities here but I think there are others. Found out today that the electrician is Hungarian.
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    Matty reacted to HMC in Dilemma: Metro Turbo   
    Lots of opinions. Lots of rational explanations.
    Ultimately all of that noise means nothing, just like my opinion.
    If your like me you only use these sort of threads to validate your own feelings hence if so I think you should and will buy it. 
    And why not. We are a long time dead, it’s all a bit of fun in the end.
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    Matty got a reaction from BeEP in Dilemma: Metro Turbo   
    If you spend too much time worrying about what other people think you'd never do anything.
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    Matty got a reaction from mercedade in 323C Progress thread - giving up.   
    If you could do it once then you can do it again. It's just a wobble
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    Matty reacted to paulplom in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Only used 20% battery too 🤣
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    Matty got a reaction from worldofceri in Truck Shite   
    What about this beauty still working for a living in Rawtenstall next town on from me. Manserghs has never looked any different in the last 40 years I've been alive. We have one of these at work that I use as our shunter to move work around the site. Ours is on an 04 plate with twin rear axles and the 420 big block for raw power (and a lot of smoke as the turbo oil seals are fucked).

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    Matty got a reaction from anonymous user in A40   
    And finally, the money shots. How bloody good do they look?!? Exactly the picture I had in my head before I even bought the car. Slightly wider at 13x5.5 but I've stuck with the same sized tyre (165/70) so I've just got a bit more graduation from contact patch to sidewall I guess.

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    Matty reacted to puddlethumper in I bought a big.   
    Last Saturday was the start of the move to Greenock. Half a dozen living vehicles and the LDV minibus. RVs' pulling trailers and caravans minibus as well. I call mine a bus because I think it sounds a bit pretentious to call it an RV. I have a friend who lives the same as I do and he's the same and he knows two others who call them  buses.  Not sure why.                     Three of us stayed up there to mark out where all the four main uprights and the poles go. I had to go to Tescos to get 2 bags of plain flour so we could drop a bit on the grass as a marker for it all. High tech, us Circus folk. Greener than a spray can I imagine and self raising was also considered inferior for this application. Distances were all done with steel wire with rings at certain points where a pin would go. A tractor unit went back down the next morning along with the minibus and then I took my designated Daf truck with a big catering unit back up.                                                                                                             The Ldv is shite, that's for certain. The drivers seat is the best* one out of the eleven in it. The back seats are fukin horrendous. So narrow and hard that a sardine would find it difficult to get comfy. It was better lying badly along three than sitting upright and 5 hours of it. The Daf plods along at a steady 90kph except on going up hill drops down to about 70kph and there are quite a few of them on the M6. On a full tank I got as far as about half way between Carlisle and Glasgow when the yellow light of came on, and stayed on. From the quarter it seemed to drop  quite quickly compared to the other three quarters. Wallet rapage time, luckily not mine, at the nearest services* which, with the needle now starting to plummet, seemed a long way away. Eventually one appeared just as I was thinking 'how am I going to tell boss fella I've run out of fuel' ? Awkward. Rolled up to the pump and stuck the nozzle in and nothing happened. Went into the shop and asked if he could turn it on. Have you got a fuel card ? says young  bloke. No says I.  Have you a bank card? I did but I said no because I don't want to pay through my account. I said, I have money. He didn't seem impressed. I wanted 100 quids worth and could give it upfront if he wanted. Upshot was, he had to call somebody to get authorisation. After waiting for matey to answer and then being told he would have to ring back I was beginning to get a bit pissed off with it so I told him I would leave the truck where it was until I got some, blocking 4 pumps. Got it in the end but I was there for twenty fukin minutes waiting. While I was on the way up one of the Peterbilt artics with the extra trailer came storming past, all lights and air horns. The Daf could only give a feeble beep in return. I reckon with me doing 56 he must have been doing 65 the way he came past and how quickly he disappeared into the distance. I was impressed. Everything was there by 4.30 am. I can see it's bloody hard work for the crew who take it all down and load it all up and luckily I don't have to. It was up a few hours later to start setting it all up again. For me this means getting water to the toilet, shower and accommodation trailers and then to the caravans, trucks and Rv's. It's a mixture of hard plastic pipe and hose pipe so quite a number of different connections. There is a general layout for everything although there are exceptions like Hudders which was a pain in the arse. The layout is 4 sides. From the front there is the entrance, toilet unit and booking office. Down the left side it's all the bigger stuff, Rvs and fifth wheelers and on the other side is mostly caravans. Back is accommodation units for crew and   performers who don't have caravans. Me and John, one of the four Irish brothers, who is showing me the ins and outs, have simplified things by making up two frames with six taps with hosepipe connections for all the living in things. There is another one in the pipeline, see what I did there, to make life even easier which I am all for. After Hudders my confidence was lessening about my ability to take over from John as he has now buggered off to do something in Irish land so I got to see one normalish set up which I think is a lot to take in when setting up for about 25/30 places. The next one in Edinburger could be interesting. I'm more confident than I was thank gawd. 
    I'm going to call it a night and continue tomorrow coz the next three days are easy ones of not doing much and there will be photos this time and they will be the right way up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                
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    Matty reacted to sutty2006 in 1986 Vauxhall Carlton CDi, RUNNING (NOT ANYMORE)   
    Not much has been happening on this due to work and spare time (lack of)
    but today I got the front end up on stands to clean transmission oil leak off, to find out where it’s coming from. 

    im hoping it’s the two small pipes on the right. But I’m not going to hold my breath. It really needs a fluid change. 
    while it’s up, I’ll address these inner arches
    Left side

    right side

    that is the only rust I can find on it. The rest is in really good condition 

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    Matty reacted to Saabnut in How much shite is too much shite? Delivery Donkey   
    This weekend gone, I thought I would start tidying the garden AS style  Garden that needs tidying:

    Essential garden tools?

    One Komatsu mini digger.
    A few hours later I had the van separated, most loaded on the pick up, the stuff in it sorted and the floorpan carefully stored* as the base of another scrap pile

    Today was MOT day for the Disastra
    Happy to say it passed with an advisory for a drop link so will pick one up tomorrow. To celebrate I went to visit my friend who is working on my Disco 1.  As a rule he does not work on other peoples cars as he is slightly* OCD and a perfectionist,  so I was amazed when he offered to do the Disco. This will not be cheap, but once finished it will be one of the best in the country. Parts/paint/repair panels etc have already cost well over two kilo pounds (and topside paint is not on the workscope!)
    So far he has been working on the back end sorting and cleaning the suspension (shocks and springs were changed about a year ago) and cutting out rust

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    Matty reacted to meggersdog in The grumpy thread   
    Yeah I get that.It's also the reason I write down the make of tyre ,tread depth and size on my inspection sheet. This car was MoTed in November 2020 but it just shows the UK general public cannot be trusted to keep their cars in a roadworthy condition so the 2 year proposal to save money is stupid at best.
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    Matty reacted to Lacquer Peel in The grumpy thread   
    Subsidies for the already well off, cheers aye. 
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    Matty reacted to motorpunk in The grumpy thread   
    I was reading about the end of the governments EV subsidy. They said half a million cars had been bought with the subsidy which was typically £2500.  Why am I grumpy? Because that’s £1.25 billion of U.K. taxpayers money mostly gone to support overseas car production with very little economic value to the U.K. and when the environmental issues are global.  U.K. car stink is something like (IIRC) 0.05% of global emissions. Waste of money on a colossal scale for naff-all environmental benefit. 
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    Matty got a reaction from RichardK in 323C Progress thread - giving up.   
    If you could do it once then you can do it again. It's just a wobble
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    Matty reacted to Back_For_More in 323C Progress thread - giving up.   
    Deep breath fella - even keeping the same welder, settings and wire of 0.8I still have those type of days where it just won't go well.......you're outside too right? Wind not in a different direction or anything like that?
    Walk away - sleep on it and come back after a cooling down period. It'll be reet
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    Matty got a reaction from Ghosty in 323C Progress thread - giving up.   
    If you could do it once then you can do it again. It's just a wobble
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    Matty got a reaction from stripped fred in 323C Progress thread - giving up.   
    If you could do it once then you can do it again. It's just a wobble
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    Matty got a reaction from AnnoyingPentium in 323C Progress thread - giving up.   
    If you could do it once then you can do it again. It's just a wobble
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    Matty got a reaction from loserone in 323C Progress thread - giving up.   
    If you could do it once then you can do it again. It's just a wobble
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    Matty got a reaction from Rust Collector in 323C Progress thread - giving up.   
    If you could do it once then you can do it again. It's just a wobble
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    Matty reacted to Ian_Fearn in Over 2000 miles, 10 days, 45bhp (when new)   
    1 hour from the next night stop in Reims. SHIT it’s hot! 30 degrees and no AC. Car doesn’t seem to care though!
    Got pulled by customs. Every question under the sun about the car and nothing to do with customs 🤣

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    Matty reacted to mat_the_cat in A40   
    You aren't the only one!
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    Matty got a reaction from RayMK in A40   
    Good news is the A40 flew there and back. Pulls really well, far better than a standard 1098. Didn't use a drop of oil or water. Developed a slight miss after getting stinking hot crawling through a very congested Harrogate on the way home, but soon cleared with some fresh air. Much better updates available when I've sold some shit and freed up some funds for adjustable telescopics on the back end and uprated valves for me armstrongs on the front. Seats will have to wait 😄

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