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    Matty got a reaction from puddlethumper in I bought a big.   
    5 figures. That's the closest I'll get at this game!
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    Matty reacted to puddlethumper in I bought a big.   
    We keep performers and crew locked up in case they run away from the circus.
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    Matty reacted to PaykanHunter in IRAN'S ARROW: The Rise and Fall of Paykan - (2016 Documentary Film)   
    Hello All,
    I am pleased to announce that Teaser-1 and Teaser-2 are up on YouTube now.
    Within the next few days the entire film will be on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. I sure hope that everyone on this forum enjoys it, a lot of work went into making this documentary and I can't wait to share it with you all. 
    "IRAN'S ARROW: The Rise and Fall of Paykan" is an award-winning documentary about a British car (Rootes Arrow series) that was introduced to Iran in 1967. It was produced under the model name “Paykan” for 38 years. It can still be seen in the streets of Iran today. The film shows the impact this car had on the Iranian society and the impact the Iranian society had on this car.
    FULL HD, 78 minutes Produced in Tehran, Iran 2014 - 2016
    Written, Directed, and Produced by: Shahin Armin and Sohrab Daryabandari
    Shahin Armin 

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    Matty reacted to jon.k in I bought a big.   
    Yes, thanks puddlethumper. Checking back all the time to see the updates.
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    Matty reacted to Dan302 in I bought a big.   
    I'm really enjoying the behind the scenes photos/write up from the circus, absolutely fascinating thank you. 
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    Matty reacted to puddlethumper in I bought a big.   
    It looks like we will be moving to Stirling on Monday and Tuesday because the first show is on Thursday, instead of Wednesday, and only an hour away. Off to Dublin tomorrow driving the Tranny pickup with a horse box full of lighting and lecky stuff. If it wasn't for the Circus Vegas wrap I'd look well pikey. 
    I've got bugger all to do till tomorrow so I'll show you the machinery on site. There is a low loader that hauls them around. I haven't got a photo of the hammer for the pins which might interest someone. Actually I've just noticed it's in the first pic. Pneumatic thingy. To think that before these it would a big manual bugger and when you consider the pins are 4ft long and all that's above ground after is about 6inches it was big muscle time, and the four main uprights are now electrically winched up which, obviously, makes it easier. Still hard work getting the canvas up..
    I'll do a bit more later but at the moment the offy and food are calling.

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    Matty reacted to Mally in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    I'm in Sunny Beach. It's rained most of the time but hey, ho they sun's out now.
    Anyone who's been will have seen the electric Trikes. It's my first visit, but I'd heard.
    They have 2 speeds, slow and dangerous. FWD. Good riders only use 2 wheels. They have a seat, but most people stand up.
    The guy was a little apprehensive about hiring me one, gave me all the health and safety issue's, pointed to my elbows and exposed skin, mentioned something  about old.
    I gave him my 20 lv  (£10) .Everyone else is now on 30 lv but he is in a little backwater, and didn't know until I'd had a few goes and told him.
    You need a good flat surface, which is why they use a Prom full of people, at 40 mph.
    I'm in a backwater, on the roads with people and cars, there's a bit* of tank slapping when you hit a bump, and it's possible to get the front wheel to drift if you try really hard.
    Grin factor 11/10.  Don't blame me if you crash.
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    Matty reacted to puddlethumper in I bought a big.   
    Just got back from Dublin and I am a bit kernackered.  Stena line from Stranraer to Belfast and back. Ivor goes back to Ireland every week usually dragging a caravan that he buys. A side line to the circus. Because he is a regular he, and one other, me, can use Stena Plus, which sounds like incontinence pants, for free. Loads of freebies. As much wine as you can eat and all the snacks and coffee etc that you can get down your neck in the 2 hourish crossing. From the site next to Leopardstown race course I got a lift to Dublin airport to get a coach to Banbridge to Ivors' yard. If you ever land at Dublin and you need to travel further by bus it's a fucking nightmare getting info on where to get a bus and what time it leaves. Info board, no info about a bus towards Belfast. No info desk. Fuck all. Ended up asking a litter picker if he knew. He told me I had to use Zone 14 but he didn't know what times it went. Getting info from a cleaning bloke for gods sake.       It was quite amusing there because I was looking like a homeless bloke with my blanket roll tied up with a piece of rope, dirty work trousers, grubby sweat shirt and nearly worn out steelies. Ivor asked me if I had a passport, don't need it for the Republic. A brit driving licence is good enough. Well my ears pricked up at the mention of a passport obviously and there is a possibility of two weeks at Xmas in, wait for it, AMSTERDAM. It's not confirmed yet whether it will be there or Den Hague but either way that will do me nicely. I hope it happens because I'll be able to see some friends over there. Puddlethumper goes International, well, European for now. Next, the world. It's back to Dublin on Saturday and back to Edin on Sunday. Not sure how that's going to work as we usually start moving stuff on Saturday although  Stirling, next stop. is only an hour, so could be done. It's been tiring but tomorrow I've got a relatively easy day so I can lie in till 8/9, thank fuck. Anyway I'm loving it. Ivor offered me a park up in his Yard in N.I. at the end of the season with all amenities, and can get me a good price on ferry tickets. I've never had a look around the Republic so could be a plan as he only lives a few miles from the boarder. While I was at Ivor's yard I slept on a chaise longue. Get me ay?
    That's it for now. Bed has been calling me for a while.
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    Matty reacted to puddlethumper in I bought a big.   
    Pure chance. A mate with a rig like mine but slightly smaller had brake problems while up from the south on a visit so I took him to an RV mender bloke that I knew. While he was there Ivor, logistics fella, turned up with his monster RV and asked if he was interested in some driving work. My mate wasn't medically fit enough so passed Ivors number on to me. Gave him a ring and that was that. Two weeks later I was at the NEC. 
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    Matty reacted to Lacquer Peel in International collection thread - SHTE van   

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    Matty got a reaction from puddlethumper in I bought a big.   
    You still enjoying it @puddlethumper? Looks anything but boring and that's what kills most jobs! Lovely stuff anyhow, keep the updates coming👍
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    Matty got a reaction from stripped fred in Over 2000 miles, 10 days, 45bhp (when new)   
    Tell you what @Ian_Fearn having cut my teeth on pandas, unos and pantos, I'd have complete faith in this for the trip. Have a top adventure bud 👍
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    Matty reacted to MrGTI6 in Most stupid message while flogging a shiter   
    Aren't I lucky? I was only trying to sell a car and now I've been offered a job! 

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    Matty reacted to cobblers in The grumpy thread   
    I'm a cyclist and I live near a road junction, I would probably rather be run over by a lorry than hear any more "beep beep, stay clear, this vehicle is turning left" warnings that trucks now have fitted that wake me up all fucking night.
    If you are on a bike, on a road, stay out of the way of anything really big like a truck. If you need a loud tannoy message to remind you of this, then I'm afraid that natural selection has chosen you to do something very noble. 
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    Matty reacted to puddlethumper in I bought a big.   
    Pic of what I driv from Edin to somwhere Dublinish. 36ft +trailer. I got it up tp 70mph. 😁

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    Matty reacted to puddlethumper in I bought a big.   
    Puddlethumper goes international. Just leaving Dublin airport after helping to set up a circus in the Republic. Heading back to Edinburgh. Update tomorrow. If I get the time coz mega busy.
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    Matty reacted to Jim Bell in International collection thread - SHTE van   
    There's more than one verse ?!?!
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    Matty reacted to HMC in Broadsword's Fleet Thread - Jag XJR Factory Manual Joins the Fleet   
    Lovely! I’d be tempted to leave it just like that to add to the sleeper/ pub landlord vibe.
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    Matty reacted to Broadsword in Broadsword's Fleet Thread - Jag XJR Factory Manual Joins the Fleet   
    The Saab is currently still running well and quite enjoyable to drive. It's a stopgap though. I'll part it for something very cheap to run when I trip over something. Better not to be too pushed to find what you are looking for like when all your cars have broken down!
    Now may I introduce what might just be peak Jaguar for me..
    Not long ago @worldofceri (many thanks again!) dropped off this very ratty looking Jag XJR. Looks terrible I hear you cry. Have a peek underneath...
    Every part of the underside has been refreshed. It's a rust free shell, factory manual XJR6, which is basically a new car underneath. Engine and gearbox have been out in the process and have everything attended to (the engine internals were obviously fine this being an X300, the supercharger had been rebuilt just prior to taking off the road). Subframes have been dropped and and all new joints, bushes, springs, shockers, every nut and bolt, all the brakes, exhaust. Everything has been done. I took it for an MOT yesterday and the guys there were suitable impressed. Suffice to say it passed. The car has been off the road since 2007 so the first drive was terrifying. So much work done and completely untested. It was all fine though amazingly! Still loads of dialling in, adjustments, alignment etc, but it's all there. The car needs a full respray now. I'm open to suggestion on someone to do the respray, it's very difficult to get a good dialogue going with anyone. There are some good places near me, some too expensive and not available for a long time, others on budget but again booked for quite a long time. This should become one of the best X300s out there once the cosmetics are attended to!

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    Matty reacted to Broadsword in Broadsword's Fleet Thread - Jag XJR Factory Manual Joins the Fleet   
    The one car fleet nonsense didn't last long. Let me explain... The Range Rover broke down. I said this would happen, and then for some reason I let it happen.
    Thursday evening, the Rangie starts to get bouncy, it keeps trying to top up with air without success. Still upright, but quite bouncy. By the end of play the air compressor was making an almighty sound. Quick diagnostic check to confirm, then 5 mins to remove the pump. It's spectacularly broken despite being relatively new (2016). I now know the modern Dunlop pumps aren't particularly reliable. By now the EAS had thrown a hard fault and the suspension deflated. Driving a P38 like this feel like what I'd imagine Lewis Hamilton has been experiencing in his Merc wheeliebin this year..
    The P38 is actually a very easy fix and diagnosis only took 5 odd minutes. It's really not a problem as such. If I had a spare pump I would have been sorted that evening. However I think the Rangie is giving a clear signal not to daily it. I agree. Also LPG supplies are too much of a headache to be relying on them.
    Thursday evening and Friday all day looking for cars and yep it's a really tough market for a cheap daily. Many of small hatchbacks that were £600-£1000 in 2021 are double that now. I kind of wanted a 107/C1/Aygo mainly for simplicity's sake, but good luck with that for sensible money at short notice. Also travel to very far away was not an option.
    So here's what I've got now. A 2007 Saab 9-3 convertible 1.9 TiD 150 flavour. Cheaper one of these than a decent 107/C1/Aygo ironically. It's reasonably tidy and drives lovely and even has service history. Engine excellent, nice to have a six speed and the handling is quite a lot better than the last Saab convertible I had. It feels slightly heavy, so I like to think they strengthened the chassis a bit after chopping the roof off. So far it's revealed two foibles. The airbag light came on as soon as I adjusted the seat to my position and there are a couple pinholes in the EGR elbow  pipe (apparently a common fault). Other than that it just needs a service and good clean. I like it.
    In other news Ceri will be delivering something very special on Monday. Annoyingly I'm out of the country till the weekend, so can't get my hands on it.

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    Matty reacted to Ian_Fearn in Over 2000 miles, 10 days, 45bhp (when new)   
    Coffee break time.

    Living the dream!
    Stelvio Pass today. Never fails to bring a big smile 😃 
    Drove up Lake Come which is pretty spectacular.
    Pandas everywhere but no other old cars to be seen. No Unos, Regattas or even 126. Just shed loads of old Pandas.
    Overnight stay tonight at the very top.

    Car is running beautifully. Burnt no oil or coolant. Stays around 90 degrees on the gauge.
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    Matty reacted to Mally in Mally's Stock Cars, Bikes,Life, and Yaris happenings.   
    Bit boring this going round in circles without crashing, but much less damage.
    I now have some damage to report.
    Ste's wife Hannah picked me up at the Airport Fri night, and I called to see the Grand kids.  Racing's on at Scarborough Sunday, but they are going Sat.
    Pub tea and camping over.
    Vans not repaired yet so using my Saab and a tent.
    Whilst I'm there, and  not for the first time, Hannah walks into an open door and breaks 2 toes. Much screaming and throwing up later, she points them in the right direction and sticks a plaster round them. This is at least the 4th time it's happened. She knows the score by now.
    So, what we doing now then?   Scrub Sat turn up Sun morn, Still driving. 
    You sure, yea it only hurts for a fortnight, then they mend.
    So today, I tow the Yaris with my Saab. Ste drives Hannah's car with her and the kids.
    Ste wins one, Hannah is hobbling badly, but racing well.
    Then as Hannah is passing a car, it turns into hers, hits the front wheel, which drags the steering wheel out of Hanna's hands.
    NEVER grab a loose revolving steering wheel. People tell you, but you can't stop yourself.
    Hand in spoke usually breaks fingers, hand, or wrist. Luckily she's only  got a large lump, blood blister and sore fingers. Everything seems to work.
    That it for today then?  No I've told the kid's I'm winning a trophy.
    Goes in final and finishes 2nd place.
    Ste also got 2nd in final, first time hes won a trophy since we started Autograss,
    Still no damage to Car. Damage to Hannah 1 foot. 1 hand. Shes a lot braver than I used to give her credit for.
    Two day meeting next week. Lincolonshire somewhere I think. Hand may be better, foot won't, but going regardless.
    Van is promised to be ready, but who knows.
    Used to have a guard over the spokes on the Stock car wheel.
    I wanted to put one on the Yaris, but he said they can't hit the wheels with wings on.
    Guard will be on before next meeting.
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    Matty reacted to HMC in HMC new - Chevy pickup   
    Been using the pickup and marvelling at how  Un rotten it is. Minimal rustproofing and paint , and in quite a few places no seam sealer even. 
    45 Californian years have helped a lot. The British climate is a force to be reckoned with and would soon start dissolving the body.

    I cleaned up things with a wire brush and as it is all so clean I decided to take inspiration from the underbody prep that @TripleRich did on his Granada. After wire brushing and panel wiping I painted some por 15 over the panels. Where there is no seam sealer I will apply some tiger seal with a scotchbrite pad and then after preparing the surface use some upol gravitex stone guard and pump the box sections with wax.


    I’m doing it in sections, Its a slow steady process but it’s very therapeutic!
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    Matty reacted to Skcat in SKcats fleet, Swedish spots!   
    After almost a month of only having the one car I went out and got this;

    A 1994 (rover) montego countryman estate. It's a O-series which is rarer,  most the estates I see come up now are diesels. It must be one of the last o-series engines ever fitted, I can't think of a later car that had that engine.
    Picked it up on Thursday and went on a trip for the weekend with zero prep work or checks. 
    Even went over a chain ferry which was odd. 

    The car seems good, I need to look at the blower motor but from the look of the stack of paperwork it's not worked since 2000. It's possible the dash needs to be removed and no owner has had the confidence too do so yet.
    Windows, original radio, sunroof (although very slow), both mirrors and switchgear all work. 
    The rear doors Don't work on the central locking, I will need to take the cards off and even see if they have solenoids.
    The tailgate loom is damaged so everything electrical in the tailgate does not work. 
    Unfortunately the rear wheel arches are full of filler as is the lip of the tailgate. Will require some surgery and maybe some donor panels to sort it out, seems to be the way with these cars. A little bit of the boot floor also needs cutting out. Will need to inspect everything further. 
    The shocks are a bit crap so it bounces around a lot on the road. I'm having a hard time figuring out what shocks I need to buy for it.
    It returned around 38mpg. I was probably doing between 60-75mph most the time. If you guys want some a photo of anything ask me. I need to give it a clean up though. 
    We even came across another montego on our travels. Just the other type, the driver did not seem as interested in us as we were as him and his car! 

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    Matty reacted to puddlethumper in I bought a big.   
    The move to Edinburgh is now done. The tent is up, the water is plumbed and the electricity is doing stuff. Tent down and back up in less than 24 hours. It is definitely impressive. 
    I was dragged away from my water management role yesterday to be in my other role of logistics assistant manager. This meant someone else had to take the water system to bits but unfortunately they forgot to get the standpipe and barriers so I had to get up early to bugger off back to Grinuck in my logistics role to get it. When I arrived on the scene it was as though it had been taken up as it was nowhere to be seen. First thought was some robbing bastard had nicked it but it seemed unlikely that A, they would have had a key to turn the water off B, they would nick the plastic barrier that was round it and C, they would put the plate back over the hole. So my next suspects were that the park keepers had taken it into there custody but on enquiry this was not the case either.  I was tipped off it may have been someone from the water treatment place next door so I hot footed round there to find they knew nothing about it. At this point my leads had run out so I stopped in the car park to ring the boss to tell him the bad news. He was not going to be happy. Just then one of the keepers doing some mowing came over and said he had seen a suspicious bloke in a Water board van had been seen passing the stand pipe and had stopped to look. I immediately deputised mower bloke into the team and it was back round to the dodgy water treatment plant where we grilled the bloke I'd seen earlier. He confessed to having a phone number for the miscreant, who was called and informed that the game was up and in return for the standpipe we would take no further action. 10 mins later it was in the van and off back to Edinburger, and so ends The Missing Standpipe. The first of possibly many circus detective cases. Solved.
    More Circusshite to come, at some point.
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