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    Matty reacted to lesapandre in European Road Trips - Burgundy To the End of The World   
    Just bagged The Grail at a local market...

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    Matty reacted to Dyslexic Viking in BMC/BMH/BL Readers wives   
    Thought this was the right place to share this. Now has an A60 Countryman estate come up for sale here I guess these are rare? 

    It was bought new by a doctor and was parked in 1989 and has only done 134,000km. Adds a link to the ad where there are more pictures.
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    Matty reacted to cms206 in Bus Shite   
    Also, are you ever really a bus driver with kids if you don't force them to pretend they're driving for photos?

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    Matty reacted to puddlethumper in I bought a big.   
    No more guesses on cost per week ? OK. It's £60,000 a week.
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    Matty reacted to puddlethumper in I bought a big.   
    Here's a pic of Ivors yard and the donkeys. Folklore says it's good luck to have a donkey with the markings of a cross on its arse which his Jack and Jenny have. May be there's a connection with a cross on a donkeys arse and God. A bit odd. The little one is only a few months old and rather cute.

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    Matty reacted to Neil clark in So I did a thing..... bloody cars   
    Sold my SLK a couple of weeks ago and instantly regretted it, the moment it drove away I missed it!
    So I thought so what's better than a 200 SLK, well a 350 SLK!. So the hunt was on, had to be facelift (meaner look) had to have heated seats and air scarf. A few days on autotrader and one popped up. Really really nice bloke selling, owned it almost 6 years but was 110 miles away.
    I hate travelling for cars now but I had to go! And it was everything as described and better, loads of factory options not listed on advert and the facelift cars are 305bhp so it absolutely flies!
    Just thought I'd share lol, I'm like the pig in poo today
    Third and fourth pics are collection pics after rain!


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    Matty reacted to captain_70s in Incoming   
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    Matty reacted to juular in Incoming   
    Well you all know what it is already. 
    With thanks to @petermcpetefor the effortless purchase and @worldofceri / @Inspector Morose for the equally pleasant and professional service as usual.

    It starts. It runs. Everything works except the clutch. The clutch fluid pipe does look a little suspect and I think that will be my first port of call.
    On top of that it's not even rusty, just a couple of minor cosmetic welds to do / ignore for years.
    It needs a couple of little jobs done, like the choke reattached and an air filter fitted.
    Mrs Juular could not be happier with it, so that's me in the good books. 
    Oh yeah..

    And finally...

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    Matty reacted to juular in Incoming   
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    Matty reacted to UltraWomble in Hoghton classic car show 26/6/2022   
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    Matty reacted to djoptix in Incoming   
    Sorry - "coming on a trailer"...
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    Matty reacted to DVee8 in Rightnider's past and present   
    Your Jaguar looks lovely.  I do have a soft spot for a Jaguar.
    So your 1969.

    My 1968 Daimler

    What a difference a few months make.
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    Matty reacted to juular in Incoming   
    To pass the time I'm going on a bus.

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    Matty reacted to juular in Incoming   
    It's Mrs Juular's new toy.
    It doesn't work.
    Bought sight unseen from far away.
    It's coming on a trailer. 
    No breakfast yet, and I haven't been able to poop due to excitement.
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    Matty reacted to Ghosty in Kollection Fred - He’s been at it again! We're Off!   
    I hope this thread doesn't have a poo count. 
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    Matty reacted to Nyphur in Kollection Fred - He’s been at it again! We're Off!   
    Pretty sure you don't need to share that with us, fuck sake.
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    Matty reacted to CaptainBoom in Kollection Fred - He’s been at it again! We're Off!   
    <husky film trailer type voice>
    Just when you thought it was safe to look at a collection thread. Soon will follow a dramatic story of a desperate man with a quest, against all odds, to have a running car in his possession by the end of the day.  He will battle crowds of shoppers, day trippers and other hazards…
    <record stylus scratch sound>
    <nasal Chris Barrie as Gordon Brittas type voice>
    What actually will follow is a man heading across London on several trains and (hopefully) driving back around the M25 to put his new purchase into storage and SORNing it until 1st of July. It won’t be exciting, and it may put you to sleep after your Sunday roast.
    Poo count = 0
    antihistamine count = 1
    Extreme nasal excretions count (courtesy of @mitsisigma01) = 3
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    Matty got a reaction from andyberg in The Bikeshite Thread   
    Must be left on if I'm not too late. Looks and sounds wonderful
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    Matty reacted to doug in The Bikeshite Thread   
    First run out on the Guzzi. My back hurts.

    Sent from my SM-A127F using Tapatalk

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    Matty reacted to tom13 in The Bikeshite Thread   
    Each to their own but why revert back to stock? More power, look better IMO and a much better noise?
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    Matty reacted to andyberg in The Bikeshite Thread   
    Just taken the GT out for a first proper, legal run. 30 miles and I couldn't stop smiling! Nothing beats the sound of a stroker coming on song, well except a spitfire with a Merlin engine, but anyway I couldn't fault it. Seems to run sweet. Popped to work to park next to our mechanics KH500.
    Edit: only downside was getting royally bummed filling up with Esso supreme at £2.06 a litre 😡

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    Matty reacted to andyberg in The Bikeshite Thread   
    Finally got this running smoothly with the expansion chambers. For the purists these are temporary until I get the original pipes rechromed. Just waiting for the DVLA to send me a registration number and I can take her out for a run.

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    Matty reacted to Cavcraft in The Bikeshite Thread   
    The purists problem if they don't like it,  back in the day lots of people were modifying their bikes with different pipes etc. That looks/sounds class.
  25. Haha
    Matty reacted to New POD in The Bikeshite Thread   
    I went from a year on a 50, to a 125
     Couldn't believe the speed, and couldn't keep the front wheel on the ground. 
    Then I went to a 600, and thought I'd bought a rocket, and couldn't believe how much braking power it had. Then I bought an RD350LC and couldn't believe how close I could get my knee to the floor. 
    Then I bought a mini 1000. And couldn't believe how much camping gear I could carry. 
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