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  1. There were only two SCs made with the Ferguson 4x4, both were three litre RHDs made in 1982. I don't think either have been taxed since about 1994, and in '99 they were both known to be almost beyond saving. I believe one (an ex-Patrick Collection car) may still just about exist.
  2. I have the 3.8 engine and it does the same after starting from cold, although not over such a big range. It is perfectly normal for it to nudge momentarily over 90 then immediately drop back to a steady 80ish. Like yours, once it's warm the temp is very constant, only indicating a slight creep under particularly heavy load. And mine was rebuilt by a proper classic Merc specialist very recently.
  3. Partially inspired by the huge dedication of a couple of posters on here who had persevered with extremely rare early 80s GM saloons, and partially due to being slightly tipsy on ebay one night, I acquired this in February unseen while several thousand miles away, picked it up a few days ago and am finding it a most excellent environment in which to play my new Frankie Miller CD. I also have a Mercedes of similar vintage, which is comparatively easy to look after. But this is so splendidly obscure that I decided to sign up to the forum because basically, I need all the help I can get. And I thought the good people of Autoshite might like a look at it.
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