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  1. I'd happily have a 159 estate. The saloon is nice looking but the sportwagon is gorgeous. Which alone, makes the saloon unappealing. I quite like that A3 saloon too (even as a non Audi fan), just think the glass is a little too pinched though, slightly lower metal waistline and it'd be even nicer.
  2. I haven't sampled one, but i hear that they actually aren't as horrendous as folk say once they know the best way to overcome the lack of torque is to rev it hard. The mental adjustment from people who'd only driven Tdi's and Petrol V8 4x4's must be kinda a little like the first time anyone tries something like the B16 engines Honda had in the Del Sol.. on paper it was rapid, you'd hear people say it was a cracker, then the first time you drove it was always a total let down, purely because if you drive it like a normal car, it feels flat, underpowered and utterly gutless. You need to train yourself to rev it way past anything that feels natural to make it work. The top speeds on the 90's 4x4's is mostly aerodynamics rather than grunt. My Disco was pretty happy pulling up to 70-75 but you could almost feel the wind resistance from the driving seat, It was more or less out of puff not long past that. Letting off the throttle at 80 felt like deploying a parachute.
  3. Or why they bothered with the whole square custom air duct channel when if they'd just cut the hole round, they could have used a hose. Or why they bothered with a strut brace when the whole car pretty much has its own weight again in extra metal welded into it via strengthening, custom parts, brackets and the engine itself.... The attention to detail is insane... probably the name "bad obsession" gives it away. I love watching them, but their over complicating of everything, as brilliant as it is, would be maddening to work alongside 😂 Wonder what Binky will weigh when all is said and done. Can't help but feel as impressive a project as it is, they've overcomplicated and bloated the thing so much it might not perform as expected.
  4. I tend to use OEM filters. Not because i'm some OEM freak who only fits standard part....far from it, most of the things i fit are aftermarket, but the truth is, i've found there's rarely a big difference in price if you know where to look. They tend to only be £1 or £2 more so aren't really worth skimping on when the potential for expensive damage comes into it.
  5. I might well be wrong here, but i think it's usually done like that up here when there's varying speed limits on a specific stretch of road. (it certainly seems like that around me where it's like that on dual carriageways an Mways, if you see a specific 70 sign, it usually seems to mean there's a drop to 50 ahead or vice versa, you've just come out of a 40 or 50... i can't think of one that goes from 50 to showing NSL mid way along that stretch, it always shows 70), When the NSL sign is used, it always seems to be at the start of a new stretch and it's that all the way on that stretch to the next junction/roundabout. If the 70 is displayed at the start of a new stretch of road, it probably drops to 50 at some point before the next junction. A lot of that is just guessing though 😂
  6. And everyone seems to also parrot the line that the Vec C is several leagues behind the Mondeo of the time to the point it was barely even competition for it. It really isn't. The Vectra is very underrated. They both fit the jack of all trades title but are opposites of each other where their biggest strengths lie. The Mondeo is the better back road car, nicer weighted steering, more feel, nicer turn in but is a bit firmer at low speeds and a bit noisier on the motorway from road, engine and wind noise. The Vectra is a better cruiser, softer ride at all speeds, more refined, engines pound for pound a little punchier for overtaking v the Mondeos etc. Would say the Vectra feels a little more premium inside in general, the Mondeo has a few more scratchy thin plastics dotted about... the interior a little more insulated feeling (some would say claustrophobic, but i think it's just the right side of that and feels more "cosy") v the Mondeos slightly airier feel. if i had to pick one where 80% of my driving was country roads, i'd have the Mondeo, but if my driving was more motorway and town, i'd lean more towards the Vectra, Vauxhalls of that era are underrated v the Fords for some reason, i guess it's because of the Top Gear generation all watching Clarkson savage the Vectra and Astra VXR's for how they handled on a track.
  7. What is this new trend in car sales locally where if the car isn't selling, they put the price up? (i'm guessing it's for when they do get some sort of interest from someone who previously hasn't seen it up at the lower price for weeks(, it makes it look more of a bargain when someone tries to get the price down and the seller can suddenly take an extra 2-300 off). To be honest, when i've already seen a car up for less, i won't go near it if the same seller just sticks the price up. 1- It hasn't sold at the lesser price anyway so can't have been any great shakes to begin with, 2- the seller just looks like a game playing chancer i wouldn't want to deal with.
  8. I think they were on some fairly base (maybe dealer special edition) Escorts. EDIT- Just had a quick look and seen a couple of Escorts with these fiited, Encore and "Silhouette" models.
  9. It was the Stilo that almost did them in. They threw bucketloads of cash at its development to try and make it a VW rival. It was a huge flop on the investment and they made a huge loss. Which is why they ended up jumping into bed with GM for platform sharing with the Grande Punto/Corsa, Bravo/Astra and Croma/Vec C. The croma seemed to sell fairly well abroad, but not here. Probably because big Fiats just never do well here and the Croma wasn't really anything you could label, it's too upright for an estate (and not quite as practical), but a bit too big for a mini MPV like a Scenic, and not enough seats to be considered v a Grand Scenic or Zafira. I like them tbh. Just never any for sale when i've been in the market for something. They only ever come up when i've got 2 or 3 cars.
  10. A new couple moved in downstairs. Long story short, they guy is an absolute nutjob, screaming his head off most the day like something from the exorcist. Doors slamming, loud bangs, glass smashing, horrendous abusive screams, Threats of "i'll fuck you up you rat", I've never, ever heard anything like this. Even when someone was murdered more or less right outside my front door a few years back. It's well beyond simple anger, the guy is unhinged in the extreme. The woman in the house is certainly in danger, and to be honest, i fear everyone in the close is in danger given he sounds like he's liable to torch the place at any second half the time. Police were up taking statements from all the neighbours this evening, but my guess is he's that out of control, he'll just see it as interference and do something.
  11. Nope, as false as it sounds, it's totally believable. that's just what it's like here right now. The third time it has happened to me in a month. Supply and demand locally. There's often not much available under a grand, so when somebody has something up at 7-800 quid with a long MOT, There's usually 4 or 5 folk in for it saying they'll be there in 5 t take it, full asking price if they hold it until then and it's gone in minutes. Easy for dealers to sting a little extra out of folk saying someone's already offered them full price etc. a few days ago, Focus c-max, £550 quid advertised late at night. Got there to his lot at 9am, 5 other folk there all wanting to buy it, boy ended up getting over £800 from someone. The market has flipped up here. It was, until very recently that cheap cars were pretty plentiful, folk from Aberdeen would come down here for cheaper used cars because they could get more for their money, given everything was overpriced up there because of the oil money. Now the folk from Aberdeen are selling their cars down here because they can get a few hundred more than they can up there. Weirdly today, several things have come up at sensible money so maybe that bubble is already bursting.
  12. I nearly bought an almost too shite for autoshite 407 hdi in 1.6 exploder form the other night, but, like all car sales local to me recently, someone beat me to it waving £100 over asking price in the boys face before i could even get near it. The search goes on.
  13. You are a sunny, a nissan sunny, you make me happy, your paint is grey https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1991-Nissan-Sunny-estate-1-3-B11-Low-mileage/202768702738?hash=item2f35f4dd12:g:FrsAAOSwzStdauMd
  14. Who doesn't get a little bit excited by a grey Toyota Camry? https://www.gumtree.com/p/toyota/toyota-camry-2.0-gl-automatic-4-door-saloon/1351019205
  15. That age of 750 is terrifying. By the time they got to the next gen model of 7 series (e38) and fitted the engine, they were relatively ok, still £££££x12 when they go wrong, but less likely to go wrong. The bigger issue with any E38 7 at that point is fuel tanks rotting and being now completely unobtainable (the only realistic course is sending the old tank to be restored or buying second hand one and sending it off if you can't put the car off the road for a few weeks).
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