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  1. I've long stopped looking for a unit near me. Been looking for over 10 years (yes, years) and the prices are just utterly mental, and only getting worse. It's now pretty much the same price to rent a 5 or 6 bedroom house that comes with a garden and its own 2 or 3 car garage than it is to hire a unit 2-3 cars ins size so makes no sense.
  2. People flat out refuse to get the concept of an asking price. The price stated is what the seller wishes to receive in their pocket. It's not the maximum of what the seller believes a buyer should spend including any associated expenses. Imagine rocking up at a £500 car, no offers, and handing the seller £348 and telling him that's actually £500 but the rest spent Money to get there, money to get back...oh and the 2 quid was for a ginster pasty i had on the way.... £500 as advertised M8.
  3. When i was selling my Discovery, i had hundreds of these. the best one was a bloke in Glasgow offering me £100 because 'that's it's worth mate thats what they sell for and by time i've paid for fuel to collect and get home i'd be as well buying one local, it'd be cheaper for me m8'. I really should have just responded with a simple 'Well fuck off and buy one locally then'.
  4. These will no doubt have the same gearbox setup of 90's/early 2000's Merc manuals, that used crap cables. When they wore in any way, they'd make an already fairly poor gearshift utterly shite and hard to locate most of them.
  5. Because it is. Just one of the LHD US variants.
  6. It clearly does for others too. Some others i used to watch became a desperate cringefest due to these ad spots. Looking in particular at Rob Feretti (Superspeedersrob) here, who went so deep into the 'fuck it, whatever pays' rabbit hole, he became willing to do pretty much back to back to back ads saying to all his viewers he was going bald and had erectile problems. Whilst he punted out some video with no content at all, usually just giving a reaction to something some dumb american had been caught doing driving. The most blatant 'i have a sponsor and this is just filler
  7. It's all an act. He plays dumb, like he haemorrhages cash on every car, is useless with cars, doesn't know the engine from the boot at times and just falls lucky now and again. Truth is, he's a rich, smart fella, knows his audience, knows his business, knows how to milk all the money he can via what cars and content to show and when and knows exactly what he's doing/talking about. He just doesn't need to get his own hands dirty and can use the fake uselessness for 'funny' from time to time to string out content. the formula is this Buys car- (often sight unseen, because he can, it's z
  8. As for Youtuber advert segments, they offer serious money for the big channels. The mobile gaming ones (such as that RAID shadow legends that seems to appear on a lot of car channels) offer around 5k per spot.
  9. Debt isn't ever really debt when you can pay it all off in a oner if ever needs be and still have a comfortable life and/or the huge assets you got into debt over to then sell off and recoup the money again. Which is pretty much Hoovies situation even outwith whatever he makes on Youtube to bolster it. He really gets on my tits these days though, this whole tagline thing he pushes of 'dumbest automotive channel in all of youtube' is just utterly farcical when he's saying it in his private 12 car garage of a huge house, in front of 3 lambos, and Ferrari and an Aston martin. yeah mate, clea
  10. What you need....is one of these. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202101318529949?radius=1501&price-to=2500&postcode=dd36qu&advertising-location=at_cars&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&make=NISSAN&include-delivery-option=on&model=MAXIMA QX&sort=relevance&page=1&modal=photos Something i don't think anyone has ever said about a Maxima QX before, but there we are 😂 Perhaps not this one, just using it as an example. Rare ✅ Odd ✅ Undesirable to the masses ✅ Reliable ✅ Wafty ✅
  11. I've had a spring snap on the Cinquecento and take out the timing belt. Thankfully that was on the 8v non interference engine 😂 I know 406's can snap springs and go straight through the tyre.
  12. It wasn't mine, or me driving, but collected a car with a friend and when we got it home, decided to jack it up and take a wheel off to see what was making the clonking noises. Expected it to be a bush or an ARB link. Nah. It was bodged coilovers from another car that the previous owned had ground down to make fit. Only he had ground so much off, the metal for the hub carrier mounting bolts had split, meaning that entire corner, normally held together by 2 massive bolts was now only held by one, and the other one had split too, so was probably only one pothole/bridge expansion joint from th
  13. Fife. Swore on here i'd never buy another car from Fife (Shitter aside) because dealing with folk from there is largely just a total waste of time. Well low and behold, i'm carless and something i want comes up in Fife, in budget. First off, trying to get an answer? Fucking nigh on impossible. Then when you finally do, it's absolute vagueness. Trying to arrange going to see/collect, he won't give me any details, as usual 'Fife', then didn't answer when i tried to arrange it....given i have to know where the fuck i'm going in 'FIFE' because my only way there is public transport.
  14. I like it. I'm pretty sure you'll feel better about it once you actually have it. £900 for an MOT-less Golf may well seem like a bit much to you, but truth be told, that's in 'bargain m8' territory for up here. There's way worse than that readily selling around £1400 simply due to supply v demand and all the restrictions in place up here. These PD Golfs do still hold value and still have their following. Around 1k for a rarer edition really isn't far off the mark.
  15. Not sure what it says about my reputation, but somebody nearby has bought a mk2 Cavalier convertible, and it seems everyone on the street seems to automatically think it must be mine.
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