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  1. My recommendation is to get an insurance quote first (seriously). I know a lot of folk have no issue, but for some reason it's one of those quirk things that they are borderline uninsurable for me. I can insure 250-300bhp cars for less than a third of a diesel Audi A2. I'm assuming it's something to do with the aluminium construction repair costs terrifying insurers. (like that'd be an issue, they'd probably try to write it off if a bird shat on it long before they got near repairing it) I could insure a Discovery 3, Hilux Surf and an Astra VXR on a multicar policy together and still have money to spare over what 1 Audi A2 would cost me.
  2. You'd be surprised how long records are kept that don't contain incriminating evidence on public officials.
  3. In the mid 2000's, they also managed to design an S-Class that always looked like the design department had forgotten about the need to fit door handles. Neighbours used to have one, nice car, pissed me off looking at it side on just how wrong it looked. not only are they squint, they're not even level with each other.
  4. When the site was down, i nearly bought 3 different Land Rovers, 2 Vauxhall Omegas, a Skoda Octavia, a Toyota surf and an Astra. I'm glad it's back, reading about shite saves me somewhat from buying a fleet of shite.
  5. What if the forum IS down and all this is just in our imagination?
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MG-Maestro-Turbo-1989/323792777276?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 Hubba hubba, been off the road 3 years, only on fire once. 2k starting price though! (i spy another in rally style the background)
  7. Mrcento

    What works?

    0/1 Fiat Cinquecento, off the road, MOT-less, Electricless. Edging closer and closer to just buying anything legal to get moving again because buses these days piss me off and are a total rip off here for a dreadful product.
  8. Definitely shite. Mates parents had a pre facelift one that needed a ton of welding for an MOT about 2009, they got the work done, gave it to their cousin for free, who promptly parked it in the front garden and it hasn't moved since. Still sits there to this day. A rotten Megane Scenic is a bit of an odd garden ornament, but there you go.
  9. A greatest hits. Comes back as a GLS when you run the plate. Pretty sure that Backbox is an aftermarket one for a V6 Calibra as well.
  10. Also worth pointing out, it's clearly the same guy who has the UNIMOG i posted a few days back, you can see it in the background on the last pic.
  11. Not only is there quite a lot of winning on the car(s) he's advertising, but there's a lot of winning around them in the field https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2111478242307157/
  12. Even when you're in Fife, you're not really "in Fife". You could walk up to someone anywhere in Fifa and ask "where am i?", They wouldn't tell you anything but "FIFE MATE". Must be a fucking nightmare for the AA responding to breakdown calls from Fifers.... probably why they finally started to use mobile GPS location!
  13. A Fife thing, Only place in Scotland it happens in my experience. For folk down South, to put it into context, it's like seeing a car ad listed as "Birmingham" Fine, cool, What part of Birmingham? Birmingham mate Can i have a post code? Birmingham What part of Birmingham? if i'm coming to view, at least a street name would be helpful.... Birmingham mate Where in Birmingham though? 45 miles south of Stoke I know, it's Birmingham, but WHERE IN BIRMINGHAM? About 30 minutes from Coventry... etc etc etc. It's not even just a car selling thing, met plenty of folk from there too through work etc "Where are you from?" Fife "Ah where abouts? Oh, it's erm.... nearer the east coast of Fife Easiest just to drop the conversation at that point.
  14. Been on the car hunt for months, a few tempters came up but nothing i was too set on. Finally something that ticks the boxes came up Of course, it's in Fife. (folk might well remember me saying why i don't buy cars from Fife.... because i can't, if you can actually get in touch with the seller, it usually results in a merry-go-round lasting days of trying to find out where the car is in Fife, only for the seller to not tell you and find ever more ridiculous ways of avoiding answers, often leading in you having to try and triangulate a rough area where it could be based on distances they've gave you from places it isn't), but seeing as little else has came up, i gave it a shot. Emailed asking if it's still available and if so, could i have a location and when would be suitable to view?- no answer. Texted to check availability- no answer. Phoned- no answer. Ok... so far, so usual, but at least i've avoided the whole "Fife mate" debacle. 2 days laters, email from seller, 4 words "CAR IS IN FIFE." Oh fuck off.
  15. How can something this little, be that difficult to get fully in shot? https://www.gumtree.com/p/daihatsu/dahiatsu-%C2%A3-1150/1337786003
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