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  1. Agree with everyone RE Furiousdriving, he's spread himself far too thin over too many cars now and it feels like he's making zero real progress with any of them given how huge the gaps are between work being done on each, Feels like months in between updates per car, and in between he'll randomly just add another car or go back to one you forgot he even still had from 8 months ago, because that's suddenly due an MOT even though it's seemingly sat doing nothing for all that time, it's now pushing all the rest of the fleet down the list, only for it to then either be put off as well, or get an MOT then go back to sitting again. Actually feels like the barn has been a bad addition for him and the channel, it's just let him stockpile more stuff and isn't much use for work, tools getting spread between locations etc, and feels quite like he's in full feed the machine territory now in pumping stuff out wherever he can and taking whatever sponsors he can get to pay for it all. At very least, needs a massive cull of the fleet to keep himself on track.
  2. Why do so many cars on the road right now sound absolutely knackered?, absolutely tons going about sounding like they've got no oil in, all sorts of rattling and knocking. Not even old stuff either (Although a disproportionate amount of the really knackered sounding stuff does seem to be Corsas from around 2011, including a neighbours that sounds like it's on its final death rattle, top end sounds like it's in bits), But todays 'oooft' was a Mercedes Sprinter. 21 plate. Sounded like a rod was trying to get through the block.
  3. And polish the absolute fucking bejeezus out of it after. It's amazing how much difference that makes. Even if the paint isn't great, slightly different shade, whatever, if it has the right level shine to it, it covers most of the sins, most of the time.
  4. A2's are all* aluminium M8 They never ever rust** M8 etc etc. *Except the bits that aren't. ** Except the bits that do.
  5. I always do, just a very, very thin smear on both sides. It's not 'necessary' but always feel if there's any imperfections on a block/housing/pump casting etc then that'll take that potential variable out the equation. Belts and braces. Given yours leaked with the old gasket intact, i think i'd be leaning towards using it.
  6. Have i really been out the loop that badly for that long with tax? Like... when the actual fuck did a 1997 1.6 petrol car cost the same to tax as some 3.2 litre Merc Turbo Diesels from peak 'bend over and take it' tax rates between 2006-2016? They were like £180 to tax last time i checked.... £345 now????
  7. That Laguna is SEXY. Well bought on the pair of them.
  8. Not sure what's going on, but after all the issues i've had with insurance quotes lately, i've suddenly found the prices have come down for me. Except if i want to buy a car at the weekend. Y'know, when buying a car is probably most convenient. Because that turns everyone into a ram raider or something. Had a quote on something for £530, which is about as good as i see on a modern. As long as it was insured on a weekday. Weekend? £740 for Saturday, £725 for Sunday m8. Cunts. I held off because of that (didn't want to just pull the trigger insuring a car i hadn't even been to look at yet, it had been up for sale for a week so didn't figure there was any reason it'd suddenly go.... i was wrong, of course it did.) and missed out on yet another car. FFS. Lesson being, buy a car by all means at the weekend, but either insure it on the Friday with immediate effect a day early, or utilise temp insurance to get it home, then have a policy ready to kick in on Monday.
  9. Yup, i have the exact same, It's been garbage for a long time. There's something very wrong with their distance filters in particular. Works fine for 10 miles for me from Dundee, I'll only see cars in that vicinity, but if i up that to 20 miles, i start getting shown hundreds of cars in Yorkshire and the Midlands, also several miles outside whatever price i set. But the price thing alone isn't that a new thing, think it's been like that for ages, always assumed they are 'premium' ads and are getting paid a little more from those vendors to be pushed out to more people regardless of search criteria.
  10. There are tons of the Mk2's still up here. (i suspect a lot of the ones down south ended up as minicabs). There's a snooker club just outside the town centre here, and across the road there's a mosque. Can confirm even in 2024, it's very much the car of choice for the congregation. Fleets of the things coming and going at certain times. Also no shortage of them popping up for sale, 2 or 3 a week. And that's probably a massive compliment to them, given all the Mondeos and Vectras of similar age are now vastly outnumbered by them.
  11. I haven't owned one (Yes i know the title), but ones came to mind that vanished overnight. Mazda 6. Not even the Mk1's, the Mk2's. Used to see them everywhere, notable because i fucking detested the things when they came out. They clearly had a pretty awful design flaw on the headlights that later got rectified because the issue seemed to stop, the early ones had horrible, cheap looking HID's that if you had one behind you or travelling towards you, would look like they were flashing purple over bumps. They all did it for about a year then never saw another do it after that for the entirety of time seeing them. I reckon the majority sold were likely diesels, given they were out at the height of the popularity, so between the imploding 2.2 and the galloping rot, they virtually all died up here before 10yrs old. Only seen 1 or 2 ever pop up for sale and the MOT histories always make long, entertaining reading. Corrosion, gets mentioned a lot..... unsurprisingly. Why the fuck anyone buys a Mazda (Especially in Scotland with the salt), i've no idea.
  12. e36 BMW's, in particular, the tourings. And by 'disappeared' i mean nice ones. The few that do still exist that come of for sale generally have interiors ripped out and welded diffs. Seicento's as well. In particular, Sportings. Don't think i've seen one up for sale near me for at least 7 years. Mk3 Mondeos are heading the same way, a few late leggy Pez ones pop up now and then, but all the diesels have long passed the point of rust/Clutch/DMF expense and been disposed of.
  13. There's definitely an element of this, When i used to daily the Cinq (Not much larger than an original Mini), i never really felt it, but now if i take it/similar on the road, it's a chore. EVERYTHING is towering over you, even things like Corsas have gone up the way and have high waistlines to boot. You can't see at any crossroads/junction because EVERY one, you either have a massive hunk of metal sat next to you obstructing the sight lines, or the cars parked are doing it. And Vans, fucking VANS, EVERYWHERE, always parked near the corners... when did even a small thing like a Caddy become near enough the height of a Sprinter? They used to be based on a Polo ffs! And the worst of it all, could get away with the above if it wasn't for the fact peoples depth perception for traffic has gone.... everything is so massive now, people just don't see a small car any more, they see 'A' car and think it's 30ft further away than it actually is, it's a never ending battle of driving down main roads doing emergency stops every 3rd junction.
  14. 'Great car, just needs some work on the sills' GEE, YA THINK?????, Did Stevie Wonder manage to tell you that from the fucking Space Station?
  15. That brings back memories, my dad had a red estate (G reg, 1.6 TD though), Always liked them. Really comfy and tank like.
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