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  1. Not sure why people are against folk trying to save an unloved car, citing "it's fucked, it's not worth it financially" etc. Am i on the wrong fucking website here?, I thought this was autoshite, where economic sense went out the window and the sort of mentalness of spending £ on a car nobody else would was "normal".
  2. It's sister vehicle, the VW LT kept the floor mounted dildo stick (and original sprinter dash) through it's entire production run until about 06.
  3. Agree with this totally. The McRae section was fantastic, but as a season finale, the rest of it was a pile of dung. Genuinely felt like they'd blown the entire series budget on the trips earlier in the season and realised late in the day they were 1 episode short. Paddy McGuinnes doing a test on the track looked more like a last minute thing done because Chris Harris was away doing something else and they needed a filler. The Emergency services challenge looked more like they had whipround and got a few cars out the scrapyard. Everything else was just using what they had lying around, the celeb car, one of the old Lianas and whatever end of life vehicles the services brought along on the day 😂 They'd have been better just extending the McRae film to include the years after winning the championship, moving to Ford then Citroen etc. I don't think i'm too far off the mark either with the whole last minute, no money thing. I think the whole series planning probably got fucked by what happened the last episode when Harris and Flintoff went in to do that Baja 1000 even and retired at the end of stage 1. They basically threw a ton of cash at that and lost most of an episode by the failure, so obviously with PM not being there, got him to go and film the BMW track test at short notice for some filler and moved what was originally intended for this episode to fill that one instead. Overall it was a good series though, but it did run out of steam. Think the 3 of them do work better on the trips, the studio element is still lacking. Don't think anyone would complain if they binned it almost entirely and just focused on doing a shorter series of 3-4 big trips (perhaps a couple spread over 2 episodes to give a 6 episode series). I do struggle a little at times with Flintoff, think he tries way to hard to come across as a "lad". But when he's actually focusing on something like a motor sport event, he's far better.
  4. Mrcento

    Shit Ideas

    My Suzuki Ignis Sport did too.
  5. Mrcento

    Shit Ideas

    Fiats Citymatic gearbox that was briefly available on the Seicento....basically a clutchless manual. Utterly shite. They genuinely used wiper motors to power the whole thing. With predictable results. They were so unreliable, Fiat would basically repair them for free when they broke every few k miles acknowledging it was a design fault. Most got converted to a proper manual or scrapped early once Fiat stopped covering costs,
  6. Mrcento

    Shit Ideas

    Electronic throttles in general. Overcomplicated, expensive and offer no advantages over an old fashioned cable. 'Oh but it allows different drive modes like a sport mode' So do cable driven throttles, it's called pushing the pedal a bit fucking harder than usual.
  7. Looks good. Insurance may be... interesting. It can be a pain with modified cars that have had engine swaps, but vans with engine swaps, given they usually need to go through specialised commercial vehicle brokers, not sure many will accept an engine swapped one. Someone will and it probably won't be too expensive once you locate that someone, but could be a challenge, My only experience looking into engine swapped vans came from looking at an Astravan that had been swapped with a 3.0 v6. The general consensus in the few places i tried was "hahahahaha.....oh, wait, you're serious?, erm...no". Part of the reason my Cinq is still laid up and i'm weighing up the sale of it is just that. I can't be bothered anymore trying to get quotes. It invariably ends up having to go to specialist brokers and 90 minute phonecalls discussing all the mods in great detail, only to get an insane quote at the end, rinse and repeat for each quote.
  8. There's little to choose between the 200tdi and 300tdi. The 200 is a little tougher, but the 300 isn't much weaker, slightly less optimal cooling but still over cooled if anything from standard so have a fair margin of error, and still a rock solid engine in the grand scheme of things. Their issue isn't so much mechanical reliability, but what they're bolted into being rust free. Discos boot floor rot gets the bad press, but truthfully, it's the rear crossmember and front inner wings that are the real killers. Surfs are interesting but suffer similar issues IMO. My old college lecturer about got bankrupted by one that OMGHGF'd on the collection run and cracked the heads. Nice looking old things though and if looked after properly, should be utterly reliable. Would certainly go there. Perhaps something like the 3.1td trooper.... not the 3.0 under any circumstance.
  9. Sadly never caught the plate, a mix of being caught in the moment of "wtf" and when i turned to look and cars slamming on their brakes trying to avoid going up the arse of him too and managing it by a few inches meant the plate got kinda obscured. 🙁
  10. Absolute howler of a day. Guy i used to see regularly and have a chat with, absolutely lovely guy, used to busk locally, hadn't seen for a long time because i just hadn't been near his patch. Today i went off to look at a car and it took me past it, whilst walking there i was wondering if he was still doing it, probably would have had a quick blether with him like we used to.... got to his patch, flowers everywhere, he passed away yesterday. Gutted. The car i was away to look at was a 10 minute walk away...got there, it was worse than the pics suggested, plenty rot deep set, decided against. Leaving the car to walk back towards town, was crossing an exit to a car wash.... White Skoda waiting to pull out from it onto the main road, traffic is really bad, no way he has room to pull out so i go to cross, he decides "fuck it, i'm not waiting", floors it despite the oncoming traffic and hits me. Car hit me pretty hard on the back of the leg, hand and wrist but at least i was lucky that i'd pretty much cleared the car when he floored it so it was a lot more of a glancing blow that a straight on hit and at the point of contact i was on my left foot rather than my right so it sort of pushed me up over the corner of the bonnet rather than it hitting where my weight was planted, which would probably have broken my leg or hip, A bit of a jolt and a twist from landing, but otherwise unharmed. Not that the driver would know. He knew he hit me, cars slammed on the brakes when he pulled out regardless and he slowed to seemingly look in his mirror and just floored it down the road when he saw i was still upright. Didn't even stop to see if i was ok. Cunt.
  11. I once drove home the Cinquecento that had snapped its throttle cable with a long piece of string fed out the rear of the bonnet and through the window to work as a hand throttle....
  12. Yup, the Fiat 1.6 (the earlier one that is used in the Mk1 Punto sporting that the 1.2 16v replaced), order a rocker cover gasket for one of them and you'll just get a tube of silicone sealant.
  13. Been a supervisor and manager in 2 different re homing and rescue centres, in the second one i was at, we had a running joke/situation of this woman who would come in at least twice a week to hand in another "stray" cat. In all my time there, i don't think a single one of them was a stray, they were all her neighbours and folks nearby. In fact, she brought the same poor fucking cat back to us 3 times in 2 weeks and even had the cheek to ask us "are you sure he isn't stray?" "Yes, i'm certain....that's why you've managed to get him here 3 times, we're not just immediately sticking him in a van and dropping him back off in your garden when you hand him in you know..... we speak to the owners and they pick him up, they live 2 houses down from you and are worried why he keeps randomly going missing" "So he goes missing?" "Only when he's been kidnapped and wrongly handed in here " "Well....better to be safe than sorry i guess" "No... no..... please just leave him alone from now on, he's a cat, doing cat things, it's normal.... honest" I think the weekly struggle to not yell "STOP BRINGING US YOUR NEIGHBOURS CATS YOU FUCKING LUNATIC" wore me out.
  14. They are fascinating cars. Would i take a punt on one just for the curiosity/rareness factor? Absolutely. Would i take one on to try and make money on? ha.. No. The only way to take one of these on is because you want to, eyes open that any costs incurred with it won't be seen back and getting rid is always going to be in "cut my losses" territory. That said, if the thing was stupidly cheap and did just need brake pipes + basics like discs etc, it's probably a small profit, but i wouldn't bank on it being a quick or easy sale...because frankly, the only buyer for it would be some like above, who wants it for the curiosity factor, knowing they are probably throwing money down the drain. Breaking? i don't think there's a massive demand for the V6. Again, likely to have most of it lying around for months/years. As purely a money maker, it'd be a no go IMO
  15. Fake experts. "i know these cars better than anyone. it'll need the head gasket done soon" It had one 6 months ago...and a new water pump, head skimmed, , new radiator hoses...it's perfect and will be for years. "nah, they go every year m8, And it'll need a timing belt" It got a new one at the head gasket job, and a new tensioner.... it's done under 5k miles "But peace of mind m8....i'd always be worried that the engine would be destroyed" It's a non interference engine..... Fuck off.
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