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    Amishtat reacted to Shite Ron in eBay tat volume 3.   
    This is lovely, nice interior too:

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    Amishtat reacted to Datsuncog in Shite in Miniature II   
    Haven't seen The Trainer King around for several weeks now, as it happens... not sure if he's also given himself a metaphorical tummyache too, from guzzling too many diecast goodies, and has now put himself on a strict Dinky-free diet - or if he's been stricken with COVID-19, and is currently at death's door.
    I know he annoyed me a bit at times, but I deffo don't wish that on anyone.
    As it happens, I was at the market last week, and this week too - last week because I had a flu jab booked at the pharmacy on the corner, and today cos I had a bit of time to spare before attending a funeral. I wasn't there for early-early doors, but headed in around 8.30 or so (usually the time when The Nemesis was still nosing around).
    You may be relieved to learn that you diecast-crazed cats haven't missed very much: there's been no 50p tat box lately, and in fact no old toys anywhere to be seen. Just some giffer-magnet Days Gone, '80s Corgi Classics, and Matchbox MoYs.

    Is anyone's pickle particularly tickled by this lot?
    No, I thought not.

    It's possible that this blurry snap of a boxed Siku airport fire appliance and a Sapeurs Pompiers water tender by Solido might have garnered a flicker of interest - but not at £10, I wouldn't have thought.
    This piece of retro gaming was quite nice, though I didn't open it to see what was inside.

    Some great box illustrations, anyway.

    No diecast of interest on any of the other stalls, so could it be that Tat Friday has naturally run its course in Belfast, anyway?
    It's possible.
    But... I did buy something.
    Something with wheels.
    Something which I'd been semi-jokingly threatening to buy for years now - pondering aloud on occasion about exactly at what point I'd finally crack, and open my wallet for a Matchbox Model of Yesteryear.
    Friends, today was that day.
    But be sure, it wasn't just a lightly chipped metallic peuce Daimler, or a zingy yellow Spyker (with all the plastic seats fallen out).
    Nope, this was something I'd secretly coveted for a long, long time.

    Look at that. Special Edition and all.
    I know.

    Not just a model - a legend.
    Ringing any (fire) bells?

    That's right, it's this monster.
    It's from way back when Matchbox (under Tyco's leadership) decided that selling models in shops was old-hat, and in future they'd offer their collectables via mail order instead.
    Around this time, the impressionable teenage DC would receive bumf through the door every few weeks, extolling the exemplary virtues of Matchbox Collectibles' latest 'Beers of the World' collection (various old castings hacked into brewer's drays and vans), or their 'French Heritage' collection (the same Citroen Type H van with different logos like Yoplait, Président Brie and Taittinger Champagne - cruelly press-ganged and painted up at the last minute from what should have been a Matchbox Dinky collection model - the missing DY-34).
    And then there was the Fire Engines Series.
    Now, as a general rule, I'm not particularly interested in fire engines.
    Which makes it all the more perplexing that I can't seem to stop buying the fuckers.
    But even then, back in 1994, the sight of the flagship model from the MoY Fire Engine series, the Ahrens Fox Quad, atop the marketing guff with all its breathless sales patter, was quite enough to make me want to toddle down to the TSB and empty out my meagre PassBook funds, in order to write a very large postal order for the entire series. Just so I could have that one model.
    I didn't, though. Sensibly*, I waited a few years before liquidating my assets in order to buy a fucked MkV Cortina with no floor.
    Ask me about my Dogecoin investments.
    But I never stopped wanting the Ahrens Fox Quad, for reasons that still aren't really all that fathomable.
    So today, a 27-year old dream came true.

    Well, kind of.
    Is it as good as I'd hoped?
    Of course not. I mean, it's detailed and all, like the marketing flyer assured me, but the interim decades of collecting Vanguards has kinda pushed the envelope a bit for what 'detailed' looks like - and it's a bit beyond a separate steering wheel and chrome-effect handbrake, these days.
    Still, it is very nice, and genuinely pristine - not a mark or even a speck of dust on it, so it's clearly been kept boxed all these years. All the hoses and pressure valves seem a bit fragile, so for this to be fully intact is a bit of a bonus.
    I'm sure I'll grow bored of it, but at least it has the all-important Certificate of Authenticity. So that collectors know it's the real deal, authentically mass-produced in a Chinese sweatshop, and not something I've cunningly whittled in my shed.
    Maybe I'll make my tenner back one day, maybe not. But I'll enjoy fondling this one later, for sure... when Mrs DC's not around to become irked at the sight of it.
    A very good Friday, to one and all.
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    Amishtat got a reaction from neil1971 in The new news 24 thread   
    Stereotype confirmed 
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    Amishtat reacted to flat4alfa in One (shite) picture per post.   
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    Amishtat reacted to Remspoor in Eye-catching black and whites   
    At first I thought this was a one way street. But there is a van parked with it's rear doors facing the camera. So WTF is the Bedford doing in the middle of the road?
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    Amishtat reacted to doug in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Been sitting a while?
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    Amishtat reacted to cort16 in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    Amishtat reacted to flat4alfa in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    Amishtat reacted to Dyslexic Viking in Lazy spotters thread   
    45 year old Mercedes wich is still a daily driver and one of several of these that are still in use in the area here.

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    Amishtat reacted to Dyslexic Viking in Lazy spotters thread   
    One of the local volvo 240s this one belongs to the owner of the small local car workshop / garage.

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    Amishtat reacted to flat4alfa in One (shite) picture per post.   
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    Amishtat reacted to morrisoxide in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Have you seen the other car they are selling?

    Be still my beating heart.
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    Amishtat reacted to morrisoxide in eBay tat volume 3.   

    What is that silver box to the left of the wiper motor, a replacement air blower/heater or a CB radio?
    Also that fuel pump will leave you stranded. Edit it has no Jubilee clips!
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    Amishtat reacted to MarvinsMom in eBay tat volume 3.   
    these big MOPARS look a whole lot of fun.

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    Amishtat reacted to MarvinsMom in eBay tat volume 3.   
    typically Christine was on the telly the other day,
    and i'm thinking on what sort of station wagon that i could get when the Rover finally gives up the ghost.

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    Amishtat reacted to cpjitservices in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Rover 820I
    Less than £600 at the moment.
    I would love one of these but with proper boot.

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    Amishtat reacted to JeeExEll in Eye-catching black and whites   
    Aftermarket padded fibreglass dash top designed for Cortina 1500GT gauges and a Mk1 Cortina 1500GT/Lotus armrest console.  Wonder what engine it had.  I'd be disappointed if I didn't hear the bark of twin 40s.

    Just needs Deep Purple 'Smoke On The Water' at full volume.

    Then converted to side windows.  Those banded rims must have been heavy.  Bit of negative camber at the front there, what a fantastic period van.
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    Amishtat reacted to SmokinWaffle in 1987 Volvo 340 GLE - a bit of fun   
    Okay - big 'old update - so grab a bevvy and settle in.
    MOT day - got up and installed the battery, freshly charged - and I noticed that the negative terminal was.....well, not great:

    Thankfully someone had already noticed this and installed a new one - but not removed the old one. Interesting choice.
    Other one put on

    Bad one safely-ish put out of the way until I get a chance to remove it properly:

    Okay. Off we go. 
    Wait....it smells like it's running a little too rich. What's that I can....ah. Fuel leak - thankfully just a loose pipe / clamp, retightened and cleaned up - all good.

    Pulled up at the MOT station and noticed some steam coming up from the front. Not a big deal, old cars. Wait, no that's a lot of steam....

    Bugger. Looks like that small weep turned into a larger weep on the way and it prompty emptied itself all over the floor. Boo!
    The offending hole:

    Filled back up - pisses out again. Hoorah.
    He was happy to take it and not let it idle on the ramp to save overheating - well - that's what he said - but it idled for a while on the ramp. Heaters were on max, temp didn't go over quarter way so should be all good. Fan cut in twice that I heard.

    After a short wait - would you believe it got a clean sheet!
    Just kidding - it failed:

    Not too awful. Inner and outer sill/jacking point on the passenger side, chassis rail rust hole, pads and rear plate. How hard can it be.
    I did also try some radweld / similar from the petrol station opposite the MOT place as a "get me home" - but it predictably did nothing. Was only a few quid. Gently drove the few miles to @Jikovron's place - pulling over 4 times to refill it with water, heater on max - just to be safe. Cap off to stop any pressure blowing the rad apart any more...
    Now - I've always wanted to learn to weld and I figure it's a good thing to know if you like driving around in old cars. The BX will need work in the next 6 months or so - and @Jikovron kindly offered to give me a hand (and using his welder/mask/gear) and work on the Volvo with me (well, lets be real, for me mostly).
    So, with me watching like a hawk taking in all the info I could about the process of cutting it out, grinding it back, fabricating the needed bits out of sheet metal, cardboard template, the lot - we got to work:

    Grim. That's not a happy patch.

    The inside was the real crusty bit - but I'm not stretch armstrong so no pics really.
    Let the cutting commence!

    mmmm. Bacon.

    Hello there Mr Jacking point.

    In the end we removed the jacking point entirely - and went as far back as we could until just good metal was left - whilst retaining as much of the original bits as we could for ease.
    Then began the templating..

    Fits like a glove.
    After tacking it on - he was kind enough to let me have a go at my very first welds!

    Considering I've never touched a welder in my life (I can solder - that's kinda the same....) - I was fairly pleased. It's certainly a skill to hone over time. Blew a few holes on the left and missed a few times - but very enjoyable and fun.
    Of course we didn't leave it like that - this is a repair not a circus.

    Done by the pro of the two of us.
    Ooh look there is another small hole/rust gob just down from that. Lets give it a poke it can't be that bad...

    Toss. Well - best to do a good job than a bodge!

    Fast forward a bit...

    aaaand finished for the MOT:

    No filler - just metal and plenty of Zinc Primer.
    What was removed:

    Took a closer look at the patch - really shows why plating and forgetting isn't a good long term plan - I was amazed at how far back the damage went once we cut it all away:

    Weld on a patch, the welds attract rust, rust attracts more, old rust is sandwiched inbetween new metal/rust, moisture, repeat.
    Now lets take a look at that chassis rail...

    Unmounted the exhaust for better access - and much grinding and fastforwarding later:

    Again - this was zinc primered and will be rustoleum'd ASAP.
    Now - front pads. How hard can it be to get pads for this from a motor factor? As it turns out - bloody impossible. Closest set was an hour and 20 each way and nearly £30. Can get them online but 2 - 5 day delivery - I want it now damn it! None of the usual suspects else even stocked them.
    So I had a ring around on Sunday - finding one open on a Sunday is hard in itself - I phoned one small local, independent place - and with a heavy sigh asked if they had any pads and gave them the reg.
    There was a long pause, some rustling, and then in a thick Yorkshire accent he said:
    "Would you believe me if I said I do?"
    They had been there so long they didn't have a price on them. We agreed a tenner over the phone, and I popped in the BX to drive the 15 minutes over there:

    Genuinely so lucky to find these, brand new, local to me, on a Sunday - at a rock bottom price. He said they have been on the shelf since the place opened 30 years ago. Absolutely mental.  If anyone is local to Sheffield/Rotherham - Dearne Motor Spares might have what you need. Would recommend. 
    Anyhow, old pads off:

    Tasty. Not much life left on those.
    Wind back the piston:

    And new ones in. No pictures of that as you all know what brake pads look like.
    Rear plate dodgy, thankfully there was a nice metal one in the boot, drilled two holes in it and swapped it.
    Old (half dismounted):

    New (well, the clear one):

    Now - ready for a retest. The only thing left to get it safely to the MOT place was seeing if we could fix that radiator leak..

    You can see the slit in the metal that's causing the hassle. Rad has certainly seen better days.
    Popped off the bottom coolant hose, drained what was in it and dried it up. 
    Poked some of the fins from around the leak to give some room to work - this is just a temporary fix so I'm not too fussed. 
    Mixed together some two part epoxy and got to work giving it a good covering:


    Also cut off that bit of metal that was seemingly the cause of it as it was broken at the other end anyway.
    Filled it up cold, watched for leaks and dabbed with paper towel, seems to be holding....
    Time check, 17:04. MOT place closes at 17:30, it's a drive in place to no need to book. 8 minutes away with traffic. Insurance done. Lets go.
    Cranked it, started....as I pulled the choke, click, stuck out and pinned at 2.5k - far from ideal. A quick bit of jiggery pokery behind the dash cowell to manually pull it back and sorted. Let it warm up - no bubbles in the coolant or rising so we can assume the head gasket is okay. Rad still not leaking. Now or never. Expansion cap on loosely to stop pressure building, off we go.
    Being 5PM there was a lot of traffic, got to the place around 17:17. Enroute it was a bit nervy - where there was so much water on the rad from when it was leaking there was a lot of steam as it evaporate off. Got out a couple times to check the repair, still holding and eventually went. Temp was fine all the way.
    They were just shutting up - but the chap squeezed in a look at it just before they shut - aaaaaaaaaaaaaand:

    Really couldn't be happier. 12 months to play with, BX has been saved the winter hopefully and time bought.
    I'd also like to take a second to really thank @Jikovron for his kindness, hard work and patience with this. Even when I left to go home on the Saturday - he forged on until 9:30PM or so doing the sill - off of his own back. He had no qualms explaining everything to me, from fabrication of the sheets, why certain paint was used, technique, no question was too small. Use of his driveway, tools, facilities, power - I don't know how to say how much I appreciate it. I'd like to also restate the point that he did a good 97% of the welding and cutting involved while I watched and learnt - I really can't thank him enough and owe him a debt of gratitude for letting me shadow him. If there were more people in the world like him - the world would be a much, much kinder place.
    Welding has always been one of those secret skills that seems so out of reach - to have the whole process demystified and learn it's not actually rocket science or out of the realms of learning - was really gratifying.
    I also learnt enough to take a look on Facebook/eBay for a welder - so I can start practicing myself on good metal instead of super thing 30 year old sills to hone the skill and get welding!
    Found this beauty for £50, local, with a bottle that had some gas in it, 5KG wire and some spare tips:

    Very similar to the one @Jikovron uses - which is why I went with it. We tried it late after the MOT and it works a treat. For £50 - it's a bargain.
    Some parting pictures, they'd look nice on some sort of themed calendar... 

    Now to find a new radiator for it that isn't £250. Or a place that can repair this one and re-core it. We will see - and to get some paint, sort the garage so I can start welding myself....lots to do - but lots to be excited about.
    Onwards we forge!
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    Amishtat reacted to Pieman in PieSpots: Shite Photos of Shite   
    Been neglecting this thread lately, so it's time for a pic dump from the last few months...

    Super clean cabrio parked outside a pub.

    Lucky spot through the passenger window of my dad's car.

    This hadn't moved for some time.

    Micra and a little truck which I think is a Piaggio.


    This looked like a one-owner-from-new.

    Next lot are from a weekend in Bewdley.

    One for the bus shite thread.

    Classic car display at Bewdley station.


    And some bonus shite in the car park.

    Dodge van owned by a motorcycle racing team.

    Local Saxo at dusk.

    Neighbour's wedding Austin A135 Princess.

    And some Farina beauty at a local Tossco.

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    Amishtat reacted to Foz in "Geraldine" 1951 Morris Minor   
    A new day, a new project
    In a moment of madness I agreed to go half with my brother on a 1951 Morris Minor MM named Geraldine.  The madness is that I already have a "project" which I have already posted on here some time ago (not much has happend to that), and I still don't have a garage to store any of them in... anyway the Minor was delivered yesterday and we spent most of the day moving a shed and fence to get the car round the back of my house, there is nice hard concrete floor to work off of back there.  
    Well, about the car.  its rotten as usual, the door bottoms have completely gone and I suspect there is some rot in the "internal" door mounting panels as you can hear crunching noises when putting force onto the doors themselves.  the rear floor pans have detached from the rest of the car just below the back seat and I think a rear suspension mount is going to be needing replacement.  Luckily most panels for this car you can buy to fix most of the problems.  the unusual thing is that the sills and front floor pans seem to be fine (I think they've been replaced before) and the chassis/outriggers seem ok, a little crusty here and there but from what I can see sicking my head under the car it seem ok (not great, not bad).
    On the plus side the car has had the 1098cc engine and gearbox from a Minor 1000 fitted and it runs and drives.  sadly no history with the car except the old style logbook.  Not sure if the engine has been converted to unleaded but I will be checking that when the engine eventually comes out.  Gears seem ok but again a full service will be carried out.
    Plan is to hopefully within the next year build a concrete sectional garage around the car (concrete base already there luckily) and buy a body roller to do a complete body restoration.  luckily the bumper mounts seem solid and so hopefully use these to mount it to body rollover jig.
    This will be our first restoration for us but I think you cant get any simpler than a minor and its a good car to "learn" on. (fingers crossed), Though if anybody has any knowledge to pass on  I would be eternally grateful. 
    Well here's some pictures of where the car stands now, work wont start straight away (I still need to buy most equipment, welder etc)  but any progress will always be updated here. 

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    Amishtat reacted to meggersdog in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    Amishtat reacted to JeeExEll in One (shite) picture per post.   
    The business advertised started in 1967 and is still around today, has specialised in custom paintwork. 
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    Amishtat reacted to JeeExEll in One (shite) picture per post.   
    Like the way the chrome-side-trim blends in with the bubble arches. 
    Groovy custom pinstriping with carefully-masked spraying done there.  Must have taken some time to arrange.
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    Amishtat got a reaction from LightBulbFun in What you drove at 20   
    I was the lucky* recipient of a ban when I was 19 so didn't drive anything until I was 21. Fortunately I had bought the A99 shortly before the incident and 21 years later, it's still mine. 

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    Amishtat got a reaction from Angrydicky in Dumped cars in your area   
    Round the back of a local garage and cut off behind a massive pile of old tyres. Took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what the little silver hatchback is for something which was everywhere not that long ago. Will go back in winter to see whether they're any more visible. 

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