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  1. Same story slightly further south. Hadn't looked for a couple of weeks but it was worth the trip today. Wasn't too bothered about the Golf or Civic very much but they happened to be there too.
  2. Jersey or Guernsey? I'm sure I've seen some old pictures of beach banger racing on one or other of the Channel Islands. Imagine that now, the ecowarriors would absolutely shit themselves..
  3. WHS. Price seems very reasonable too for what you're getting, I hope it ends up in sympathetic hands.
  4. Keep it maintained and the rust at bay and that'll outlive you. (See also Chevrolet Caprice, Volvo 7/940) The only thing that'll kill it is if or when you get bored of it.
  5. Can't really quibble with that. Peak an car right there. And that's high praise indeed from a confirmed Volvo pervert like myself.
  6. I think I know what it is, not a bad choice if so. (And for no particular reason I now find My Own Worst Enemy by Lit playing in my head for the first time this century..)
  7. Whilst in the barn attic unexpectedly finding the above photos I came across these which belong here as much as anywhere else. Out in your BMC /BL tat and got yourself lost? Fear not, they thought of that.
  8. Easier than expected, as in they weren't where I thought they'd be so didn't waste an hour bungling round in the loft to no avail. First two are from the day it arrived (I don't think I've been as excited about anything from that day to this) and the other two from a few days later once it was washed but before its collection of mechanical woes had taken the wind out of my sails. Don't buy them without driving them first, kids... Hard to believe that was nineteen years ago but there we are.
  9. I had a Cameron Green 3500S for a few months about 15 years ago, damned if I can find any pictures of it though. Problem is, when that's the first P6 you've experienced it makes the couple of four-potters I've driven since feel as though you inadvertently left the handbrake on.. Lovely thing though, didn't expect to like it as much as I did. But a mate of a mate offered me a handsome profit and I couldn't say no. P5 is still my favourite though, would happily have another. I do have some photos of my Wolseley 6/110 somewhere but they'll take some finding.
  10. Apropos of nothing really but picked that up nine years ago today according to one of those wank "your memories from this day" things on my phone.
  11. Don't have any pictures of my P6 and that isn't a Minx (and doesn't belong in this thread..)
  12. The only thing missing in that enticing* photo is a wheelie bin with the house number aerosolled on it.
  13. That's another I've been meaning to pap for the year or so I've known of it!
  14. Neither did I until Friday, or the Nova. Damn, now I've got to go and get a picture..
  15. There was a V6 Probe on the same road the other day, I didn't have time to grab any more snaps. Sad looking white E34 round the corner too.
  16. Out of sheer nosiness, any idea what the ask on the Airfix Maxi was?
  17. Is that picture a few months old or has the owner removed the wrap? Either way I suspect you're not very far from me. This was it about November or so last year.
  18. Christ, that didn't take long to get there. Only posted it on Saturday morning.
  19. Posted a couple of pictures of these before but that was last autumn. Went past again today and grabbed a couple more before the vegetation grows back. I'm genuinely embarrassed to have previously misidentified the Minor as an A35 but hey ho. The Essex registered G-plate Scorpio ( which is a long way from home) was last taxed in April 1999.
  20. There's loads.. From the porridgey end of the classic market I always wanted to try a Hillman Super Minx, Austin A40, Wolseley 1500,mark 3 and 4 Zephyr or Zodiacs, Triumph 2500,a mid-sixties Yank station wagon,Vauxhall Viscount and just one more Wolseley 6/110 but unlike the last two occasions I'd go out of my way to get an automatic. As for the more modern stuff,SD1 V8, 620ti,a Legend coupe, 406 V6, Alfa 164,another Omega V6 or a Senator, E30 318is, E34 525i, Cavalier GSI,Carlton,MX5, the list is lengthy. I've had the chance of any of the above for comfortably less than a grand over the last twenty years or so and usually poverty has prevailed. But I just thought to myself, never mind, there'll be another chance. I don't know whether it's just the unwelcome realisation that I'm getting older but it's a genuine shock to see what figures some of these are commanding now. In retrospect I should probably be grateful that I lived through those times and bought as much as I could justify when old cars were cheap.
  21. Left Essex in November 2020 and it was there then. Don't know just how long it's been sat but I remember seeing it there in the summer of 2002 en route to buy a 6/110 auto which was languishing on the Melbourne estate.
  22. I knocked on the door at least ten years ago to ask about the 16/60. Turns out it had belonged to the lady's husband and had always been in his family. He'd not long passed away so I didn't labour the point but did intend to return and ask again at some point. Never did and no longer live in Essex so almost certainly never will. It's still looking alright for one of those, especially when it's been there at least twenty years to my knowledge.
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