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  1. jcr

    406 veggie burner

    First job was the fan as I quickly got tired of driving one-handed whilst wiping the condensation off the window with the other. That was relatively simple, ordered a set of brushes for the motor and swapped them. Next job was the belt. I can see why the power steering was notchy: New belt stuck on and tensioned correctly this time so the above doesn't happen. Then acquired this: which was very welcome indeed! although next year's one will not go the same way without the inner sills being replaced. The rest of the car underneath is solid however. I decided that I wouldn't waste time cleaning it before a new MOT was obtained... because the last time I did that it very quickly turned out to be a wasted effort. However I couldn't stand the interior being 50% dog hair woven into every surface so I had already given that a good amount of attention. The exterior though had not been touched in many years, so this was a pretty satisfying quick scrub up and polish: I won't be getting too obsessive over the looks on this one, but it is nice to finally remove some of the greener touches to the paintwork. Next jobs are swap the thermostat and track down the boost leak.
  2. jcr

    406 veggie burner

    Car in my possession as of Friday. Did an 80 mile round trip today: 154k on the clock but still rides pretty well. Urgent things: Fuel pump leaking. It is leaving a little puddle of diesel everywhere it idles for a minute or two. I have the kit, just needs doing some time next week. Boost leak. Over 2k rpm there is a whoosh under acceleration and a big loss of power. A little bit gutless on the motorway as a result. Thermostat needs replacing. Never gets warmer than 70 ish degrees. Significant things: 3 tyres are borderline legal and almost into taking the piss territory Inner sills are rusty Pooling water in space behind boot panelling. Electrical gremlins: 12v socket and driver's window not working. Blower motor has a dodgy connection, as does indicator stalk turning right. Missing gear knob and gaiter (?) Belt squealing and power steering very notchy as if the belt is slipping, but only after startup. Might be diesel leak related I reckon. Little things: Radio broken Clock backlight broken Instrument cluster steams up from the inside (?) Absolutely filthy inside and out. Previous owner parked it up for a few months after fuel leak was discovered not long after purchase. Owner before that used it for taking out the dog. Reckon it will come up pretty presentable with a good seats out hoover, polish, wax etc. Passenger mirror held on with tape Door cards in typical fashion are grim, fabric peeling off Remote is broke but central locking still works! Not too bad for £500. Will be ramping up the veg % shortly, should pay for itself doing delivery driving soon enough.
  3. jcr

    406 veggie burner

    The HDI was the original one, mine was bought to run veg but leaky pump stopped that. Was a cool car
  4. jcr

    406 veggie burner

    Here is the wagon of excellence: Bit tatty and sills quite crusty but decent MOT XUD9 avec pompe Bosch (needing seals as it is trickling diesel everywhere) and a boost leak. First impressions quite good. Second impressions 200 metres down the road less good when the rear shoes collapsed. Guy I bought it off was a sound guy and took it back. For now.
  5. jcr

    406 veggie burner

    Estate and slightly borked is accurate, however not a Merc. £500 is the cost.
  6. jcr

    406 veggie burner

    Made it to Manchester Destination and profile pic are not indicative
  7. 1 owner espace ULEZ victim... no MOT but looks pretty well looked after from MOT history https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1372820143175542/ 2.1d Up for £700 negotiable
  8. Turns out my Micra has had an Almera distributor put on it.... only found out after ordering the wrong cap and rotor. Old ones have finally properly died as well.... Very strange, unsure why that happened?
  9. Worlds worst Berlingo. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/912964689256549/?ref=facebook_story_share £400 Am tempted
  10. From random Facebook videos of banger racing corsa Cs appear to be built like absolute tanks! (body wise)
  11. jcr

    World's worst Saxo

    I'd rather it go to Talbot, because this thing is not worth repairing and putting back on the road I assure you!
  12. jcr

    World's worst Saxo

    The rest of the underside is pretty solid. Just a few bits of surface rust where its been jacked poorly. Boot floor spotless. Sills are perfect. Very frustrating that the only rust was in the only part of the car I couldn't see pre purchase. Maybe it was parked with the nose half in a lake for a while.
  13. jcr

    World's worst Saxo

    As much as I hate to let this go to scrap.... I think a certain Talbot will be taking it away along with the parts I ordered to build his insane lawnmower. It really was so much worse than I had anticipated. I reckon I could have just about done it given time and space but I am lacking for both at the moment. I really liked this car. Despite the slipping clutch the drive back over the Pennines from Barnsley was enjoyable. They really are fun cars to drive. And very economical. Will be having another one in the future I am sure.
  14. jcr

    World's worst Saxo

    The cobwebs aren't structural but the underseal absolutely is
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