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  1. Worlds worst Berlingo. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/912964689256549/?ref=facebook_story_share £400 Am tempted
  2. From random Facebook videos of banger racing corsa Cs appear to be built like absolute tanks! (body wise)
  3. jcr

    World's worst Saxo

    I'd rather it go to Talbot, because this thing is not worth repairing and putting back on the road I assure you!
  4. jcr

    World's worst Saxo

    The rest of the underside is pretty solid. Just a few bits of surface rust where its been jacked poorly. Boot floor spotless. Sills are perfect. Very frustrating that the only rust was in the only part of the car I couldn't see pre purchase. Maybe it was parked with the nose half in a lake for a while.
  5. jcr

    World's worst Saxo

    As much as I hate to let this go to scrap.... I think a certain Talbot will be taking it away along with the parts I ordered to build his insane lawnmower. It really was so much worse than I had anticipated. I reckon I could have just about done it given time and space but I am lacking for both at the moment. I really liked this car. Despite the slipping clutch the drive back over the Pennines from Barnsley was enjoyable. They really are fun cars to drive. And very economical. Will be having another one in the future I am sure.
  6. jcr

    World's worst Saxo

    The cobwebs aren't structural but the underseal absolutely is
  7. jcr

    World's worst Saxo

    Ah ouais ! C'était la raison pour laquelle je l'ai achetée
  8. jcr

    World's worst Saxo

    Will be an engine out job for access. That inner wing is rotten on both sides and the rot below where the coolant expansion bottle would be is very close to the bracket to which the engine mounts. Looking for a crane but in the mean time I can get that strut out and brush chop and fabricate
  9. Typical 19 year old boy racer wagon? Diesel Rotten Unbelievably hacked together (wood screws, Sellotape and bathroom sealant) 140,000 miles Oil leak(s) Crap brakes No clutch (found out trying to cross the Pennines... lol) Concerning rear wheel camber ....maybe not quite a VTR. But a fun* project!!! Gave it a wash My favourite part has to be the Renault wheel trims. lol Tomorrow the wire wheel and cutoff disc comes out. There's a lot of work needed for both. Pics to follow
  10. Lovely diesel Saxo. Electric windows, fogs. Looks a decent car. Would buy it if it wasn't a Lucas pump as I'm looking for a vegmobile. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/437644450852631 Posting here not only because it looks like a good car but also because I've bothered the guy so much to get the right picture of the pump, only to have to let him down. This is my way of paying him back!
  11. Might have been posted already https://www.gumtree.com/p/vauxhall/x/1399758059 £180, Coventry, been standing for 10 years, diesel, apparently runs but starter sticks Buy buy buy
  12. not sure if this has been posted some test left https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CITROEN-ZX-1-9-DIESEL-ESTATE-MOT-JAN-21-MECHANICALLY-GOOD-RECENT-DAILY-USE/133559880450
  13. Fantastic, glad it's enjoyed It had been in the family a few streets away since nearly new. Birmingham reg, but lived in South Wales for most of its life. Then inherited by the family I bought it from (in Stockport). I had it for around 9 months and due to space situation changing had to sell. I drove it very little during that period. Then went to Snagglepuss. That's all I know about the history. Would love another prefacelift one especially with the earlier gearbox, much more nippy and lighter construction too if I recall.
  14. glad this has gone to a good home. when I had it I did try knocking that dent out, the bonnet sat a bit better after my attempts. I bought it off someone a few streets away after not moving for a long time under a tree, here's a photo of when I got it can't believe it's that shiny!
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