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  1. A few months ago I saw a Mk1 Citroen C5 2.2 HDi for sale, listed as not subject to ULEZ. I thought this may have been a one off conversion, but after entering a few number plates of C5s into the ULEZ checker, it appears that pre-facelift C5 2.2 HDis aren't subject to it. Very odd!
  2. Glad to hear the Dark Beast is going well. Looks a lot better than when I had it, and glad you're investigating the niggles that I was too lazy to! I do miss it, although after five V70 D5s it was time for a change. I'm sure I'll end up back in one - for the money it's very difficult to do better. PS - is my gaffer fix still doing a sterling job in the drivers window? 😊
  3. Nice to meet you and really pleased you're enjoying the car. I forgot to mention about the burbliness of the 5 pot, one of the car's best features!
  4. Right, so I’ve decided to sell my Volvo V70 D5 and I thought I’d try here before letting it loose to the masses. 2005 Volvo V70 D5 Black with black leather interior 5 Speed Manual 163bhp Euro 3 Engine 210k This is a facelift model but with the earlier Euro 3 engine – no DPF, more reliable and much better mpg than the later engine (I’ve had both). I’ve had this nearly a year and it’s been a great workhorse. I’ve owned quite a few V70 D5s and this has definitely been one of the better ones. It cleans up nicely, although there’s the usual array of scratches and marks. Wheels are all a bit kerbed with lacquer peel. Interior is pretty good, no rips in the seats. Very good spec – electric heated seats, climate control, electric folding mirrors, factory fitted subwoofer. The previous owner spent a considerable amount on this car, had a new clutch/DMF at the beginning of last year along with a new steering rack. Cambelt, waterpump and aux belt were done at 169k (May 2015). It also has a Shark remap, so it’s putting out around 200ish bhp, so certainly shifts. The notoriously optimistic trip computer claims I’m getting 55mpg but brim to brim measuring confirms it’s more like 45mpg. What’s wrong with it? I’d rather list every fault/foible, no matter how trivial. - 12 months MOT but with a lot of advisories, feel free to check the MOT history online. - Due a service (last done at 193k, Jan 2018). - Bit of damage to the front bumper, and offside fog light kaput. - Front passenger footwell carpet wet. The fact that I have to fill up the coolant every three weeks or so made me assume it was the heater matrix, although this was changed 5 years ago so wonder whether it could be the O rings or a seal somewhere. I put some K-Seal in recently and it’s been fine so far, although I haven’t had a chance to dry out the carpet so it really is sopping. - Climate control sometimes a bit temperamental – won’t let you adjust the fan and then after about 15 mins driving it’ll be fine. - Passenger seat doesn’t adjust forwards or backwards. Any other direction is fine, and you can always move it forwards/back with the height adjuster. - Parking sensors don’t work. I think that's everything! There is a fully stamped service book, plus a large folder of receipts as proof of all the work done. The car comes with two keys. Looking for £800. Car is in Cambridge, and I’ll happily pick anyone up from the train station.
  5. The 'Big Pug of Waftiness' is now back at Jay B HQ. I drove back in perfect comfort with both the heated seats and air conditioning on. It drives very nicely indeed, I've forgotten how smooth the old HDI engines are (I had a Xantia years ago).
  6. I've got a bit of work to do on it this week, then I was going to get it re-MOTd and put it up for sale on here. I can PM you some more details if you're interested?
  7. Assuming it's ready by Thursday latest, I'm happy just to come and collect!
  8. In which case could I have first dibs? Looking for something ASAP. I had a Xantia Exclusive with the same engine years ago and always fancied trying a 406.
  9. Oooo this would be perfect as my V70 failed its MOT last week and I need a car before next weekend - do you know when it'll be MOTd and ready to collect?
  10. I'll happily take it off your hands! PM sent.
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