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  1. Haha - appreciate it. I do love how the saloons look too! I had a 740 Saloon - that was a bit big when the back came out but good fun. This has a nice little bit of peel on the roof and the bootlid - adds to the character! Updated the second post I reserved for anyone interested
  2. Thankfully having recovered from COVID - and starting to feel better for the first time in a while - a few days later of some good rest and checking we didn't have symptoms - we travelled down South to safely visit some family at a distance. Oddly enough - there was a chap about 2 hours from me selling some wheels I've always wanted that look awesome on Volvo 340's - Starmags. I've always wanted some but never really had a car that suited - until now. Even oddlier(?) - he was at Brands Hatch that same weekend 20 minutes from where I was staying - so we arranged to meet up and a deal was made - and I'm now the very happy owner of these: 13", 7" wide and nice and dishy. Shiny too - and with tyres at a very good price. They look very nice on 340's as you can see here - and fit very nicely: The plan of action for the car is to drive it to a pre-booked MOT at a centre close to a newly met fellow car botherer and all round great guy - @Jikovron - and see what it fails on. I don't think it'll really need much apart from the passenger sill cutting out and re-doing that's a bit crisp - potentially the brakes in some way as the pedal has a bit of a hiss on - other than that it's really quite okay for it's age. After that's all done - get an MOT on it - service, do the thermostat and enjoy it. I'll get some pictures of the rusty bits when I get a chance. Pre-warning for the purists - this will not stay original. This is a car I intend to have fun with - and it will be modified. You might not agree with some of it - and that's okay - but please do not comment hateful or unkind things. There is more than one way to enjoy a car - and keep in mind that this was destined for the scrapyard. I like to share my progress on here for my own and others enjoyment. There is plenty on here for all types of interest, I also have a thread on a very stock and original Citroen BX (my daily) and a mouldy smart car which needs a lot of love - so I cover all bases! Looking forward to sorting some time off work to book and MOT and get started - at the moment it's on my drive with a flat battery which is a bit annoying.
  3. Hi all! Figured I'd finally make a thread for this. Back at the end of July @Slowsilver put out a call to aid to save a sweet little Volvo 340 from the scrapman: And it was very promptly saved by @NorfolkNWeigh - beating me by minutes. Darn it! I PM'd him shortly after and said if he ever gets bored with it, give me a call. Low and behold - a few days later I got a PM from him - turns out it just wasn't his cup of tea (as well as being filthy) - and was kindly giving me first refusal. A phone call was had, a deal was struck - and a few hours later we met at a pub to do the exchange. Kindly - he agreed to meet me at a pub inbetween us (making a 4 hour round trip into 2 - what a chap!) - and I can't thank him enough. Pictures from the pub car park: Popped some fuel in and drove home - arrived safe: And the next day - the outside of my house looked like a scene from The Bill in the 90's... First Impressions: Drives well, clutch is perfectly fine but very paddle-esque. It's a little rocket (well, anything is compared to the BX) and is pretty comfy. Interior is very charming and up my street. Has old car smell - it smells almost exactly the same as my first Eunos which I loved. Comes with a bunch of history (including things like a brand new full exhaust in the last 12 months and a service for instance - off the top of my head), a buttload of spares and a Haynes manual with all sorts of useful scribbles. Manual choke is a nice touch. I noticed on the drive back it didn't much get over 1/4 temp, would rise to 1/2 when left to idle, fan kick in, then back down. No signs of HGF of any kind, no smoke, no mayo, coolant smells and looks totally normal - I'm thinking most likely a stuck open thermostat. Apparently they often get fitted backwards by accident on these too. It very much has the old workhorse vibe that the 405 that I sold to @HMC to make room for this had - and I have a soft spot for that. A bit of context, my neighbour had one of these when I was a kid - and I remember it being gold, raspy and always having a bit of a weird interest in it. As my interest in cars grew I have always wanted one, hatch, old, RWD and characterful - what's not to like? Funnily a few days earlier on a trip down South I saw this driven by an old dear on the motorway: Almost like foreshadowing! Sadly - a few days after I got it home I felt very unwell and contracted COVID - and was bed bound for a week and stuck inside for just over two weeks which put a downer on things. Just starting to feel better the past week or so and being allowed out - so now hoping to get a few things done.
  4. Appreciate the advice - £45 for the OEM one refurbed is more than fair to me. I've found a place locally (Chapman Auto Electrics for anyone interested) which seems to be well reviewed. I'll give them a bell at lunch, if not I will probs or arrange it with Jasm. I'm often down the south east coast ish anyhow.
  5. Oh how I wish I'd read this before I started it up... Squealed like a stuck pig, alternator was seized. Turned it off. Belt was okay - if a little hot. I then spent 2.5 hours attempting to get it unseized using....alternative methods: got it turning with a socket on it - but after a zillion turns it is it looser but still very far from being able to turn by hand. Even with several thousand litres of WD40 (well, the cheap equivilant), tapping it to loosen it, ect ect. Turns semi-freely 3/4 of the time, 1/4 is tougher - but very much not able to by hand. Put the belt back on thinking a crank might free up what's left - still no luck when cranking it - looks like it'll either need a rebuild or a new one. Boo. I now also have ruined my hands turning a socket ten million times and hitting my hand on the floor 20% of those turns. BUT it was a fun learning experience. Anyone know anywhere in South Yorkshire that rebuilds alternators?
  6. Thank you @outlaw118 and @Cento16v for the mould advice! Cheers for the advice @Merryck (and the car) - and @Timewaster they are a weird little thing! So - I finally got myself a decent toolkit in the form of a Halfords Advanced 175PC set - £200 reduced from £255, then some other cheeky discounts from a friend got it down to £170 or so. Bargain. So of course I had to christen it by attempting to fix something. Jacked up, Wheel off (3 stud - a rare treat), irritating plastic plugs removed from plastic cover that hides the belts after much scuffed knuckles: The remains of the shredded belt! Cleaned that all up, and after much swearing and poking (and finally getting the nut loosened on the alternator pivot thing): Hooray! Although I'm also now just realising how much less adjusted the alternator is given the position of the old nut mark - should I adjust it back to where it used to be do you think? Probably should - feels tight but I guess it needs to be tighter? Thoughts? Not really sure how tight it needs to be and that seems like a big margin of error. Equally - it's been in the place it was before I loosened it for however many thousand miles - who am I to argue...now I take another look also it does look a bit slack on that bottom pulley. Checked the fluids - oil is okay-ish - enough to be safe, coolant was maybe a smidge low but not really. Bonus engine shot: Isn't it cute. It's basically a Mercedes SLK. Also realised how much more access I have to the water pump pulley at the top - wish I'd known that when I was swearing and working blind with my arm in the wheel arch... Fitted the battery in the passenger footwell, not awkward or irritating at all. Life! Radio lit up. Key in.....key symbol on dash, doesn't turn over. Quick google - turns out if this happens I need to hit the unlock key whilst the key is in the ignition. Hurrah! Now it shows that it's in neutral. Tried to start it - one crank and it turned over half-ish then clicked. Not enough oomph in the battery - probably because I used it to help the 405 start before Ceri picked it up...blast. I'll leave it on charge for the night - adjust the belt tomorrow to be tighter (still would appreciate opinions) - then give it another go. Bonus pictures from when it was picked up: The last journey Ceri's Kia made - taken minutes before it gave up the ghost in a rather large way. And a great couple of pics of how it was shunted around the yard - not road legal but of course not needed and the Kia was broken so this was the only option! Fingers crossed tomorrow we should have a running smart car - might need to pop to get some fuel for it though. Once I've verified all is well and it's up to temp without exploding - I can start on the interior and getting it MOT'd.
  7. Halfords have a sale on some of their Advanced socket sets at the moment - good if you're looking for one. I got the 175PC - £200 down from £255 (and I got some additional discount on top through a friend and a trade card bringing it to £170~ or so which was nice)
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/995825150959121/ No idea what I'm looking at, but it's cute and bloody expensive.. Looks like a @LightBulbFun sorta car?
  9. Spotted this a few years ago now - don't think I've posted it. Hands down the best plate I've ever seen, probably the best plate that will ever be.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1443858622680221/?ref=facebook_story_share Rusty, but a rarity. Worth £400 just to have a sit in that lovely blue interior. A Reg Datsun Micra. Last MOT 2009.
  11. Thankfully - as always - @worldofceri came to the rescue - and a week or so (I can't even remember - it's all a blur) after I moved in, shortly followed by a 405, this rolled off of the back of the trailer, and with a push (and Ceri sitting on a recycling bag, in a mask with the door half open) - onto my new driveway: Lovely. On first look - aside from the bumper damage (all plastic panels everywhere so not a huge deal) - it's actually quite tidy - albeit grimy. Lets take a look inside. Ah. Smells......odd. Very odd. Makes me itch if I sit inside of it and frankly, genuinely makes me feel not quite right - must be the mould spores flying about. I was it in for a little bit taking the battery out to charge it and didn't feel amazing afterwards. First thing was to take a look at the snapped belt: After some googling it seems that this does the Alternator and the water pump - but when it snapped it wasn't run for very long at all afterwards - so fingers crossed. Wasn't driven onto the trailer either as it couldn't be started - due to the dead battery. Seems they are actually quite simple to work on which surprised me - and very well documented online. After some eBaying I found a genuine belt: Difference between that and a random brand was like, £4/5 so why not... Got that - it's now sitting in the garage awaiting fitment. Fast forward to....an amount of time later, and my other half got me a lovely Karcher K2 pressure washer with all the gubbins for my birthday and I set about attacking it with it: Satisfying. Looked much better afterwards - this was purely a quick one with just high pressure water to get rid of the surface grime: It's a new colour! Funky. Wonder what it'll look like when I get some soap on it. Wait, I thought, if this inside was mouldy - that implies there is some sort of place damp gets in. Turns out, there is a little gap in the left hand side of the vinyl roof - which I obviously didn't consider when pressure washing it with the power of a thousand angry men. Opened the passenger door, and low and behold, footwell pond! Nice. Dried it all up with a towel as best I could - it's dried since due to the bloody hot weather we've had thankfully. I just need to pull my finger out and actually purchase a big ol' halfords socket set so I can start working on cars without struggling and we will hopefully have some progress of a real kind. Favourite bit so far - the rear hatch! Trimmed_Hatch.mp4 Plan is to get the belt fitted, check fluids, get it so I can at least hear it running before I sink any more time into it - then take out all the interior and burn deep clean it, service it, get it MOT'd and then hopefully it'll make a nice daily car for nipping back and fourth to work in. Looking forward to getting the roof fully down too - it's yellow, weird, and convertible. It's like my ideal car. I can also push it up and down the drive with one hand and very little effort. Any comments, tips, tricks, ideas, suggestions ect are all very welcome. Was considering signing up to this site as it's £15 a year - but has literally everything you could want to know about working on them it seems. Paywalls make me a bit annoyed but I'm not ready to cut my nose of just yet. Too young. https://www.evilution.co.uk/
  12. Hello! I'm going to make a thread for each car I intend to keep for a bit or do some work on. I know that seems excessive and it'd be easier to make a fleet thread - but my mind doesn't work that way and I can't cope with messy documentation - plus this way it helps me keep track and motivates me more! Hooray! You may or may not remember back in April @Merryck putting this pocket sized biohazard in the For sale section: At the time I lived in Kent - not too far from him - but was imminently moving to South Yorkshire. We had a chat, I was interested but decided against it as I already had enough going on with a new job, moving 2 peoples lives 250 miles up the country - it just wasn't the right time sadly. Then a week later, he messages me again and offers it to me - gratis. What a bastard. Now I can't say no... So as well as getting my BX and my other halves Corsa up there (both road legal - driven, and getting and un-roadworthy 405 estate up there somehow, and trying to find a home for a K11 Micra I had in the garage before I left - now I have to figure out how to get a mouldy, not-MOT'd and barely running smart car from the very edge of the South East Cost to the Midlands pretty sharpish! Why do I do this to myself....where there is a will, there is a way!
  13. Happy to hear that - and big respect to you. Glad it's got another chance to keep going!
  14. For anyone wanting to follow it's journey with the new owner, @HMC - you can do so here:
  15. Thankfully - this wasn't the case! There is something rather naughty about getting new old stock parts, even with the mouldy box: To think this has been sitting on a shelf for 20+ years... Oddly the new one has one less pin on the connector than the original (new on top, old on bottom) But fitted right in and solved the issue entirely - hoorah! It's odd how new this single piece of the car feels. Weird. Don't judge my shoes, they're a thinking mans shoe. I also recentered the steering wheel and straightened the wheels before I tightened the steering wheel back on this time - had to drive with it on the piss after last time and it was slowly but surely driving me insane. But yes - happy days. I do need a new wiper blade though. Also realised the other day that the RH headlight was a bit dimmer than the LH one - popped out the bulb and... That's.....not meant to be that melty. I figure it's had some crap on it, more resistance over time, more heat, repeat, melt. I'll give it a clean up when I get a second and see how it goes and keep a close eye - might have to replace that connector though. I probably should anyway. Oh - I also picked up a garden swing seat in it the other day but forgot to take a picture. Boo.
  16. This was my quandary - it's got a fair bit of welding left in it and if you look at it from a purely financial perspective - it's not worth it. But it's a car that's been used all it's life and mechanically quite sound - a workhorse by all definitions - it feels like such an unfair ending. It just wants to keep helping. If you can afford it - and like the car - I'd just get it done. Many car based decisions don't make black and white sense - if I had to pay £800 to weld the BX tomorrow - I would - as I have so much love for it.
  17. Blimey, you don't hang around!
  18. Glad it's going to be made road worthy and used - it's a workhorse for sure. Hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing the progress/the MOT pass! It started up after an overnight battery charge them some extra help from a spare battery I had lying around - moved out the front of the house and awaiting collection from Ceri tomorrow morning. It really is a handsome beast - part of me is sad to see it go, so much potential - but hopefully it'll still live up to it's potential with you!
  19. Haha, the irony of paying to get it up here then selling it is not lost on me... Still, now sold. I'll leave it to the new owner of they want to out themselves or continue the thread at all. For anyone who doesn't know, only reason this has been shifted as I got a Volvo 340 - which I've always fancied, and my mind / time is finite!
  20. That's pretty darn cool! I joined and said hi. Thanks for posting it! Love seeing people enjoying it. Oh God don't tell me that now! I'll fit the new one and see what happens, but I may well be back to pick your brain. I did check all the relays and they appear fine and if I hold the stalk very carefully it works fine so I'm hoping it's that... Taken them off now as I've got all of the big stuff in the house / move mostly done, but they are priceless for convenience! The BX now has a friend of the same age! Always wanted a 340 and its the one that was saved from scrap by @NorfolkNWeigh the other day. It's a nice little thing. For a day or so while my drive was being done the outside of my house looked like an episode of the bill from the mid 90's. Might make a seperate thread for it, might not. Who knows!
  21. For sale again due to needing space and having too many cars that do similar things - £300 quid. Now in Rotherham.
  22. Join the BX club, you'll never have an issue again above statement might not actually be true Welcome - and I hope your luck gets better!
  23. Gave it a very good 2 hour wash and hoover, using the posh Karcher my other half got me - even had the snowfoam/bottle attachment thing so it was good fun. It really was filthy - I was almost ashamed - it's done many many miles since it's last wash. It changed colour in a lot of places - it was grim! Various tree sap and sediment really took some cleaning. Looked beautiful afterwards: I even took it to a local pre-98 car meet - although I was 2 hours late as I misread the time... Some cool stuff there too: Cleaning it did reveal some of the rusty spots - really need to get on top of that in the next 6 months or so. Not dire by any means - but they're there. Also got the new old stock indicator - very glad I went for it rather than save a tenner for a used one. It's - as expected - brand new - but it's so odd getting 30 year old parts that haven't been used - no sun damage/shiny plastic....feels special. I'll do that this weekend.
  24. Nah, it's just got worse over the last few days too and it's now pretty random when it wants to work or not. Found a new old stock one for £28 posted to me though so I got that - probably quite hard to find an unused one so that'll do nicely! Did an Ikea run the other day: And also picked up a massive new desk for my home PC setup from a Coach company/yard - no pics of it but a nice boot open picture: The seats have been down 24/7 since I moved up here 6 weeks or so ago, it may as well be a van at this point! It swallows anything I put in it. If it doesn't - it goes on top of it. It's disgustingly filthy too, my other half got me a beautiful Karcher pressure washer with all the gubbins and foam lance ect for my Birthday though and I just got a hose reel from Screwfix this evening hopefully I'll give it a nice clean soon - it needs & deserves it!
  25. I will thank you very handsomely if you have one. I have many spares but this isn't one of them annoyingly. Sorry - it is intermittent + 2 speed - in my head that was 3 speed - so you're all correct - it's intermittent that doesn't work. Before I had it apart intermittent was stuck on - it wouldn't make the contact as it went back past it to realise it was off - now it's hit and miss. I did think of using some solder @GrumpiusMaximus - but the gap it needs to fill really is so very very small and I didn't want to totally snooker it as I need the car next week!
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