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  1. @rantingYoofs steed. Buy a ticket!
  2. Do these like veg? @Jim Bell?
  3. This is AS. No preferences outside of the norm allowed, no modification of any part of any car ever as anything that isn't standard is ruined beyond economic repair with no exceptions - and if you want to buy a car from someone, if you message them any questions of any kind at all instead of just saying "Yes I will purchase this for the full price, please let me know when suits to collect I trust you entirely" , screenshots of the conversation with automatically be uploaded to an encrypted online album called "TiMeWaStErS" and shared globally, you'll get an automated message on every form of communication you own calling you a cunt, and the police will immediately be despatched to your last known address.
  4. I'm still firmly in the "if you love it, you may as well fix it as not much car of that size and comfort can be had for 2k" club.
  5. I find that's the best way to test most french electrics of most ages to be honest. If you squint it's less scary too.
  6. Very exiting! Look forward to watching it. As the previous owner of a Hunter and someone who has family from Iran - I find the whole Paykan crossover super interesting. Good work! My old Hunter:
  7. That really is pushing the limits of the reasonable use of "pulls like a train"...
  8. Two months already? Life doesn't slow down does it. Got a mostly free weekend - off for a week next week on a little much needed getaway then have a free Sunday after that. Figured I'd take a quick look this eve and start it up at the weekend for a bit of a once over, and book the MOT for either next weekend or the weekend after. Battery dead for the first time - not surprising but impressive. It's sat for nearly 8 months and has only been started to jump start a couple other cars - at least 6-7 times and only now is the battery flat. Sills are looking....well, see for yourself: Not great. But I'll take a better look when I can raise it up. Popped the battery out and busted out the trusty Halfords battery charger that has served me well the past few years: Will hopefully start it up tomorrow and check the various fluid levels, LHM, rust, that leaky injector and take it for a nice little uninsured poke around the bloke to see what's what. Sitting in it and smelling it, just being in it brings me such joy and happiness. I miss it so much esepcially with this nicer weather and want to get it back in use! Soon my pretty, soon. Also there is now a big fuck off spider that lives next to one of the front spheres in the engine bay. Like, it's huge. I'm hoping it's gone by tomorrow.
  9. Unsure if I've posted this already, but spotted a few years ago somewhere in London / outskirts when I was there for work. I think it easily wins this thread, what a combo!
  10. I've got yellow head light bulbs on the BX (well, bulb covers) Can confirm that they look cool as penguin piss, but I can't see a chuffing thing at night. Worth it though. It's all very French.
  11. Imagine gatekeeping ownership of base spec sierras. Odd. Cars can be not 100% standard and still good fun. Let people have fun, stop being so angry.
  12. Welcome to the old Citroen club, come on in and take a seat! (fair warning, all of the seats are slightly damp, sorry)
  13. For £200, even if it's totally ruined you're quids in already. If it starts and has 4 wheels, on which it progresses down the road on, jobs a good'un.
  14. This has been off the road since the MOT expired in November, just had other things going on. Wife's Corsa then failed the MOT on the airbag light in late Jan which has been a saga, hopefully over soon, leaving us with no car In the meantime I picked up an Aygo with an engine light for very cheap, gave it an oil and filter change, Italian tune up and the engine light is all good so that's been our reliable runaround for the past few months. Actually quite like it. Sweet little thing. Aircon and cup holders too. I miss the BX dearly, always starts even after sitting though. Went into it a month or so ago and there was a small lake in either footwell which was nice. Took out the carpets, rolled them out and dried in the garage, and put little moisture collector's in it which have done a great job. Taking a proper look at it soon to make a list of what I know is needed, and I'll pop it in for an MOT to see what it fails on. I know one of the backs of the front arches is questionable, sills probably could do with cutting out and freshening ( although not an MOT failure I don't think, just I know what lurks). Also the fuel pipe on the injection pump keeps popping off every now and then no matter what I do. Aaaand it has a leaky injector seal. Stay tuned, hopefully movement soon. At least now the MOT will be near summer so I'm not scrambling around in winter
  15. I see your BX related gobble, and raise you a gobble gobble
  16. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234486072178
  17. Have we had this? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/197b6959982485498/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A32d28e9e-146b-4b89-9bd2-933509aa52e9 @LightBulbFun
  18. Nop. I've reported it to a mod to move it tho.
  19. Crisp. Probably get £1000 for it as a camper project in this climate though! 😁
  20. Best of luck! Loving the updates, so nice to see this being used compared to when I got it, destined for scrap and sitting on a driveway of a run down house covered in algae. Awesome stuff.
  21. At least it hasn't been sitting on wet mud and grass because that'd be really silly... With petrol prices what they are and the used car market as it is, that's almost tempting. Lop 300 off the price and I'd say it's a go-er.
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