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  1. think you will find that they now fetch £250 for export which means even banger racers have upgraded to vectras
  2. well if you d asked 10 yrs ago could of helped due to a rather leaky barn all the renault leather interior stored away has been thrown away recently including 18 /19 /21/25/ safrane etc
  3. well done find best cure for blocked matrix is industrial descaler called scale free available in 5 litres from cleaning companies diconnect heater pipes from engine then raise both above matrix using bungees or wire etc insert funell and pour in 1 litre scale free using gloves leave 1 hr after wards gently !!!!use airline to agitate not blast then leave 10 mins b4 flushing with hose both ways may have matrix and quite alot of other stuff hidden away so will look for lens if you reply by the way NB willl drag 18 est towbar out and had you asked 18 est back lights are on the shelf at my workshop
  4. Bluebird Camper anyone http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/datsun-bluebird-m ... 335f23c37d
  5. mmm very rare car to have chrome bumpers 3 stud wheels and white indicators ,is it 5 speed? be aware there are 2 diferent makes of rear lens not aproblem if the bulb holder comes with it cibie or seima can find you some but not been asked for 18 bits for years so will only look if asked as t chest is a bit buried def no pumps think same as later volvo 340 ebay should provide expect QH still list one
  6. unconfirmed rumour is A310 uses peugeot 604 buying abroad will mean wrong dip patternas no RHD A310s made ??
  7. renault 9 ending soon maybe regieritmo spotted this already looks nice http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... K:MEWAX:IT
  8. well ive got 2 as well and at least yours work well done( think the v6 is more economicall than TXI multivalve) ps dont forget about the voice synthesiser while your impressing the newbie 25 fans
  9. usual problem is oil leak into distributor cap which turns to a sort of carbon powder and causes shorting out inside not helped by probably original ht leads ( have they gone rock hard if you try to bend them)if i get time b4 next 21T heads for scrap will investigate sunroof operation and try and keep bits for you
  10. hey Ratdat thats not a gordini bumper just 5speed box type (81 on) as its deep enough to cover extra bolt mountings
  11. not impossible my barn owning renault nutcase/ friend has still got chassis and running gear from t reg rhd one he broke up 15yrs ago no diff in pic but hubs and diff mount are visible
  12. so what happens if you cant park outside your house to plug your car in and thats assuming the vandals dont unplug you cut the cable etc or whos liable if someone trips over the wire ?
  13. yep def pgo stud pattern some 106 base specs are 3 stud think all my 14 stuff thrown away now may have rear shoes and cylinders as still got box of genuine bendix parts to sort through hope when it fires up no nasty cam noise other trick they used to do was strip splines on transfer gear shaft
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