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    Drawing blood whilst attempting the simplest of mechanical tasks. Changing a wiper blade? Blood on the windscreen everytime....


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  1. Simonsays


    I had one of these as my first 'new' car. It lasted a couple of years and about 50k miles before the first rust bubbles appeared on the wings and the bottom of the doors.... It had a new clutch fitted because it had started to slip and was then chopped in against a new Micra. I'm amazed that there are any still left in a working condition.
  2. Ticked over 1000 miles in my ownership today. Not bad milage in a second car. No outstanding issues to note. The Volvo will be earning its keep today with another set of massive tip runs with its rear seats folded flat.
  3. Im rather hoping this is true. Just not *quite* as far north as you would like. I have much want for this car, my v40 isn't quite big enough to kip in....
  4. Is being dipped for the red stuff a regional thing? I've never been dipped in the 350k miles I've done in diesel cars in and around the north east. Even though I've been stopped a few times for road safety inspections.
  5. Have you tried adding an experienced driver with a clean record to your policy? Adding me to my sons policy saved about 700 quid for a years premium
  6. I'd start by negotiating with my existing insurers. Theres bound to be some wiggle room in their renewal quote. They just chance their arm with a high initial offer because there's always a percentage of folks that'll just renew with no questions asked
  7. Let ideal number of guitars = x Let number of guitars owned = n X=n+1
  8. Ouch. Comparing some cheeky meerkats gave me £267 fully comp. Thats with a new policy assuming no ncd. Advantages of being an old giffer I suppose.
  9. Looking possible for wednesday. I'm likely very safe. I've been establishing my non-winning credentials since I joined the beige collective
  10. Coach to Liverpool and then hopfully a local bus?
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