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    davehedgehog31 reacted to captain_70s in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - Bye bye Volvo, hello again Acclaim... - 25/10/20   
    Back in the good old days when classic car values were low enough a semi-decent Moggy was in potential buying range.... Incidentally my parents held firm and in the end I never did get a car until 2011, which was a 2008 Yaris on finance for £5k. I still wanted a Micra/106 and still wasn't allowed one...
    In more recent news I sold the Volvo. A bloke came round, pointed out the only solid part was the bit under the battery tray where they usually dissolve handed over £160 and drove off.

    I've kept the roof bars and spares stash and shall throw bits on eBay to claw back some extra dosh.
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    davehedgehog31 reacted to Lacquer Peel in Shitting in the shallow end *kovid kollection19*   

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    davehedgehog31 reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end *kovid kollection19*   
    Those charges were never proven and the RSPCA had to drop the case. Dunno why you're even bringing it up. 
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    davehedgehog31 reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end *kovid kollection19*   
    At base camp, I shouted encouragement up to the north and looked at my favourite lucky football sticker. 

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    davehedgehog31 reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end *kovid kollection19*   
    As far as I know. There had been no kissing thus far. It was dark. There were only 2 shitters. 
    All within guidelines.  
    Arriving at the rendezvous, they were confronted by a selection of prime chod. 
    Whatever I bought may be in the background here somewhere. 



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    davehedgehog31 reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end *kovid kollection19*   
    The car was too far away and too expensive. 
    Luckily, the Autoshite globe is literally spattered with fantastic gentlemen (mostly in Scotland) whomst stepped forward gamely to help. 
    Many thanks to @davehedgehog31 @sdkrc @Lacquer Peel for literally doing all the things. 
    Cheers fantastic gentlemen. 
    So the car was spotted on eBay, as I was listing my current car for sale.  Encouragement was applied and I had a bid. Once won, a stood at least six feet from the laptop and COLLECTION TEAM ALPHA SWUNG INTO ACTION. 
    Mr Hodgeheg and Mr Letters shot off in the dark to swap pictures of the queen for an old car. 
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    davehedgehog31 reacted to egg in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    davehedgehog31 reacted to L fallax in Skoda Felicia GLi   
    I’ve been considering making a topic for progress with my Felicia for a little while, I want to reflect on what’s been done in a more organised fashion compared to flicking through photos on my phone. 
    I’ve had a keen interest on older generation Skoda for quite some time (100series-Facelift Felicia), I bought this 1999 T reg Skoda Felicia mid April. Would of loved to buy the pre-facelift model but sadly most seem to have been scrapped, however mine does come with the 1.3 OHV engine -the same used in Rapid 136’s, albeit slightly modernised and with Siemens multi point  fuel injection producing a whopping 68bhp.  

    First pic after a wash. Missing headlight trim, dinged rear OS door, NS fender is a bit bashed in as the original owner must of had a bit of a bash, the whole bumper sits a little lopsided. Hopefully can get the bodywork pulled at some point.

    This is my first car that I’ve bought with my own money, so naturally wanted to put in the effort to get her running smoothly with some maintenance: new oil & filter, air filter, coolant flush, wipers, bulbs, spark plugs, valve cover gasket etc.
    Engine bay needed multiple washes to clean up, looked a right bombsite when I bought it, some neglect was evident from past owner!
    Three and a half months later and my Felly is now road legal (due to issues with DVLA and V62), what a jolly little car to drive though! The exhaust blows like a wet fart when you press the accelerator but it’s very comical. (Obviously will fix this when I’ve the money, haha.) 

     Driving around aimlessly I’ve covered around 160 miles in a couple of days.  I decided to drain the gearbox and refreshed it with some 75W90 SS Gl4, after a few embarrasing car park CRUNCHES into reverse gear enough was enough, definitely was well overdue a change and now it’s silky smooth. 

    Blue Lagoon Metallic is the colour for anyone wondering.
    (Removed the faded Skoda badge and sprayed the 3D Favorit badge and grill black - perhaps not to everyone’s taste but it’s my car ?)
    Next to do is fit new brake discs & yellowstuff pads which have been sat in the boot for a couple months, need to file the edge of the pads down a tad and find a way to remove the locking pin screw from the disc- I can’t seem to get them to turn using an impact screwdriver but perhaps I just need to hit harder!
    The goal is to fit a few unnecessary modifications,  just some stiffer lowering springs and alloy wheels with good tyres. Nothing too crazy. The ride is pretty good, very little body roll, the strut brace seems to work well. A very throwable and responsive supermini, town and rural road driving is an awful lot of fun. 
    If anyone has some Favorit "Skoda" mudflaps let me know as I really would like to replace the ones that are fitted!
    Updates to come.
    All welcome to share thoughts and stories alike ? 
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    davehedgehog31 reacted to captain_70s in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - Bye bye Volvo, hello again Acclaim... - 25/10/20   
    Dolly update!
    Really we've just been welding for the last few weekends... Progress increased as I collected my MIG welder I bought from @Tickman so me and @GingerNuttz could weld simultaneously.

    There have been various setbacks including, but not limited to. The space heater dying, @GingerNuttz chopping a finger down to the bone with a machete while trying to fix said space heater, my welding helmet dying, @GingerNuttz's welding helmet deciding it was going to start very occasionally not working and giving him arc eye and the finger sander dying.
    SO have some before/afters.








    So yeah, rot was found. Lots of rot. To take note of the structural areas around the cabin that were fucked:
    At the rear of the car both rear inner arches were rotten about 4 inches deep all the way around, the rear jacking points were all rotten, the rear door jams were rotten, both rear corners of the boot floor were rotten.
    At the front of the car the the trailing edge of both inner wheel arches was rotten all the way up the bulkhead, the lips that secure the splash guards were rotten, both front jacking points were rotten, the sill end caps were rotten.
    All along the bottoms of the sills was also crispy where the outer, inner and reinforcing panel meet. It was only properly fucked at both ends with the middle section being passable but we've elected to replace the outer sills entirely as well as the lower few cm of the reinforcing panel just because it is grotty and while we're here... The side of the inner sill that is parallel to the floor is also getting cut out and replace entirely, although the vertical bit that joins to the floors is fine.
    A minor deviation from standard here is that we're seam welding the reinforcing panel directly to the inner sill rather than it having a lip and being spot welded, this saves having another water trap inside the sill as well as being faster to do. We're doing the same with the outers. Here is a diagram of how the Dolly sills go together:

    And the way we are doing it:

    We also changed the vertical box section jacking points, previously they protruded from the inner sill in such a manner that they caught a lot of mud and crap. Thusly:

    We've boxed them into the sill instead, like this:

    I reckon we're over 100 hours into this now and the welding jobs are getting fewer. Once the welding is complete we're going to drop the suspension, sandblast all the components and reinstall with new bushes, the entire underside of the car will be cleared of underseal, and stripped down to bare metal, acid washed, then primered, stonechipped and painted. This should keep up busy over winter and then, as the weather starts to warm up in the springtime we can start doing the bodywork. Hoping to have the car ready to paint by Spring next year...
    On the Acclaim front there is nothing to report. It continues to car most impressively but it looking pretty grotty.
    The Volvo decided it hated electronic serenity and went nuts yesterday. Turning on the side lights would also activate the rear wiper that then wouldn't go off unless you turned the ignition off at the key, it also seemed to be running the fuel pump primers constantly. I unplugged the dim dip relay and the issues have lessened, it still turned the rear wiper on this morning, but only with the headlights and then it refused to repeat the trick later today... The rough idle/misfire also seems to have been greatly lessened all of a sudden, although this could be coincidence...
    Unfortunately we also had a very brief feel around underneath and it may not be worthy of welding up for the pending MOT. We're going to get it up on ramps next weekend and go to town on it...
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    davehedgehog31 got a reaction from Spiny Norman in 'Mussel' car with familiar outline pulled the water after 22 years.   
    Bound to be fragile after so long in there, they'd really have had to limpet out.
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    davehedgehog31 got a reaction from stonedagain in 'Mussel' car with familiar outline pulled the water after 22 years.   
    Bound to be fragile after so long in there, they'd really have had to limpet out.
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    davehedgehog31 got a reaction from Lacquer Peel in 'Mussel' car with familiar outline pulled the water after 22 years.   
    Bound to be fragile after so long in there, they'd really have had to limpet out.
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    davehedgehog31 reacted to loserone in Hedgehog Motors - Saab Take 2   
    Bye! Safe travels Mr Hedgehog!

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    davehedgehog31 got a reaction from blackboilersuit in Hedgehog Motors - Saab Take 2   
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    davehedgehog31 got a reaction from sdkrc in Hedgehog Motors - Saab Take 2   
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    davehedgehog31 got a reaction from Lacquer Peel in Hedgehog Motors - Saab Take 2   
    I find myself with scarce time for the fleet nowadays, which is a bit shite. After all the duties of work and family are taken care of I've maybe got a couple of hours a week. 
    Just as well the Saab and Jeep continue to just work. Since I bought the Saab I've put about 1500 miles under it's belt and it's taken it in it's stride. Comfy, fast, working air con and a good stereo, perhaps 35mpg if driven nicely. Not bad. 
    I have rewarded it with a councours restoration;



    After progressive sandpaper;

    Nipped over to @320touring unit to assist with transfer of parts from donor saab to @blackboilersuit Aero. Thanks for the screw cover!

    It also met it's younger Swedish cousin;

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    davehedgehog31 got a reaction from 320touring in Hedgehog Motors - Saab Take 2   
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    davehedgehog31 reacted to cort1977 in Dicky’s Disastrous Debris - Robin Reflections   
    Robin is looking really good now.
    Happened to be watching an old top gear about the robin last night (you know the one). Despite the best efforts of that oaf Clarkson both of my boys loved the robin and have been talking all morning about how great they are and saying we should get one.
    Turns out there is hope for the future.
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    davehedgehog31 reacted to Spiny Norman in Cars you can take off the end of the speedo   
    Bit blurry but this was me slipstreaming a Volvo estate in my mate's 2CV with the needle way past the 70mph mark.

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    davehedgehog31 reacted to Neil clark in Its going in for its 435k service tmrw....   
    Its having next week....
    Low mileage engine fitted 
    Timing belt and waterpump
    Heater matrix
    Engine mount
    Engine service 
    Anyone want to guess the bill?! Shes served me very well....

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    davehedgehog31 got a reaction from Tim_E in Dollywobbler's Consolidated Tat Thread - Incoming from the Field of Dreams...   
    Your question answered, by medium of video!
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    davehedgehog31 reacted to strangeangel in eBay tat volume 3.   
    This is genuinely as mad as cheese.

    Unfortunately, it's fucked:
    So, while leaving it for eight years in a shed didn't fix it, on the plus side...
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    davehedgehog31 reacted to wuvvum in The new news 24 thread   
    Retiring age 36 is pretty good going...
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